President Donald Trump: The 60 Minutes 2020 Election Interview

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60 Minutes

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In an interview that's made headlines this week, Lesley Stahl presses President Trump on once-again rising coronavirus cases and what his priorities would be if re-elected. Stahl also speaks with Mr. Trump's running mate, Vice President Mike Pence.
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60 Minutes, the most successful American television broadcast in history, began its 52nd season in September. Offering hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news, the broadcast began in 1968 is still a hit in 2020. 60 Minutes makes Nielsen’s weekly Top 10 nearly every week and was the #1 weekly television broadcast three times last season.

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60 Minutes has won every major broadcast award. Its 25 Peabody and 150 Emmy awards are the most won by any single news program. It has also won 20 duPont-Columbia University journalism awards. Other distinguished journalism honors won multiple times include the George Polk, RTDNA Edward R. Murrow, Investigative Reporters and Editors, RFK Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi and Gerald Loeb awards.
60 Minutes premiered on CBS September 24, 1968. Bill Owens is the program’s executive producer. The correspondents and contributors of 60 Minutes are Sharyn Alfonsi, Anderson Cooper, John Dickerson, Norah O’Donnell, Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl, Bill Whitaker and L. Jon Wertheim.

Rob Ruiz
Rob Ruiz Timme sedan
I am so glad come January 20th we will finally have a President who is actually qualified for the position.
Amarpal Singh Bal
Amarpal Singh Bal 2 timmar sedan
Why haven't anybody said anything good about Mike Pence? He's pretty cool imo
None 2 timmar sedan
As an Iraqi, I find it ridiculous how he downplays everything that has happened in 2020. Reporter: what about X? Trump: we've done a good job... The whole country could be on fire and Trump would still say "we've done a great job." Can't tell if this man is misleading or delusional. With that said, I did support his foreign policy and his decisionsins in killing Qasem Soleimani and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
Raylene McKenzie
Raylene McKenzie 2 timmar sedan
Trump is not fit to be anything other than the selfish, narcissistic, bullying 'businessman' that he is. He thinks only ever of himself, his ego, his ambition. Listening to other true Presidents speak, actual intelligent, aware, REAL leaders who have cared about all Americans, the world- , and others beyond themselves, just reinforces the fact that he is so toxic, so disgraceful in his conduct, expression and outlook- thank god he will not continue to cause harm as 'eader of the free world'. I can only hope that Joe Biden, and others after him, can heal the damage this one person; this disgraceful example of humanity, has caused.
Brice Hogan
Brice Hogan 3 timmar sedan
Oh stfu
Michael Feltenberg
Michael Feltenberg 4 timmar sedan
The interviewer is much more hostile than obamas interview so dont act like obamas soo much better absolute bs
Miguel 209
Miguel 209 4 timmar sedan
Trump ganna remain president I hear a lot of crying 😭 come Jan God bless my President Señor TRUMP elected Biden a joke honeymoon now lol come Jan crashing down
Jess Michaels
Jess Michaels 6 timmar sedan
k Cc
k Cc 7 timmar sedan
60 minutes to 20 minutes, you are so fair to cut off 40 minutes
Yota Toy
Yota Toy 8 timmar sedan
God damnit Gina!
Edith Martinez
Edith Martinez 9 timmar sedan
20 minutes by Leslie sucks 😂 “You can’t put anything on the show because it’s bad for Biden” literally all MSM is pro Biden and Biden’s daddy.
Robert M Ivanovic
Robert M Ivanovic 10 timmar sedan
Brooklynn Stinnett
Brooklynn Stinnett 11 timmar sedan
Go trump
Jerry Aronson
Jerry Aronson 11 timmar sedan
We need our President Donald J. Trump back into the Oval Office doing what he does with Vince President Mike Pence working together . America people are tired of all these lies against him I am leaving this in the hands of God , at least God doesn’t lie. Thank you, Mr. President Donald Trump and the rest of your honest staff. 2020-2024 🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸
to oley
to oley 11 timmar sedan
Why don't we do a re-vote, and make sure it's fair?
N ames
N ames 11 timmar sedan
SEpost is getting really comfortable with these double 15 second unkskippable ads
Isaac Vaal
Isaac Vaal 12 timmar sedan
2008 the worst time since great depression obama got us out off this mess he got the economy great again that's just one fact when obama left office he left it on a good position and trump lies literally they can show him a video him doing something and he would literally Admit your wrong even if u have evidence in his face he will call u a liar ..
Michael Kaiser
Michael Kaiser 12 timmar sedan
The media is extremely biased against Trump... like him or not.... more than ANY other president
Marlon Reyes
Marlon Reyes 13 timmar sedan
Trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 suck it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rhoda Norton
Rhoda Norton 13 timmar sedan
Talking to Donald Trump is like talking to a teenager who thinks he is never wrong then storms to his room to get away from the ones who tell him he is wrong. SMH
Vikesh Tailor
Vikesh Tailor 2 timmar sedan
Your are correct
Lemon Grass
Lemon Grass 13 timmar sedan
It's like he stopped aging mentally when he was 5
Salvatore Marinesi
Salvatore Marinesi 13 timmar sedan
Literally The Lord blesses You! a Thousand Time and i Literally Text Amen!
Robin Luich
Robin Luich 13 timmar sedan
Trump won Biden cheated and until every late vote is vetted Trump is our President.
Dorothy Fish
Dorothy Fish 14 timmar sedan
I don't think that it's fair that they put all the blame on Trump for the Plague and all the strife caused by it and all the people RIOTING paid for by the leftist side
sarvenaz9 16 timmar sedan
you know pence is like some one who is trying to sound smart.. using good vocabulary despite of his superior capabilities.. but it lack sincerity and it lack logic some times.. like his trying to look the part and hold on to his job more than doing what he can for america to his best of capabilities. #notimpressed
Baby Maus
Baby Maus 14 timmar sedan
Is Trump the Messiah, the new Jesus or the Antichrist? YOU DECIDE!
sarvenaz9 16 timmar sedan
😒😒 oooffffffff
Baby Maus
Baby Maus 14 timmar sedan
Is Trump the Messiah, the new Jesus or the Antichrist? YOU DECIDE!
sarvenaz9 16 timmar sedan
Oh My God!! the whole interview i see Lesley just trying to control her sanity but her face giving it away! God bless you Lesley. being a interviewer for this person is not the most pleasant job 😒
Baby Maus
Baby Maus 14 timmar sedan
Is Trump the Messiah, the new Jesus or the Antichrist? YOU DECIDE!
sarvenaz9 16 timmar sedan
so he went Back home to mommy 😂 his word not mine! 😂😂 oh God its so fun watching this interview.
Baby Maus
Baby Maus 14 timmar sedan
Is Trump the Messiah, the new Jesus or the Antichrist? YOU DECIDE!
arden robitaille
arden robitaille 16 timmar sedan
Fakenews, stop listening to these liars!
sarvenaz9 17 timmar sedan
at one point it felt like trump was at end of his vocabulary knowledge 😂😂😂
fuck2016 18 timmar sedan
Its incredible that he cant make one coherent full sentence and didn't answer ONE question
Blake Thomas
Blake Thomas 18 timmar sedan
This isn’t a interview, it’s a colossal argument
Letitia Graham
Letitia Graham 18 timmar sedan
All I'm concerned with is who has the balls to save our Country? That's all that matters. Our Country is hurting, we've been hit hard, and painfully need help. Whose gonna save the Country!!! Show me some results and I'm in.
Susan Dubria
Susan Dubria 19 timmar sedan
60 Minutes interview's useless they are arguing to someone who they were interviewed.
Vikesh Tailor
Vikesh Tailor 20 timmar sedan
Wow it's insane to think how much of narcissistic, gaslighting, deluded and egotistical insane person he is ... lol you've lost boy, get out the office and let Biden, a real presidential individual handle the presidency. Lol
GARRY HYDE 20 timmar sedan
Right 💯💯
nikita rupa
nikita rupa 20 timmar sedan
Trump at rally: lock em all up Leslie: why did you say lock her up Trump: I didn't. I would never say that
Didijolie 21 timme sedan
He never takes nothing seriously It’s a shame
Serena Hamilton
Serena Hamilton 22 timmar sedan
President Donald Trump has been exemplary even though all these liberal media puppets have continuously tried to bring him down. Shame on her!! You’re a disGrace!!!
Jonathan W.N
Jonathan W.N 23 timmar sedan
This is horribly conducted interview. She is obviously extremely biased and is basing her questions on lies.
Chris Kilworth
Chris Kilworth 23 timmar sedan
It must have been so painful to interview him
Leeroy Castillo
Leeroy Castillo 23 timmar sedan
The media is controlled by George soros NEW WORLD ORDER media. I hope ppl wake up and see the lies and division the media spread leading us closer everyday to a U.N lead one world Government this is all planned by the elite in the Protocols of the learned elders of zion paving the way for the ANTI CHRIST and the END OF DAYS and second coming of CHRIST, the prosperity and security we have known our whole lives in America will soon come to an end if we continue to fall for this civil war they want to intice God help 🇺🇸 🙏
JOY David
JOY David 23 timmar sedan
I will watch President Obama’s interview to clear my ears out.
Anthony Kiprotich
Anthony Kiprotich Dag sedan
The lighting is superb.
Keke Dag sedan
Whatever they pay Lesley Stahl they need to increase it
Keke Dag sedan
This is like talking to my dad.
Reim Elrghai
Reim Elrghai Dag sedan
You know my dad's friend lives in America and he says that every thing on the news is fake
Sahle Yosieph
Sahle Yosieph Dag sedan
show the video
Aj Ryan
Aj Ryan Dag sedan
I don't know how she does it.
John Wesley
John Wesley Dag sedan
I’d love to ask Donald Trump. What’s it feel like to be a F*cki*g Idiot... why is everyone so scared of this man.. if I was her an he started rambling about how good he is an bragging about himself with 250,000 people dead.. I’d stand up an say I can’t do this anymore and look around the room an ask does anyone else hear how stupid he sound I just can’t do it and walk out.. he would be so mad he would prolly cry cause come one finally stood up to his orange A**
jeff fung
jeff fung Dag sedan
Watching this dude should Explain what happened to the NATIVE AMERICANS when the white man got here in this country. This dude is the true REPRESENTATION OF WHITE PEOPLE.
Kyle Pearce
Kyle Pearce Dag sedan
Drink every time trump lies in this interview and you’ll forget you watched this interview lmao
Slowly Shots
Slowly Shots Dag sedan
He is so out of touch with reality. It’s scary to see that the president of the free world, has no idea what is going on..... SCARY!
Prithavi Londhe
Prithavi Londhe Dag sedan
Trump is right. This pendamic is new for every country and every countrys own tacktiks don't blame for president
Sandra Urra
Sandra Urra Dag sedan
What comes around goes around
Sandra Urra
Sandra Urra Dag sedan
Please Respect Donald Trump
Tyler Durant
Tyler Durant Dag sedan
Chap stic
Doua Yang
Doua Yang Dag sedan
Goodbye MrTrump you are trouble maker no matter what!!!! No !!! you not doing great job Mr.
Michael Birkett
Michael Birkett Dag sedan
Donald Trump is a clown of an ex president 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 now the FBI can help him sort out his unpaid taxes 💵💵💵💵💰💰💰💰🤡🤡🤡🤡💰💰💰💰💵💵💵💵💰💰💰🤡🤡🤡🤡💰💰💰💵💵💰💰💵💰🤡🤡💰💰🤡💰💰🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
El Vee
El Vee Dag sedan
She was talking to president Trump in such a condisending way.... It's a fact that Leslie, is a Biden woman..... She did discredit herself, as an embellisher for the most part...
Didijolie 21 timme sedan
She was talking to him on the behalf of all the Americans citizens who are suffering with COVID, NO JOBS NO MONEY and some of them are HOMELESS. So ! She had the right to talk to him the way she did . He has no respect for anyone. It’s 💯 facts 👌🏼
diana risbin
diana risbin Dag sedan
The problem is people aren't wearing masks or practice. Socially distance. Witch. Cause. The high numbers of
diana risbin
diana risbin Dag sedan
The problem is people aren't wearing masks or practice. Socially distance. Witch. Cause. The high numbers of covid and then want to blame the president for it and it is so wrong when biden lies to get voters to win the election and make promises to the American people and then after he is elected changed everything that he promised the American people
Chris Gutierrez
Chris Gutierrez Dag sedan
Even Al Qaeda said this was cringe ........
Sean 925
Sean 925 Dag sedan
Clearly against him you acting like your non bias you blantly lie
Yin Tai Ng
Yin Tai Ng Dag sedan
He's firing everyone, he thinks he's still in Apprentice
David Curtis
David Curtis Dag sedan
Trump 20 20 I stand with you
Van Par
Van Par Dag sedan
The interviewer should listen and let him finish responding instead of interrupting him every second. Show some respect regardless of your personal beliefs.
chellya2004 22 timmar sedan
Agree. Shes a bad interviewer. Doesnt reveal anything new about him.
Issac Gill
Issac Gill Dag sedan
Danald Trump Will Win Re Elected in January 2021 The Kingdom of Haven Coming Word That will Fulfilled We must Listen and Accept the Word. Received, Conceived, Believed. Hallelujah Amen. Issac Barkat Gill
Marcia Ashman
Marcia Ashman Dag sedan
A dishonor to the United States Presidency. A disrespectfull man, with small hands. Lol
Miriam Canizales
Miriam Canizales Dag sedan
Left mirror women not caring for men safety on the sound system need to channel good messaging instead of blaming mexicans
Don Foley
Don Foley Dag sedan
4 NEW Years 🤙🏽😝💪🏽🤣👍🏽
Eliza Smith
Eliza Smith Dag sedan
Lol. That dipstick just can't TAKE being wrong.
JoWoGoe Dag sedan
Can someone tell me why it is never 60 Minutes
Leo Gonzlaez
Leo Gonzlaez Dag sedan
Philip Rogers
Philip Rogers Dag sedan
This guys can’t give a straight answer if his life depended on it
Javier Bonilla
Javier Bonilla Dag sedan
When she asked him about the economy, I like when she says it isnt, and a voice in off appears saying the same she said, without giving arguments
Rene Latigo
Rene Latigo Dag sedan
I believe Lesly Stahl was biased and all she could do is bring up the Covid-19 problem which I believe trump did a great job getting supplies to Hospitals and approve new vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. Did you notice that there was not 1 good thing she mentioned about what he did, pretty obvious. You know, why aren't they bringing out the things about Joe Biden's $3,000,000.00 received from the Russians or the 10% the "Big Guy" is getting from the Chinese through his sons investment dealings business dealings. Why are they keeping that quiet? Its a Shame to think that we can trust our own media to be upfront and unbiased...Lost respect for Lesly Stahl, another sellout.
Makhosi Mkhize
Makhosi Mkhize Dag sedan
Entertaining and cringy at the same time lol
Ancient Negus
Ancient Negus Dag sedan
Stupidest President ever 🖒😂😷
Luis7 Music
Luis7 Music Dag sedan
A dishonor to the United States Presidency. A disrespectfull man, with small hands. Lol
已有人使用zz Dag sedan
They dont want you know
Rune Dag sedan
I hope he will 👎
The Original Shakil
The Original Shakil Dag sedan
It’s been said before, but I have to say it again: He’s like a petulant child!!!! Constantly complaining about his perceived difference in how he is treated compared to others; having to make up his statistics to look better than others; lying to get out of trouble; throwing his toys out when things don’t go his way, and storming off when people refuse to agree with him. And he is/ was the most powerful person on the planet!!!
SHAGGY Dag sedan
Compared to interviews with Biden this was rough
mon_fi Dag sedan
THIS is the main difference between republicans and democrates. Democrates want to tell people what to do, republicans want people to take their responsibilities.
Derrick Ingleston
Derrick Ingleston Dag sedan
America, do not be deceived!! Yahweh, be with us!!
Derrick Ingleston
Derrick Ingleston Dag sedan
The interview should be conducted by someone who takes a neutral stance. Fake news. Covering up his complete responses with added narration is a fake news tactic.
Lone Star North Texas
Lone Star North Texas Dag sedan
Trump: "you said 'are you ready for tough questions?'" Stahl: "Are you?" lolol
Derrick Ingleston
Derrick Ingleston Dag sedan
She said “gods”. This is one Nation under God, not “gods”.
Christopher Bigman
Christopher Bigman Dag sedan’re a virgin huh 😂😂😂😂
Katie ValBracht
Katie ValBracht Dag sedan
Leslie you are a f*****g IDIOT!!!!!!
Katie ValBracht
Katie ValBracht Dag sedan
Theresa Channer
Theresa Channer Dag sedan
He sounds like a lunatic smh
Autumn Dag sedan
Numbers are NOT the only things that matter.
Scott Dag sedan
This woman is my hero and drumpf is a crying child
ooooswain Dag sedan
Lmao this guy literally behaves like a child
Makhosi Mkhize
Makhosi Mkhize Dag sedan
That is an insult to childern lol. This man is worse
Jo Toylor
Jo Toylor Dag sedan
Dont think shooting at your own people n holding the bible upside down is such a good idea.
Erique399 Dag sedan
He has no credibility with maint stream media. Only tabloids.
Ralph Bain
Ralph Bain Dag sedan
He's a joke . 1950s were much better than now , pigs like him tore it down .
Antonio Montana
Antonio Montana Dag sedan
Lesley Stahl was out of order, she clearly attacked the potus and the vp. 60 minutes done a lot of cutting to make Lesley look she done nothing wrong.
Soma the gamer
Soma the gamer Dag sedan
He caught lying and couldn't admit it
CABREX Dag sedan
is trump fking dumb? bro if you do testing or you don't do it doesn't matter! People who have covid have it. The only way you know is through testing. Oh my lord trump doesn't have a freaking logical mind. Obama and biden were prolly facepalming too much
peter kuria
peter kuria Dag sedan
45 like shouting matches.
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