Powering my DIY electric Mini Cooper on a budget

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Rich Rebuilds

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kim hafslag
kim hafslag Dag sedan
I laughed so much of the promo that I started cry :,-)
Phriqhi Kreuer
Phriqhi Kreuer 7 dagar sedan
I have literally subscribed because of your ad... well done Sir
CruddyBeast 779
CruddyBeast 779 8 dagar sedan
Was this intro supposed to be funny?? 😳
Florencio Vela
Florencio Vela 12 dagar sedan
i've ordered the tri motor cybertruck fsd & plan to buy the S dual motor as well..i have plenty of solar to charge them both & a backup battery system as well..long time invested in TSLA
Alen Abraham
Alen Abraham 13 dagar sedan
I Love your builds, but your content is less build more jokes and some random shit. Would be really appreciated if you just stick on to the build part.
Simon Ernstedt
Simon Ernstedt 13 dagar sedan
If you made the ads on TV i would probably watch that rather then the shit i should be watching! Keep up the superb work.
Paul Vegeta
Paul Vegeta 14 dagar sedan
One of the best SEpostrs ever. From Canada 🇨🇦
Ryan 15 dagar sedan
Slick just slick. Thumbs up
Lance Patton
Lance Patton 16 dagar sedan
Are you getting a cyber truck?
tim wegman
tim wegman 16 dagar sedan
So are you serious about the sperm donor stuff lol
tim wegman
tim wegman 16 dagar sedan
So far this is one f my favorite builds of your. You are doing a much more professional looking job than the roadster.
Sifa Wangia
Sifa Wangia 17 dagar sedan
they're gonna have to start giving out oscar awards for the commitment and creativity these youtubers are giving to their ads😂😂
Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers 18 dagar sedan
At 23:15 you are showing your electrical connections to the controller, and I see that the polarity is reversed. What's the reason for this? Red to Black, and Black to Red, could cause you all kinds of grief later!
nick 20 dagar sedan
wtf was that intro
Michael Millar
Michael Millar 21 dag sedan
Wow Stevens mullet is amazing he should be king of the mullet people and is Leenda around. I joke but I love your vids bro there great you'll have a million Subs and no time and I should know I have 46 lol keep it up bub
spartan 246
spartan 246 22 dagar sedan
I hit like after the first three minutes!!!
Alphonso Smith
Alphonso Smith 22 dagar sedan
I know you got friends and family first thing that I was thinking about don't change keep doing what you doing and your videos are quality again keep up the good work.
John Jory
John Jory 24 dagar sedan
just getting around to watching this one the day before Christmas 2020. The Intro promo for SurfShark got the like even before watching all the techy stuff.
Thom kouwen
Thom kouwen 25 dagar sedan
Why don't we have cheap batteries like that in Europe😢
noisynerdman 25 dagar sedan
Linus Tech Tips can't top that transition.
Dan and Yong
Dan and Yong 27 dagar sedan
Conduit will definitely chaffe too!, must use a rubber grommet in the jagged holes first
kwiebusch Månad sedan
When advertising becomes fun.
dozerblade Månad sedan
One Day you will look back at this video and the size of the batteries and you will LAUGH SO HARD !
VIPER PATHAK Månad sedan
OMG... All that for SmurfShark He deserves Sub man
Arjun Dhwoj Bamjan
Arjun Dhwoj Bamjan Månad sedan
Is this a Dailysoap???
BoostedNaSpyder Månad sedan
A new white dad? What kind of fucked up shit is that?
Daniel Carter
Daniel Carter Månad sedan
New white dad is an awesome line
Rich Murphy
Rich Murphy Månad sedan
I had no idea casey affleck knows about electric vehicles.. real nice of him to hold the camera for you too.
OnEfoRAll Månad sedan
This is absolutely amazing!! Where can you get this kind of content!!! EPIC!!! GEEEZZZ!!!
jtj1331 Månad sedan
What about Motorcycle AGM 12volt batteries? They’re small and pretty good?
Barbie Roberts
Barbie Roberts Månad sedan
A crummy commercial!
Christopher Hamilton
Christopher Hamilton Månad sedan
Wow that intro to surf shark 😂😂😂
Brooke Gravitt
Brooke Gravitt Månad sedan
Rich that was the greatest into/segue ever. Also subtle flex on the articles, I hope you had some haters in titters. Cheers!
immrnoidall Månad sedan
hope that battery pack don't come loose and hit you in the back of the head. on the other hand, umm, wheelies?
Jay Den
Jay Den Månad sedan
My 13 model 3 has been siting for 3 years wrecked is battery toast?
TD Conversions.com
TD Conversions.com Månad sedan
I really hope your not going to stack the second battery up that high. Better to sink the lower one into the floor of the trunk. If the car ever hit something at say 60 mph the forces trying to keep that battery moving forward (into the back of your head) are immense. I always prefer to have no more than 50% of the battery above the floor of the car so in an accident it stays put. Another option is to move the second pack out under the hood. Also helps with weight balance.
Heady Fullmelt
Heady Fullmelt Månad sedan
I wish I had a new white dad
Svajunas Slavickas
Svajunas Slavickas Månad sedan
3 first min of this video bullshiting :D
Rah Min
Rah Min Månad sedan
Tim Dillon and Rich should win an award for their commercials. Ridge Wallet Yummmm
Nick Whittredge
Nick Whittredge Månad sedan
Bro. Get the new aluminium cased LiFePO4 cells from AliExpress. $40 for a 90ah 3.2v cell.
Mark Plunkett
Mark Plunkett Månad sedan
haha i love the intro haha so funny love the sense of humor lol
Joshua Pritt
Joshua Pritt Månad sedan
Did you install that J plug inlet sideways!?!?!
Tristan N
Tristan N Månad sedan
25:29 Pot wires lol
BlueRAVIN Månad sedan
POT MAY NEED A CERTAIN Impedance So POT terminals are not connected properly!
ScotwithoneT Månad sedan
Is it just me or does Steven's voice not match his looks at all?!
TFG177 Månad sedan
Im a normal dude, I go to market basket and get my generic cereal like everyone else
mess up naill gun face guy
mess up naill gun face guy Månad sedan
What kind of contactor is that? Dose any one know the spec's? I am trying to buy one rich
glen delarosa
glen delarosa Månad sedan
If the nissan leaf batteries may be your choice are they going to last long enough?ive hward the batteries arent great
thom s
thom s Månad sedan
Bro. The built up to a shitty VPN commercial. Roflcopter.
Teslaspecter Månad sedan
It sounds like your potentiometer is switched, when you depressed it i heard a click like a microswitch. since it only has two wires, i bet it disconnects the pot while its not being pressed. that should explain that code
Teslaspecter Månad sedan
Im starting to think he really does sell his skeet...
erNomic Månad sedan
You trigger my gag reflex on the regular. You should wear a US flag suit with a dollar bills tie and run for president. You're a model American by every measure.
SquirtlePWN Månad sedan
Drop a like for that ad
minitelrose World of tanks blitz
minitelrose World of tanks blitz Månad sedan
I upvoted this video only for the introduction to the advertising. I would upvote twice if google let me. Maybe I’ll set up an extra account and come back to do it. About the actual video content’s quality though, I have watched all videos eversince Rich’s first, and I’m not sure yet. It’s doubtful content at best. Especially the humor. Doubtful at best. Be aware.
Bryan Clifton
Bryan Clifton Månad sedan
wow an ad I couldn't skip
shawn cell
shawn cell Månad sedan
was expecting a 3 phase motor and controller, but still fun to watch .
Stephen Stanton
Stephen Stanton Månad sedan
The level of commitment to the writing in this video opener is absolutely amazing.
JoMiTo83 Månad sedan
Rich: I’m on a budget Tesla fan boy: F your budget, put the world’s best battery in D**** Rich: you don’t even own a Tesla because of the cost Tesla fan boy: you hate Tesla for saying that
Adrian Chan
Adrian Chan Månad sedan
Good news, Rich! China is going from the 1 child to the 2 child policy!
Wolfstein Gaming
Wolfstein Gaming Månad sedan
You went full nerd on this it would be quite the good idea if you share your ideas in full engineering detail on a blog and keep the videos simple? Just a suggestion for better documentation!
Daniel Gil
Daniel Gil Månad sedan
Where is the new video man?
Abraham Abraham
Abraham Abraham Månad sedan
Best Segway
Short Vidz motivational songs
Short Vidz motivational songs Månad sedan
So no video today
Name Withheld
Name Withheld Månad sedan
If ghosts float, but they have no mass... How is Earth's gravity holding them down?
conundrum conundrum
conundrum conundrum Månad sedan
I was going to suggest checking the continuity of your pot wire with a multimeter.
Jez32 Månad sedan
Best VPN ad ever!!!
BlackIce504 Månad sedan
why not make a batt pack where the fuel tank used to be as we;;? well I do remember you saying you wanted one spot.
Something's Fishy
Something's Fishy Månad sedan
Will this be street legal? Don't you have to homologate it or something? I mean it's an ev conversion, here in spain it's impossible, do you guys now any good place for this kind of stuff? Apart from russia.
J E Månad sedan
hey rich thanks for doing what you do for right to repair
Lecktroe Månad sedan
The only channel were im excited to learn about random EV stuff and watch paid for promotional loot.
Matt W
Matt W Månad sedan
Ahahahahaha the Ad!! Good video and content but.. Surfshark.. omg.. ahhahaahhaa
ian evenknowit
ian evenknowit Månad sedan
You should build a 3d printed life size power wheels
trbdann2 Månad sedan
2:55 the tabs 😂👏
Robert Woz
Robert Woz Månad sedan
I just subbed. Thanks for doing the coolest work ever. Awesome channel 👊💯
Mr.Sandman Månad sedan
I already got a VPN but i might just buy fatshark cause of that fucking ad. amazing
Albert Baaren
Albert Baaren Månad sedan
you still got prepacked banana's xD? there... lame lol
DJ Gains Bond
DJ Gains Bond Månad sedan
A new white dad in no time 🤣🤣🤣
Jordan Bronson
Jordan Bronson Månad sedan
Yea, imagine us with Black Dads right? Poor, broke, left us with our mom, always pimping and selling drugs! LOL
Kambomir Månad sedan
I don't know how much you got, but I don't think surfshark is paying you enough for an add of this quality.
Arnold Navarro
Arnold Navarro Månad sedan
Hey rich what did you do with the 12v battery comparment, was there anyway to put a leaf battery in there or could you add wiring ? or cut it out to save weight?
Robert Barnes
Robert Barnes Månad sedan
Anthony Rasat
Anthony Rasat Månad sedan
Honest question. How do you intend to waterproof that DC motor?
Call.Me.Daddy Månad sedan
Thanks Rich...the world is a better place with you in it. You're saving our planet.
Raxy Benex
Raxy Benex Månad sedan
Brilliant intro with the sponsors, you've put great effort in making if funny and keep us engaged! We miss leenda, the actress, is she a friend of you daughter Richard ?
Kathryn Dudley
Kathryn Dudley Månad sedan
You're funny. Would you ever write a book?
Gamer Therapy: Console Yourself
Gamer Therapy: Console Yourself Månad sedan
Literally the BEST sponsor ad I've ever seen. That was HILARIOUS.
idemchuk0506 Månad sedan
This man is too funny
Brian Borkowski
Brian Borkowski Månad sedan
Been watching you since 100 K subs. Still naturally entertaining and educational. IF you want to hit 1 million easy, convert a small RV (class B or C or van) to fully electric. People gobble that shit up. RV conversions always have several hundred thousand followers so BOOM, there you go, 1 million subs easy
username2letsgooo Månad sedan
omg youtube unsubscribed me now i know its real
username2letsgooo Månad sedan
but i subscribed again
Imagining Is True
Imagining Is True Månad sedan
There is no leg room for rear passangers anyway, so remove those seats and place batteries there. In worst of scenario that pile gonna fall on smbodys neck!
Imagining Is True
Imagining Is True Månad sedan
It'll add low gravity, like your lovely assistant as a co-driver, if you know what I mean ;)
Mexmex1975 Månad sedan
What about A/C? Cold air
Kid Chupacabra
Kid Chupacabra Månad sedan
that ad was insane lmao
boummalol Månad sedan
Hey Rich you should upgrade your suspension too
Leak Plug
Leak Plug Månad sedan
best ad award
Jim Spier
Jim Spier Månad sedan
Wow great tutorial, Rich!! I'm very impressed with the video and content quality!! BTW, I had to LMAO when I noticed error code 1232 "This should never happen..." on the Zilla controller!
Watzetzface Månad sedan
At least you'll be making money off Electrified Gerage. . . I mean, you should be making money off that by now. . . You know, cause of all your experience.
863 Music
863 Music Månad sedan
The most well put together ad I’ve ever seen😂😂😂😂
Carl Martin
Carl Martin Månad sedan
Great to c u have grinder jus like the rest of us😂😂love the channel mate thanks mate👍
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu Månad sedan
Dean Thompson
Dean Thompson Månad sedan
21:40 So Rich, you basically replaced the colour (correct spelling for Australia) coded wiring with a system where all the wires are the same colour just so it's easy to diagnose any problems down the track...
Derrick Jones
Derrick Jones Månad sedan
Very impressive cuz..
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