Piers Morgan joins 'Tucker Carlson Today' for first interview since 'cancelation' | Preview

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Former 'Good Morning Britain' host accuses Duchess of Sussex of stifling his right to free speech. #FoxNews #Tucker
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צייטלאריאל PEARLMAN
צייטלאריאל PEARLMAN 2 minuter sedan
Well said !! Mr Morgan 👍👍❤️❤️🇬🇧🇬🇧
MrMuis06 32 minuter sedan
If you call someone a liar without proof or evidence, that is slander and defamation. Mehgan and Harry should sue Pierce.
Paul Keogh
Paul Keogh Timme sedan
The Duke an Duchess of WOKE, I wish I was as victimised as they are. I happily jet around the world being fawned over when I wasn’t ensconced in an $11 million mansion. Preaching about white privilege and hand wringing over carbon emissions before getting into my 6.5 litre limousine.
Surf dude
Surf dude Timme sedan
Morgan Protecting free speech but shuts down anyone who questions the cv lie, what a complete bunch of fake duality muppets
Matthew Daisley
Matthew Daisley 3 timmar sedan
Piers Morgan would have happily helped to get people sacked before now, hes a complete worm of a guy. He’d argue against freedom of speech if he thought it was the popular opinion. Loser
injahnet 3 timmar sedan
He was not forced off. He got up and walked off and then resigned. He was not willing to accept freedom of someone criticizing him.
Karris James
Karris James 3 timmar sedan
😂😂... She wouldn’t sleep with you get over it
Chris Newport
Chris Newport 4 timmar sedan
If biden’s crowd continues to violate Constitution, its time to force them out- one way or another.
Jay Burris
Jay Burris 5 timmar sedan
There is no such thing as freedom of speech anywhere but the USA.
m black
m black 33 minuter sedan
Correct my country the UK created it, but now we have lost it.
Manny Calavero
Manny Calavero 7 timmar sedan
A bully calling others bullies 😂
Jj Hammer
Jj Hammer 7 timmar sedan
If you and the rest of the media stopped giving them attention they will go away
Kimmi Boss
Kimmi Boss 8 timmar sedan
First time I’ve ever watched Fox News. MM so many easily disproved lies. She doesn’t talk about Harry’s millions from Diana that could be used for security? How many private jet holidays were paid by the tax payer and the environment??? She had the best doctors and her mum is a psychiatrist?? Try having red hair in the family, it’s everyone’s focus, ooo wonder if he’ll get the red hair??? She wants to have royal titles that don’t apply to her. You can tell a person by the way they treat their family.
S 9 timmar sedan
Piers is literally one of the creators of Cancel Culture 😂 I completely agree with everything he said in this interview, but let's not pretend he didn't go out of his way to cancel others who he didn't agree with.
Stalker Buts
Stalker Buts 9 timmar sedan
Well said
bb89670 10 timmar sedan
I believe you, Piers. A lot of people do. She lied about being pregnant.
k rajic
k rajic 11 timmar sedan
PIERS M. should have no regrets at all. Thnx for letting us leave a comment. PM is not a racist; quite the contrary. Look in the mirror Oprah/ Megan. I realize how life is. TU, peace out my friends. LU!
______ 12 timmar sedan
fox ruined itself so hard it needs to separate tuck shows to try to keep what's left of its audience.
Home Made Aquaria
Home Made Aquaria 14 timmar sedan
Idiot! So he goes on.........FOX to let out his butt hurt!!! LMAO....CREDIBLE THEN!
fuzymunk 14 timmar sedan
I agree with very little that Piers Morgan has to say. This isn't one of them. He's completely within his rights to speak his mind, period. I don't have to like it, but I'll defend it.
vida pdl
vida pdl 15 timmar sedan
Very much agreed to Piers Morgan!
M A 15 timmar sedan
If Morgan really liked free speech so much, why did he walk off the set when his co-host wanted to speak? What a Hypocrite.
Krispy Skins
Krispy Skins 16 timmar sedan
Tucker and piers should set up their own media outlet.
Zia Camp
Zia Camp 17 timmar sedan
Zia Camp
Zia Camp 17 timmar sedan
Pearce, sucks!!
baksteen2007 17 timmar sedan
you are just confused about who to promote to pay your salary? coz yes pal..... it is very difficult to find the or hone in on the right benefactor these days right?!
Vegar Sandstrak
Vegar Sandstrak 18 timmar sedan
Two clowns…😂
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown 18 timmar sedan
Piers Morgan and Tucker Carlson. Might as well have Fred and Barney on instead
winfrank1 19 timmar sedan
All this so they don't talk about prince Andrew and Jeff wake up sheepeople😀
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 19 timmar sedan
I should be allowed to bully someone endlessly because you snubbed my friendship bababababababa
oldroanio 20 timmar sedan
He protecc, but he also attac; he want his six figure salary back.....
petaca rimmer
petaca rimmer 20 timmar sedan
Poor 👮‍♂️
Kenzii Kenzii
Kenzii Kenzii 20 timmar sedan
Im with Piers, shes a destructive nasty spiteful vicious selfish person,.
jim freeth
jim freeth 21 timme sedan
Piers is talking waffle He gave no one center or right a voice without butting in or cutting them off. He also tried to come with that BS about DT injecting bleach piers was becoming woke and it bit him on the backside. And as for them 3 over privileged Herberts in that interview what a joke.
Juju D
Juju D 22 timmar sedan
Why don’t you go after everyone involved legally! It is freedom of speech and they are violating your rights. This is a clear example of how far our world is willing to go to keep people from utilizing their freedom of speech. You should do what she does threaten to sue for your rights being violated. I hate to say it pierce you are fighting harder for the royals than they are for you. The royals need to support you by getting rid of them
Gizzard puke
Gizzard puke 23 timmar sedan
It seems that the woke don't understand what racism means. Maybe they are to thick to understand 🤔.
Lana Wana
Lana Wana 23 timmar sedan
Piers helped create this nonsense though
X-Julie-X Dag sedan
Now you know a tiny snippet of what Tommy Robinson, his wife and kids have to deal with. The media and establishment have vilified him as a racist, he has black and Asian mates who he’s grown up with, there’s nothing out there that’s not clipped n made up to prove he is, I’ve met him many times, such a lovely decent bloke who speaks out about radical Islamists who blow up our children.
Ashley Ritchie
Ashley Ritchie Dag sedan
Well done Piers...
Thaumaturge IsHere
Thaumaturge IsHere Dag sedan
The only fake on this show is the lie peddling, right-wing populist and racist Carlson. If Piers is not a racist then what is he doing on a racist show? He does not even acknowledge Megan's formal married status. And then, to brag about writing for the Daily Mail and then to quote Churchill (an acknowledged eugenicist) really does prove his dodgy racialist credentials.
Stephen M
Stephen M Dag sedan
What I would give to have a do-over of that H&M Oprah facilitated 2 hour statement carried out by Piers!
Eric Mead
Eric Mead Dag sedan
Man, that Piers Morgan sure can babble on, can't she?!?
Pedro Carlos
Pedro Carlos Dag sedan
Sorry man you are a racist lol
Lance Alot
Lance Alot Dag sedan
So you have a pair of millionaires and a billionaire telling us all how oppressed they are, Morgan calls them out and he is the liar, mmmmmmm
john Dag sedan
piers talking about himself again whining like a child appearing on "fox"entertainment.yawwn
margaret mulheron
margaret mulheron Dag sedan
Piers all the way
Rock Hard
Rock Hard Dag sedan
Put this man in jail
Mr Anonymous
Mr Anonymous Dag sedan
I've stopped watching GMB & gone back to BBC now Piers has gone
Wanda Greene
Wanda Greene Dag sedan
Free speech, as long as you get your own way, as long as people agree with you. Yeah, Ok🤔
Peter Vice
Peter Vice Dag sedan
Your mouth is too big for your boots
R2DTuck Dag sedan
So Piers isn't editor at large at the daily mail, he got sacked for a) printing things he knew weren't true, including fake iraqi torture pictures and; b) his involvement in a phone hacking scandal that invaded the privacy of multiple celebrities and then lying about his involvement. The man has no credibility to give his opinion on anything.
Troy Lewis
Troy Lewis Dag sedan
dont bad mouth the royals simple! Fox News flapping lips about things they have no comprehension of as usual. Nothing to do with free speech and all to do with a man who thinks he is bigger than the establishment.
Ernest Sanchez
Ernest Sanchez Dag sedan
Good thing piers Morgan is gone he’s been rekt by every one and still won’t shut up
*"US Officials Ask How ISIS Got So Many Toyota Trucks* *Scores of Toyota pickups seen in terror videos to dismay of Iraqi officials.* By MATTHEW MOSK, BRIAN ROSS and ALEX HOSENBALL October 6, 2015, 12:43 PM ET *Officials: How Did ISIS Get So Many Toyotas? Rugged trucks, SUVs appear in droves in ISIS videos.Obtained by ABC News* *U.S. counter-terror officials have asked Toyota, the world’s second largest auto maker, to help them determine how ISIS has managed to acquire the large number of Toyota pick-up trucks and SUVs seen prominently in the terror group’s propaganda videos in Iraq, Syria and Libya, ABC News has learned.* *Toyota says it does not know how ISIS obtained the vehicles and is “supporting” the inquiry led by the Terror Financing unit of the Treasury Department -- part of a broad U.S. effort to prevent Western-made goods from ending up in the hands of the terror group.* -abc *Rihanna is dating Hassan Jameel, heir of Saudi Arabia Toyota dealership* *Popular singer Rihanna's boyfriend is none other than the heir of Saudi Arabia's Toyota dealership.* The two have apparently been dating since January, and have tried their best to keep the relationship away from the media. By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | June 29, 2017 5:15:02 pm *Abdul Latif Jameel was founded in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in 1945[1] by Sheikh Abdul Latif Jameel. It became a Toyota distributor in the Kingdom in 1955,[3] a position it has retained till today.*-wikipedia
Ros Direct
Ros Direct Dag sedan
Everyone saying their own truth so far. This is as usual dramas they want normal people to keep watching and keep talking about.
tanya warner9
tanya warner9 Dag sedan
Nasty man no respect for woman either id never watch him again
e-zeeTV Dag sedan
She isn't a fake duchess, she is a actual duchess.
ciscokid0110 Dag sedan
This is so true!
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Dag sedan
i think part of what makes me get onboard with Piers is just simply that he speaks so well. whatever you call it he technically and ,grammatically communicates very well.
Cheryl in the flesh
Cheryl in the flesh Dag sedan
Piers Morgan and Meghan Markle were clearly in a relationship and she dumped him. He has never gotten over the fact that even at his level she returned the Piers Goods back to the store. Used goods. Boring!! Even the American host is thinking how long is this going to air for? at 3:14 he is looking at Piers thinking shut the F up!
Vaipercoatl Ilhuicamina
Vaipercoatl Ilhuicamina Dag sedan
Oh look! Dumb and Dumber are on Fox News!
Liquid Mike
Liquid Mike Dag sedan
I never liked Piers, but I'm 100% on his side in this matter
Linda Roland
Linda Roland Dag sedan
Although I believe Meghan and Harry in a lot of what they say, I do completely support Piers Morgan in his right not to believe them. It’s called freedom of speech! Additionally, just because he doesn’t believe Meghan, in particular, that does not make him a racist. Again, although I don’t agree with what he said, I’m glad that he stood up for what he believes in and that he did not apologize.
Joe Tamburello
Joe Tamburello Dag sedan
It’s amazing that a third rate actress like markle has this much power
keith campbell
keith campbell Dag sedan
Now peirce is sounding like a conservative....go figure. They toss him to the wolves and he comes crying to us....
Rosa Dag sedan
GMB video views with Piers in the thumbnail - 11 million views GMB video views about something completely irrelevant after Piers leaves - less than 50k views
Adam Richards
Adam Richards Dag sedan
Piers didn’t get fired, he quit. No cancellation here.
Adam Richards
Adam Richards Dag sedan
I’m not on tv, is that against my right for free speech?
USURPER biden is Guilty of Treason
USURPER biden is Guilty of Treason Dag sedan
Piers is "worth reading".... Is this a sick late April fools joke? I've lost a ton of respect for you now Tucker. Please don't go the way of EVERY other msm host, CORRUPTED. Your the last one that has ANY assemblance of truth and you should have known that this man is absolutely terrible, he is the British male version of Megan Kelly, they just switch their 'values' & 'opinions' on the drop of a dime when it suits them, they are amoral, greedy and NOT TO BE TRUSTED.
Ketsia Aman
Ketsia Aman Dag sedan
Everyone should have a freedom of speech
bondoly66 Dag sedan
Not a fan of Piers but support him 100%.
l m
l m Dag sedan
Sally Campbell
Sally Campbell Dag sedan
Honestly I really don’t care about any of the royal families..I don’t wish Ill but I don’t think about until something like this comes up
William Regal
William Regal Dag sedan
He wasn’t forced off the air you utter fools. He got offended at someone taking issue with his statements and left the show on air.
Mike Black
Mike Black Dag sedan
Let’s get more race baiting. After all, no one on the left ever neglects an opportunity to throw out racism. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but there’s stupid people all around us. They’re not the norm. Coincidentally a lot of the stupid people sit at “” Quote” News desks, which are opinion shows, which are activists. Bone density is the least of your problems lady. Go home look at this report and see who you might be benefiting. When you realize it’s a clown show you do for yourself, maybe you can find a way to shut your pie hole.
Ann Brannigan
Ann Brannigan Dag sedan
i T V should be made to play that interview twice a day with Piers commenting over every lie saying Lie lie lie
Simon GB
Simon GB Dag sedan
Piers Morgan was sacked last night as the newspaper's board finally accepted that pictures purporting to show British soldiers abusing an Iraqi prisoner were fakes.
Simon GB
Simon GB Dag sedan
Morgan was the editor of the Daily Mirror during the period in which the paper was implicated in the phone hacking scandal. In 2011, Morgan denied having ever hacked a phone and stated that he had not, "to my knowledge published any story obtained from the hacking of a phone". Murdoch made him editor precisely because he is so odious and willing to behave in any manner to up the ratings.
Simon GB
Simon GB Dag sedan
My opinion of Piers Morgan has just dipped even lower if that was possible. Piers Morgan is an odious person.. defender of free speech don't make me laugh this guy set up fake pictures while editor of the Mirror that resulted in the possible deaths of British troops.
Not You
Not You Dag sedan
I don't see a problem here. Pierce is a subject of the crown and subjects don't get free speech. The crown and all its minions (dutchess and dukes andsuch) set the rules and the rules are what they say...
tornay131 Dag sedan
Going on Tucker's show may not be the best place to say he's not a racist. 😆 And Piers went on one date with her and she never spoke to him again. Sounds like an ax to grind.
Missy Todd
Missy Todd 2 dagar sedan
Bully censoring is wrong. He is entitled to his own opinion. 🙌🙌🙌
aidan mcnally
aidan mcnally 2 dagar sedan
Haha what a clown. His paper is super racist and xenophobic. Nobody will deny that. Thats what the readers come for! Why is he pretending like he is some sweet summer child? At least have the balls to stand behind your views. Don't complain when someone calls you out for it.
Dude Love
Dude Love 2 dagar sedan
This is all staged
Thomas Dempsey
Thomas Dempsey 2 dagar sedan
I wasn't a big fan of his but the more you listen to him the more I like him I was wrong about him he is far more to the right than I ever thought good for him not bowing to the woke community the hell with the brits if it wasn't for us they would all be speaking German anyway
l- Skiffy -I
l- Skiffy -I 2 dagar sedan
I'm sorry but the Daily Mail is not worth wiping your arse with mate
Joe Jacksom
Joe Jacksom 2 dagar sedan
Where is the lost SEpost video of him arguing with a black woman for mispronouncing his name? I've seen it... He's absolutely vile towards her before getting in a black cab. Where and why has this video disappeared?!
Wanda Jae
Wanda Jae 2 dagar sedan
So many racist people STILL in this world commenting here. Piers is racist. Sharon is a racist. Period. White privilege doesn't allow some to see their racism. Black people, and people of color are extremely tired....
ingypavlock 2 dagar sedan
"Your truth" is just a fancy way of saying "lies" lol.
Valrie Husbands
Valrie Husbands 2 dagar sedan
U all are a pack of sick people I think P is in love with M why he can't stop talking about this woman ,p is sick he needs help poor man I plea the blood of Jesus against you P and I pray that you will change stop putting down people You Racist man l pity you ,
ingypavlock 2 dagar sedan
Meghan Markle is a spoiled princess.
Orson Kart
Orson Kart 2 dagar sedan
I’m not a fan of Piers Morgan, but he is right about this issue !
Savagely Chill
Savagely Chill 2 dagar sedan
“ I disagree with you so I’m gonna censor you and ruin your reputation “ - Woke celebrities/ people Also “We believe in equality, respecting peoples feelings and are against any form of discrimination”. 🤔
Drylewicz Denise
Drylewicz Denise 2 dagar sedan
He is right about this manipulative, arrogant lying snake.
Steven Sexton
Steven Sexton 2 dagar sedan
What goes around comes around
Jeanne 2 dagar sedan
Free Speech!
Donna Jean
Donna Jean 2 dagar sedan
Fake duchess lol
Rose Fragomeni
Rose Fragomeni 2 dagar sedan
Megan did want to see your ugly face😂
mytruebliss 2 dagar sedan
Good for you Piers M.organ 👍
karen.a 2 dagar sedan
Aw... I am all choked up. Poor Piers is suffering? Who knew!!?
657BIueArmy 2 dagar sedan
Thank goodness for people like Piers Morgan who have no need to suck up to anyone for financial benefit. He's as rich and as posh as he wants to be, so unless he can speak the truth he will not do the job. How many journalists do you know of like that?
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