Pewdiepie Is BANNED in China LWIAY #0096

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Nimali Dilanka
Nimali Dilanka 2 timmar sedan
He secured his place in usa now
Yong Le
Yong Le 2 timmar sedan
I'm chinese(BTW I live in Malaysia not China) and when I listen to the part where he sang in chinese I was about to barf
Paul Hein
Paul Hein 10 timmar sedan
Just realised, during the Huewai shot, he wears a shirt with the Reichsadler on it. 😬 What makes me wonder, did he know?
Saprogeist 23 timmar sedan
if Jake Paul becomes a China shill I'll get an American flag tattooed across my entire body
Saprogeist 23 timmar sedan
8:39 literally unbelievable
SlyHikari03 Dag sedan
Felix better not be banned in Japan or Los Angeles. Also, wait Bart can actually sing? He’s pretty good! Ps. Bart is like the China equivalent of a Weeaboo.
JamIsDue Dag sedan
Devyx Dag sedan
Ask him what happened in Tiananmen Square 1989
Badku Chutku
Badku Chutku 2 dagar sedan
I bet pewdiepie that he learn chinese in a single video.
오우헬로우 2 dagar sedan
Korea: Kimchi Japan: Sushi America: Burger China: COVID19
TMKT Hatr3d
TMKT Hatr3d 2 dagar sedan
Pewds: "Do you know whose not banned in China..." Me: "PIXELINGS!!!!" Pewds: "...Bart Baker" Me: *My disappointment is immesurable*
Tyler Rassbach
Tyler Rassbach 2 dagar sedan
6:20 wants more watch time. Lol now that have tik tok on SEpost. In what they call shorts.
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed 3 dagar sedan
Crazy how pewds is making fun of previous YT legends for selling out/making changes so that they can earn money, when he used the same thing to jump on the edgy bandwagon during FilthyFrank's time and then it all broke once youtube started demonetizing content that's not family-friendly
Meet Bhatt
Meet Bhatt 4 dagar sedan
It's like propaganda for Chinese government
50A-29 Steven [Bing Han Wu]
50A-29 Steven [Bing Han Wu] 4 dagar sedan
Why you don't leave the China and go to United States, then buy a device that made in USA, then download the SEpost Then you can watch the videos.
Enzo Lego Gaming
Enzo Lego Gaming 5 dagar sedan
Hong Kongers | \/
7 dagar sedan
mrigank sutariya
mrigank sutariya 7 dagar sedan
Look closely and you will see that he is recording on an iPhone 🤯🤯🤯 and it’s an iPhone X. Look closely,4:56
Richard Mängelmann
Richard Mängelmann 7 dagar sedan
It is a great honor to be banned from China, lets go and fight the CCP and talk more about HonkKong
Hello Mild Otaku
Hello Mild Otaku 8 dagar sedan
Jess Frey
Jess Frey 9 dagar sedan
Wait lmao "promoting anti-Americanism" because he promoted Huawei over iPhone? iPhone, the shittiest, most overpriced BS phone from the worst company that treats people and consumers like crap? XD iPhone is as anti-American as it gets.
Jess Frey
Jess Frey 9 dagar sedan
If I ever get seen enough to have an actual following I know I'll be banned in China immediately, that government is so weak a single word can bring them to their knees, of course they won't allow one word to be said XD if they were a real government they wouldn't need to do that, that's the funniest part. It's the same with Russia, they're the biggest countries and thought of as so powerful, but they shake in their boots if you make one joke about their leaders, that's the weakest sign of a country.
The Memenator
The Memenator 9 dagar sedan
Gab Idorita
Gab Idorita 9 dagar sedan
i kept cringing while watching him
big boy
big boy 10 dagar sedan
He looks like deez
Mr. Borat
Mr. Borat 10 dagar sedan
Lets be honest we are laughing at a guy who is working his ass off to make ends meet. even learning a new language and changing his style and lifestyle. If I was nearly as popular as him at this peak and fall down to that point I would be lost and in depresssion. But this guy is just grinding forward. I though pewds would say something good about him or praise his hardwork. But I lose respect for pewds and have a huge respect for bard
Mısra Yıldırım
Mısra Yıldırım 11 dagar sedan
yeee yee
Abdullah Irsyaad Syauqii
Abdullah Irsyaad Syauqii 11 dagar sedan
Pewds: "Maybe Bart is the trendsetter of this..." *Tiktok is invented*
WHYS in the world
WHYS in the world 11 dagar sedan
vpn bruh
かぐや大好き 13 dagar sedan
What a sad turn of events for Bart Baker
AKA cheater
AKA cheater 13 dagar sedan
search pewdiepie on bilibili there is plenty of your videos there
莊一修 14 dagar sedan
my comments about China was banned by SEpost !!
4n63ry 14 dagar sedan
This is why China has an iss ban
Vivek D
Vivek D 14 dagar sedan
Bart baker in 2013 : 10.1 million suscribers Bart bart baker now : 9.99 million suscribers
Ariful Islam
Ariful Islam 15 dagar sedan
Moment you realize youtube is banned in china...😂
Supratim Das
Supratim Das 16 dagar sedan
And pewdipie's fans were telling that India cannot take any jokes they take it seriously during Tseries vs pewdipie and india do not even banned pewdipie but when pewdipie did it on china they just banned him and now tell the comparison that india is better than china or not your fans told india bad words i cannot tell them and you also encouraged them thats why you lose and now you cannot even reach upto Tseries subscribe Lose pewdipie to cocomelon and set india
bea rede
bea rede 15 dagar sedan
chill its just banter nun serious
Kirito Uzumaki
Kirito Uzumaki 16 dagar sedan
Actually whole yt is banned
Siennita Djoendi
Siennita Djoendi 16 dagar sedan
It just got recommended to me in 2021... And btw, that Chinese guy was not mean. I learn Chinese and Chinese language is basically blunt, always to the point... I was also surprised af when I first learn Chinese...
chróma oneiros
chróma oneiros 16 dagar sedan
My Childhood is like I do memories the lyrics from the parody rather than the actual song, It's just kinda sad that the one who is a part of your childhood become this sad person who used to be so happy doing parodies.
BT - 09SK 933303 John Fraser SS
BT - 09SK 933303 John Fraser SS 16 dagar sedan
OK so a recap. Bart has left youtube parody videos in favor of translating Chinese songs and promoting the Chinese government and his employers hired him because he looked white and he has subs on youtube.
Sam 990
Sam 990 17 dagar sedan
I got vpn 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Rosanna L
Rosanna L 17 dagar sedan
I'm Chinese and I actually can't tell if his audience enjoys his songs or just likes being pleased by a person with Caucasian facial features. If it is the first one, congrats to him for having a fan base that appreciates his music. The latter, on the other hand, is just sad.
Xavier 18 dagar sedan
I was studying but this seemed more Important
Xavier 18 dagar sedan
Xavier 18 dagar sedan
Xavier 18 dagar sedan
This channels growth is faster than my Internet Connection
Sarita Singh
Sarita Singh 16 dagar sedan
Hey bro asked you something How has been your jee
thetruth 1
thetruth 1 19 dagar sedan
I never understood how people let a regime government like china be in charge of them. You literally can't even make a little meme joke , you have no freedom of self expression in there. Everything has to be approved by the government before you can say or express it or you get fuck.
Dhana Jon
Dhana Jon 18 dagar sedan
The last time people in china tried to protest the government, Tiananmen happened
Chidrup Shrimali
Chidrup Shrimali 19 dagar sedan
Wait but ain't SEpost and all Google services banned in china
efat ahamed rafi
efat ahamed rafi 19 dagar sedan
Kiston245 19 dagar sedan
Rana Abing
Rana Abing 19 dagar sedan
Junjun Aizawa
Junjun Aizawa 20 dagar sedan
Wow so proud of you pewdiepie
I op
I op 19 dagar sedan
He isn’t banned
David Kotlarz
David Kotlarz 20 dagar sedan
Banned from China? Seems like a win to me.
Noodlekun 2
Noodlekun 2 21 dag sedan
I'm surprised pewdiepie isn't banned in india
Jhoseph Varkey
Jhoseph Varkey 10 dagar sedan
It's cause Indians love Pewdiepie
Pen Chaos
Pen Chaos 21 dag sedan
Fariz Shanavas
Fariz Shanavas 21 dag sedan
4:54 I have a huawei and all i know about china is that Kim Jong Un is their president.
turdtime 21 dag sedan
Man he really changed
siriphadi yuri
siriphadi yuri 21 dag sedan
Because this easy brain guy from Sweden. It's not bigger enough to go chinese markets. Even western media baned his brainless video.
mr ,dream
mr ,dream 22 dagar sedan
Thim Paul
Thim Paul 23 dagar sedan
Are you really shocked that some people do artistic things without passion and just for money ? Bruv, where have you been. So many people try to fake being genuine for their image.
Polyvenus 23 dagar sedan
Tbh the guy talking crap about Bart just seems jealous, especially that he’s talking crap but he looks like the most plain, unmemorable boring looking guy ever. He would never be able to be in Bart’s position
Transparency Chatting
Transparency Chatting 23 dagar sedan
Cracky 23 dagar sedan
This is just 16min of pew rostning a menataly ill middleage man 🤷‍♂️
Vitor Camargo
Vitor Camargo 23 dagar sedan
12:15 song name plsss
I op
I op 23 dagar sedan
BaksiusEN 23 dagar sedan
recommended in 2021 😂
FBI 23 dagar sedan
Finaly ur can't get covid 19 on ur channel
Thomas Sheldon
Thomas Sheldon 23 dagar sedan
its a very pritty pen, and its blue i love it...
Yurei 25 dagar sedan
bart basically became a corporate shill to the most repressive government on the planet
Nat Jozsa
Nat Jozsa 25 dagar sedan
Kappa kappa
Ali Karakan
Ali Karakan 26 dagar sedan
Bartbaker is such a simp :P
Yun Yun
Yun Yun 26 dagar sedan
You can call him Fart now
Just some guy
Just some guy 26 dagar sedan
These deep voices remind me of TayZonday
Joshua Ankers
Joshua Ankers 26 dagar sedan
Dude sold his soul
Ashok Bramhane
Ashok Bramhane 26 dagar sedan
Thanks chaina❤️🙏😘
TempVo 27 dagar sedan
Bart baker sucks
TempVo 27 dagar sedan
Douglas Van Brunt
Douglas Van Brunt 27 dagar sedan
Pewdiepie: The Bart baker situation is just... bad. Me: I'm just expecting in like 2 years: Breaking News, Jake pall Promotes North Korea in New videos! I mean we all know it's coming
Feng lu
Feng lu 27 dagar sedan
Not if we use VPN. Hehe 😜
Yuan 27 dagar sedan
fu your not banned
I op
I op 23 dagar sedan
Ashley Todd
Ashley Todd 27 dagar sedan
no you were not u liar
Scp 079
Scp 079 28 dagar sedan
Number shy guy XD
dxnger gyal
dxnger gyal 28 dagar sedan
@1:42 this is literally justin bieber picture lolz that's kinda funny 😆 I guess 😂.?.
Aria Pennington
Aria Pennington 29 dagar sedan
beautiful pen
Brian chris
Brian chris 29 dagar sedan
what is this chinese app 00:03
I op
I op 23 dagar sedan
It isn’t one
IamJack Dude
IamJack Dude 29 dagar sedan
I thought SEpost is banned in China
amirmahde babaie
amirmahde babaie Månad sedan
Fuck chains
Felis Asininus
Felis Asininus Månad sedan
Bart going around making nice sounding Chinese songs into weird English parodies. Money must be good.
Lucas G
Lucas G Månad sedan
If u get banned in china it means ur morally doing the right thing so it’s a good thing that they blocked
Lei G.
Lei G. Månad sedan
Bart should team up with Logan Paul
Lei G.
Lei G. Månad sedan
11:17 autotune monstah
michael preston
michael preston Månad sedan
Honestly Bart went from chad to sad real fuckin quick
Nilay Didolkar
Nilay Didolkar Månad sedan
Pewds is being mean here. Why even bring him up at all?
Vickyleaks Månad sedan
I support T Series... But after this video... I support YOU. We must speak against China's wrong doings.
Paper Boi
Paper Boi Månad sedan
Anyone wondering what happened to Bart. Just search “white monkey jobs” or stuffs like that. Someone made a whole video investigating wtf is he doing
The man Of the hour
The man Of the hour Månad sedan
Fearfully & Wonderfully Made
Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Månad sedan
I'm banned in china.
Vunga Månad sedan
wait let me try: tank man
to the moon
to the moon Månad sedan
Buy huawei if you love China. Xiaomi: Am I a joke to you
to the moon
to the moon Månad sedan
China banned every fucking things
robin kadergran
robin kadergran Månad sedan
Eeyy svenne, personligen är jag fett trött på denna här skiten och orättvisan ni blir utsatta för. Jag ska söka in till hösten inom IT och man skall ha ett projekt med företag eller producera något inom IT, skulle du vilja vara just det företaget som jag gör praktik på och så bygger vi en youtube/twitch community tillsammans, där vi försöker hålla en neutral politiskt ton med fokus på yttrandefrihet till, där svinrika musik företag inte kan sno pengar från små CC utan någon anledning? Tanken är en tjänst där folk kan streama och lägga upp egna videos mm.
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