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Jordan B Peterson

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I have returned home to Toronto after spending much of the last eighteen months in hospitals. I am hoping that my health has improved to the point where I can start producing original content again. Thank you to all who are watching for your support over the course of this trying time. I hope that you all are coping with the COVID crisis successfully.
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Jean Paul
Jean Paul Minut sedan
I took clonazepam for 21 years 4 mg a day. It took me 5 years to taper off of clonazepam. I am now free of clonazepam for over a year. The doctors think you can taper off in 2 months. They don’t know what they’re talking about.
Stephanie Lynn
Stephanie Lynn 25 minuter sedan
Jordan Peterson, you're not just a National Treasure, you are an INTERNATIONAL TREASURE and you have changed millions of lives.... most of which you will never know of in this life. We love you and we need you. Our prayers and best wishes for your continued and complete recovery and for your family. We look forward to the many, many years ahead in which your sanity, common sense and compassion will light our way through the darkness that is coming. Thank you for all you've done to heal this very damaged world.
Heather Soucie
Heather Soucie 28 minuter sedan
We love you welcome back
Storm D
Storm D 32 minuter sedan
Would love to listen to your commentary on Mishlei. Mishlei is the Hebrew name for what you call Book of Proverbs.
dave parisi
dave parisi 34 minuter sedan
Having dealt with severe addiction and mental health struggles for over a decade, it breaks my heart to know that such a great man whos words have helped me so much to have to go through something so hellish. I hope he makes a full recovery and i look forward greatly to hearing his insight and perspective of the experience. like I said, i hate that he had to go through but Im sure it makes me and others feel less alone in fighting the good fight.
Elvin Damirov
Elvin Damirov Timme sedan
We love you professor and were worried about you! I am glad you are back and all sufferings made to bring new light! 🙏🌞
donna marshall
donna marshall Timme sedan
You are a global treasure. Welcome back! I'm so glad you're on the mend. ❤️
Danny Quill
Danny Quill Timme sedan
Get well soon Jordan.
Cassidy McHugh
Cassidy McHugh 2 timmar sedan
so glad you’re starting to feel better ❤️
Valerie Loney
Valerie Loney 2 timmar sedan
Did you not know they were dangerous as a physcologist
Gio T.
Gio T. 2 timmar sedan
You’re so fucking amazing
Alex 3 timmar sedan
Hope you will recover completely Dr Peterson, welcome back Sincerely
Anna Paula
Anna Paula 3 timmar sedan
You are a very special man. Jesus bless you.
Steve B
Steve B 3 timmar sedan
Thank you Dr. Peterson and I hope your health continues to improve. We are all excited to have you back.
Parapon3ra 3 timmar sedan
Earth below us Drifting falling Floating weightless Calling, calling home...
SNAFUCanada since2015
SNAFUCanada since2015 4 timmar sedan
These drugs act differently on everyone, best practice is to stay away and seek a Barbados beach with cool winds and music. Thanks for the wisdom Jordan.
elmington 5 timmar sedan
Good to have you back Dr Peterson. Hope you well! All the best from Scotland.
glaslynx123 5 timmar sedan
I don't agree with all your views Mr Peterson , but it's so good to see you back . Your eloquence and intelligent comments on the current world state have been missed . Great that you,re on the mend and may your God bless you and help you to a full recovery.
EyeDreamMellowDees 5 timmar sedan
Confused. An authority on finding meaning is struggling with hopelessness. I should not let this bother me because...? (ordered his 12 rules book earlier today)
Talitha Koum
Talitha Koum 5 timmar sedan
You should change your diet. Animal products cause you all these things. We are not meant to eat corpses. Eat fruits and veggies and all will be good. Continue to eat meat and you will be in trouble again.
MX FACT 5 timmar sedan
Talking to a psychiatrist, I confirmed that Benzos are used to aid the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol, heroin and other drugs. Then, I asked how do you alleviate the withdrawal symptoms from Benzos? He said we put you in a medically induced coma for a week. During that time we titrate with the least potent benzo like Ativan. Did you do this?
j Dubb
j Dubb 6 timmar sedan
Tough to see the role Benzos take on your mind and body.
Turabolin Jon Jones
Turabolin Jon Jones 6 timmar sedan
What I learned from mr. Peterson, I learned from no one else. I almost feel like he is the father figure I never had. Knowing that he's well is extremely good news. Please mr. Peterson remember that there are a lot of people in this world who owe you a lot. I wish you all the best
Chris Alheit
Chris Alheit 6 timmar sedan
You are a legend. May God continue to reveal Himself to you. If you plan to explore Exodus (or pretty much any book of the Bible), I highly recommend that you seek out the old teachings from David Pawson. Godspeed Jordan
JonBernard41 6 timmar sedan
Goodbye, drug addict.
jeecroy 6 timmar sedan
I am happy that you are doing better, you are one of the people who make the world better. And the impact you have on others is something everyone should strive for.
simon simon
simon simon 7 timmar sedan
Be safe and happy good man.
Peter Garay
Peter Garay 8 timmar sedan
While I'm excited that you're back, I hope that you're taking care of yourself. Your health is far more important than the need to publish or post up video materials.
Nicolas Zreik
Nicolas Zreik 8 timmar sedan
Please please read a book called "the prophet" by gebran khalil gebran 🙏🙏
Terry Breiland
Terry Breiland 9 timmar sedan
Very glad to hear you are winning your battle . Every time I have listened to you I have learned something about myself , and the way I view others. I thank you for thinking things through that I either did not take the time to do myself or would have never thought about myself . Your work is so important to all of us who seek reason and truth . Keep the faith and battle your demons . You will win in the end .
J Mc
J Mc 9 timmar sedan
N B 9 timmar sedan
As someone who has suffered from panic attacks and recently is considering a benzo for those times when it’s just so bad this is making me think twice. I’m a nurse and I come across patients who struggle getting off opioids and benzodiazepines and I know it’s hard so I am very scared to start.
John Powell
John Powell 9 timmar sedan
Hi Jordan it is comforting to have you back in action so to speak. We have missed you greatly and I wish you continued success in your recovery and look forward to a future with you in it.
Mama India
Mama India 10 timmar sedan
❤❤it wasn't your time yet or to go out like that either .you have much more work to do.Blessings to you and your family and friends.
Joanna andros
Joanna andros 10 timmar sedan
Thank God you are back! God bless you! Benzos are a blight on society along with many many other prescription medications and its sad that we have to become very skeptical of our doctors and their motivations when they have sworn to do their best to heal. Furthermore and more importantly pharmaceutical companies because while great good comes out of their work so too does great evil. I have suffered from dependency that took me completely by surprise so I understand your life changing and life altering journey. This world needs you and your amazing heart and mind. Thank you so much for sharing your tradgedy and showing that while no one is perfect, we can all CHOOSE to not give up and not only push forward but succeed and conquer our personal demons. Xoxox
LoBigna 10 timmar sedan
We need you Jordan.
yaiphu akhakpa
yaiphu akhakpa 10 timmar sedan
Its good to see you in such a good spirit.
Arjun Kapur
Arjun Kapur 10 timmar sedan
So happy to see you back.
Alphonse Dubreuil
Alphonse Dubreuil 10 timmar sedan
Thank you Father for brother Jordan Peterson's return. May this multi-dimensional modern day prophet bring us closer to your will . . . peace'n Love yal . . . ! ! !
Allan Sneddon
Allan Sneddon 11 timmar sedan
Muriart M•
Muriart M• 11 timmar sedan
Welcome back brother
Steve Carter
Steve Carter 11 timmar sedan
We have missed you. Hurt with you. Prayed for you. And my eyes all full of tears even now as I try to express my thankfulness for your return.
Janice Livingston
Janice Livingston 12 timmar sedan
Heard about the ridiculous town hall meeting at the publisher of “Beyond Order” and IMMEDIATELY pre-ordered the book.
Jim Daneke
Jim Daneke 12 timmar sedan
Thank you for your service you've helped me
Pest Proof Homes
Pest Proof Homes 12 timmar sedan
It takes 2 years of titration and complete abstinence from benzodiazepine use to feel normal again.
Lisa Parker
Lisa Parker 12 timmar sedan
Praying for you Dr. Peterson.
Beta Steeps
Beta Steeps 13 timmar sedan
William Drake
William Drake 13 timmar sedan
You are truly blessed to have those around you to help and support.
H Malik
H Malik 13 timmar sedan
Praying for your better health and faster recovery❤️ I'm thankful that you are here☘️
Gavin Wright
Gavin Wright 14 timmar sedan
Glad yo know you're on your way back.. Bought 12 rules for life for my 15 year old son (who is also a fan) fot christmas.
Anthony Armstrong
Anthony Armstrong 14 timmar sedan
Welcome back Dr. Peterson👊🏾
Branden Knopsnyder
Branden Knopsnyder 14 timmar sedan
thankyou you're my hero and showed me that i have to me better and more responsible and as a recovering addict am i inspired by your candid and honest nature, i am in awe, praise God for you and you are in my prayers, your lecture series on biblical series, looking forward to proverbs, you've renewed my faith in a strange climate in america
Orkimedes. 15 timmar sedan
Glad we could help you. Greetings from Serbia.
jtenmerde a fond
jtenmerde a fond 15 timmar sedan
AMEN !! he is back !!! Thank you sir ! you have changed my way of thinking and living !!!! ThanXXXXXXX !!!!! I love you !!! Kisses from Brussels !!
Daddo And Son.
Daddo And Son. 17 timmar sedan
Marxists tried to assassinate him,
J C 18 timmar sedan
Tough times don't last, but tough people do.
Rumesh Moravaka
Rumesh Moravaka 18 timmar sedan
Well come back sir, I wish and hope that you will get well soon because to me your excistence and your work are valuable beyond measure and i am not exaggerating it by any means.
Kawi710 18 timmar sedan
Glad your making you way back
חן אברהם
חן אברהם 18 timmar sedan
please read Jordan!. you went to soviets in Serbia! =L for vaben or clonex withdrew? i was on anti-psychotics stimulates mood stabilizers benzos u name it , now im just on weed and on low dose stimulates and its the best. crazy meds will mess u up and benzos are addictive and for the week. weed is a great neutral legal ways to calm down down that does not impair you mentally on regular use but do cause short term memory loss but i have ptsd so its good 4 me, but if you aim for the gaba receptors in the brain you can always chow on some Valerian root... btw do u have jews in your family? (im israeli not racist). but you truly are a genius in a narcissistic age. stay strong.
General Fufu
General Fufu 19 timmar sedan
Take your damn pills ,ey!
Ella Maria Tomas
Ella Maria Tomas 20 timmar sedan
Mr Peterson, God saves. The truth is to find in the bible. God loves you and wants you to be on board. 📖🔦💡😀
Di Minett
Di Minett 22 timmar sedan
Praying for you. You really need to meet Dr Box who has the know how to heal your brain through Ketosis🙏 So so happy to know your home with your loved ones. Praying for your beautiful wife. 2020 what a ..... year .
W Skska
W Skska 22 timmar sedan
So wonderful to see you again in cyberspace. Keep up your wonderful thoughts and comments.
Paul Davies
Paul Davies 22 timmar sedan
It seems to have had a significant impact on your recall - there are more pauses as you access the right words. Sorry to see that it's been a tough time, but glad you are on the path of recovery again. When you mention God's grace and mercy, do you mean it in some metaphorical or cliche way? or do you feel like you are closer to believing in God in a personal way rather than a theoretical way?
K4szt4N 23 timmar sedan
Mr Peterson, your wisdom and teachings are a huge help and inspiration and a source of strength to many. I hope, that you will be able to find your strength in this. Very happy that you are better, I wish you full and fast recovery. Thank you for all your work and dedication and research, and I can't wait to learn more from your future videos and books.
TheHungaryWaffle Inc.
TheHungaryWaffle Inc. 23 timmar sedan
I'll be praying for you Jordan, and I think many others will too
Mikaël Carrier Horloger
Mikaël Carrier Horloger 23 timmar sedan
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!☀️❤️☀️ We Love You So Much ! You Are So Important to Me ! To US ALL ☀️❤️☀️
ash evildead
ash evildead 23 timmar sedan
Need you back on jre.
808mauna Dag sedan
Congrats brother hope you continue to heal
Patrick Duquette
Patrick Duquette Dag sedan
Dear Jordan, I am honored to have had a chance to know you and your wisdom, wish you well !
Jackson Akins
Jackson Akins Dag sedan
I would love a book from the New Testament as well! I am not a Christian, but I've always thought that Jesus was the most important part of the US version of Christianity. Might reveal some very important insights into why Christianity is popular in the US. I also think that Jesus has some extremely important values that are needed in todays society. Love you man!
Dani Boutilier
Dani Boutilier Dag sedan
Good for you speaking up about this! Its hard but its huge!
StraightToThePoint Dag sedan
You're a guide to too millions I hear you.
Brendan Haley
Brendan Haley Dag sedan
Try an anxiolytic to at least replace the calming effects of the previous benzodiazepine. There are a couple that are similar. Also you could try Niacin and Melatonin.
Sharon Albanese
Sharon Albanese Dag sedan
Great to see you back, very emotional, look after yourself, we need you.
Antonino Curatola
Antonino Curatola Dag sedan
The intoxication of the thought.
7 TOP Dag sedan
Good to see you sir
J C Dag sedan
Love you, man! My very best to you as always 👊
Mary B
Mary B Dag sedan
welcome back-and God bless you for your transparency. Be strong and courageous and keep speaking out.
Scekkel Dag sedan
You are the reason I keep writing, You are the reason I can keep on going. I really recognize your struggle, and I just want to say that I will keep writing, and keep watching your videos... I really am a big fan of you an especially your writing. You are a man, a man, who is incredibly smart, please keep being smart...
Ronnie Bryp
Ronnie Bryp Dag sedan
un gran abrazo doctor jordan ..! Dios le siga bendiciendo !!!
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony Dag sedan
Psychotropic drugs are pernicious and dangerous. Get well soon Professor
David Chorak
David Chorak Dag sedan
You said you were off all psycho active drugs during that time period of 2017 to your breakdown. You said your carnivorous diet permitted you to stop taking drugs. Your words are collapsing around you. You sound like you’ve acquired a lisp? Visiting the dentist? Or what?
CornHoalio Yep
CornHoalio Yep Dag sedan
I’m so glad to see , recovered bless lectures on the SEpost are amazing to hear and learn from 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿bonnie Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Hans Hoerdemann
Hans Hoerdemann Dag sedan
You Can't Go Home Again--Thomas Wolfe
Luka Dag sedan
If only you could have used highly efficient modern ways instead of doing pseudo-science. But I digress, you are a junkie and a dragon of chaos masquerading as not.
Ben Hall
Ben Hall Dag sedan
You indeed digress, and have no need to be here other than to expose to others, your black soul.
richard stevens
richard stevens Dag sedan
A Titan of common sense. A bulwark against woke fascists. Great to have you back Sir, wishing you a full recovery. Legend
saima houqe
saima houqe Dag sedan
All I can think of is all the people who go through this and can’t afford help, can’t afford to travel like this everywhere to find help, who don’t have family who can afford to let go of their jobs this much to help them
Pardon My Ignorance
Pardon My Ignorance Dag sedan
While you are away, the materials you graciously provided the public will continue to educate and bring a voice of reason in an immensely unstable time. We send you and your family best wishes, we eagerly await the new book, and to hear your future material. Finally, a speck of light in the darkness of 2020.
Bruno G
Bruno G Dag sedan
Dr. Peterson, good to hear that your health has improved. What a fighter you must be. RESPECT!! You show all of us the way one must fight and never give up. And... thank YOU!! To pharaprase Sir WC, Seldom was so much owed by so many to one single person. In the darkest hours, you have helped me to climb out to the light again. God Bless You.
elfo2285 Dag sedan
Heureux de vous revoir parmi nous Jordan ! Je vais prier pour vous. Dieu vous garde.
Samuel Ogunwale
Samuel Ogunwale Dag sedan
I pray for your speedy recovery And thank you for your tremendous work
Marcel Zentner
Marcel Zentner Dag sedan
what a weidro..professor of clinical psychology, and no idea benzos could be addictive? you can't take this man seriously.
Ardis Kelzer
Ardis Kelzer Dag sedan
So glad to hear you again! Transparency is so important. You’ve been an example of transparency and your lectures have definitely impacted my life. Thank you thank you thank you!!! You got this mr Jordan Peterson...? You TRULY do!!!!
john tatro
john tatro Dag sedan
We are all cheering for you to make a full recovery and a great comeback. You are essential and needed now more than ever. Take your time...we are and will be here waiting.
Troy Carlson
Troy Carlson Dag sedan
Mr. Peterson we're more worried about your health, both mental and physical, than we are about the content of your videos. Be safe, be well. Troy
James Moist
James Moist Dag sedan
I personally don't agree with him, But I don't wish death on the guy, happy to see you better
political analyst
political analyst Dag sedan
So good to listen from you jordan Love from india ❤ May god bless you 💐
Yakovlievich Dag sedan
And you don't think that your daughter's ridiculous dietary advice contributes to your health problems? You are NOT someone who can present us with 24 rules with life. Go away.
John Oliver Fainsan
John Oliver Fainsan Dag sedan
You've helped me pick my life up piece by piece. Long live to you Sir.
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