Protest Music of the Bush Era

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Lindsay Ellis

10 månader sedan

All of the ways the resistance resisted The Man using the power of song in the early 2000's (or… didn’t). Subscribe to Todd in the Shadows, music dude:
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evan denaro
evan denaro 10 månader sedan
“During the Vietnam War, every respectable artist in this country was against the war. It was like a laser beam. We were all aimed in the same direction. The power of this weapon turns out to be that of a custard pie dropped from a stepladder six feet high.” - Kurt Vonnegut
DerAggel 20 dagar sedan
@Paul Hostetler your comment may be 9 months old, but let me shake your hand and call you "friend"!
Jefferson Zyaire
Jefferson Zyaire Månad sedan
@Declan Saul wow! Took about 15 minutes but it worked!!
Elaine H.
Elaine H. 2 månader sedan
@Zidders Roofurry for a punk band they kinda are.
Ray Carre
Ray Carre 4 månader sedan
@Reena Setälä I catch your meaning re: Eminem and this Immortal Technique song That prolific artist does not effect prolific song. Note, however, that this video did not address the chart toppers, but makes reference to mainstream music. Which the Talib Kweli album most certainly was. Ellis's essay misses the forest for the trees--even by 2001 narrow lanes for culturally appetizing content already channeled target audiences into their glittering distraction bubbles. Media by '01 had already figured out how to drown troublesome protest music in a deluge of meaningless AI generated filler tunes. Literal Audio Mayonnaise; fattening, poisonous, and pacifying. The twin modes of music suppression, the Beatles method and the Jackson method had already successfully manipulated pop music into its current hellscape, and by the turn of the millennium that force had reached maturity. SIDE NOTE: this is how the the late aughts-early teens indie boom flashed and then morphed--it challenged pop music and then it became pop music, to the point that Wagon Wheel was all that anyone could hear on the goddam radio. And so the Billboard charts as a metric is a logical fallacy wrapped up in naked meaningless assertion--the Warner Bros, Sony Entertainment, and Virgin records triumvirate didn't promote and shill protest music during a Haliburton campaign for oil and defense contracts?!?! Reena, sweetheart, how bloody difficult is it see how meaningless corporate press statements are?
Reena Setälä
Reena Setälä 4 månader sedan
@Ray Carre How bloody hard is it to understand that mainstream artist doesn't mean mainstream song. If it didn't at any point crack the top 40 on billboard the general public didn't listen to it. During the Vietnam war era the protest songs were the mainstream music. Lindsay specifically says attempts at protest songs were made, but they didn't catch on, even Eminem was mentioned. Known within a sub-culture isn't same as mainstream. It's not about quality of the songs eather. It's about the fact that there weren't songs that connected with the general public. I'm sure most of these songs connected with some but not with most. And just to make a point about mainstream artist not meaning mainstream song, Prince and Madonna made a duet in 1989 at the height of both of their carriers and that song is pretty much unknown. No-one references it. No-one remembers it. Most haven't even heard it. It wasn't even released as a single. Mainstream artist =! Mainstream song.
Hannah 18 timmar sedan
10:45 Paul McCartney is British? What’s he doing here?
Erin Collett
Erin Collett Dag sedan
So so I’m a huge lefty and I came to age with green day’S Dookie (arguably their best album and I’m first CD) but I can get behind green day spurring the early 2000s protest movement. Also punk was much bigger in the 90s, it wasn’t as political as in the 70s but the the lost generation in 90s early 2000s could definitely relate. No green day has nothing on childish bambino’s this America. But for the time it was important I really think we have to give zoomers a lot of credit, neither boomer or millennials were able to recognize the cleavages in our society current or in the past; discrimination concerning sexism, gender, sexuality, class, race among all our other issues
Yourantsally Dag sedan
"Work makes them free" wasn't that on the gates to aushwitz? Jfc
Carrie Rawdogg
Carrie Rawdogg 2 dagar sedan
black eyed peas over madonna?????! yeah lindsey you deserved to get cancelled last month
Adam Gaffney
Adam Gaffney 2 dagar sedan
Funny thing about the Perfect Circle song too, it wasn't even written as a protest song. They remixed their own song "Pet" which was a song about addiction and from the perspective of drugs towards someone suffering from drug abuse. So that also explains why some parts feel on the nose and weird, the lyrics weren't written as a protest song.
kellie groves
kellie groves 2 dagar sedan
I love you Lindsay but "when September ends" is a song about the lead singers dad's death. He said as much in an MTV interview right after the album release.
Kate 2 dagar sedan
I dunno if Born This Way is even that good, but it always makes me cry haha
Drake Hickox
Drake Hickox 2 dagar sedan
"big and dumb and loud." I will, mark my words, NEVER forgive this transgression against me or the era that raised me Lindsey Ellis, despite its accuracy.
Abigail Hubbard
Abigail Hubbard 3 dagar sedan
My favorite Anti-Bush song is Linkin Park - Hands Held High Sick of the dark ways we march to the drumming Jump when they tell us that they wanna see jumping Fuck that, I wanna see some fists pumping Risk something, take back what's yours Say something that you know they might attack you for 'Cause I'm sick of being treated like I had before Like it's stupid standing for what I'm standing for Like this war's really just a different brand of war Like it doesn't cater to rich and abandon poor Like they understand you, in the back of their jet When you can't put gas in your tank These fuckers are laughing their way to the bank, and cashing their checks Asking you to have compassion and have some respect For a leader so nervous in an obvious way Stuttering and mumbling for nightly news to replay And the rest of the world watching at the end of the day In the living room, laughing like, "What did he say?" Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen In my living room watching, but I am not laughing 'Cause when it gets tense, I know what might happen The war is cold, the bold men take action Have to react to get blown into fractions Ten years old, there's something to see Another kid my age drug under a Jeep Taken and bound and found later under a tree I wonder if he had thought 'the next one could be me' Do you see the soldiers that are out today? They brush the dust from bulletproof vests away It's ironic, at times like this you'd pray But a bomb blew the mosque up yesterday There's bombs on the buses, bikes, roads Inside your market, your shops, and your clothes My dad, he's got a lot of fear, I know But enough pride inside not to let that show My brother had a book he would hold with pride A little red cover with a broken spine On the back he hand-wrote a quote inside "When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die" Meanwhile, the leader just talks away Stuttering and mumbling for nightly news to replay The rest of the world watching at the end of the day Both scared and angry, like "What did he say?"
John DoDo Doe
John DoDo Doe 3 dagar sedan
That twitter meltdown what-if hit home awfully soon.
Ethan biscuit
Ethan biscuit 3 dagar sedan
While I am highly accused of being a class reductionist, my feel of why corporate music is uneasy of rocking the boat, is because it's their boat. Back in the 60's And 70's, so many people were in unions, and that included the musicians. It's much easier to criticize the establishment when you know there's somebody who has your back, and in this day and age, there's very few institutional actors that will do so. The corporate monoculture that is big music is completely status quo and actively hostile to any sort of counter narrative. The only way I see things changing is only when people get educated once again to class conflict so that they can once again pushback against those who would silence them.
leela Hasan
leela Hasan 4 dagar sedan
hmm it's almost like the perception of war in a country changes when people aren't forced into military service.
Alomar K
Alomar K 4 dagar sedan
Revisiting after Lindsay's cancellation puts a different tinge on this opening 😐
X P 4 dagar sedan
I had actually never heard of Lindsey until she got canceled and started watching her after hearing her name mentioned in all the fuss so I gotta thank the people who tried to cancel her for making her more famous and helping me discover her because her content is absolutely brilliant
Dude Man
Dude Man 4 dagar sedan
The only mainstream rock band from early 2000s that was credible and politically legit was audioslave, and they were less politically loud as rage against the machine but were still open about being anti-war, especially at live shows and we're signing people up for activism in their local communities and having local activists at their shows to get people active and signing up for protest.
Loseless 4 dagar sedan
Kinda disappointed how you glossed over Bad Religion and NOFX, as they were the most prominent overtly anti-Bush bands of that period and wrote entire albums on the subject. Bad Religion's Empire Strikes First had the best anti-war lyrics I ever read.
Tony Martinez
Tony Martinez 5 dagar sedan
"My favorite war?... Vietnam, best soundtrack"- Ricky Gervais
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 6 dagar sedan
I think the biggest difference is now people recognize that “waiting for the world to change” is a privilege. For some people being political is necessary for a better tomorrow in social justice but for some they can just turn the tv off and that’s it
John Smith
John Smith 6 dagar sedan
Really enjoyed this. Turned 14 in 2001.
Value Brand Melkor
Value Brand Melkor 7 dagar sedan
9/11 was the first time white Americans had to deal with an enemy that considered their existence a transgression against the world, after three hundred years of *being* that enemy to the rest of the world, and twenty years later they haven't shut the fuck up about it.
SamBFmusic 7 dagar sedan
This reminded me of the 2004 Nofx performance on Conan O’Brien. They played Franco Un-American and changed the end lyrics to “We all know George Bush is an imbecile, he loves Dick but he hates homosexuals, we’re sick and tired of the embarrassment, the whole world wants us to get a better president”. It’s possible the most punk-rock tv performance from that era.
Badusername2000 8 dagar sedan
something hilarious that happened on tiktok a while ago was right wing creators trying to use american idiot as an anthem, not realizing its directed at them
Sean Tubo
Sean Tubo 8 dagar sedan
Do people actually hate Green Day? Like dislike maybe but you'd have to be really stuck up to hate them.
Logo 8 dagar sedan
BOOM by SOAD or it wasn't mainstream enough?
Nate DS
Nate DS 8 dagar sedan
Could you imagine John Lennon or George Harrison being active during 9/11? Those are the Beatles you want writing protest songs.
Shawn Mulligan
Shawn Mulligan 10 dagar sedan
That intro with Todd in the Shadows aged like a fine wine.
Brett Symons
Brett Symons 10 dagar sedan
Ani Defranco's Self Evident did come out in 2002 and at least where I live (Australia) it got a fair bit of play for months on TripleJ (Nation wide government 'youth' radio station). Also there was the song that's main lyric was "he is the son of a bad man".
X P 4 dagar sedan
Props for the Ani D reference
Jonathan Ra
Jonathan Ra 10 dagar sedan
Little weird to say the early 2000s didn't have moody, thoughtful pop stars after showing Em. The Marshal Mathers LP is some moody shit
X P 4 dagar sedan
Yes but that came out before 9/11 which makes it part of 90's culture, the early 200's culture didn't start until after 9/11 just like the culture of the 80's didn't really end until 1991 or 92
Brett Symons
Brett Symons 10 dagar sedan
Counting Bodies Like Sheep is a great film clip. But yeah, it has dated. Still it wasn't trying to be subtle. Fun clip. Speaking of, there are a few frame of Tori Amos singing at a live gig she also did a cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit at. Worth a watch/ listen.
Seth Kinle
Seth Kinle 10 dagar sedan
I mean Bright Eyes did some great stuff during this time
SciSuperRey 10 dagar sedan
The idea of "art coming from pain" always reminds me of something I remember reading about musician Emilie Autumn. Autumn suffered a pretty horrendous assault, and her album "Fight Like a Girl" is based on not only the experience, but the horrendous mental health nightmare she had to deal with, along with the misery of navigating America's mental healthcare. The thing is, she didn't have her trauma and then immediately produce the album, which is an incredibly powerful, raw, and even entertaining collection of music. It took years to process it, and she's talked about in interviews that she'd trade her "inspiration" in at the drop of a hat if it meant not having the experiences she suffered through. We're in a year + of a global plague, with a million little extra horrors added on top. This is a very bad time. Some of the worst in decades; never let anyone tell you otherwise. So if you just...can't create? There's nothing wrong with you. Nothing. Rest. Grieve. Relax when you can. Indulge in escapism. Save your heart and mind for when you're in a better place and for when you can create again.
R BAS3L 10 dagar sedan
I feel like the US and GBR have a relationship like that from Stepbrothers. We hated each other at first, now we do karate in the garage.
insekki 10 dagar sedan
Great video, this took me back to some great times. Hail to the Thief really deserved some discussion though I think.
Christina Bennett
Christina Bennett 11 dagar sedan
Very good vidoe and very insightful.
PlatosPunk 12 dagar sedan
US Gov: how do we fight this war Also US Gov: Hey Vietnam worked out so good let's hearts and minds it, just change search and destroy to shock and awe Still US Gov: you're a goddamn genius, send em out
The Slippery Noodle
The Slippery Noodle 12 dagar sedan
Roast early 2000s music all you want. I genuinely miss that time period more than I can express. Honestly. Music was so fun. Like, I know it was dumb. But it was fun.
The Slippery Noodle
The Slippery Noodle 12 dagar sedan
I can’t stand how catchy Toby Keith’s music is. Knowing my political stances are probably the complete opposite of his.
Thomas Larsen
Thomas Larsen 13 dagar sedan
I turned 18 in 2004 and to this day I thought the Album American Idiot was a set of stories from the perspective of the character Saint Jimmy. Like, I knew about the tongue and cheek war critiques, but I honestly thought September Ends was about getting over a girl.
archimedies 13 dagar sedan
the clash my beloved
eevee 13 dagar sedan
I haven't heard system of a down mentioned yet, but I'm holding out hope that you'll shout them out!!
eevee 13 dagar sedan
Oh no that drummer
eevee 13 dagar sedan
Magneto Rex
Magneto Rex 13 dagar sedan
the shirt is awesome 👏🏼
EasyCoast 13 dagar sedan
Lindsay does not know about "Fack." THAT is the worst Eminem song ever.
Ryan 14 dagar sedan
Eminem also criticized the Bush administration twice in his 2002 album The Eminem Show. It was the highest selling album of 2002 and his second highest selling album ever. The clips you showed were from his 2004 album Encore, the year’s 3rd highest selling album. American Idiot, the album, was 2005’s 4th highest seller. This is neither meant as a critique or your video nor a devaluation of American Idiot, I’m just a (conflicted) fan of Eminem and I wanted to give his music some context. His criticism wasn’t much, but it was more than a lot of what his massive audience of white preteens and teenagers were hearing at the time.
Grand Slamwich
Grand Slamwich 14 dagar sedan
Rise Against > every other early 2000’s pop Punk band
Grand Slamwich
Grand Slamwich 14 dagar sedan
“Dancing in the desert, blowing up the sunshine... duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh oohoohoo”
Lord Mayor of Oofington upon the Oofus
Lord Mayor of Oofington upon the Oofus 14 dagar sedan
14:43 if ever your thought that freedom of speech was something the right liked
Johnnie B
Johnnie B 14 dagar sedan
This was great! Also, thank you for resurfacing so much generational trauma I managed to suppress!
Patrick Boldea
Patrick Boldea 14 dagar sedan
“You never know who’s going to have a Twitter meltdown and you don’t wanna be doing apologies by proxy” This aged surprisingly well
Raymond Kravitz
Raymond Kravitz 15 dagar sedan
Amanda Palmer: when a hipster lady has a Killing Joke moment.
Equus21 15 dagar sedan
Jeff Maesar
Jeff Maesar 16 dagar sedan
O.o the french translation is quite good, Kudos the lovely and awesome person doing it.
Scifon Cra
Scifon Cra 16 dagar sedan
interesting research but the A Perfect Circle was missing some context: Counting Bodies Like Sheep was based around their song Pet from their previous album. Counting Bodies Like Sheep was also in their full covers album except for Passive, which had some covers of political songs like Let's Have a War and What's Going On and even Imagine. So this album, titled Emotive, was absolutely about the political situation. I love Counting Bodies Like Sheep but that video clip was really awkward and not good.
Berdilio 16 dagar sedan
Twitter melt downs what's that mean... lol jk love your content
William Epperson
William Epperson 16 dagar sedan
Mars Volta happened during that time, & Jon Theodore would often wear a red "Fuck Bush" T shirt in public @ that time...
Nicky 17 dagar sedan
Lindsay Ellis appreciation marathon!
Anthony Delfino
Anthony Delfino 17 dagar sedan
I think for a lot of us in our 20s at the time of the war, Green Day isn't that surprising as a breakout group to speak to that generation. I was a teenager when Dookie came out, and was in high school for prom when Time of your LIfe was still modern and new. So to have that group from when I was dealing with my own teenage rebellion being the voice of protest in my 20s seems actually really appropriate. I can remember at the time that there just wan't much of anything in the vein of music to speak to the actual anger and frustration we were experiencing... Green Day was such a huge influence for me too... you can find so many photos of me with that same short sleeved black shirt, skinny red tie, spiky black hair and eyeliner because not only did Green Day give a voice to those frustrated with the war, but also a way to visually communicate that's who you were.
Zoinks! Graphics
Zoinks! Graphics 17 dagar sedan
Having been politically active during and thoroughly disheartened by Bush's 2004 re-election, it bears pointing out... While AMERICAN IDIOT is a decent "protest" song of the time, it wasn't released until AFTER the 2004 election. Did GD's record label delay the release until it couldn't do any good (read: cause Dixie Chix level controversy/loss of sales)? Mmmm... probably!
Solgato Blogopogo
Solgato Blogopogo 17 dagar sedan
hey,, 4 non blondes wasn't singing about nothing
A Change approaches
A Change approaches 17 dagar sedan
no war on errorism era nofx? cmon lindsay lol
shohmyoh 17 dagar sedan
KMFDM made WWIII album in 2003. It was all about the war and invasion of Iraq but instead of being Jingoistic it was more just the war is for oil and keeping us suppressed to further people in power. It was good times.
Beleak Swordsteel
Beleak Swordsteel 17 dagar sedan
"They say we don't realize the mess we're getting in" Oh how prophetic.
Mo Oulkadi
Mo Oulkadi 14 dagar sedan
Yeah and then all that ISIS and refugee crisis stuff happened..
Sebastian Sanchez
Sebastian Sanchez 17 dagar sedan
The intro of the video is irónic right now(un the future)
Jonathan Jollimore
Jonathan Jollimore 17 dagar sedan
What a waste of life's Iraq war was pointless sad
The Memeisseur
The Memeisseur 17 dagar sedan
I think it's funny that everyone on the left thinks the Dixie Chicks selling less albums is cancel culture, but the President of the United States being silenced by giant corporations and cut off from the public sphere is fine.
Nynaeve Mutch
Nynaeve Mutch 17 dagar sedan
ive read essays on how 9/11 corrupted country music in america beyond recognition and it has not recovered even 20 years later. even tho i lived thru it as a kid with a parent who always had it on, those soundbites are just burned into my brain, i didn't even see it until i really looked. that's just the way it was.
The Memeisseur
The Memeisseur 17 dagar sedan
31:20 Riding out the bullshit cause the system failed you?. For most people, who supported Bush at the time, the system did them just fine.
The Memeisseur
The Memeisseur 17 dagar sedan
16:05 Popular music at the time was dumb? Seven Nation Army (2003), In The Cold Cold Night (2003), Hardest Button to Button (2003), The Reason (2003), Cold Hard Bitch (2003), Are You Gonna Be My Girl (2003), The Red (2002), Fat Lip (2001), In Too Deep (2001), I Hate Everything About You (2003), Boom (2001), Hash Pipe (2001), just to name a few. What are you talking about? The 2000s had the heaviest pop music of all time. Have you forgotten The White Stripes existed? Also, how is Avril Lavigne's first album dumb? It's literally about staying true to yourself and teenage angst. Do you consider anything that doesn't carry your agenda to be dumb?
The Memeisseur
The Memeisseur 18 dagar sedan
My only problem with this video is that it assumes that most people were against the war. Maybe at the end, but at the beginning most people were in favor of it. It's not as though Bush acted alone against the wishes of the American people. He had to get congressional authorization for military force in Iraq, an action which republicans and democrats by and large supported, even Hillary Clinton. It wasn't the world against Bush even though many like to pretend it was, it was lots of people with differing opinions, which many people hold to this day. "American Sniper" got cheers and standing ovations in Iraqi theaters. The Iraqi people did not exactly like the government they had before. You know, the one that tested chemical weapons on them. There were lots of people with good reasons to support the Iraq war. Though that Green Day album was pretty great.
ultimata 18 dagar sedan
Idiot son of an asshole was a great song
Camila Orellana
Camila Orellana 18 dagar sedan
In fact, in Latin America we have a very long history of protest music, the oldest currently heard in Chile is from the 40s with Violeta Parra, to the songs of the Chilean social movement in October 2019.
Mikupiss 18 dagar sedan
i feel like im missing something, why does lindsay hate green day?
why is thom yorke
why is thom yorke 18 dagar sedan
Why did you have to remind me that Madonna once rapped about soy lattes? (All the cool kids had Rock Against Bush)
Altar Native
Altar Native 18 dagar sedan
Live local music was much better back then compared to this. It just wasn’t recorded. We didn’t have iPhones.
Lissa Loa
Lissa Loa 18 dagar sedan
The President Song - Cross Canadian Ragweed.
Frank Verisco
Frank Verisco 19 dagar sedan
The green day song....September ends is about his dad. His dad died of cancer in september when he was a kid. The music video makes it look like a protest song. Just letting you know. anyways I love your content have a good one!
Donovan Whitehouse
Donovan Whitehouse 19 dagar sedan
so at least from my perspective there's an interesting parallel between the music of the time and the vibe of the Time. now admittedly everything here might be wrong because I don't know history very well and music is not my forte. but here is my hat in the ring: WWI: is less a musical protest and a more distinct poetic protest with loads of anti war poetry of that time lamenting the loss of life. this makes sense as a lot of the anti war poetry was from the folks who were recovering in the war who were sad and in pain, a lot of the soldiers picked up art or writing to pass the time. other thing to note is the fact that a war hadn't happened in a long time, the UK wanted to try its toys and the expectations for war were different. there was distinctly anti war music however it was a mirror to the pro war music having a more down beat but similar showtune style. WWII: much more jingoistic, more ain't he cute in that little uniform. this reflects the increased use of propaganda in films and music. but being a world war and there being a distinct "bad guy" of the Nazis makes the war easier to sell, the protest is outweighed by the mass amounts of propaganda. jazz and swing are the weapons of choice Vietnam: people have no clue why they're fighting, all of this shit is televised and America was expecting a war like how WWII was portrayed but was revealed the true horrors of war. people are made cynical, everything sucks and we need to get fuck off. solders were expected to be treated like heroes as in previous world wars but were instead shunned and outcast. with this more cynical time the changes in music and culture, the civil rights protests, hippies ect, the 70s gets Rock and Psychedelia as tools of the rebellion. its cheeky. Iraq: America is sad and pissed after 9/11 and it is out for revenge, hard right to patriotism and the most patriotic Genre: Country. this makes sense because country is just one man and his thoughts as he sings with a guitar, it creates a more Para-social relationship and makes you invested by the lyrics because you wanna know what the man has to sing.
DerAggel 20 dagar sedan
That time was hell for me. I am European and our media were a lot more critical of the Bush administration at first, yet our politicians did not do or say much about it, our constitutionally purely defensive forces were send to Afghanistan and the minister announced that "Our security is defended at the Hindu Kush", and not one adult in my environment would even discuss any politics whatsoever, apart from saying something like "they're all bad", or maybe "he's stupid" and laugh (not in the regular, bitter way - but actually with joy) when some cruel oopsie had happened. The internet was not yet a big deal for us but I tried to stay up to date on international affairs, but at school nobody even knew what I was talking about when I spoke of anything other than school or fashion or uninteresting pop music, which seemed so unimportant to me compared to reality, that I simply stopped speaking with my classmates at all for many years. And after 9/11 islamophobia was rampant, even in journals that were once truly critical and spoke truth to power. I remember my teacher telling our class that the opposite of democracy was communism, and when I told him that actually it was dictatorship and the opposite of communism was capitalism, he simply said no and moved on. Private television was just coming into its own, as we merely had three state sanctioned channels a few years before, and it was so utterly depressingly dull and full of propaganda that noone seemed to notice. A certain tone here, an expression there.. Noone on TV, musicians, comedians, journalists of those days had anything to say that gave me the impression I wasn't the only half critical mind in the entire world. So while yes, the internet now has become a horrible hellish dump of horribleness, at least I now know I'm not alone.. And I am glad, that the younger generation now is more aware, may it be though due to total catastrophy coming ever closer. I hope that still after the CoViD pandemic, we will keep fighting for a liveable future, culturally, ecologically and economically. And whatever means may become necessary in the near future to achieve this, it is worth it.
Diego Moreno
Diego Moreno 20 dagar sedan
Well i don't know about America but in Europe we had bands like Ska-P and Manu Chao that did mostly protest songs (also directed against bush and the war in irak), that were quite famous.
Alex H
Alex H 20 dagar sedan
If the protest music is shit, then maybe the establishment is right.
Miguel Almeida
Miguel Almeida 21 dag sedan
This is some good content.
Gastón Zumbo
Gastón Zumbo 21 dag sedan
how the FUCK did this video never mention Rage Against the Machine?????? It's IN THE NAME for christs sake
eddievangraham 22 dagar sedan
Eminem was never serious about social issues, given how he sat by during Obama’s years of drone bombing the fuck out of middle eastern countries.
Joseph Tiso
Joseph Tiso 22 dagar sedan
So we're just gonna ignore "the Dixie-Chixing"?
hogwashsentinel 23 dagar sedan
You forgot: Faithless - Mass Destruction (2004)
Robert Phillips
Robert Phillips 23 dagar sedan
you forgot about ministry. or drowning pool let the bodies hit the floor
Robert Phillips
Robert Phillips 23 dagar sedan
as much as i would like to disagree with the whole going into the middle east. i kinda feel like if we didnt. we would never have known about the massive amount of people that were already on the verge of being radicallized.the middle east was a powder keg that was ready to blow.
TheGerogero 23 dagar sedan
If the White House is run by extremists, so is the music industry and you'd better believe that lot of "protest music" is designed to make you into a useful idiot.
Infinite Octopaw
Infinite Octopaw 26 dagar sedan
*Conservatives* : cancel culture is a weapon used by the left to control the speech of others! *Also Conservative* : Let boycott Nike, boycott shavers, band the Dixie Chicks and destroy our coffee machines because they said police brutality is bad, sexism bad, Paedophiles bad and war bad!
James Shipp
James Shipp 26 dagar sedan
Yeah I like this video but reflecting on it the lack of Black or brown artist or rap throughout most of this video just feels a little off. As someone who is a big fan of underground and political rap from that period and generally. I noticed it the first time I watched it but as I’ve watched the video more it’s become more jarring :/ and yeah I know it’s the music she knows but she already got Todd and it would make it more complete
Jeremy Powell
Jeremy Powell 26 dagar sedan
god the "this is our Wiemar years is something i legitimately had a panic attack about today (Biden is our Wiemar leadership, trump our Kaiser meaning who's our actual Hitler)
gfox 1312
gfox 1312 27 dagar sedan
"if I cannot dance to it, it is not my revolution"
Plaine Zaine
Plaine Zaine 28 dagar sedan
I think 20 Dollar Nosebleed by Fall Out Boy is a pretty good anti-Bush song.
Miguel Palacio Castillo
Miguel Palacio Castillo Månad sedan
We need the 1 hour version of the Saxophone Horse
treavor riely
treavor riely Månad sedan
That bastard biden is still keeping the war going to this day
not sherbear
not sherbear Månad sedan
Genuinely kind of offends me that you have to say green day is good actually like they are just good man
Cortez Slade
Cortez Slade Månad sedan
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Sebastian Medina
Sebastian Medina Månad sedan
Very well done essay, however I will always remember this video for her saying that Green Day (my favorite band) basically sucks
B M Månad sedan
The invasion was not the problem. The problem was staying there years after Saddam was found with our thumbs up our butts.
Andrew McQuade
Andrew McQuade Månad sedan
There was some really great protest music coming out of the underground rap scene around this time. Going to hip hop shows around this time radicalized me in high school, the way ranger rick did when I was a little kid. Can we all admit that Green Day got some bangers?? She is a personal favorite of mine.
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