Please Get This Girl Off My Timeline

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Eddy Burback

2 år sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 år sedan
merch links are in the description and if you don’t want know i carry, right?
Eleazar Quezada
Eleazar Quezada 28 dagar sedan
sweatybird 2 månader sedan
Oh I feel .......
Franco Herrera
Franco Herrera 2 månader sedan
Keep crying beta boy
Shugah Ca!n
Shugah Ca!n 3 månader sedan
EdDy cAn U pLz GeT POliTicaL
Carol S
Carol S 3 månader sedan
@Mourn You are correct in say it that the Left is lacking all virtue. To them, an informative discussion consists of mocking and name calling. Often escalating to destroying people's livelihood, who disagree with them. Even more disturbing, they consider themselves highly informed, morally superior...exceedingly clever. So basically, you have morons who think they're intellectuals, because the corrupted public schools call them "Scholars", for counting to 5. Whereas, a truly virtuous person would refrain from derision. Also, an intellectual knows how much more there is to know.
Hayden G.
Hayden G. Timme sedan
A thing about concealed carrying is to keep it concealed and not go around screaming “I CaRrY.”
Hayden G.
Hayden G. Timme sedan
I love guns, and have a lot of them. The only thing that I have posted on social media about it was a SEpost video of me being at a gun range and another guy shooting a tub of tannerite. (No clue how to spell it.)
Steve Canterbury
Steve Canterbury 3 timmar sedan
Gun girl looks West Virginia basketball coach Bob Huggins.
michael may
michael may 9 timmar sedan
This is weak sound envivous.
Hollow Cup
Hollow Cup 7 timmar sedan
It is comedy, don't be triggered about literally everything.
spando dongdee
spando dongdee 15 timmar sedan
She’s like an actual Nazi too. Not over exaggerating or anything.
Someone Anonime
Someone Anonime Dag sedan
She seems like she has narcissistic personality disorder
cottoneyejoe777 Dag sedan
Eddys ads are so perfectly timed
Vibes of Sasha
Vibes of Sasha Dag sedan
Kent State?? As in the Kent State that experienced like one of the first school shootings??? I thought it was stupid of her before, but knowing the actual school is unbelievable
Brody Deane
Brody Deane Dag sedan
Dude me to everyone this year I don’t want to talk about it
frig' off Ricky
frig' off Ricky Dag sedan
Trump 2020
Earth 14 Rocco
Earth 14 Rocco 2 dagar sedan
Fa the longest I thought he was whispering "c*nt grl" cuz I mean... that also kinda makes sense, or am I wrong?... I'm wrong aren't i....
Tylrdurdn99 2 dagar sedan
I know at this point even gun girl is a dead meme but I didn’t realize she was going around provoking people and then threatening them xD sooo of course there’s a petition to the Ohio attorney general to get her license revoked, which. I think is fair. Let’s do it guys? Let’s take away gun girls guns since she doesn’t seem to understand that this is a lethal weapon not a flex tool???
Someone Random
Someone Random 2 dagar sedan
This is the reason why i become a hitman
Icie Holliday
Icie Holliday 2 dagar sedan
“You’re fat” “What did you just say to me?” “You know I carry right?” Does this bitch have friends because I KNOW she mentally abuses the fuck out of them. Holy shit
TripleB 3 dagar sedan
Pro Tip: with the mic in her right hand (which she shoots with) her reaction will be slowed, therefore, one good punch to the lower jaw and she'll drop before she can draw what she's carrying :)
Mason Knapp
Mason Knapp 3 dagar sedan
I hope those slugs come down and get lodged in a crania
Yeeteth Deleteth
Yeeteth Deleteth 4 dagar sedan
She has guns, but not a Southern accent. Somethin ain’t adding up!
d man
d man 5 dagar sedan
Jesus H Cripes you are an idiot, you should have stopped after "I don't want to do it"....I cant believe this moron has 716K subscribers??!!! You could learn so much from this young lady and maybe save your life someday. Obviously you never watched any of her videos because the crazy fucking left threaten to kill her most of the time. But I guess that's ok with you seeing as though you spend most of your time in your moms basement.
Hollow Cup
Hollow Cup 7 timmar sedan
Shut up snowflake. This bitch is annoying.
Alfie Bayliss
Alfie Bayliss 2 dagar sedan
Gregory Hamilton
Gregory Hamilton 6 dagar sedan
The red wave was her starting a forest 🌳 fire 🔥
Guillermo Luis Ortiz Vsrgas
Guillermo Luis Ortiz Vsrgas 6 dagar sedan
She's using a 410 not even 20 gauge 😆
A. M.
A. M. 6 dagar sedan
The whole video is biased.
A. M.
A. M. 5 timmar sedan
@Hollow Cup I don’t listen to Fox News.
A. M.
A. M. 5 timmar sedan
@Hollow Cup I don’t listen to Fox News.
Hollow Cup
Hollow Cup 7 timmar sedan
​@A. M. That is a lot of sweeping generalizations.
Hollow Cup
Hollow Cup 7 timmar sedan
As if you ever give a shit about bias. Crawl back to fox news.
Evan Cooley
Evan Cooley 3 dagar sedan
@A. M. bro idc about politics at all. It ruins friendship for nothing. I was just saying what she is doing is trying to intentionally piss people off and it’s funny to see her get roasted. I respect your political beliefs and that’s not me tho homie
Kaden Hicks
Kaden Hicks 6 dagar sedan
I’m an American gun lover and I fucking hate her. She goes from 1 to a 10 so quick and just makes people mad.
Evan Cooley
Evan Cooley 4 dagar sedan
Kaden Hicks of course bro. Now we all just gotta hope and pray for an end to this madness with COVID. Hope you are doin well during all this craziness
Kaden Hicks
Kaden Hicks 4 dagar sedan
@Evan Cooley thanks man I needed that right now
Evan Cooley
Evan Cooley 4 dagar sedan
You are a good person. There is hope in the world because of people like you. People are blasting Eddy for calling her on her bs.
An Innocent Mannerism
An Innocent Mannerism 7 dagar sedan
Going to Kent State in disguise is the absolute pinnacle of the "I peaked in high school" vibe
JoeRoe2020 7 dagar sedan
Red wave this November? (2018) Lol, that line didn’t age well!
Suranjana Chatterjee
Suranjana Chatterjee 7 dagar sedan
She shot pumpkins with feminism and rape aligations written on?
ab cd
ab cd 8 dagar sedan
Who are you n your not popular
UwUthinize EverOwOne
UwUthinize EverOwOne 8 dagar sedan
The shotguns pretty dope. Then again it's kinda hard to make a shotgun not cool.
JustPollo 8 dagar sedan
what a soy boy 🤣🤣🤣
bingo_fuel 9 dagar sedan
Kaitlin Bennet is kinda cringe but not more cringe than being a bleeding heart left winger lmao🤣 imagine thinking voting for Joe Biden, the media pick for president, the definition of an establishment politician, is a vote for any sort of change or revolution🤣
Hollow Cup
Hollow Cup 7 timmar sedan
Stop defending trump, have some respect for the 200,000+ that have died because of his absolute incompetence.
awesomedogg 9 dagar sedan
Kaitlin Bennet 2024!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alastor But with a gun
Alastor But with a gun 8 dagar sedan
AussieBlokeGordo 9 dagar sedan
The fact that youtube will demonitize you for saying "Gun girl" doesn't upset you, but a law abiding citizen owning guns is a problem for you says a LOT about you're stupidity
Hollow Cup
Hollow Cup 7 timmar sedan
Are you braindead? He was clearly talking about her obnoxious behavior.
Alastor But with a gun
Alastor But with a gun 8 dagar sedan
she's literally threatening people with her gun..
Riley Adkins
Riley Adkins 9 dagar sedan
69th amendment dude, godammit Eddie that was a gimmie. Love you.
Helen Webster
Helen Webster 10 dagar sedan
Wow...that girl is spectacularly dumb! How did Darwin’s theory not prevent her from happening???
Yasaman Mostafavi
Yasaman Mostafavi 10 dagar sedan
I cringed so hard I had to stop the video, im so sorry.
E. Ray Sirhead
E. Ray Sirhead 10 dagar sedan
unsubbed. your channel sucks anyway, you drop a video like every 3 months.
Hollow Cup
Hollow Cup 7 timmar sedan
You are the type that thinks rick and morty is for "Intellectuals".
Samuel Tukua
Samuel Tukua 7 dagar sedan
@E. Ray Sirhead I actually laughed out loud reading this r/iamverysmart response
E. Ray Sirhead
E. Ray Sirhead 8 dagar sedan
Goodbye, sheep. Good luck in the coming years. You're going to need it.
Alastor But with a gun
Alastor But with a gun 8 dagar sedan
okay, bye.
Samuel Tukua
Samuel Tukua 10 dagar sedan
bye, thanks for signing the guestbook
CleanestHawk 10 dagar sedan
BooBoo bennett
Shelby Grice
Shelby Grice 11 dagar sedan
my favorite thing about these kinds of people is that fake r*pe allegations are apparently much worse to them than actual r*pe
Blu Spade
Blu Spade 11 dagar sedan
She's so smug, she thinks like she's the big kid on the block when she's just being a jerk to people with opposing opinions.
Gen Z Perspective
Gen Z Perspective 11 dagar sedan
Alastor But with a gun
Alastor But with a gun 7 dagar sedan
@Gen Z Perspective alright, then i agree
Gen Z Perspective
Gen Z Perspective 8 dagar sedan
@Alastor But with a gun obviously kaitlyn
Alastor But with a gun
Alastor But with a gun 8 dagar sedan
eddy or kaitlyn?
Bre7t 11 dagar sedan
Jasper Stevens
Jasper Stevens 11 dagar sedan
She has a video of her on my college campus trying to get people to say transphobic shit and no body cares it makes me so happy "Do you think we should put tampons + pads in the mens restroom for men with periods?" "Sure! I think it's a great idea to include others and it literally doesn't affect me so why wouldnt they" or "i don't care but I'm not going to oppose something that doesn't change anything for me about using the bathroom. Everyones just trying to shit or piss man"
Kimikim Inurface
Kimikim Inurface 11 dagar sedan
I Love the fact she doesn't give zero effs what all the individuals in these comments think ... I notice this video of Kaitlin has nearly 2 mil views , far more than any if this dudes other posts .... pandering !
Evan Goff
Evan Goff 12 dagar sedan
I appreciate Eddy just going over how cringe this is regardless of the political content.
That one guy
That one guy 12 dagar sedan
I wonder how she would feel if she finally got shot
Unknown Gamer 2070
Unknown Gamer 2070 12 dagar sedan
She has the right to guns leave her alone she can do what she wants with her life her body her choice that’s what it’s all about right?
Hollow Cup
Hollow Cup 7 timmar sedan
God I hate how people like you shamelessly use "my body my choice" when it is convinient to you, never when it is actually relevant.
Alastor But with a gun
Alastor But with a gun 8 dagar sedan
she doesn't let other people do what they want, she threatens people with her gun, she doesn't support other peoples choices, she doesn't leave people alone, so why should we?
I got mynigga pass from affirmative action
I got mynigga pass from affirmative action 12 dagar sedan
so are you like Americanaphoibic because the mere sight of something American in your own worlds "just isnt cool and something you can reapect"
Hollow Cup
Hollow Cup 7 timmar sedan
A racist degenerate like you is a lot more unamerican than Eddy. Stop pretending like some lifeless bimbo with guns is somehow representative of america itself. And if all of this is actually true, maybe america is not as perfect as you think it is.
chris 12 dagar sedan
_"fighting the SJWs until their words hurt me."_ oh the irony lmao
Spoops Red Panda
Spoops Red Panda 13 dagar sedan
Yo @jammidodger where you at
T-51b Power Armor
T-51b Power Armor 13 dagar sedan
Eddy 2024? I’d say yeah
xxxjayceexxx Destiny
xxxjayceexxx Destiny 13 dagar sedan
this a fcking beta male if i ever seen 1
Hollow Cup
Hollow Cup 7 timmar sedan
Look who's talking.
- Swoosh -
- Swoosh - 13 dagar sedan
7:43. Smart Social Mfs
Blank Name
Blank Name 14 dagar sedan
Yup she carries a load in her pants.
Milk •-•
Milk •-• 14 dagar sedan
Us curly haired girls don’t claim her.
luk peluk
luk peluk 15 dagar sedan
oh god its poop pants bennet
JoJoNerdz 15 dagar sedan
People like her are exactly the sort of mentality that is driving a wedge between the left and right. There is a difference between making a joke or opinion and pissing people off for the sake of attention. At least both sides can laugh at her together...
Savannah Whalen
Savannah Whalen 15 dagar sedan
Imagine toting guns everywhere you go, and still being the biggest dork in the room.
Samuel Tukua
Samuel Tukua 10 dagar sedan
This comment is underappreciated so here I am giving it more appreciation
Manea Alexandru
Manea Alexandru 16 dagar sedan
I hope she knows that its not self defense when you shoot someone after you yourself generated the conflict
Peter Howley
Peter Howley 17 dagar sedan
Anyone that fires live bullets into the air loses my respect immediately. If you fire a live bullet into the air you don’t deserve your fucking gun let alone your freedom for recklessly endangering those around you.
No u leave me alone TWO
No u leave me alone TWO 17 dagar sedan
Chebic 17 dagar sedan
Make this girl fat and then she’s just the most stereotypical American ever.
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert 17 dagar sedan
This is the chic who shat herself. She also lacks self-awareness.
Alyn Sterner
Alyn Sterner 17 dagar sedan
Edie: IDC if you are a socialist or not (I am) I love your anti annoying people stance!!! I also am anti annoying people!
GooseMan69 420
GooseMan69 420 17 dagar sedan
She's a literal mask off nazi
MrFrigginAwsome 18 dagar sedan
She pooped herself at a party google it
james Gonzales
james Gonzales 18 dagar sedan
I believe in the second amendment, but this is a little to far.
Camel Or caramel
Camel Or caramel 18 dagar sedan
Demobilization ASMR
DecTechProductions 18 dagar sedan
If you wanna talk politics, then talk, why do you need to name call and bully. This happens on both sides of the political system and it’s so scuffed. Blind allegiance is not politics, if you wanna be political, then be political in the sense that you want to sit down with someone and discuss, not just try and pound your ideas and thoughts into others. Seeing people who do this kind of stuff sucks, thank you Eddy for pointing out the exact example of what not to be, I know you don’t wanna be political, but this helps a lot, hopefully more open minded people can come from learning from this video.
UsagiAzul 18 dagar sedan
2:22 Says the naughty word at regular speaking volume
Anna Domingo
Anna Domingo 18 dagar sedan
Man kinda wish he mentioned how she shat herself that one time because that's literally how I know her. Shit first, guns after.
Anecko 19 dagar sedan
Have you ever sat down and watched one of her videos?
Chris Groves
Chris Groves 18 dagar sedan
Yes. And it was a dose of deep fried autism.
FrancisOf TheFilth
FrancisOf TheFilth 19 dagar sedan
Whenever I see someone with lots of guns or someone who carries for basically no reason. Just makes me think they are pussies who are afraid constantly. Probably can't fight so they just shoot
Chris Groves
Chris Groves 18 dagar sedan
That's true more often than not. If you need a weapon to feel like a man? Then you aren't a man.
n3trunn3r 0racl3
n3trunn3r 0racl3 19 dagar sedan
the legend of miss shits-her-pants
Matt Stebbins
Matt Stebbins 19 dagar sedan
She shat her pants
ITCJon 19 dagar sedan
This girl is famous for shitting her pants at a frat party in college.
NotAVeryGoodNickname 19 dagar sedan
Pumpkin lives matter
B BOI 19 dagar sedan
I think her shooting the gun into the sky looked kinda cool
Hollow Cup
Hollow Cup 7 timmar sedan
Dude, how is that even a thing a human being can say? That shit is dangerous, it doesn't matter if it looks cool.
man man
man man 15 dagar sedan
choodle 19 dagar sedan
poo poo benette? edit: poo poo benette.
Anthony Bado
Anthony Bado 20 dagar sedan
Why use a shotgun for something that far away? She should have used a rifle, smh.
The prince of fools
The prince of fools 20 dagar sedan
Don’t carry guns Especially don’t carry assault rifles Especially especially don’t carry assault rifles to school Especially especially especially don’t carry assault rifles to school graduation Especially especially especially especially don’t carry assault rifles to school graduation at a SCHOOL THAT HAS ALREADY HAD A MASSIVE SCHOOL SHOOTING YOU FUCKING PSYCHOPATH!
Evan Eslava
Evan Eslava 20 dagar sedan
she brought it to take photos because she was not able Cary arms at school and she was raped
Evan Eslava
Evan Eslava 20 dagar sedan
fake news
Hollow Cup
Hollow Cup 7 timmar sedan
Everything is fake news to a clown like you.
17 Tacos
17 Tacos 20 dagar sedan
I am a youtuber soooooo
17 Tacos
17 Tacos 20 dagar sedan
Gabriel Lima
Gabriel Lima 20 dagar sedan
about the milk thing it happened in Brazil, Im brazilian btw, that some people allied with the president made an announcement with glasses of milk in their table and a whole setting that was pretty much a copy of nazi propaganda, and they did use this kind of symbols. sounds creepy but, they are nazis...
Gorilla UMP
Gorilla UMP 20 dagar sedan
I'm a concealed permit holder, as a permit holder I 100% BY LAW CAN NOT INITIATE A CONFRONTATION THEN SAY " I'm carrying a gun" that is personal threat with a deadly weapon and totally illegal. If she understood her responsibility as a permit holder she would know the only time you can use that weapon is if the holders life is in imminent danger, then convince a judge 100% you did the right thing. Also, if she makes that comment to another concealed permit holder she literally just initiated a very real possible gun fight.
Tony D'Annunzio
Tony D'Annunzio 20 dagar sedan
Why is he obsessed with knees
Amelia Dior
Amelia Dior 21 dag sedan
Didn’t she also do an extremely insensitive survey about transgender bathroom use , or was that another idiot ?
LETHAL MEMES 21 dag sedan
She unironically wrote tweets advocating for a Trump dictatorship. Poo Poo Bennett is a straight up fascist.
Tessa Smith
Tessa Smith 21 dag sedan
Delete your fucking page
Hollow Cup
Hollow Cup 7 timmar sedan
This isn't her page, bud.
Justin Bang
Justin Bang 21 dag sedan
You want her off your timeline but you make a video based on her. This is social media in a nutshell. Destroying how humans communicate normally everyday. Watch Social Dilemma on Netflix if you are unaware of the dangers of social media.
jim love
jim love 21 dag sedan
Eddie, you’re about the biggest snowflakes I’ve ever seen in my life I tried to watch it couldn’t do it sorry buddy.
Tired Patriot
Tired Patriot 21 dag sedan
Halarious you made this a year ago and shes famous and rich and.... your still in a shitty apartment making vids lol.
Hollow Cup
Hollow Cup 7 timmar sedan
Type correctly, you troglodyte. Also, so what if she is "famous and rich"? Your points are not more valid just because you happen to be more famous or rih.
Idollize 15 dagar sedan
Tired Patriot yeah man, autocorrect :(
Tired Patriot
Tired Patriot 15 dagar sedan
@Idollize shit.
Idollize 15 dagar sedan
Your profile picture is the funniest shit I’ve ever seen.
matttmoreno69 22 dagar sedan
Are you afraid of guns?
Stephen Faherty
Stephen Faherty 22 dagar sedan
She and her ilk have equivalents in the Middle East who fire guns in the air while shouting Allahu Akbar
Geoffrey Darcy
Geoffrey Darcy 22 dagar sedan
She's a - "walking Sarah Palin abortion."
Julius Bonner
Julius Bonner 22 dagar sedan
Do you understand that other people do this online and get applaud for it but when she do it y'all don't like it how stupid. Also there is channels that shoot watermelons and show off guns and do stuff with them. So shutup and don't hate just because she show off her guns. She is well protected if anyone tries to hurt her. I am not feminist I am a 12 yo boy and I stand with her and fund the police , feminist duck and BLM suck .
Grench329 22 dagar sedan
I get in trouble for having a bottle opener in school by accident, but this dangerous fuck is allowed to buy Dragonfire shells? (Those were the firework looking shotgun blasts)
tmantx 10
tmantx 10 23 dagar sedan
Her lack of trigger discipline is gross
Nonya B
Nonya B 24 dagar sedan
This girl WILL have her own show on Fox News in the next decade.
Hal J Smokes
Hal J Smokes 24 dagar sedan
beth 9891
beth 9891 24 dagar sedan
Lol she's acting like people are stupid for not recognizing her. Defn an attention seeker.
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