SABATON - The Royal Guard (Official Music Video)

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The Official Music Video for The Royal Guard by Sabaton.
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========= The Royal Guard LYRICS =========
From the frozen north they came
Fought for founding father’s claim
It was then, their tale, began
Trace their roots from 16 strong
By the king where they belong
En tid
Av Krig
Wherever he goes, near or far, they are close
For the King of Sweden they lay down their lives
For the Swedish crown they stand
By the king, at his command
500 years for the fatherland
Marching across the belt
Crushing blow at Narva dealt
Livgardet our Royal Guard
Sworn protectors of the throne
Royal doctrine set in stone
For the crown, you shall give your life
By traditions from the past
Swedish soldiers stand steadfast
I frid
Och i strid
And if one should fall, yet another, heeds the call
For king and for country they lay down their lives
För Sverige i tiden
Dit konungen går
De gör vad som synes omöjligt, vad än framtiden spår
Still for the crown they stand
By the king, at his command
500 years for the fatherland
Marching across the belt
Crushing blow at Narva dealt
Livgardet our Royal Guard
Recorded and mixed at Black Lounge studios by Jonas Kjellgren.
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - Los Angels -CA -USA
Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.

Sabaton Månad sedan
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seces 8 timmar sedan
@NCR Trooper What on ?
NCR Trooper
NCR Trooper 8 timmar sedan
@seces oh
seces 8 timmar sedan
@NCR Trooper'' you guys look badass'' I am giving the answer to the article
NCR Trooper
NCR Trooper 8 timmar sedan
@seces the hell do you mean
seces 8 timmar sedan
@NCR Trooper the truth hurts do not be afraid
The Sunskimmer
The Sunskimmer 36 minuter sedan
This song makes me feel extremely patriotic towards a country on the other side of the globe
Cesar Alarcon
Cesar Alarcon 57 minuter sedan
Here´s a cool idea, lets make a crossover between Sabaton and Back to the Future and get them to travel to meet the Carolus Rex
Lepcu 4 timmar sedan
I like this song but why in Music Video swedish soldiers fight with Ottomans
Gianlucca Rezzano
Gianlucca Rezzano 5 timmar sedan
The skirmish at Bender! Great song!
seces 7 timmar sedan
This ungratefulness 1-Ottomans helped him, provided a safe passage. What Swedish king did is clearly nothing but ingratitude. 2-Think about a king that lost the war then took refuge in another country. what a pathetic situation lol. 3-If the Ottomans wanted to kill Carolus, they could easily do it. Believe me, no guard could protect him. He was inside the Ottoman lands.
MobileRDS 8 timmar sedan
Everyone: Authors should make more infortmation available when they release or explose their product.. Sabaton: Hold my beer! AweSome! Yeah, there haven't beed swedish band I like since Abba. "Now, there are two of them. This is getting out of control!". ;) (Yeah, the platform kinda limits!)
/Love/ /Peace
/Love/ /Peace 9 timmar sedan
This is fucking epic. Both song and video. Swedish soldiers always were badass and crazy. From the ancient times, it was their tradition... They always fought like lions for what they believe. It's in their blood. And yeah, we had some "confrontations" back in the days, but still, hi from Russia !
Tom Pedersen
Tom Pedersen 9 timmar sedan
Sabaton Could you make a song about Danmark :) I love this song becouse I have famelie in Sweden :)
benz merc
benz merc 9 timmar sedan
The invading nuns really suck at fighting, just come in and take the blade to the chest, lmao.
Jargen 9 timmar sedan
thanks to them Poland lost its crown forever ... until the next rebirth of the great power of the Grand Duchy of Poland
Jargen 9 timmar sedan
they forgot what the Swedish soldiers did to Poland during the great wars between Poland and its neighbors....
A Roman Catholic And A Monarchist
A Roman Catholic And A Monarchist 15 timmar sedan
This song is epic, lets hope Sweeden and all of the world recover from this crazy dark age era
introvert1997 18 timmar sedan
a great movie,but a quite strange-looking crown, like a theatrical prop (real Swedish crowns look much more impressive)
Jóel sigridarson
Jóel sigridarson 20 timmar sedan
This band is the best thing sweden has gifted the world.
RankaisijaAslak 22 timmar sedan
Sabaton doesnt make music for fans or money. It's just an excuse to get funding for heavy duty LARP:ing in their music videos
chissstardestroyer Dag sedan
Is the Video of the Swedish Royal Guard fighting the Jannisaries of the Ottoman Empire?
burakatfb65 /piri mapper [tc]
burakatfb65 /piri mapper [tc] Dag sedan
İ love sabaton but when i saw the janissaries i simply could not like Hello from turkey
Björn Peit
Björn Peit Dag sedan
i will listen to this music until i die, sabaton 4 ever
Metal Lancer Gaming
Metal Lancer Gaming Dag sedan
Me: THEY SHOT CHRIS! Also Me: Oh never mind. They just pissed him off.
Bisclavret1961 Dag sedan
Great song and video. Greetings from Poland.
TheAssening Dag sedan
From Finland: why did you have to lose us... you dicks. We'd have rather been a part of Sweden than Russia.
Adrian Gabura
Adrian Gabura Dag sedan
For the Swedish crown they stand... Man, 1:17 the action starts!!!
Adrian Gabura
Adrian Gabura Dag sedan
I've listened to this great song ten times already and can't stop!
Adrian Gabura
Adrian Gabura Dag sedan
Jesus, this is amazing!!!
Sabaton Dag sedan
Epic, isn't it?
M U S T A R D Dag sedan
I like how Sabaton touches the underrated parts of history
mohamed dawood
mohamed dawood Dag sedan
pro tip : if you can't make high quality cinematic videos , then don't make music video at all, and stick with music with lyrics , the song is mediocre at best and the video is very low quality and feels cheap , the emotions and reactions of the characters deeply looks fake and shallow , sorry sabaton but this time i have to say it, you want to know what i mean by high quality ? search : BISMARCK - sabaton
Fearfulquil 648
Fearfulquil 648 Dag sedan
Legend has it, those Swedes still fight on
Richard King
Richard King Dag sedan
long live Sabaton and all there musical might
cherief Sadek sadek
cherief Sadek sadek Dag sedan
Please Make a Song about Frederick The Great and the Prussian Army in the seven years war
Austin Curtis
Austin Curtis Dag sedan
With music like this I’m surprised Sweden hasn’t reunited its empire
peter siget
peter siget Dag sedan
i understand like 20 words from the original and to be honest , swedish just fits better , but this one is amazing aswell
Evan Freeman
Evan Freeman 2 dagar sedan
It's so beautiful...... here's to another 500 years
Vacha Filip
Vacha Filip 2 dagar sedan
Ed Knoxwill
Ed Knoxwill 2 dagar sedan
It's awesome how you show Swedish royal guards hisory.
Yiğitcan GÜR
Yiğitcan GÜR 2 dagar sedan
Is that Janissary Ottoman s
Björn Wedel
Björn Wedel 2 dagar sedan
guy 2 dagar sedan
Watching sabaton clean through janissaries is the most metal stuff I’ve seen all year
doruk yavaş
doruk yavaş 2 dagar sedan
Can someone explain why are they fighting with the Turks? I tought we never fought with them Swedes.
Casper Dahl
Casper Dahl 2 dagar sedan
sabaton är bäst och jag har en sabaton tröja
Πέτρος Φραγγόπουλος
Πέτρος Φραγγόπουλος 2 dagar sedan
Wait...were they Ottomans??
K9TheFirst1 2 dagar sedan
The closest thing we have in the states to the Royal Guard is the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I hope someone can make an alternate set of lyrics and make a cover for it.
Sir Reality
Sir Reality 2 dagar sedan
Let's go Sabaton! For the king of Sweden! Never been prouder of my ancestory
8Bit 2 dagar sedan
Me and some friends were playing For Honor & we had this playing in the background of our voice chat and we dominated our enemies. This is definitely awesome at making you feel patriotic and invincible
Benjamin Sisko
Benjamin Sisko 2 dagar sedan
At 1:30 are those janissaries fighting swedish troops? When and where?
Jonathan Jollimore
Jonathan Jollimore 2 dagar sedan
I always played Sweden is Empire Total War :)
TheZombieburner 2 dagar sedan
I now feel patriotic for Sweden. AND I'M AMERICAN. How does Sabaton do that? Every time, too.
Wesley Maxfield
Wesley Maxfield 2 dagar sedan
that is the sabaton effect
Nyrol Nym
Nyrol Nym 3 dagar sedan
Listen when playing EU 4 ;)
Michael Ball
Michael Ball 3 dagar sedan
"Dejlig er jorden " er skrevet af den danske digter B S Ingemann.. Så måske ikke lige koblingen mellem Sabaton og BS Ingemann - Melodien er tysk jf wiki.
Николай Лаврентьев
Николай Лаврентьев 3 dagar sedan
хм а причём тут арабы или от кого они там обороняются было бы логично что от русских... Но кто это?
Samu Trogen
Samu Trogen 3 dagar sedan
Its nice to hear how Sabaton used hymn books christmas song from Germany to tell tale of the royal guard of Sweden. I like this song but its weird to hear it from this awesome band
Camokid_ZA 3 dagar sedan
"500 years for the fatherland." The vibrato on "years" is just epic.
Пётр Михайлович
Пётр Михайлович 3 dagar sedan
Descendants of the vikings! Respect from the Russia 🇷🇺!
Rosenroed 3 dagar sedan
I am Danish. And this song makes me think: "Wow, the last battle we fought with that country; is over 200 years ago..."
harbl99 Dag sedan
In the good old days Sweden and Denmark used to go to war if there was nothing else happening that weekend.
dynaflow74 3 dagar sedan
Sweden in 2021.
andrae bonfante
andrae bonfante 3 dagar sedan
N. 1
Oliver Thor
Oliver Thor 3 dagar sedan
This video literally shows us the present time in Sweden, were the arabs have totally invaded Sweden... :(
Note Pad
Note Pad 3 dagar sedan
William Walsh
William Walsh 3 dagar sedan
I am getting the hint that if you push Sweden far enough, like New Zealand, you get the nastiest soldiers you could ever fight.This song is epic. I love it.
Thomas the dank Train
Thomas the dank Train 3 dagar sedan
something ive noticed at the start of the video is that in the throne room theyve got that really cool looking plate knight armour which ive never seen before. Sabaton really try to get as much history in everython they do!
SKULL 3 dagar sedan
What Ottomans?
Jacob Zindel
Jacob Zindel 3 dagar sedan
It's probsbly safe to say that, at this point, the average foreign Sabaton fan is more patriotic about Sweden than the average Swede is. Lol
Temblor, James Ronald
Temblor, James Ronald 3 dagar sedan
Thanks to this video, I finally won the Great Northern War as Sweden in 17th Century EU4
orlando osorio
orlando osorio 3 dagar sedan
swedish metal bands: its a great honor die for the crown latin metal bands: get us out from latin america please
Саша Тарасов
Саша Тарасов 4 dagar sedan
мурашки по коже...
Mats Nymo
Mats Nymo 4 dagar sedan
Want a song about the battle of Narvik!!!😁😁😁
xwaltranx 4 dagar sedan
nope, this was not a good one sorry. maybe a good army regiment translated into english (i don't know) but as a metal song it just doesn't give me the shivers while listening. and the clip is beyond cringe, you all look like virgin geeks larping ffs. i was expecting waifu pillows showing up after the fight
Jurjen Zuidland
Jurjen Zuidland 4 dagar sedan
Got tears in my eyes here. And i am not even swedish. This song is amazing
Mortal 4 dagar sedan
Caner CAST
Caner CAST 4 dagar sedan
In most clips, probably my grand grand father killed by sabaton or other forces :) No worries tho i like videos
Alexander Massaut
Alexander Massaut 4 dagar sedan
The swedish version of this song is just the same guys coming back from a good fight, blood still on them. Fighting makes you hungry.
Togan Doğan
Togan Doğan 4 dagar sedan
I don't understand what the video is about. I'm Turkish and as far as I know the Ottomans got along well with Sweden. The Ottomans even protected the swedish king who sought protection against the russians. You can look up the Battle of Prut. Can you guys inform me which historical event the clip is based on?
Michael Scutt-Thomson
Michael Scutt-Thomson 4 dagar sedan
I look at this song and think 'you had WAY too much fun making the video for this version'
Xernax 4 dagar sedan
Okay. Amazing song and all but where the hell came those janissaries from in sweden?!
Fladdyator 4201
Fladdyator 4201 4 dagar sedan
First time hearing this and i know the words wtf 😂, sabaton go ham.. and have made some fuckin wicked music 💯🤟
ArcticFire 4 dagar sedan
i listen to this song whenever i crusade in games and i feel like a fucking god whenever so
DaidohYuzan 5 dagar sedan
Orig. Bernhard Severin Ingemann 1850, hymn book. Original in my language is called Earth so beautiful (Bright the sky of God). "Years pass fast, generations fade to oblivion, but brightly always, song of the souls, remain on the path to Heaven." Nice.
Nicolas Neyer
Nicolas Neyer 5 dagar sedan
Visited Sweden a while ago and most of its museum, this is the pinnacle of teaching this country's history. Thank you, hope to see you soon in Switzerland for a concert !
Azrael77 5 dagar sedan
Can't wait till the next album drops.
Yassine Faouzi
Yassine Faouzi 5 dagar sedan
in real turc and swedish is allies
Jake Phillips
Jake Phillips 5 dagar sedan
Bro Abi
Bro Abi 5 dagar sedan
They never made a song from the view of the muslim resistance across the history. For example the algerian resistance agains france colonaisers or the resistance of palaestinans agains the british. Prey weard how they only show one side....but they still a talented
Guildford Suxs
Guildford Suxs 3 dagar sedan
Sabaton are Swedish and does historical stuff that Swedish people learn in school pretty much. Swedish people/Sabaton doesnt know anything about alergian resistance or palestinian aganst british.
Arvid Ericsson
Arvid Ericsson 5 dagar sedan
Bästa låten som jag har hört och en av er hedrar aspeboda ❤️👍🏼🤟🏻
Michael Sandoval
Michael Sandoval 5 dagar sedan
Jeong Gun Kim
Jeong Gun Kim 5 dagar sedan
Does Joakims knee hurt?
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 5 dagar sedan
Ottoman? Like....Islamic?
Michael Cavanagh
Michael Cavanagh 5 dagar sedan
me: oh sweet a new song to learn the words to and sing along to on road trips. (hears swedish parts in the song) also me: well looks like i'm summoning a demon while attempting to sing in swedish now.
Anthony Zdon
Anthony Zdon 5 dagar sedan
Make a song about the Yamato Pls!!!!! Also sub to Sabaton!!!!!!
Daito_Dragon vx9
Daito_Dragon vx9 5 dagar sedan
Any war was this?
Иосиф Сталин
Иосиф Сталин 5 dagar sedan
The Northern War .Skirmish at Bender
Clause Luger
Clause Luger 6 dagar sedan
For the King of Sweden! \--------/ I\ [N И] II / /I\ \ : / /I\ \ II I I I \ \/ / I \ \ II I:=I l-----------l l..IIE) Ш / /\ \ U I I I I I I I I \ / \ / IIIh IIIh
Osamanlı GT
Osamanlı GT 6 dagar sedan
Do you really think sweden can beat the ottoman? Add: Turks are not Arabs. stop showing like this
Alice Lund
Alice Lund 5 dagar sedan
It is from the incident at Bender, Sweden and the Ottoman Empire where allies but there was some complications. Afterwards they where still friends.
BayKoala 6 dagar sedan
YOUNG TURKS 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
God_q23 6 dagar sedan
Kac Per
Kac Per 6 dagar sedan
Petri Luhtaniemi
Petri Luhtaniemi 6 dagar sedan
Basis of this song is a swedish/finnish "church song" don't know what it's in english but here in Finland we call them VIRSI and I'm not familiar with the swedish version or but here's Tarja Turunen singing the finnish version
Michael VPS
Michael VPS 6 dagar sedan
Never thought I would see "Dejlig er Jorden" turned into power rock. Neat.
Lovro Mandić
Lovro Mandić 6 dagar sedan
I just became Swedish patriot
Sabaton 6 dagar sedan
It's pretty normal
Benjamin Thibieroz
Benjamin Thibieroz 6 dagar sedan
long live our royal band
Cole Ebert
Cole Ebert 6 dagar sedan
Captain YT
Captain YT 6 dagar sedan
And this is why the royal guard gets twice as much training than the army does, to defend, DER FATHERLAND!
Alice Lund
Alice Lund 5 dagar sedan
That is German, in Swedish Fosterlandet, eller Fäderneslandet.
StrayThrawn 6 dagar sedan
Don’t mind me, just getting hyped for the next song
StrayThrawn 6 dagar sedan
@Sabaton I absolutely loved it, one of my new top favorites
Sabaton 6 dagar sedan
Did you like it?
Knight Trooper
Knight Trooper 6 dagar sedan
aren't we always
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