QI | Why Is Earl Grey Called Earl Grey?

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This clip is from QI XL Series N, Episode 4, 'Noble Rot' with Sandi Toksvig, Alan Davies, Jeremy Clarkson, Jason Manford and Sara Pascoe.

Fahad Hai
Fahad Hai 2 dagar sedan
"like Jesus?" Brilliant!
Burgess Meredith
Burgess Meredith 10 dagar sedan
Fun facts on word and phrase origins. "Okay" - from Scottish "Och,Aye." "The Bees' Knees" - from Lupi Valez mispronouncing "(This is)The Business". "Raspberry" - from rhyming slang "Raspberry Tart" "Scarper" - similarly comes from "Scapa Flow." You're Welcome,Sandi!
Stephen M
Stephen M 20 dagar sedan
So why was it called Earl Grey tea?
Ultramontane 22 dagar sedan
"This program isn't funny!" I cracked up as I typed that - hilarious.
Ruhxy COD
Ruhxy COD 26 dagar sedan
Her voice is just so nasal it's difficult to listen to
Stephen Mataganog
Stephen Mataganog 26 dagar sedan
But why is it called "Earl Grey"?
The Big Picture
The Big Picture 26 dagar sedan
I stopped watching after Fry left. And after watching a bit of this...yup...still not interested.
Emilios Powerballer
Emilios Powerballer 27 dagar sedan
Whos Earl Grey
Edoardo Boyd
Edoardo Boyd 26 dagar sedan
It's a tea brand. Named after a Nobel man called Earl Grey. Funnily enough I am his great great great great grandson.
zapfanzapfan 27 dagar sedan
"Coffee Annan" was a good quip until "Oh, like Jesus" took all the glory :-)
Andrew Wolfe
Andrew Wolfe 27 dagar sedan
SamWallace Art
SamWallace Art 27 dagar sedan
Shit like this is why I stopped watching the show. Christianity has a rich history, there’s SO much to make fun of but these Brits are content with the same “fake, lol” material over and over again. Brits are masters of humor but their religion jokes are so often shockingly lazy bullshit.
Trueno-Milenio Pirotecnia
Trueno-Milenio Pirotecnia 27 dagar sedan
Invented by a guy named Earl and his bmain imgredient was grey hair
Becca L.
Becca L. 27 dagar sedan
"oh, Like Jesus"..... just brilliant
AlexJ59 28 dagar sedan
Never thought much of Davies, but that "oh, like Jesus" quip was gold.
WickedTRX 28 dagar sedan
“Like Jesus” and I spilled my Earl Grey
Mus Azman
Mus Azman 29 dagar sedan
Jeremy was surprisingly quite in this conversation 😅 I was expecting him to give all sorts of ridiculous guesses 😬
Bruno Liddle
Bruno Liddle 29 dagar sedan
I love how this video (for me at least) is sponsored by Lipton's (the tea brand)
William Wilson
William Wilson 29 dagar sedan
1:38 Absolutely the best comment ever.
Faarf Månad sedan
Unpopular opinon: Earl Grey is my go-to tea
Edoardo Boyd
Edoardo Boyd 26 dagar sedan
It's mine too. But probably just because I'm biased.
Kiros37100 28 dagar sedan
It's one of the most popular teas in the world.. Hardly an unpopular opinion.
Danni Feveile Börm
Danni Feveile Börm Månad sedan
So 40 years after he died a nepotistic administration made a reform act, that did what related to the tee? Did anyone catch the answer?
George Potter
George Potter 29 dagar sedan
His government ended the monopoly of the East India Company on the Chinese tea trade and he was allegedly presented with the same blend of tea that was later named after him. But the first adverts mentioning the tea by the name Earl Grey didn't appear until 40 years later. There was a tea blend before that called "Grey's Tea" but that might have just been named after a tea merchant called William Grey who may or may not have copied the blend allegedly presented to the Earl Grey.
Ann D-Vine
Ann D-Vine Månad sedan
Wait, they let Clarkson back on the BBC? Huh.
Vathek Månad sedan
Also the abolition of slavery in 1833
Edoardo Boyd
Edoardo Boyd 26 dagar sedan
One of the rare things of that part of my family that I can be proud of.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Månad sedan
I like Earl Grey so I'm staying out of the comments section so I won't have to hear it being trashed.
Edoardo Boyd
Edoardo Boyd 26 dagar sedan
I think it's lovely.
AStarkIsBorn Månad sedan
I really liked her Oh! jumper so I looked it up to find it at $441?!
pauldzim Månad sedan
Where's Jo Brand?
Expresso Evangelism
Expresso Evangelism Månad sedan
I don’t mean to be thick, but I know quite a bit about Jesus, but what has Earl Grey being dead for 40 years got to do with anything? Sorry Alan, you lost me there.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Månad sedan
I agree with Jason, Earl Grey tea tastes like boiled perfume.
Danny Archer
Danny Archer Månad sedan
The potpourri comment is spot on. Ick. I'll stick with good old black tea or English Breakfast from time to time.
BRobMorris Månad sedan
Why do they still have Clarkson on TV ever?
TheAlfsterino Månad sedan
Please get rid of the Looonnngggg bit at the end with Sandi complaining we are still there...we wouldn;t be if you cut that bit out. We aren;t the one's wasting our time you are wasting our time.
David Lawrence
David Lawrence Månad sedan
Perhaps,he's a Tea Bag?
Brad Chapman
Brad Chapman Månad sedan
You had me at “like Jesus?”... 😂
Rock girl
Rock girl Månad sedan
I agree with Jason, Earl Grey tea tastes like boiled perfume.
Thomas Maurice
Thomas Maurice Månad sedan
Still don’t know why it is called Earl grey. There was a law... and that’s why?
Robert Tyrrell
Robert Tyrrell 29 dagar sedan
Advertising - sells more if it is associated with royalty. Kind of like haagen dazs sounds Danish and therefore expensively exotic, but is instead an American company that intentionally used a foreign sounding name.
Steffan Nicholson
Steffan Nicholson Månad sedan
As soon as the conversation moved to nepotism in government I thought I’d nodded off and the video had moved to talking about Donald Trump 😉
Luke Warmwater
Luke Warmwater Månad sedan
this was just a bunch of british people goofing off because they didnt think the cameras were running..... I had fun!
rodney quinn
rodney quinn Månad sedan
"Ohhhh Like Jesus"got me chuckling, but when she mentioned "like 50 shades of grey", summing about her head movement afterwards cracked me up 🤣
Chris Trudell
Chris Trudell Månad sedan
Rock girl
Rock girl Månad sedan
I agree with Jason, Earl Grey tea tastes like boiled perfume.
marcus szewczyk
marcus szewczyk Månad sedan
every time I think of chocolate hobnobs I think of bottom and the fight scene when they go camping
shoutinghorse Månad sedan
He also oversaw the Abolition of Slavery act of 1833 which was kind of important.
CloudsGirl7 Månad sedan
"It's like someone's melted some potpourri." As someone who loves Earl Grey, I have to agree. 😆
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Månad sedan
I agree with Jason, Earl Grey tea tastes like boiled perfume.
Tyler Månad sedan
Depending on the brand, the flavor can taste like artificial flavoring. Side note: Adding milk tones down the bergamot, making it more subdued.
Πληγωμένος Πρίγκιπας
Πληγωμένος Πρίγκιπας Månad sedan
Haven't watched QI for a long time. Can I ask what happened Stephen Fry?
frances quinn-escott
frances quinn-escott Månad sedan
He left because of budget cuts.
luminair11 Månad sedan
Earl Grey is my least fav tea & I'd rather drink tap water!
spaceracer23 Månad sedan
No love for Duke Hot Chocolate.
RIXRADvidz Månad sedan
I prefer a Lap Sang, sweetens nicely and works with milk, even cold.
Midnight CoffeeAddictions
Midnight CoffeeAddictions Månad sedan
Thumbs up if you're old enough to remember Sandy in Saturday morning kids show. No.73!!
R C Månad sedan
No 73 3 3 3 3
Kevin Russell
Kevin Russell Månad sedan
Earl Gray is disgusting
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Månad sedan
I agree with Jason, Earl Grey tea tastes like boiled perfume.
mike jones
mike jones Månad sedan
I like how she says, ‘and pretty sexy’ 😃
Nicholas Burns
Nicholas Burns Månad sedan
Sandi Tosvig, "He was probably dead 40 years, before someone came up with it." Alan David, "A bit like Jesus." Brilliant, Although we have actual independent verifiable historical evidence for Earl Grey.
Rob McKay
Rob McKay Månad sedan
She never misses an opportunity to remind you that she’s gay - it’s almost as if being gay is all she has 🙄
JZ Thompson
JZ Thompson Månad sedan
ExternalInputs Månad sedan
Quite obviously it isn't "all she has", and the shows previous host wasn't averse to mentioning his sexuality either.
S Hogan
S Hogan Månad sedan
Alan Davies🤣
Simon Månad sedan
I like Earl Grey so I'm staying out of the comments section so I won't have to hear it being trashed.
PhantomMarquis Månad sedan
The Trump administration was trying to compete for flagrant nepotistism (except without even an air of competence) >:-D
Cloud Sparrow
Cloud Sparrow Månad sedan
Rev Ian Paisley - NO POT POURRI!!!
Brett Jones
Brett Jones Månad sedan
When will we see the end of Sandii Toksvig, Please...
Tmanaz480 Månad sedan
I agree Earl Grey tea is awful. It tastes like Yardley Lavendar soap.
Gustav Meyrink
Gustav Meyrink Månad sedan
Earl Grey - the most revolting hot drink known to mankind
KwanTon Månad sedan
Picard made it so.
phaedra mccann
phaedra mccann Månad sedan
Who spilled their Jeremy Clarkson into my QI
gapster77 Månad sedan
Tea, Assam, Hot.
Travis Sobeck
Travis Sobeck Månad sedan
Love this show!
F C Månad sedan
What's good looking James may doing
Eric Fontaine
Eric Fontaine Månad sedan
So funny. Great clip
Kel Byers
Kel Byers Månad sedan
As entertaining as this clip is, it never answers the question.
Alex Oakley
Alex Oakley Månad sedan
Clarkson saying “If I had said that, I would’ve been in so much...”
Christopher Floody
Christopher Floody Månad sedan
I honestly expected Alan to fire back with "its because I'm actully funny"
George W Bush Center for Intelligence
George W Bush Center for Intelligence Månad sedan
I saw Jimmy savalle in the background be careful .
Farweasel Månad sedan
THAT .... That is certainly Alan's best line *ever*. Possibly the best ripposte on *any* show. Ccoming back to Sandi's 'He'd probably been dead for 40 years before anyone came up with it'. 'Oh, like Jesus'? Priceless. Just magnificent. He hides it deliberately, but he is a very sharp cookie.
Carolyn Worthington
Carolyn Worthington Månad sedan
I’m with him. Earl Grey and Lady Grey both taste like perfume to me.
Darkfoxx Bunyip
Darkfoxx Bunyip Månad sedan
I never pick anything, just to annoy Sandy.
Antti Brax
Antti Brax 27 dagar sedan
Ha, there's two of us. 🧐
RIXRADvidz Månad sedan
life's a struggle, huh.
The Original Chefboyoboy
The Original Chefboyoboy Månad sedan
c’mon, we all should know Roger Daltrey takes the tea before and during shows to keep his voice tip top. the hell with Jean Luc...
bird up
bird up Månad sedan
That Oh! sweatshirt is cool i want it
Bowie Xing
Bowie Xing Månad sedan
Here you go www.lyst.com/clothing/bella-freud-oh-wool-jumper-black/
Doxie Lain
Doxie Lain Månad sedan
I've never seen Clarkson so reserved. It's almost as if he was out of his depth.
Charlie Andor
Charlie Andor Månad sedan
He's just not used to being surrounded by so much wit
Doxie Lain
Doxie Lain Månad sedan
@Farweasel Oh, I know. Hence my surprise.
Farweasel Månad sedan
Yeah right.......... Like Clarkeson or don't he's still a very canny bloke. He might, however, have been told to keep it within a very narrow more or less PC band. His comment to Alan's 'Waht like Jesus' quip was as telling as it was funny.
swanner95 Månad sedan
Doesn't it mean Earl Grey also resided over the 1833 anti slavery act as well?
Thetaz Månad sedan
"The right to vote" - Best joke.
SavageGreywolf Månad sedan
"If I'd said that, I'd be in so much... well, he probably will be." XD
Farweasel Månad sedan
Ain't *that* the truth.
Maki Burgess
Maki Burgess Månad sedan
The Grey Cup! The oldest trophy in North American professional sports. It is awarded to the champion of Canadian football (for a long time, the CFL champion, but it predates the league).
Laughingskull08 Månad sedan
"No, He was probably dead for 40 years before somebody came up with it." "Oh, like Jesus." Best response ever!
Zach Brookes
Zach Brookes Månad sedan
Are we sure Bozo Johnson's government doesn't outdo Earl Grey's in terms of nepotism? SO many backhanders and 'who you know' crap, it's baffling.
Bananeisafree Månad sedan
Oh Allan... I love you so much
romulusnr Månad sedan
Earl Grey: Forms the most nepotistic administration that has ever been formed Donald Trump: Hold my tea
Simone Gordon-Hall
Simone Gordon-Hall Månad sedan
Earl Grey is also responsible for sending Irish Potato Famine girls to Australia, solving 2 problems at once 😉
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor Månad sedan
Yes, Alan, I do love a cup of Jesus in the morning to start my day
Farweasel Månad sedan
Well, You can get special biscuits for Cheesus.
Charles Jarman
Charles Jarman Månad sedan
With your three brothers no doubt...lol
Raven Månad sedan
Well, according to my box of Twining's: "Legend has it that the _second_ Earl Grey was presented with an exquisite blend of tea by an envoy on his return from China. He liked it so much, he asked Richard Twining to recreate it for him. Richard did so and that blend would become known throughout the world as Earl Grey tea."
George Potter
George Potter 29 dagar sedan
The second Earl Grey is the same Earl Grey who was Prime Minister
Neal J Roberts
Neal J Roberts Månad sedan
@Raven that was my point heh
Raven Månad sedan
@Neal J Roberts the legend they made up lol
Neal J Roberts
Neal J Roberts Månad sedan
"Legend has it"....
Ange Maidment
Ange Maidment Månad sedan
“It’s not a euphemism” 🤣🤣🤣
GentlemanPenguin Månad sedan
"Did they call it 50 Shades of Grey"? I imagine there would've been a lot of studying of Grey's Anatomy
ElLenadorLA Månad sedan
“Oh like Jesus!” 😂🤣😂🤣 killed me lolol
couchmermaid Månad sedan
Lady grey is twinings specific, it’s just got a little citrus in it
Nicholas Burns
Nicholas Burns Månad sedan
Other than the Bergamot
Elaine B
Elaine B Månad sedan
The only Lady Grey I know of got her head chopped off after nine days of lording it...
StrivingFor Mindfulness
StrivingFor Mindfulness Månad sedan
What's Lady Grey a euphemism for? Missed that..... 😉
iwanabana Månad sedan
@TheSkyWhale Or the grey bush around her lady parts.
TheSkyWhale Månad sedan
probably talking about a woman named Lady Grey, given Sandi's romantic preferences
Dwayne Bearup
Dwayne Bearup Månad sedan
I don't know, but when I heard it I thought, "Isn't that a name for heroin?"
tygrkhat40 Månad sedan
A later Earl Grey donated a trophy for a Canadian rugby championship; the Grey Cup is now the championship trophy of the Canadian Football League.
Maki Burgess
Maki Burgess Månad sedan
@MegaFortinbras A. I am well aware. B. The tea had nothing to do with the other Earl Grey. C. I don’t really care. Have a nice day. Maybe a cup of tea?
MegaFortinbras Månad sedan
@Maki Burgess But I was speaking of two entirely different people. The tea was named after the second Earl Grey, the trophy was donated by the fourth Earl Grey, his grandson.
Maki Burgess
Maki Burgess Månad sedan
@MegaFortinbras It’s like the Dread Pirate Roberts or Dr. Who. Many different people incarnate one person.
MegaFortinbras Månad sedan
That Earl Grey, who was Governor General of Canada, was the grandson of the Earl after whom the tea is named.
Maki Burgess
Maki Burgess Månad sedan
The sport slowly evolved from rugby into Canadian football. It predates the CFL, just as the Stanley cup predates the NHL.
EebstertheGreat Månad sedan
This chap managed to get more of his family and friends into office than Donald Trump!
stonkr Månad sedan
Clicked for tea info, discovered the end of Christianity. Who knew?
Aaron Hester
Aaron Hester Månad sedan
Earl Grey has a statue on top of big column in Newcastle, commemorating the great reform act, called Greys Monument, and the metro station under it is accordingly called Monument.
stonkr Månad sedan
The steps inside seem to go on forever as there are no windows. Worth a trip up when they have open days, and I don't like heights...
Apsara Tahoor Arya-Revert
Apsara Tahoor Arya-Revert Månad sedan
Deco Dolly
Deco Dolly Månad sedan
I agree with Jason, Earl Grey tea tastes like boiled perfume.
Harry Radley
Harry Radley Månad sedan
@Eralen00 Gotta be loose leaf, I only ever drink bag tea when I'm a guest and I don't want to be rude lol.
Eralen00 Månad sedan
I drink Earl Gray on a daily basis, and yes some of them can be pretty bad. Tea can vary widely based on the quality, just like coffee. If you get a good-quality loose-leaf version that is well-balanced, the taste and aroma can be divine. (not that it matters, but I'm an american)
Harry Radley
Harry Radley Månad sedan
@wunnell Random that the other person who likes it would also be an Aussie 😁 I always mix it with something more robust like one of the stronger breakfast teas or Darjeeling and I love it.
wunnell Månad sedan
I generally like Earl Grey but a lot of them are a bit overdone. The tea and Bergamot flavours seem to separate to me. I have found one here in Australia that is quite mild and I have at least four cups a day.
Gustav Meyrink
Gustav Meyrink Månad sedan
It is utterly disgusting.
JaCubanito Månad sedan
Alan Davies has one of the quickest wits that I have ever had the pleasure to experience.
Si PieMan
Si PieMan Månad sedan
I agree he’s quite funny, but gets annoying when he tries to dominate the joke, not always his too.
Wil_Hallett_Art Månad sedan
You obviously don't know Lee mack
Green Is Not A Creative Colour
Green Is Not A Creative Colour Månad sedan
Sunshine grey was the best but they don't make it any more. Sad face.
korbell Månad sedan
"Did they call it 50 Shades of Grey?" Well that would explain the bergamot oil
Ratel.H Badger
Ratel.H Badger Månad sedan
Sara's slight embarrassed glance away at the end. Even she was a bit embarrassed at the mental image of a parliament of bdsm old guys.
Green Is Not A Creative Colour
Green Is Not A Creative Colour Månad sedan
Sandi would have wished she'd said that!
xxxenricop Månad sedan
Jeremy is right though, had he said that Jesus joke he'd have got so much grief the day after....
silverfoxeater Månad sedan
Well, of course. People actually like Alan therefore they're more likely to laugh along with him. They view him as a good natured person. Clarkson is highly divisive and a lot of people don't like him, so they're less likely to laugh along. I guess it's to be expected when you joke about murdered prostitutes and punch people at the slightest inconvenience. Whether it's right or wrong to do so is another argument, but the fact is, that's how humans work - they're more lenient to people they like.
A HA Månad sedan
It's a good sign of how little good will people have left for you when they are that quick to jump at your throat.
Ambient Walking
Ambient Walking Månad sedan
50 shades of grey haha!
David Gustavsson
David Gustavsson Månad sedan
Even more nepotistic than Robert Cecil, who singlehandedly gave rise to the expression "Bob's your uncle" (meaning "you're set")?
David Gustavsson
David Gustavsson Månad sedan
@Maxime Ringeard me neither. I've never heard "Bob" as a euphemism, but it could be I guess. The wiki article for the expression only mentions the Cecil theory (as well as its chronology issue).
Maxime Ringeard
Maxime Ringeard Månad sedan
@David Gustavsson I'm not a native speaker, so I might be completely wrong, but I was taught that Bob is a colloquial name for the Devil, and that's who the expression refers to. Is that not the case ?
David Gustavsson
David Gustavsson Månad sedan
@EebstertheGreat but the expression could have been coined in the 1920s, using the (then) historical example of Bob Cecil. Or it could have been a personal expression used by an individual or a few individuals for 40 years before it was picked up at any scale. Yes, the Cecil theory is not definitively proven, but I don't think the counter arguments are as strong as the story is good.
EebstertheGreat Månad sedan
Newspapers at the time did not make that joke, and although the nepotism of Robert Cecil appointing his nephew Arthur Balfour as Chief Secretary of Ireland was noted, nothing like the phrase "Bob's your uncle" appears before 1924. It doesn't make sense that a famous phrase that survived well over a century would wait 40 years to show up in print, not even in the popular tabloids and magazines of the era.
Jono Bond
Jono Bond Månad sedan
the more you know!
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