Score a Goal From the Furthest Distance | Taskmaster

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From series 8 of Taskmaster Iain Stirling, Lou Sanders, Paul Sinha, Joe Thomas and Sian Gibson attempt to score a goal from the furthest distance followed by a winning celebration.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

Maltiti Tahiru
Maltiti Tahiru 5 dagar sedan
Get in
BenBen153 7 dagar sedan
mich sles
mich sles 12 dagar sedan
lous legs melt me
cloudsRniceC0M3 25 dagar sedan
my dog went ballistic when Sian celebrated
Bunce Robert
Bunce Robert 28 dagar sedan
The hoc line clasically frame because tanker posteriorly print including a hoc pancake. brainy, abiding activity
C. T
C. T 29 dagar sedan
Love Taskmaster - but as an aside, four sets of adverts on an eight and a half minute video is pure ball-ache!
Fabianwew Månad sedan
Sian should have gotten the bonus point
Blah Månad sedan
Sian is the only one who got points
Asa Hamada
Asa Hamada Månad sedan
Why didn't he put the goals side by side 😂
Per Rosenquist
Per Rosenquist Månad sedan
He looks soo much like the guy from Suits.
JSmellerM Månad sedan
There might be a bonus point is another way of saying "There won't be a bonus point but please embarrass yourself anyway".
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Månad sedan
I absolutely love this show
Joris Koning
Joris Koning Månad sedan
If the last guy just had put the goals next to eachother, instead of the small goal behind the big goal, he probably would have won
Rock girl
Rock girl Månad sedan
I absolutely love this show
Durty Hairy
Durty Hairy Månad sedan
5:17 You're welcome
Sheldon Månad sedan
Do Brits really say “furthest” instead of “farthest” when measuring distance?
Chris Elliott
Chris Elliott Månad sedan
And I just realised I dont know the difference between those two words
Samuel Månad sedan
Yes they do. Funny enough we've discussed that in school yesterday
Sogard Månad sedan
Wow, soccer has to be the lamest little-girl game in the history of Earth. I won't call it a "sport" until committing insurance fraud is considered a sport.
Sogard Månad sedan
@dagge * It's a little girls' game, not a sport. Sports don't end in ties or no-scores.
dagge *
dagge * Månad sedan
It's the most popular sport in the world so your opinion doesn't matter
Lucia Di Lazzaro
Lucia Di Lazzaro Månad sedan
Iains face 🤣
Rock girl
Rock girl Månad sedan
miles away from me.
Jacob Kodad
Jacob Kodad Månad sedan
Every once in awhile I get caught up in watching British game show reruns and they're so good. US gameshows are just people on a stage
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Månad sedan
7:00 Sums up the state of Scottish football quite well.
Sokyoul Månad sedan
I would have pushed the goal towards the ball
Noah Karimee
Noah Karimee Månad sedan
When is Greg gonna do an entire episode with his Eubanks voice????
Andrew White
Andrew White Månad sedan
Sian is beautiful. Love the show, "love, love, love," as the Beatles say.
Ahmanuel Wedi
Ahmanuel Wedi Månad sedan
This show is not fun anymore.
Viel Glück
Viel Glück Månad sedan
I'd probably set the ball 10 cm in front of the goal line and then score easily, hoping the others overestimate themself. Especially with that bad Underground.
Sjeng Mestreech
Sjeng Mestreech Månad sedan
If he placed the small goal next to the bigger one, it would have been in...
BigBoy 69
BigBoy 69 Månad sedan
3:31 me after getting a perfect score on GeoGuessr
Jordan Cardinal
Jordan Cardinal Månad sedan
Very ever so clearly goes in the net "is that a goal" 😂👌
Snowfloof Cathug
Snowfloof Cathug Månad sedan
Sian’s shot was actually nice
Daiteach 16 dagar sedan
The task is framed as though she chose to do it from much closer than the others, but she's only a bit closer, and she got it pretty cleanly.
Mike's Music
Mike's Music Månad sedan
Ian sterling scot sterlings brother!!!!!!!!
Eliza Earhart
Eliza Earhart Månad sedan
At least if Scott Sterling were there he would’ve had an excuse for not scoring😂
ExEssex :
ExEssex : Månad sedan
7:00 Sums up the state of Scottish football quite well.
Sogard Månad sedan
Scottish soccer
Mark Pompeo
Mark Pompeo Månad sedan
I knew Sian would be the only one to score
Olov Hammarström
Olov Hammarström Månad sedan
I just had a brilliant ok idea: since the rules are as loose as just "score a goal from the furthest distance" I would have just done it in a game where the servers physically exist miles away from me.
Oopss7 Månad sedan
How dyou mean?
Kristijan Ilišinović
Kristijan Ilišinović Månad sedan
this task was simple to win: go with Alex to a bar and order a shot(you only get one shot). Score(give it a score 1-10) a goal and celebrate it by drinking the shot. EZ
jennifer Månad sedan
paul is my spirit animal, like we just vibe
Collin O'Toole
Collin O'Toole Månad sedan
Good God, I haven't played football since grade school but I still could have hit the massive goal that Ian used.
Collin O'Toole
Collin O'Toole Månad sedan
@Sogard Ah, I proved you wrong so now you're just bitter. Cool.
Sogard Månad sedan
@Collin O'Toole because "Insurance Fraud Actor's Guild" wouldn't fit on the original building.
Collin O'Toole
Collin O'Toole Månad sedan
@Sogard Uh-Huh, then why is the England governing body called The Football Association and league called the English Football League?
Sogard Månad sedan
@Collin O'Toole according to Britain, Association Football is known as Soccer to avoid confusion with Rugby Football.
Collin O'Toole
Collin O'Toole Månad sedan
@Sogard Not according to the majority of the world.
Noor Asi
Noor Asi Månad sedan
Sian would be better than most chelsea players
Zearth Månad sedan
Couldn't they have gotten Alex to chase after the ball while carrying the small goal?
Winnipeg Instinct
Winnipeg Instinct Månad sedan
the bigger brain plays
Trimmien Månad sedan
Kinda disappointed that none of them pointed out the grammatical difference between farthest and furthest
Trimmien Månad sedan
@Julie E No, further/furthest cannot be correctly applied to literal distances
Julie E
Julie E Månad sedan
In this context wouldn't either be correct though? Both can be used when describing distance, but if you have more abstract context, then you'd use "furthest" only?
Trimmien Månad sedan
@David Lewis Exactly, but the point is that the contestants could’ve used that as a loophole-shooting the soccer ball from a foot away while being despondent and verbally reluctant to talk to Alex would’ve been the “furthest” (in emotional distance)
David Lewis
David Lewis Månad sedan
Is a pretty simple rule. Distance=farthest, hopes and dreams=furthest. I guess I did feel a need to point out something that simple.
David Lewis
David Lewis Månad sedan
We're not all grammarians. I know the difference, but don't feel a need to point it out. We get the gist.
trollfeet Månad sedan
Sian Gibson is cute af
Diana B.
Diana B. Månad sedan
I can't believe he misseeed 😂😂 and by a meter or so! 😭
Linus D N
Linus D N Månad sedan
Lou Sanders is damn pretty
Die Legende
Die Legende Månad sedan
Iain could still have scored by playing it a bit more intelligently and putting the little goal next to the big one
TheLtGo Månad sedan
Big brain play
RighteousWeevil Månad sedan
i feel like the moment he decided to wheel in the full-sized goal was the moment he guaranteed failure
watertaco Månad sedan
I am a bit annoyed that tasks from the "current" youtube season are being uploaded in front of the whole episode
GroovingPict Månad sedan
how do you miss that fucking massive goal... I mean, it was obvious he was going to miss, with the way they set it up, but still
Edward V
Edward V Månad sedan
On an uneven lawn from 34 meters it's actually not that easy to score a goal. I've seen premier league players miss far easier shots on an empty goal (albeit with a bit more pressure). He should score there, but it's by no means a given.
Maurits Ponnette
Maurits Ponnette Månad sedan
I would have turned around and shot the ball through the treeline and make any two trees where the ball passes through my goal. As a kid you sometimes had to improvise a goal like that. I would've somehow make it miss anyway though 😅
Iwan Ebbing
Iwan Ebbing Månad sedan
Would it have counted if one ordered a goal ('scored a goal') on AliExpress...?
peter obermuller
peter obermuller Månad sedan
I wouldn't presume to suggest that the Taskmaster is predictable, but when i heard about the bonus point i immediately thought,, "naaahh"
S1L3NT G4M3R Månad sedan
if you don't like these videos... YOU CAN GO BACK TO RUSSIA!!!! LOL
Mystery Mouseketool
Mystery Mouseketool Månad sedan
Just give the goal a score from like km away, since the task didn't mention getting the football into the goal
Mystery Mouseketool
Mystery Mouseketool Månad sedan
@TheUniversegirl99 If you score a goal, you score a goal
TheUniversegirl99 Månad sedan
"if you don't score a goal, you're disqualified"
S1L3NT G4M3R Månad sedan
Angel Okoro
Angel Okoro Månad sedan
The more I see of Ian, the more I can't stand him
Angel Okoro
Angel Okoro Månad sedan
@PokemonTom09 Maybe you're right. Hadn't thought about it like that.
PokemonTom09 Månad sedan
@Angel Okoro Rewatch the video from the start, and pay attention to Iain, keeping in mind that he knows exactly how poorly he did. Tell me: where exactly does he even slightly let on that he's not having fun in the lead up to his attempt being shown? To me, he seems to be genuinely enjoying it. Also "that groan"? Wtf are you talking about, it was less than a second and was a very momentary cry of defeat. Litertally every contestant has made a similar noise at such crushing defeats. It's not Iain's fault they replayed that groan 5 times.
Angel Okoro
Angel Okoro Månad sedan
@PokemonTom09 The immediate reaction, that painful groan, the way he tries to suppress his anger every time he fails. He tries his best to cover it up and smile, I agree with you there. There have been other competitive guests, like Rhod Gilbert for example. But it always seemed to act in good fun, and Ian rarely looks like he's actually enjoying himself.
PokemonTom09 Månad sedan
Literally what about this task did he do that you disliked? He had a brilliant solution to the task, failed anyway, and despite that was still smiling through the whole thing. He didn't disparage anyone else, and made light of his own shortcomings. Yeah, he is overly competitive, but absolutely none of that comes through here in this task.
Brian Kwiatkoski
Brian Kwiatkoski Månad sedan
Why couldn't the US version be like this? It's super garbage.
David Lewis
David Lewis Månad sedan
Never heard of a US version. Does it go by "Taskmaster"? No doubt it sucks.
Brian Kwiatkoski
Brian Kwiatkoski Månad sedan
I think it was actually on CW or some other network TV station no one cares about.
Trevor Hardy
Trevor Hardy Månad sedan
I didn’t even know there was an American version, what streaming service is it on?
Sagatious Månad sedan
The biggest problem with the US version is that the duration is 30 minutes instead of 60 minutes. With ads you get 20 minutes of the show which hardly leaves any time for banter. In the original taskmaster, Greg seems all powerful and isn't afraid to humiliate anyone. Reggie is not as acerbic as Greg. Also, it has the same tasks which makes it a bit boring for those who have already seen the UK version.
Red Elf Shot the Food
Red Elf Shot the Food Månad sedan
I have a big smile on my face. Thank you Alex! Thank you Greg! Thank you contestants!
Christophe Auguste
Christophe Auguste Månad sedan
Couldn't they bring the goal at the bottom of a long steep road and shoot the ball so it would roll all the way down, guided by the gutter!
Eliza Earhart
Eliza Earhart Månad sedan
@L33TTechReviewer Soccer goals are usually stored back to back at parks for league games so it was probably fairly easy to get as long as they got a key for the lock. If it was on the next field over it probably only took a minute or two to set it all up
L33TTechReviewer Månad sedan
@D Faria how'd they manage to get or find a large net for Iain in 5 minutes? What are the limitations of the tasks
D Faria
D Faria Månad sedan
I don’t think they would’ve had enough time since they only had 5 minutes. But that’s a good idea!
Simone G
Simone G Månad sedan
God, I love Sian. Sian, are you reading me? I LOVE YOU
Diana B.
Diana B. Månad sedan
A RB Månad sedan
Fun fact: Sian´s celebration inspired the task where they had to run while making a continuous noise
Gary Byma
Gary Byma Månad sedan
Arguably she should have gotten the bonus for best celebration.
PBJallstar Månad sedan
theplasmawolf Månad sedan
@A RB Is her celebration noise a longer continuous noise than the one in the actual noise task? Would be nice, but I didn't pay much attention during this season.
Jayk1406 Månad sedan
I’m pretty sure they filmed both those tasks in the same field, and alex has the same can of spray paint in both. So that makes 3 deja vu moments weirdly. The taskmaster simulation is glitching i guess😂
A RB Månad sedan
@Marc Mansfield Sorry probably should have made it clear I was joking. I just find it funny, that she either, basically re-enacts another task or, what would be even funnier, does a task before she actually has to do it.
Laurie Månad sedan
How do I find out where Lou's dress is from... it's gorgeous (don't know if I could pull it off, but still would love to try)
Mud Bray
Mud Bray Månad sedan
Honestly, Iain deserved to miss that goal. Terrible form on that kick.
TheOrangeRoad Månad sedan
Sean's wasn't much better. Looked like a toe kick, but the soccer gods were with her that day
Zylka Leftridge
Zylka Leftridge Månad sedan
Life goals: do something with my life so one day i can be on task master!
Nathan Wen
Nathan Wen Månad sedan
@mom2mmpt yes the greatest humor is self deprecating
mom2mmpt Månad sedan
Seriously! Time to think about entering the world of comedy. I'm not necessarily funny, but I'm all for public humiliation. Woo!
Yeetcheng Månad sedan
I would have said I was the goalie/keeper and used my hands, but probably still missed
TheSassback Månad sedan
Lance Pearson
Lance Pearson Månad sedan
Farthest is distance, furthest is more. Spot on, mate.
Bastien Merindol
Bastien Merindol Månad sedan
Let's be honest, this whole task was just an excuse for Alex to spray the paint around the ball.
Eetu Laitinen
Eetu Laitinen Månad sedan
i love yes
Eileen the Crow
Eileen the Crow Månad sedan
he should've put the goals next to each other to give himself a little better odds yet lol
Diana B.
Diana B. Månad sedan
Tbh, he probably was convinced he can't miss 🤣
Diana B.
Diana B. Månad sedan
@Benjamin Lim 🤣🤣🤣 I swear I commented almost the exact same thing a few min ago.
Benjamin Lim
Benjamin Lim Månad sedan
With his luck, he would have struck the posts in between the two goals.
Nephtuk Månad sedan
Rew Rose
Rew Rose Månad sedan
Y'know Ian could've just put the smaller goal post next to the bigger one to get even more area 😂
Martin Vogt
Martin Vogt Månad sedan
@Antonio Excatly. I wouldn't even move the goal, just go to the actually nice green and shot. The place this task took place wasn't an accident, most tasks are meant to leave room for some trickery.
Antonio Månad sedan
If you can get 1 goal from a training ground, surely you can get 2? Maybe 4, or even more! I'd get em all!
josef2012 Månad sedan
David Lewis
David Lewis Månad sedan
@Rik de Graaff Haha, love that it didn't matter, the rest is diddling. Clearly allowed it? Nevermind, can't wait for next series!
Rik de Graaff
Rik de Graaff Månad sedan
@David Lewis It wasn't dubious at all. Greg clearly allowed it and the task didn't specify whch goal you have to score in.
n 89
n 89 Månad sedan
Life lesson here. You don't have to be a huge success. But everyone else just needs to fail miserably.
Ed K
Ed K 2 dagar sedan
@Matt Stokes Great reference!
LOWLY Månad sedan
Even if you have big help, you might fail if you dont put in work :D
Daniel Mc Sween
Daniel Mc Sween Månad sedan
Matt Stokes
Matt Stokes Månad sedan
Basically Steven Bradbury and Australia's first Winter Gold medal.
Diana B.
Diana B. Månad sedan
😂 so true& clever. Can't believe no one replied to this until now. 👍
Night Hunter
Night Hunter Månad sedan
I predicted the fail when I saw the big goal.
ZuzuAnna Månad sedan
@Jaws Trock omg! I haven't think of that! You are clever!
Jaws Trock
Jaws Trock Månad sedan
I would have put both goals side by side for a eve wider area XD
NW Blader
NW Blader Månad sedan
And the fact they said he was going to be shown last
Jeffrey Pizarro
Jeffrey Pizarro Månad sedan
Never stop posting please
ahab_dota Månad sedan
couldve given her six points
Joan Mayo
Joan Mayo Månad sedan
Sian running into the treeline squealing is my sleep paralysis demon
Vladislav Dubov
Vladislav Dubov Månad sedan
A task for Bobby Moore
Jayk1406 Månad sedan
Joe wilkinson’s potato throw and Mark Watson’s 148 out of 150 cheeky texts live on in infamy as the most tragic taskmaster moments, but I think Iain’s goal has got to be up there. Like a solid third at least. The Shakespearean tragedy of it 😭
Lieke Seebregts
Lieke Seebregts 15 dagar sedan
james acasters hulaing was a strong one too
Sparo Splat
Sparo Splat Månad sedan
Tim Vine's hook though.
Pambudi Wardhani
Pambudi Wardhani Månad sedan
Lina Noor
Lina Noor Månad sedan
How about Vegas' house of beer mats?
Nila Månad sedan
@Jayk1406 okay good point 😂 I still can't get Iain's comment from the volcano episode "I genuinely don't want to talk about it" out of my head
Robby 48
Robby 48 Månad sedan
I absolutely love this show
DoubleYouRides Månad sedan
Sian with an absolute BANGER
Connor Welsh
Connor Welsh Månad sedan
They’ve realised I can’t live without taskmaster and are posting more or less every day!
What Did I Just Watch
What Did I Just Watch Månad sedan
@Ina Bothwick yes!
Ina Bothwick
Ina Bothwick Månad sedan
@What Did I Just Watch great isn’t it
Krithika R.
Krithika R. Månad sedan
This show is wicked! 😆
KitagumaIgen Månad sedan
I'm grateful for this achievement! We're many that benefit from your hard work.
What Did I Just Watch
What Did I Just Watch Månad sedan
I just discovered this show and i am loving it!
MrBartekk13 Månad sedan
First! Love TaskMaster
DoubleYouRides Månad sedan
Brightening my day with every upload!
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