Remember When Microsoft Lied to Us?

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Eddy Burback

8 månader sedan

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Human 3
Human 3 23 minuter sedan
This video contains fucky wuckies
Emma Avery
Emma Avery 47 minuter sedan
Okay but remember the day when Ariana Grande was who you got when Miranda Cosgrove was too good for your thing?
Emma Avery
Emma Avery 46 minuter sedan
Because I literally think it was like 1 day between the discovery of Ariana Grande and when that switch happened
Gabriel Antos
Gabriel Antos 55 minuter sedan
Ironic you talk about microsoft lying about the quality of their product then doing a raycon plug lol jk ily
sirprintalot 12 timmar sedan
I remember owning an Xbox 360, giving up my allegiance to Sony because I couldn't afford a PS3, and within 2 years it had RROD'ed. When that got repaired, then the disc reader/laser failed. What a terrible cheap company.
mati 22 timmar sedan
anybody else way into this editing
Elliott Belle
Elliott Belle Dag sedan
Youre laughing. Milo is trapped in the video game and youre laughing.
Seiyuōkami Himura
Seiyuōkami Himura 2 dagar sedan
You got promised pizza and never got it. I got promised pizza and got it, but i hate pizza.
Elizabeth McCoy
Elizabeth McCoy 4 dagar sedan
Someone being so upset about something I'm learning about right now is hilarious
Will MakeContentOneDay
Will MakeContentOneDay 5 dagar sedan
Obama is my favorite musician
Wuld Wuld Gaming
Wuld Wuld Gaming 5 dagar sedan
Your first actuall comment in the entire video, my reaction is: "OOWWWWWWWWWWW"
paufdel 6 dagar sedan
the kinect adventures SUCKED but Just Dance with the Kinect was so much better than on the wii
fuckoffjesus 6 dagar sedan
Nerd Joke was harsh.
Ryan Sawin
Ryan Sawin 6 dagar sedan
Wii was the only console that ever had acceptable motion controls change my mind
Noxcrew 206
Noxcrew 206 6 dagar sedan
The only series that made the Kinect even slightly worth it was Dance Central. That's it. But then Spotlight got made. And so they ruined that too.
Noxcrew 206
Noxcrew 206 6 dagar sedan
The only series that made the Kinect even slightly worth it was Dance Central. That's it. But then Spotlight got made. And so they ruined that too.
SuperGikes 6 dagar sedan
this video was crap id rather read an article you should write one
Cr1ckets 7 dagar sedan
I know it's obviously like a hindsight thing and doesn't make sense but there's something funny to me about saying they got the cast of icarly and couldn't afford Miranda cosgrove but got Ariana Grande
Bridger Parker
Bridger Parker 7 dagar sedan
"You can tell by my physique and good looks" don’t let Turkish Eddy see this
Madeline Fogarty
Madeline Fogarty 8 dagar sedan
"Let's go back to 2009...woah...can't believe it's 2009 now, crazy, it's 2009....anyway let's get started...the year? Was 2001"
Liam Bogur
Liam Bogur 9 dagar sedan
Actually that milo stuff is possible now, Google's TTS AI is getting insanely advanced, and for conversation GPT-3 is scarily smart, combining both of those and the already great software avatar generation can create milo, though probably without emotion.
Polo 9 dagar sedan
Ok yeah but Kinect Adventures was a fun ass game though
Sam Anderson
Sam Anderson 9 dagar sedan
Halo suuuuucks.
I am Cuthulu
I am Cuthulu 10 dagar sedan
You know it's gonna be good when the start has alien music
lavaivre 10 dagar sedan
i remember my friend had a h*rry p*tter kinect game and it was so dysfunctional their arms just fucking clipped around so quickly just twisting like a body horror helicopter while trying to do a spell. i mean it was fucking hilarious but also dogshit unplayable
J3ter_jr 11 dagar sedan
I actually had fun in kinetic adventures and that Michael Jackson game for the Kinect game. Idk maybe it’s just me
Kaden Smidt
Kaden Smidt 11 dagar sedan
Why were you calling the Kinect the Natal?
TheFlamingLion//// HotlionFox
TheFlamingLion//// HotlionFox 11 dagar sedan
2:09 ah yes my favorite musician Obama
Callum Standish
Callum Standish 11 dagar sedan
Kinect was hype I had fun with it at the time
Miss Alex
Miss Alex 11 dagar sedan
This is some straight up journalism.
DacobDacob 11 dagar sedan
kinect adventures was ok ngl
rectanglethighs 12 dagar sedan
i grew up with nintendo and i wanted a kinect so goddamn bad. i’m so glad i never got one.
Wyatt Davenport
Wyatt Davenport 13 dagar sedan
Guess I’m spoiled
Not Isaiah
Not Isaiah 13 dagar sedan
This gave me so much nostalgia
Sai Sreekar
Sai Sreekar 13 dagar sedan
TF? He's 23? He lied to us the time he said he was our dad's age
STCamera 14 dagar sedan
yeah nah m8
yeah nah m8 14 dagar sedan
I played most of these games as a kid and they worked fine
Rudransh Ahuja
Rudransh Ahuja 15 dagar sedan
thanks raycon! ;-;
Rudransh Ahuja
Rudransh Ahuja 15 dagar sedan
i feel awkard talking to a company who ik wont get the msg
Kevinb1821 15 dagar sedan
The only good thing is Microsoft screwed up so bad in 2011 through 2013 that they really went above and beyond with the Xbox one. The deals with Xbox game pass are just crazy compared to Sony to try to get some fans back. I know everyone is on Sony right now but I think the series x may win out this gen at least in North America.
Country boy 83
Country boy 83 16 dagar sedan
Me and my sister had one when I was 8 (I’m 12 now) it was from our babysitter as a gift we had fun with it but it definitely wasn’t that cool
Austin Bennett
Austin Bennett 17 dagar sedan
Ay this wasn’t Phil’s fault he wasn’t around then 😂
Mr Man
Mr Man 18 dagar sedan
My cousin played kinectamils
YEEHAW MERICA 18 dagar sedan
The animal one and the adventure one were great.
luna 19 dagar sedan
Remember When Life Was Normal In February?
K3gan F1nn
K3gan F1nn 19 dagar sedan
Still think Xbox is better
    19 dagar sedan
Wow, this means the US Dollar has gone down in value 36% since 2006!
Naseer Williams
Naseer Williams 19 dagar sedan
Halo was gonna be good on the xbox one?
halodude723 21 dag sedan
0:01 "They let me pick, did I ever tell you that? Choose whichever Spartan I wanted. You know me. I did my research, watched as you became the soldier we needed you to be. Like the others, you were strong and swift and brave. A natural leader. But you had something they didn't. Something no one saw... but me. Can you guess? Luck. Was I wrong?"
Britanica Cat
Britanica Cat 22 dagar sedan
Try falling for this as an adult. LOL
Devin Tolodziecki
Devin Tolodziecki 22 dagar sedan
I remember playing connect adventures
wannabe vids
wannabe vids 22 dagar sedan
I laughed so hard when he said rongies
gliscameria 23 dagar sedan
Some of the kinect games were horrid, but adventures and dance central worked pretty well.
kkjstin 23 dagar sedan
Man its been 7 months and I just found out he still in there "Its all a setup no wonder why they call this bitch a trap" Polo G
Isabella Silvera
Isabella Silvera 25 dagar sedan
I was too young to pay attention to any conventions but we had the shitty connect and all of those games and all I remember was crying because it was so frustrating trying to work that shit when I was like 7.
gBOI 26 dagar sedan
The Twingo Lord
The Twingo Lord 26 dagar sedan
Which time?
Devon Coco
Devon Coco 26 dagar sedan
Dude, your vids are damn good. Keep it going!
Jackary Watts
Jackary Watts 26 dagar sedan
Kinect games are the ones you see heaps of in the pre-owned bin
SgtJB 27 dagar sedan
12:28 on that cult shit
Stone The Burrito Man
Stone The Burrito Man 27 dagar sedan
Me and my family LOVED kinect adventures. Aside from a few bad inputs, it was awesome
Robot 32
Robot 32 27 dagar sedan
I have had and still have a good experience with the Kinect, but non microsoft made Kinect games work better for some reason
rangaking 28 dagar sedan
This is why ps4 is better
sans gaster
sans gaster 28 dagar sedan
I had kenectimals and it worked
Kenji B
Kenji B 29 dagar sedan
Poopy bum
Strange Jono
Strange Jono 29 dagar sedan
I played all these games as a kid, and honestly they were pretty fun. The tracking worked alright for me but only in a tiny little area.
Bronwyn Edwards
Bronwyn Edwards Månad sedan
I thought kinect adventures worked??? I played it at the YMCA when I was a kid
Random guy #5
Random guy #5 Månad sedan
As a gamer thnx for this video. This industry is corrupted af, lies nd disloyal competition everywere
Emmet Sweeney
Emmet Sweeney Månad sedan
God damn kinectimals was so fucking dumb. Naturally I loved it with all my heart.
Larkspur Sucks at Art
Larkspur Sucks at Art Månad sedan
I loved Kinectimals-
Bass Bistrian
Bass Bistrian Månad sedan
I was about 6 or 7 years old when kinect adventures came out and that was the most fun ive ever had playing video games until the early stages of fortnite when it was good
Alissa Swan
Alissa Swan Månad sedan
The kinect tracks colors way better then it tracks human bodies
Eddy BurbackJr
Eddy BurbackJr Månad sedan
can you be my dad?
duckboy4828 Månad sedan
In 2009 I was 3
Grace Alexander
Grace Alexander Månad sedan
“ray j from music and the thing.. you know” this is why i love you😂😂
Fart Smucker
Fart Smucker Månad sedan
Meh, roughly at the ps2 era's beginning video games have been terrible because if its not a first or third-person shooter thats modern war or space war then its a first or third-person shooter thats modern war or a space war.
Fart Smucker
Fart Smucker Månad sedan
12 in 2009? Ok my old ass is going to see itself out, later.
Variety_Pack Månad sedan
I remember bashing the Kinect when it was announced. I was about 21 at the time. Even stoned out of my gourd my friends and I could see that it was a hot bag of bullshit lol
Goldendoodle252 Månad sedan
I remember playing Kinectemals as a child, and while it didn't work great (our sensor was in a bad spot) it was still fun lol
5_ qm
5_ qm Månad sedan
Are we not going to talk about the floating couch at 12:45???
Duelfueled Månad sedan
Hehe Xbox have halo PlayStation sucks even though it has one of the best virtual reality’s speakers in the controllers and touch pads for maximum immersion and along with that the best exclusives basically ever with there hit titles spiderman infamous second son and god of war hehe they also get 2 free games every month haha halo
Johan Liebert
Johan Liebert Månad sedan
Ill share this video every console wars
Asha'man Sedai
Asha'man Sedai Månad sedan
maxpower10k Månad sedan
Yeah marketing hype, 101. Welcome to earth
R.M. legofan 501
R.M. legofan 501 Månad sedan
Well my aunts and my papa sometimes others play wii bowling
Emma Demo
Emma Demo Månad sedan
okay but all those kinect games, especially kinectimals slapped
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Månad sedan
Is that some dreww gooodeennn merch I see 😏😮
Kat Anderson
Kat Anderson Månad sedan
My uncles had the adventures game and it was fun. It kinda worked but was really glitchy.
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass Månad sedan
My brother and I really lucked out, our local best buy was selling so few ps3's that they started marking them as used and cutting the price just to get rid of them.
Silenced Steps
Silenced Steps Månad sedan
I was so happy to see the LBP games. It warmed my heart.
Radio Pasta
Radio Pasta Månad sedan
Cole Pope
Cole Pope Månad sedan
I think tour were just a dumb kid and your brother and friends
CrampedTurtle Månad sedan
You can call someone dumb with that writing
Jack is Swag
Jack is Swag Månad sedan
Here at 696k lmao
Chicken Tenders And Fries Guy
Chicken Tenders And Fries Guy Månad sedan
My family has had every Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation consoles since the nes
CrampedTurtle Månad sedan
*cough* spoiled *cough* *cough* also you’re saying that you owned every console made by the big three even the fecking virtual boy
Sebastian Tempeny
Sebastian Tempeny Månad sedan
This might come as a shock to you but eddy is a nerd
liz Månad sedan
kinect adventures was super fun tho... i forced my dad to play it with me ALL the time
Luke Sky walker
Luke Sky walker Månad sedan
This thumbnail hasn’t aged well
CrampedTurtle Månad sedan
Luke Sky walker Please inform me kid
Luke Sky walker
Luke Sky walker Månad sedan
CrampedTurtle I guess you don’t know about the conspiracies
CrampedTurtle Månad sedan
How it’s just Bill gates next to the Microsoft logo
Daniel Choi
Daniel Choi Månad sedan
I had a Kinect and sure the controls were awful, but it gave me hours of fun and great childhood memories.
El Grumpo Taffo
El Grumpo Taffo Månad sedan
*sigh* I also believed... I have a bloody kinect abandoned along many other useless games.
Ashley Plourde
Ashley Plourde Månad sedan
I had on og Xbox w pro skater 3 also hot take but wii did motion control really well
glow in the dark star stickers
glow in the dark star stickers Månad sedan
the kinect was honestly pretty cool
M32 Månad sedan
I am 12 rn and I’m not that dumb
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