Save Ralph - A short film with Taika Waititi

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The Humane Society of the United States

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Introducing Ralph, the new spokes-bunny of the global campaign to ban animal testing for cosmetics. #SaveRalph​ is a powerful stop-motion animation short film produced by Humane Society International, featuring an all-star multinational cast including Taika Waititi, Ricky Gervais, Zac Efron, Olivia Munn, Pom Klementieff, Rodrigo Santoro, Tricia Helfer and more.
Save Ralph is a powerful stop-motion animation short film featuring Oscar winner Taika Waititi as the voice of Ralph, who is being interviewed for a documentary as he goes through his daily routine as a “tester” in a lab.
HSI’s #SaveRalph campaign tackles the cruelty of animal testing in an original and unexpected way-using the story of one bunny to shine a light on the plight of countless rabbits and other animals in laboratories around the world.
While Ralph is animated, the miseries he endures in the short film are far from made up. As Spencer Susser, the director of Save Ralph, says, “It's so important that Ralph feels real because he represents countless real animals who suffer every day.”
Susser, known for his film Hesher, is among a slate of powerhouse celebrities and influencers who collaborated with Humane Society International on the making of Save Ralph. In addition to Waititi as Ralph and Gervais as the interviewer, the film has Zac Efron as Bobby, Olivia Munn as Marshmallow, Pom Klementieff as Cinnamon and Tricia Helfer as Cottonballs.
Producer Jeff Vespa (Voices of Parkland) teamed up with the Arch Model studio of puppet maker supreme Andy Gent (Isle of Dogs, The Grand Budapest Hotel) on the production.

Bowly 2 minuter sedan
Why's everyone in the comments acting like Ralph is a real bunny?
Hamida 7 minuter sedan
🥺 they do it for us? 🥺
Asmaa Abo Bakr
Asmaa Abo Bakr 15 minuter sedan
fan girl of one piece
fan girl of one piece 27 minuter sedan
This is why I don't use makeup products I just can't stand thinking how he's a nose been experimented on
Shadow The cat
Shadow The cat 31 minut sedan
I cant watch this it to sad
LeftyThe Crafter
LeftyThe Crafter 33 minuter sedan
... F*CK THIS BU**SH*T, Those animal they have no right became Lab rat or Subject!!!. Even they have something disease or germ that can effect humanity. THIS IS NOT AN CARTOON, THIS FU*CK*NG MUDER EXPERIMENT!!! God make Those call "SavIorS" have a SHAME THER ACION FOR FACE CONCLUSION!!! And i don't care people who see this to call me "weirdo" or "stupid youtuber", D**k.
LeftyThe Crafter
LeftyThe Crafter 26 minuter sedan
p.s the "conclusion" i put it wrong , it put PUNISHMENT
CupOf._.Coffee 36 minuter sedan
I lost my appetite. the dirty and disgusting humans who test makeup on animals are so disgusting.
فلوه منصوري
فلوه منصوري 40 minuter sedan
Khalil MAHER
Khalil MAHER 41 minut sedan
#save_ Ralph:'(🐇.
ꕤGold ted ꕤ - stop animal testing
ꕤGold ted ꕤ - stop animal testing 42 minuter sedan
Omg I can’t believe my mum has been forcing me to use stuff that has animal tested I’m going to try stop I will try help this is terrible
ꕤGold ted ꕤ - stop animal testing
ꕤGold ted ꕤ - stop animal testing 45 minuter sedan
The fact Ralph kept his smile even thought he was in pain is amazing
14blackwolves 57 minuter sedan
When it comes to testing on animals for vaccines and medical procedures that can save lives as much as I hate that the animals get hurt from it there’s a real reason why we have to but when it comes to doing it for cosmetic purposes that’s just plain cruel abusing the animals to make people look a little better it’s so dumb and disgusting
lily love stay happy
lily love stay happy Timme sedan
lily love stay happy
lily love stay happy 59 minuter sedan
We need to stop hurting animals especially bunnies this broke my heart
Elizabeth Afton
Elizabeth Afton Timme sedan
I was uncomfortable watching this cuz it’s sad and save Ralph:(😢
hey,hey hey,hey
hey,hey hey,hey Timme sedan
This made me cry my rabbits name is rhalph. I'd rather volunteer to do the testing than see animals get hurt like this.
《Cherry Mint》
《Cherry Mint》 Timme sedan
NOO RALPHHH😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔
Ahmad ibrahem
Ahmad ibrahem Timme sedan
Fate clan Life
Fate clan Life Timme sedan
I agree we should save the animals not hurt them for only the humans one day they might get extinct but we really do have to save the animals a lot of animals are getting through this and I think he had a dream of going to space but this is super sad and I really felt bad when he said “we do it for the human” I just hope one day this we’ll all end I don’t want to see animals suffer for only us humans I wish they were all free
London Moore
London Moore Timme sedan
I feel so bad for him
Kadan BayLee De La Cruz
Kadan BayLee De La Cruz Timme sedan
That sad I throw swayed my makeup
GreenTea Timme sedan
its sad, that people only only watched this because its a trend nowadays
Jamila Low
Jamila Low Timme sedan
Why can't people just stop animal testing :(
Nar Plays Animal Crossing !
Nar Plays Animal Crossing ! Timme sedan
I feel so bad for him before the video started I was crying
Redmoon The wolf dragon
Redmoon The wolf dragon Timme sedan
Ack! * throws out every thing animal tested * oh hello nah not today satan!
rubywolvs Timme sedan
I love how people are saying ‘save animals’ after it’s been around for 100ds of years.
Isabelle Lee
Isabelle Lee Timme sedan
what happened to his eye?!
Johany Wu
Johany Wu Timme sedan
this is so sad and this is still happening in the world
Pop Cat
Pop Cat Timme sedan
Consiglia de ianni
Consiglia de ianni Timme sedan
i-i-i hate humanity...
sweet00th Timme sedan
Stop animal testing it’s wrong
vintxge clouds
vintxge clouds Timme sedan
Hopefully this doesn’t make people said just because Ralph can talk, this happens to animals that we can not understand. Thank God that I use products made without animal cruelty, this hope of thing is heartbreaking
Krazy_CaraOfficial1 Timme sedan
This movie:sad Ralph:scratches his butt with his toothbrush
Ananas Cannibale
Ananas Cannibale 2 timmar sedan
Çloudėť 2 timmar sedan
lilsoftiexx 2 timmar sedan
I’m crying if I could jump through the screen and save him I would
Yellow 2 timmar sedan
Now I support the ASMR channels that destroy makeup.
Pennywise 2 timmar sedan
This breaks my heart
Nahla Bou
Nahla Bou 2 timmar sedan
I'm crying so much it's just the way that he's exempted faith for us humans and now he's physically blind his rash in the back is just painfull looking and.....nplease be mindful about what you buy please..... it's just it's sad I'm generally frying😭😓😞🥺😔😕🙁😧😦😖😪🤧🤧😿 #SAVERALF♥️
RACHIE B 2 timmar sedan
So so so sad man 😞
Gabriela Ungaro
Gabriela Ungaro 2 timmar sedan
Animal testing is wrong and shouldnt exist, the life of that bunny is your lipstick.
Sunny Lavender
Sunny Lavender 2 timmar sedan
The fact that im crying is just idk
¿Ťhé līťtle łemon?
¿Ťhé līťtle łemon? 2 timmar sedan
This is why no animal testing 🐇💉🚫
Londyn Ponder
Londyn Ponder 2 timmar sedan
i hated that it made me cry
Average Viewer
Average Viewer 2 timmar sedan
Lol those rabbits don't exist really, they aren't wild caught or anything, lab animals are bred and created by humans for the purpose of being tested on, just like cattle is raised for food. It's kinda pointless arguing for them to have a less painful existence, otherwise there's no need for them to exist in the first place.
Londyn Ponder
Londyn Ponder 2 timmar sedan
thats sad
roblox besties
roblox besties 2 timmar sedan
ᗪᗩIᔕY ᗷOO
ᗪᗩIᔕY ᗷOO 2 timmar sedan
ooo bbb
ooo bbb 3 timmar sedan
TxddyBearz 3 timmar sedan
"I mean ok... we did it for the humans" Makes my heart crush 😭💔
Yaslin J
Yaslin J 3 timmar sedan
Aww 🥺
Kristiane Motzfeldt
Kristiane Motzfeldt 3 timmar sedan
Thats Not ok.... i am angry... hey!!!! To them they have job like that job we saw😒are baddest person ever seing🤐😲😠
Hannah Jeon
Hannah Jeon 3 timmar sedan
Wait - this breaks my heart :(
Enzo Ipmx
Enzo Ipmx 3 timmar sedan
Nehir Nisa Keles
Nehir Nisa Keles 3 timmar sedan
tomoka itho
tomoka itho 3 timmar sedan
This is very sad poor rabbit, the reason why it made me sadder is because I have a rabbit
aether 3 timmar sedan
Lol what the f**k the kids eat a meat rabbit and wear a boots and they say be like : " omg please don't touch he he so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️ " well that suck
LEXY ANA RUBIO 3 timmar sedan
That is so so sad 😥😔😞
_It’s Just Me_ UwU
_It’s Just Me_ UwU 3 timmar sedan
That terrible...
Aleisha Floody
Aleisha Floody 3 timmar sedan
I came here thinking this was gonna be cute and funny BUT THIS BROKE MY HEART
Eva Pinktower
Eva Pinktower 3 timmar sedan
this is disgusting that humans can be so selfish just for a little eyeliner, this made me cry.
Hannah Montenegro
Hannah Montenegro 3 timmar sedan
Who tf hurt bunnies they are the cuties thing
thats so sad
strawberry milk
strawberry milk 3 timmar sedan
There was one time when my school ask us to bring 2 fish for experiment. Then they ask us to put a detergent to the water to see how the fish react , i was so sad but i have to because the experiment is for our final test. Then the fish suffocate with bubbles on it's mouth and died. And i think the school does this experiment every year because that time i was like grade 8 and several years later i heard my friend's lil sis did the same experiment 😥.
Marija Brockob
Marija Brockob 3 timmar sedan
But it’s sad
Marija Brockob
Marija Brockob 3 timmar sedan
Its Ruqaiya
Its Ruqaiya 3 timmar sedan
•Ayla• Leyla•
•Ayla• Leyla• 3 timmar sedan
This brings me to tears..-
Nikta Hunter
Nikta Hunter 3 timmar sedan
Pause near 2:50 and the locker has LOTS of words
ڤالكن 4 timmar sedan
Ella Storar
Ella Storar 4 timmar sedan
If they want to create products goddam test it on yourself, see how that feels, they don't care what happens to the animals because their not feeling what their feeling. But put yourself in their place. Imagine what you would feel like, feel their pain, feel their sadness. Some had lost love ones in a crash or murdered, but these animals are being killed to make beauty products, for humans to wear! Like what the hell is wrong with them.
Julieta Ramirez-Salcedo
Julieta Ramirez-Salcedo 4 timmar sedan
Many different species are used around the world, but the most common include mice, fish, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, farm animals, birds, cats, dogs, mini-pigs, and non-human primates (monkeys, and in some countries, chimpanzees)
Paul Martin
Paul Martin 4 timmar sedan
But those vegan animal rights activists only want to stop us from eating meat
Dark Nini_ 2808
Dark Nini_ 2808 4 timmar sedan
Im so sad😓.the way he pretend to smile like nothing happen to him😭😭...pity could they be so cruel to a cute animal like him😭..
Petra Andjelkovic
Petra Andjelkovic 4 timmar sedan
#saferalph #safeanimal #saferabbits YOU BAKA!!!! NO MEANS NO SO STOP TESTING ON ANIMALS!!!!!
shei bronio
shei bronio 4 timmar sedan
No animal should suffer and die in the name of beauty!!!!!! #SaveRalph
Gabby Wolf
Gabby Wolf 4 timmar sedan
This is mest up
Àgua Molhada
Àgua Molhada 4 timmar sedan
isso me traumatizou
Pamzwhut?! 5 timmar sedan
The fact that almost all of us use these products. Truly heartbreaking.
Precious Jewel Sten
Precious Jewel Sten 5 timmar sedan
i- this is so sad and the worst part is it actually happens just for us humans
lav das
lav das 5 timmar sedan
Lol this was fun
Варвара Прищепа
Варвара Прищепа 5 timmar sedan
Poor Ralph 😭😭😭😭
LapisTheWolf 5 timmar sedan
If beauty products cause so much to pain to animals they why the heck are you people putting this stuff on your bodies. If animals are having bad allergic reactions to this stuff why the heck is legal to even be used in this way. Poor animals...
Pink_ Cow
Pink_ Cow 5 timmar sedan
This hurts me so much that one of bunny friends got blinded 🥺🥺 #STOPANIMALTESTING
Candice Frost
Candice Frost 5 timmar sedan
All the names crossed out on the lockers....
Zintle Bangani
Zintle Bangani 5 timmar sedan
This is not okay , something needs to be done. But I am only 12 years old
Mellor Movies
Mellor Movies 5 timmar sedan
This is so sad😢
richard 5 timmar sedan
i understand this is serious, but this has been happening for years! why react now???
Daniel's farm
Daniel's farm 5 timmar sedan
Inas Taufiq
Inas Taufiq 5 timmar sedan
Face it, we know we are the monsters that make u suffer, and um...we are really sorry for making you suffer. #save Ralph
Malakai Schultz
Malakai Schultz 5 timmar sedan
When you buy cosmetics, PLEASE make sure that they are cruelty free. Animals don't deserve to suffer because of our makeup. #saveralph
I like rainbows
I like rainbows 6 timmar sedan
I don’t watch Ralph the fact is he gets tested by humans and he always smiles :(He’s never 😔 that’s actually a good thing but if he smiles the thing is I see a helpless little bunny :
Gaming Raptor
Gaming Raptor 6 timmar sedan
I dont like animal testing but still its over exaggerated
gamerkid66 6 timmar sedan
i will take a stand
Tommy Townsend
Tommy Townsend 6 timmar sedan
Thank you for making this it shows that things like this is wrong
norma morales
norma morales 6 timmar sedan
me throwing away all the stuff that has been animal tested wich is nothing
It’s cup Bruh
It’s cup Bruh 6 timmar sedan
The fact that this rabbit is pretty scary
Mariam Alaa
Mariam Alaa 6 timmar sedan
I don’t know how to do this they don’t have feelings just for the sake of being a beautiful sweetest animal
BUSISO WORLD 6 timmar sedan
i hate how animals are being treated its not fair its gross its sad and its upseting this is so sad i cant bilieve a human with a heart would do such a thing poor ralph
Antonette Mirabete
Antonette Mirabete 6 timmar sedan
Antonette Mirabete
Antonette Mirabete 6 timmar sedan
No 😢😢😢😢🐇🐇🐇
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