Sail Life - New Gebo portlight, deck fills & working on the settee - DIY boat project

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Sail Life

18 dagar sedan

This week I installed a new Gebo portlight and new deck fills. I also worked on the settee (95% done).
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Alan McNulty
Alan McNulty 18 dagar sedan
Top 10 signs I’m watching way too much sail life 1. Anything tedious is now called a “fiddlely bits”. 2. Cleaning my house is now called “Oh glorious” cleaning. 3. I address my team at work with “The astute among you” will have noted ... 4. I’ve started calling Insulation ... “inCHulation”. 5. I accidentally called my own dog jokull. 😬 6. Every completed project is followed with a “Tadaa”!! 7. I’ve started ending my phone calls with, that’s “Enough yammering on”. 8. I ask “the great hive mind” for advice. 9. I’ve started wearing colorful, pocket, short sleeve, colored, button downs. 10. “Pretty dang spiffy” is now the new work standard. I look forward to these videos all week!!
greg m
greg m 15 dagar sedan
Not too shabby....
Álvaro Guimarães
Álvaro Guimarães 17 dagar sedan
@Papounet if I do say so myself* ;)
Papounet 17 dagar sedan
A great comment if I do say so ;-)
Sail Life
Sail Life 17 dagar sedan
Haha, that's the funniest comment I've seen in a long time :D
Konogan 17 dagar sedan
Oh glorious debugging.... for me
Gao Bizi
Gao Bizi 6 dagar sedan
Well done
Neeraj Gujar
Neeraj Gujar 6 dagar sedan
Sorry about this Because if you working with this speed your boat is need more than 3 years to set Sail !! Keep it going little bit faster 😉!!!!. Best wishes to you.
7810jam 9 dagar sedan
Love the slats, the finish on them is lovely.
Aries Dane
Aries Dane 10 dagar sedan
Someone with more money than me please order him a replacement interior portlight trim piece for the one that's been cut. I mean, he moved an entire wall to expose that portlight after all...
Paul Crosbie
Paul Crosbie 11 dagar sedan
Just wonderful progress, much respect!
mark farnell
mark farnell 11 dagar sedan
Wow so much achieved, and juggling so many jobs at once. Very impressed
Max well
Max well 11 dagar sedan
I'd love to see you rework your outro tiles. I've noticed (since I've watched your channel for years) there is so much information on the screen that I've never once clicked a "watch next" video. They get lost in all the text that is on your outro template. It would be so much more effective to have a clean outro tile template and not post all your social media text. If you want links to your social media just add them as buttons in your template. That way the 2 videos you are promoting viewers watch next will stand out much more. Also, black is really not an ideal color of this type of template. It's a simple fix. You can make a free outro template using Canva's free version in just a few minutes. Download it as an MP4. Then do your normal routine of adding what videos you want to display in SEpost Studio. I think this simple thing would add so much more value to the outro than the current configuration. All the best.
Acraftman 12 dagar sedan
Colonel Clink called wants to know if you saw Hoogen while looking for that bit of Athena. Yes I'm old AF.
Projects 12 dagar sedan
It looks so much better without the bulkhead cutting through the port light!
Diane Brockman
Diane Brockman 13 dagar sedan
I have a suggestion that might help your 'orange peeling'. When I'm working on my resin jewelry I use a Bic lighter, and go over all the resin, lightly, to get the air pockets out. It might work nice for you.
Roy Clare
Roy Clare 14 dagar sedan
Dang spiffy video, Mads. 👍🏼💯💥
Sailing Quick Creations
Sailing Quick Creations 14 dagar sedan
We LOVE LOVE LOVE this sailing channel and watching SPIFFY!! ⚓⛵ Hubby and I eagerly wait for a new one to be uploaded every week!! You're episodes have given us so many handy tips and guidance with our very own boat build in South Australia :D I too find myself mimicking Mads with doohickeys, fiddlely bits and see yoooouuuu 👋 PS... everything I design & make at work that I love has to be ranked as ....spiffy!! Thanks for your awesome videos!! keep them coming xx Mel & Luke
Robert Hartley
Robert Hartley 14 dagar sedan
So I just realized something. I missed last week's video. So I got a full hour of SailLife today. With the commercials, I got a TV show called the SailLife. Welcome to The Sail Life! Yeyyyyyy! It's time to play the music It's time to light the lights. It's time to meet Jokull on the SailLife Show tonight.
A Sailboat Named Roxy
A Sailboat Named Roxy 15 dagar sedan
Wow Athena looks so good! Thanks for sharing, we learn a lot by watching your videos! Already stole some of you ideas for our own boat 😄
Sea Horse
Sea Horse 15 dagar sedan
😂You made me laugh a few times on this one!!!I know how you feel!Boat work😏.Been there,done that,still doing!🤭.Athena,looking mighty fine👍
Eric Theune
Eric Theune 15 dagar sedan
Sir Frydryk
Sir Frydryk 15 dagar sedan
Must be really messed up software if he's saying "God Danged" I mean them's fighting words where I come from. Or Grandma will whoop your Bee Hind something fearest! Someone send him something that works, before his what's it breaks.
Tibor Kiss
Tibor Kiss 15 dagar sedan
orange peel effect appears when the paint is too cold when applied to the material. It worth putting the paint can to a bowl of hot water (the temperature of hot water you get from a household tap) before you start painting.
Joseph U
Joseph U 15 dagar sedan
Mads, have you considered teaching courses on basic boat maintenance? I know I would be first in line for a fiberglass and painting course!
Kevin Lytle
Kevin Lytle 15 dagar sedan
Your attention to detail is a treat to witness.
Chadd Thompson
Chadd Thompson 15 dagar sedan
Where are you getting your mahogany slats? I haven't had any luck finding any in the US..
linda austin-morin
linda austin-morin 16 dagar sedan
I have been wondering, but afraid to ask, how’s your dog?
Bue Madsen
Bue Madsen 16 dagar sedan
Hej Mads Jeg har en tysker der bruger butyl til skrugeren. Prøv og se her. Det er et enormt inspirerende program du laver. Jeg vil samlingen det med “Kurs mod fjerne kyster” på det “Gør det selv til båden” vis👍🙂
Richard Cotton
Richard Cotton 16 dagar sedan
It’s like you filmed this episode in time lapse? ; ) You got so much done! Great job
Paul Steindorf
Paul Steindorf 16 dagar sedan
Probing holes with your finger? I thought this channel was about boat repair!!
Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor 16 dagar sedan
So excited! I received my Hi guys! And Pretty dang spiffy stickers today. I love your channel and wish you continued success.
The Steve
The Steve 16 dagar sedan
Mads, you need to wear a dust mask when you're cutting/routing/sanding wood, especially if it's MDF (composite). Also any time you mix West 406, as it's extremely dangerous to breath silica dust.
Dan Vicary
Dan Vicary 16 dagar sedan
MADS - am I hearing a sinus infection? Get well soon.
Craig Hooper
Craig Hooper 16 dagar sedan
Awesome as always, you will get lots completed now.
Alexis Soto
Alexis Soto 17 dagar sedan
So much progress! Amazing what can be done without a normal job!
Jörgen Salomonsson
Jörgen Salomonsson 17 dagar sedan
If you shift the diesel and waste lids the diesel thieves can have all they want..😂
A Ha
A Ha 17 dagar sedan
telematter 17 dagar sedan
Oh my god, I FORGOT to watch Sail Life on my Sunday .... :(
Ivo Alexander Kapitzki
Ivo Alexander Kapitzki 17 dagar sedan
Getting sad ... son Athena will be completed and will leave port ... no more DIY videos to wacht ... :-( :-(
Ivo Alexander Kapitzki
Ivo Alexander Kapitzki 17 dagar sedan
this fact has already such a negative impact on me that I am unable to type without spelling mistake
tetepeb 17 dagar sedan
Everything looks so good! And im so glad you finally fixed the area over the navstation because just like Ava i also thought that it was a real eye-sore. :)
woodman113 17 dagar sedan
Mads.... there was no SPIFFY exclamations this week.... ????
donlopeaguirre112 17 dagar sedan
."..and giving the hole a thorough probing." Dying.
Jimmy Edwards
Jimmy Edwards 17 dagar sedan
Getting so much more done each episode now that you are working on it full time.
Jim Anderson
Jim Anderson 17 dagar sedan
Been using butyl for decades....Number 1 failure rate is because people donot clean with Alcohol....Pure clean surface is a must exemptions for success Fairwinds from the @captains.chair
Ingmar 17 dagar sedan
So where does Jokull the dog live now?
Harry Merritt
Harry Merritt 17 dagar sedan
Wow u got so much done. Looks really nice
mikeyc181 17 dagar sedan
Love the Ring of Deception, too funny !!
S sc3
S sc3 17 dagar sedan
Don't mix filler on wood you will get tons of pin holes from air. Use a plastic mixing board. Auto body 101
Stewart Gartland
Stewart Gartland 17 dagar sedan
I've said it before, but this episode further illustrates one of the key attractions of these wonderful videos.....outstanding editing!!! The information just rattles along but it makes perfect sense combined with the footage.
Jeff Wood
Jeff Wood 17 dagar sedan
I know others have mentioned ways to camouflage the gap in the port light trim but do you still have the trim pieces for the port light you removed in the head? You could always cut a couple of pieces of aluminum to fit the gap over the nav desk. For that matter if you have access to someone with a welder, you could cut the pieces, and hand them over to somebody to weld them up for you and not have to replace the trim.
Jeff Wood
Jeff Wood 17 dagar sedan
I am too caffeine deficient to make a snappy comment so I will just leave it at amazing job as always.
Scramasax 17 dagar sedan
An other way to seal those portlights than butyl, is that normal household window soft rubber gasket tape available from any local hardware store. It will flex with the boat and is 100% water tight. And takes no time to change if ever required... just a tip...
Brrraaaapp 17 dagar sedan
don't forget, to remember, to leave a like!
Phil Stevens
Phil Stevens 17 dagar sedan
How was your first week without having to go to your 'day-job'?. Have you any thoughts about maybe making more than one video a week? ATB . Phil
vomKuckucksfelsen 17 dagar sedan
Maybe its the time to move on to Davinci Resolve ;)
Dry Roasted
Dry Roasted 17 dagar sedan
"Shmear" is what Danes put on their bread.
hib3032 17 dagar sedan
Can’t help but think I would have covered all my expensive instruments before I started sanding 🤦‍♂️
Walter van der Boor
Walter van der Boor 17 dagar sedan
We have portlights like those, they were installed in 1997 and are still in pristine condition. The Gebo after service is also very good in case you needed a part.
Phil Gray
Phil Gray 17 dagar sedan
We waited all week and before we know it, we are waiting for next week. Forgot to mention, we scored a Garmin chart plotter in the laundry recycling corner. This is a discontinued model and when I got it to fire up, I couldn't believe how good it was. So simple to get around the menus and operate. I'm officially cursing the stuff we have on board made by a guy called Ray.
William Baker
William Baker 17 dagar sedan
Beautiful work Mads!
Alejandro Vanags
Alejandro Vanags 17 dagar sedan
Portlight ninja!
Rethink Science
Rethink Science 17 dagar sedan
A clean coat over that paint may stop the yellowing
Lex Maxwell
Lex Maxwell 17 dagar sedan
the vast majority of your woodworks is gorgeous. ...and then you cover it with white paint. I cry every time.
runristaren2 17 dagar sedan
Dang spiffy 👍
Hope Rules
Hope Rules 17 dagar sedan
Thanks for the lovely video as always, Mads and may your rendering be smooth (& just eat some popcorn with peanuts and m&m's while you wait-it does "sweeten the ordeal just a bit!).
greg m
greg m 17 dagar sedan
Must say the white paint is definitely brightening up the interior. Looking spiffy!
james caslake
james caslake 17 dagar sedan
Just fantastic.....
Nena D
Nena D 17 dagar sedan
I just love you sense of humor! Thanks for the episode
Cawfee Dawg
Cawfee Dawg 17 dagar sedan
Mads at his finest: "Applying a small amount to my gloved finger and giving the hole a thorough probing." yes im 12 .. 😂
Luke Channer
Luke Channer 11 dagar sedan
A Proctologist in the making!!
Gleaning The Scriptures
Gleaning The Scriptures 17 dagar sedan
Were you able to get the port light in the first go or did the frame get bumped?
The HandyMan At The Mill
The HandyMan At The Mill 17 dagar sedan
I hate that you are almost done… lol… wait its a sailboat… I always check to see if video is over or under 20 min cause I want more… Great Job!
jim mugford
jim mugford 17 dagar sedan
Not sure what editing software you use but divinci resolve 16 is free and is awesome. There are a lot of tutorials on it too. I switched from premier pro and I really love it. All the best and love the channel. From Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
eddy angilletta
eddy angilletta 17 dagar sedan
Man you definitely know what you're doing, fantastic!
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones 17 dagar sedan
I plan on using this video as a template for making templates for templates.
Bill Allman
Bill Allman 17 dagar sedan
Mads, your skill as a finish woodworker is only exceeded by your drive for perfection. As a luthier, i spend hours getting seams to match and joints to appear seamless. You seem to do it with ease. Thank you for sharing your time and skills with us.
Jack Patteeuw
Jack Patteeuw 17 dagar sedan
Okay, I watch too many sail boat refit videos ! I have come to the conclusion the the best thing to use when bedding a port light is butyl tape. Why ? Because it and all other sealants/caulks WILL EVENTUALLY FAIL ! With butyl removing the port light and butyl tape and cleaning before re-bedding is much easier than any other sealant/caulk. Maybe butyl does not last as long, but replacing it is so much easier !
K L 17 dagar sedan
Ring of deception, lol!
jim jeffries
jim jeffries 17 dagar sedan
When your trim is too short, make the overlap at an angle. This way, no matter the movement you will never see a gap...if one long piece ends up being a bit of a pain to find. Keep up the hard work
Roger Young
Roger Young 17 dagar sedan
Where is your dog?
Jon Madsen
Jon Madsen 17 dagar sedan
Vapor Bill
Vapor Bill 17 dagar sedan
You should paint the space aluminum grey where the port light frame was cut to create the illusion of a full frame.
Robert Gallant
Robert Gallant 17 dagar sedan
You didn't introduce us to Mr. Bunny!!!! Boat is looking more and more awesome!!!
Torsten Hansen
Torsten Hansen 17 dagar sedan
Mads, I’m out of breath just watching you! Save a little of yourself for Ava when she arrives👍
Dustan Balkcom
Dustan Balkcom 17 dagar sedan
You’re getting so much done now that you only have one job!
gymcoachdon 17 dagar sedan
Let's not forget that English isn't his native language, and yet he cursed in English when the piece from the hole saw plopped into the water!
1colerock 17 dagar sedan
For your analytics
twinsmm1 17 dagar sedan
Excited for you, man! Everything is coming together.
R S 17 dagar sedan
Port-light frame with cut out for missing bulkhead.... I'm betting the one flaw on Athena right above the nav station is going to gnaw at you. So I'm starting a pool, "on which upcoming Sunday" will we see C&C action with a piece of aluminum for a new port-light frame?
Thiago Bergo
Thiago Bergo 17 dagar sedan
Congratulations for the excellent work done. It’s really nice seeing you at daily basis doing your best for accomplishing the things to be done. Let’s wait for next week. Health and Peace from Rio de Janeiro Yacht Club.
twinsmm1 17 dagar sedan
9:38 - Colonel Klink, Hogan's Heros. "Hogan!!!...."
doug janusch
doug janusch 17 dagar sedan
Great work
d.j. Robinson
d.j. Robinson 17 dagar sedan
we so much love your attention to detail. Ava should be mad pleased with the eyesore gone. 👍👍💚⛵
SV Barry Duckworth
SV Barry Duckworth 17 dagar sedan
As an unemployed lazy bum (like the rest of us retired cruisers) you can get so much more boat work done in a week. Enjoy that while it lasts since once you and your lovely lady move in together and cast off the lines you will never again be as productive as you are right now. Speaking from experience here...
Hans Etter
Hans Etter 17 dagar sedan
Looking nice, did you put some antisieze on the screws for the port holes?
Dan Knox
Dan Knox 17 dagar sedan
Busy week. Wow you get so much more done working full time on the boat. 😊
Sailing Citrine Sunset
Sailing Citrine Sunset 17 dagar sedan
Nice video as usual
Pura Vida
Pura Vida 17 dagar sedan
looks great Mads. "More than one way to swing a cat" so NO criticism here Mads, but I am 80% sure you can adjust the depth on that Trim Router.... no need to add material for right height of the surface.
richgey1 17 dagar sedan
I think you’re the fastest and best build out there!
Matt Evans-Koch
Matt Evans-Koch 17 dagar sedan
Thank you Mads for this week's video. A few small pieces of silver duct tape would fill in the gaps on the port light ring. Not permanent but good for filming-LOL. Take care and let us know how far the hole piece made it before you caught up to it.
Jay Sims
Jay Sims 17 dagar sedan
Just ask somebody to back those nuts up.
Jimmy 17 dagar sedan
Fantastic and funny!
Jimmy Brokos
Jimmy Brokos 17 dagar sedan
BB 17 dagar sedan
Mads, there is this really strange, bright light in parts of your video this week. It's almost like there is some big bright light in in the sky there in Denmark. I know you mentioned an issue with video editing software, so maybe that's it. : P
Sailspirit99 17 dagar sedan
Mads, here in Western Australia, we add a drop of black paint tint to any white can of paint to prevent yellowing. If getting our ceilings painted, we ask for WA White. It doesn’t change the colour, and is obvious if it isn’t done. Prior to my purchasing my home, someone patched 2sq m of the ceiling and used plain white. That yellowed significantly vs the rest of the ceiling. All the best. Loved all your videos since the beginning. ⛵️😊
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