RIMWORLD ORGAN HARVESTING - The Perfectly Balanced Organ Harvesting Colony Simulator Game!

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The Spiffing Brit

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Rimworld is the ultimate organ harvesting and warcrime simulator game that has created some of the greatest lets play series on the internet. Now Rimworld Gameplay is not like your standard colony simulator game. This is the only game where you lead your colony to survive whilst also being able to harvest organs and even grow tea! It is one of the greatest true British experience of video games out there. So grab your bags of perfectly balanced cups of tea as its time for some perfectly balanced organ harvesting in this one of a kind rimworld let's play! The full list of all rimworld mods used appears near the start of this video if you are interesting in your own rimworld review of organ harvesting!
So is Rimworld a perfectly balanced game with no exploits or is a colony dedicated to warcrimes and harvesting organs overpowered! My goodness this really is broken!
If you want a copy of Rimworld you can buy it on steam here:
What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.
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Title: RIMWORLD ORGAN HARVESTING - The Perfectly Balanced Organ Harvesting Colony Simulator Game!
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The Spiffing Brit
The Spiffing Brit Månad sedan
*No unpaid VOLUNTERY workers were harmed during the making of this video* (Excluding all of the ones that were.... oh god there were so many hurt) Huge props to Hydrec for discovering the impossible raid defence: www.twitch.tv/hydrec
Nightis81 14 dagar sedan
I need a new pancreas. Give me a call buddy!
trenten bingham
trenten bingham 21 dag sedan
TheMassOverride 26 dagar sedan
Anyway we could get a list of mods used? Wanting to play a similar setup but having difficulty finding the right mods
invalidsyntax_ 27 dagar sedan
*ahem* Mandatory Volunteer *ahem*
jack5001ful 29 dagar sedan
spiff is literally a slave owner. lol
Lord Stimpy
Lord Stimpy 9 timmar sedan
Shit-talking on Tetley, too far
feh meh
feh meh Dag sedan
In 40 minutes of video so far, one organ was harvested. Nothing was controlled or repeatable when the video did accomplish something. He was just *gasp* playing NORMALLY.
Daniel Hughes
Daniel Hughes 2 dagar sedan
🤣🤣🤣 love it. Absolutely sniffing what.
Nova Discord
Nova Discord 3 dagar sedan
The odd skate simultaneously mark because course cytogenetically land except a smoggy cathedral. clumsy, melodic typhoon
Tristan Holley
Tristan Holley 3 dagar sedan
Has anybody as of yet received your complementary organ?
Goerges Hunt
Goerges Hunt 5 dagar sedan
The only tea I like is cinnamon!
Falk René Skamiera
Falk René Skamiera 5 dagar sedan
jokes aside, forced organ harvesting is a serious issue and really does happen in ccp's china, where they brutally persecute and torture falun gong practitoners and steal their organs
Jon Hollins
Jon Hollins 5 dagar sedan
This video isn't about Rimmerworld :(
LforLight 5 dagar sedan
Making a balancing video about a modded game is kinda stupid, innit? It's like criticizing the balance of a chess game when you remove all black pieces other than the king, you criticize your custom setup, not the vanilla game.
Henry Platt
Henry Platt 6 dagar sedan
this just made me realize that tea is the most valuable item known to man
Harrison Jay
Harrison Jay 6 dagar sedan
I get the feeling that Spiff thinks that human rights just get in the way.
FaultyTwo 6 dagar sedan
I think I know what should I do in my next run.. Giving some spaces to my prisoners of course.
Anthony Bossman
Anthony Bossman 6 dagar sedan
I liked I’ll take a lung please
Kevin Flanagan
Kevin Flanagan 7 dagar sedan
Sat back and relaxed check but everytime i watch your video s its a cold beer in my hand not tea
sykomaniax187 7 dagar sedan
This is by far some of the finest content on the whole of youtube.
OlafttheGreat1998 8 dagar sedan
So Jeff Bezos, Susan Wojcicki, and Todd Howard walk into an organ farm...
Blake Crook
Blake Crook 8 dagar sedan
Please play more!
Fuck Google
Fuck Google 8 dagar sedan
Where is reanu keeves
Nicolas Fetzer
Nicolas Fetzer 8 dagar sedan
ok so, whose organs I need to harvest for more rimworld gameplay Spiff?
JohnGhost 8 dagar sedan
Yes yes a thousand times yes !! Would have loved to see some brain harvesting!
Brandin Dow
Brandin Dow 8 dagar sedan
its not even un-balanced lolll its a legit think the damn black market IRL does if for christ sakes
Holton Martin
Holton Martin 9 dagar sedan
Christian Murphy
Christian Murphy 9 dagar sedan
I love how you simulated the overtaking of Ireland with your slaves. Here they can have a small plot of potatoes to survive off of.
DustyPretzels 9 dagar sedan
Faruk Zahra
Faruk Zahra 9 dagar sedan
Mod list?
Pogmo Thon
Pogmo Thon 10 dagar sedan
I would like to see more rimworld
Dr Death
Dr Death 10 dagar sedan
I can imagine that he’s going to make a bed that’s so broken that if you harvest an organe you get 2 no matter what
gabriel 10 dagar sedan
you needed fishing expanded for infinite food
gabriel 10 dagar sedan
teanos planet
Biodegradable 5433
Biodegradable 5433 10 dagar sedan
I love this so much, more war crimes please!
Tolman 11 dagar sedan
> definitive > doesn’t pick Randy Random
Shrek has swag 69
Shrek has swag 69 11 dagar sedan
Spiff: mountainous regions allow for an inpenetrable base. Me: *shudders while covered in mega spiders*
I Forgot gaming
I Forgot gaming 11 dagar sedan
why did i only just notice all the water-marks on the images say spiffco and have tea on them
Trial Version
Trial Version 11 dagar sedan
Achievement unlocked: Chinese communist party!
John Jones
John Jones 12 dagar sedan
I hope you get that tea sponsor
Hogan Donahue
Hogan Donahue 12 dagar sedan
Wow that "non-lethal" sure is a loose term!
Hogan Donahue
Hogan Donahue 12 dagar sedan
Jeff Bezos and Susan Wajitsky! XD lmfao!
D3Sync 12 dagar sedan
China : hold my beer
Athanasios Antoniou Karademitrou
Athanasios Antoniou Karademitrou 13 dagar sedan
Are we going to see more of this ?
PurlikVODS 13 dagar sedan
Ah yes, I am missing my heart could I maybe buy one?
Itamar Nakar
Itamar Nakar 13 dagar sedan
great vid
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin 13 dagar sedan
Why Can I Comment On A Download
Trent Reffner
Trent Reffner 14 dagar sedan
"In space, no one can hear you violate the Geneva convention." -Spiffing Brit "Now that is a beat we can all step to." -Kirito (Sword Art Online Abridged
Steve Armstrong
Steve Armstrong 14 dagar sedan
Boreal Forests should have Black Flies. For the realisms. Also the game is no less horrible if you don't have those mods, for the people who haven't played it. You just can recruit prisoners first and THEN harvest their organs. If the recruitment just doesn't succeed, well, now you have something to feed to your other prisoners. All the mods are doing is making it more convenient.
MilkMan 14 dagar sedan
title should be communist china simulator
Rory Shields
Rory Shields 14 dagar sedan
“We’re going to set up the greatest and most human rights violating colony ever seen.” Spoken like a true Brit.
Aidcrazy Sol
Aidcrazy Sol 15 dagar sedan
What are the mod packs you have
Ika xD
Ika xD 15 dagar sedan
Ok tnx for the info.... When i go in the war i will not be using an smg or any type of gun like that... I will be using a stun gun👍👍😁
Zlorfik 16 dagar sedan
Oh that's why I found Rimworld. I was wondedring which youtuber did that to my life xD
Zek Chomenko
Zek Chomenko 16 dagar sedan
This video was actual gold, please make more
Marcel M
Marcel M 17 dagar sedan
Reminds me of The promised Neverland
Oyer Veyer
Oyer Veyer 17 dagar sedan
I did that a while ago without mods and the place was so expensive with gold and jade everywhere they just coped with the harvesting
pedro nabais
pedro nabais 17 dagar sedan
Hey mate, do you have the loicenses for those war crimes?
J G 17 dagar sedan
While exploiting the game mechanics is always fun, I feel you really missed an opportunity to commit some proper war crimes with the crematorium defense. Setup a rat maze length tunnel to get in your base. At the base end you stick some wood and wooden furniture. Once they are inside you have someone wall up the far opening to turn it into a room rather than 'outside' by the games logic. Then chuck a Molotov on the furniture and watch the temperature rise. In seconds it'll turn up to 500+ degrees, people will burst into flame, major heatstroke, just completely broil a whole group of enemies 30 strong as they desperately try to claw through the walls to escape.
Jeff Bezos Official YouTube Channel
Jeff Bezos Official YouTube Channel 17 dagar sedan
i will not forget what you did to me.
PinaCoco 18 dagar sedan
Just discovered your channel and it's hard to stop :)
Milena 18 dagar sedan
That's quite maniac
Volteon EX
Volteon EX 18 dagar sedan
I don’t know if it’s scary or interesting how a regular person can think and act like a murderous tyrant-
Splashdown X
Splashdown X 18 dagar sedan
Whenever they want it or not! Why did you say that, everyone like yorkshire tea
Franci Haskell
Franci Haskell 18 dagar sedan
Alternate title: Turning Rimworld into China simulator
SKC 123
SKC 123 18 dagar sedan
i would like a brain plz
Baziran Covek
Baziran Covek 18 dagar sedan
"Albanian Space Empire, harvesting everyones organs, dont worry we know what we are doing"
Josh McAllister
Josh McAllister 18 dagar sedan
Is it just me, or didn't "susan" used to be the name we used instead of today's "karen"? Like, *sarcastically* "oKaY "sUsAN""
Michael Bach
Michael Bach 18 dagar sedan
21:41 can you have the Mexicans pay for it though?
vovozaum 19 dagar sedan
I love Rimworld, and i love harvesting organs in it, but this video was a bit chaotic for my taste... i can only imagine how it was like for someone who doesn't understand Rimworld...
Y 19 dagar sedan
basically dont be good at something if you dont want to be a slave
Honker Bonker
Honker Bonker 19 dagar sedan
But is it really war crimes if there is no war ?
Bucket Bob
Bucket Bob 19 dagar sedan
This makes me wanna get this game
Jacob Baughn
Jacob Baughn 19 dagar sedan
Ah, I see another Cargonian expatriate.
『 Ben 』
『 Ben 』 19 dagar sedan
very cool, i would like episode 2
IlIlIlIlIlIlIlIIIlll 19 dagar sedan
China: 😳
Leszek Seretny
Leszek Seretny 19 dagar sedan
Pls make something about metin2
Juha Ruhkala
Juha Ruhkala 19 dagar sedan
Great :)
8—————————D • 1337 Years Ago
8—————————D • 1337 Years Ago 19 dagar sedan
DerBaumDesBaumes2 19 dagar sedan
i would like 4 hearts, 2 kidneys, 3 left legs and eyes
htomerif 20 dagar sedan
Uh, sorry, but "the greatest and most human-rights violating colony ever conceived" title still goes to . Whether its blankets infected with smallpox or enslavement of multiple continents or selling guns to every side in a third world country or flooding an entire empire with opium, the UK makes the fuhrer look like Mahatma Gandhi.
Norwegian Smores
Norwegian Smores 20 dagar sedan
so this is basically A CCP simulator
raymond luca
raymond luca 20 dagar sedan
is this the plans for when china takes over america?? oh wait biden won..its done already
Mccar42 20 dagar sedan
~9:20 "Our first unwilling employee!" That had me laughing a little too much
КоммуНЯКА Кавайная
КоммуНЯКА Кавайная 20 dagar sedan
After release of Royalty expansion, i can't stop playing on desert planets with Emperor: Battle for Dune soundtrack...)
Dylan McAfee
Dylan McAfee 20 dagar sedan
can i get a modlist?
Liam Keay
Liam Keay 20 dagar sedan
Coffee is better than tea
Canadian Ninja
Canadian Ninja 20 dagar sedan
I'm not sure that this is an exploit, more just how the mods are meant to be used for
Mr. Bread
Mr. Bread 21 dag sedan
China simulator?
Otto 21 dag sedan
Part 2 please... lol
Chimera 21 dag sedan
We need another episode of this!
skooma-bandit91 21 dag sedan
Spiff co. Drink your Yorkshire Tea
Oliver Harrison
Oliver Harrison 21 dag sedan
I absolutely love this there HAS to be a sequel!!!!
Thibauleur 21 dag sedan
Ah yes my 2 favourite things: organ harvesting and tea
Daitallica 21 dag sedan
Liked purely for the "Warcrime simulator" comment
scp foundation agent smith
scp foundation agent smith 21 dag sedan
By the way i have choosen death
scp foundation agent smith
scp foundation agent smith 21 dag sedan
Catastrophe 219
Catastrophe 219 22 dagar sedan
Plz can we hav p2
城塚Chie 22 dagar sedan
This is awful, no joke. I can't watch it. I kept cringing, imagining organ harvesting
DBWW games
DBWW games 22 dagar sedan
I found this video just now and how dare you say that tea is the best seed of all!?... Yorkshire Tea is the best seed.
Warutteri 22 dagar sedan
This is awesome, keep it going!
18Elitegamer 22 dagar sedan
"We've got the kidney ladies and gentlemen."
Lucas Mackay
Lucas Mackay 22 dagar sedan
Imma use this as the basis for my essay on never let me go
just another account
just another account 22 dagar sedan
"Cake, Tea and War Crimes" has got to be the best name for a mod EVER
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