PETRONAS F1 Track Guide: Vietnam Grand Prix First Laps

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Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team

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Go behind the scenes in the Simulator as Esteban Gutierrez tackles his first virtual laps of the Hanoi Street Circuit - the home of the new Vietnam Grand Prix! Presented by @PETRONAS Motorsports

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Brenda Maria
Brenda Maria 23 dagar sedan
Dafuk you are goos men, saludos amigo
Ewan White
Ewan White 27 dagar sedan
This track compared to the one in F1 2020 actually looks fun and drivable
TRUEHUNGER10 28 dagar sedan
Yeah, the layout feels sketchy bad.
jack glassey
jack glassey 3 månader sedan
Fantastic lap👏🏻
Justin Timbersaw
Justin Timbersaw 4 månader sedan
0:58 "wasted"
Arthur Alves
Arthur Alves 5 månader sedan
Really interesting track. It's really sad that we won't see it in action.
dragon fly
dragon fly 6 månader sedan
Dangerous??? welcome to street circuit! If it even will more fun and I hope it should but never know because of the unpredictable Vietnam's weather....but we will see the only wet street circuit on the calendar. Wow...
Jonathan_W 7 månader sedan
If there’s a brake failure at the end of the long straight someone could be killed.
Ben Hardcastle
Ben Hardcastle 8 månader sedan
His exit on turn 9 was awful
Syn McGrath
Syn McGrath 9 månader sedan
What a waste of space
Revird Kcalb
Revird Kcalb 9 månader sedan
Tbh...This version looks less tricky and difficult than the one in the F1 2020 game.
Guilherme Aires
Guilherme Aires 9 månader sedan
Boring track
Hải Đăng
Hải Đăng 10 månader sedan
I am from Vietnam
Sancho Fuentes
Sancho Fuentes 10 månader sedan
Vaya, que bien amigo. Aunque solo con un pequeño error en esa llanta delantera jaja
Rok_ 27
Rok_ 27 11 månader sedan
0:59 game over pal
avada 11 månader sedan
Finally. Found a video where they had the sense to add a mini circuit map.
KAZI MAHBUB ALAM 11 månader sedan
0:58 Now that would have been a lot of damage.
Red Robin
Red Robin 11 månader sedan
i don't like this track, i feel like they will only be able to overtake in that 15-17 seconds straight
Ferrari Fan
Ferrari Fan 11 månader sedan
0:59 the tyre went through the wall.
Hoàng Con
Hoàng Con År sedan
Omg. Trust amazing!!!!
Jaime González Pinel
Jaime González Pinel År sedan
He was before in Ferrari
Hernan Squad
Hernan Squad År sedan
0:58 crash haha
Samiullah Ahmed
Samiullah Ahmed År sedan
The S's are extremely technical! Wow mindblowing!
Việt Nam đâu mn
Khánh Nguyễn
Khánh Nguyễn År sedan
love from Vietnam
MrAlex2803 År sedan
Only a matter of time until the first heavy accident happens on this track. I'm concerned.
BlackGymkhana År sedan
0:58 bumped front right wheel. game over.
Amr Keleg
Amr Keleg År sedan
How does this simulator resemble the F1 codemasters game? Does each team have their own simulation software?
Lizardo Gaming
Lizardo Gaming År sedan
How dose the sim look so bad.
Aviation2k2 År sedan
0:59, hit the side
FrostBitey10 År sedan
It's a nice circuit tbf. Better than some of the other dogshit circuit present on the calendar (*ahem* Sochi)
skubaru 93
skubaru 93 År sedan
Complete garbage 🥴 bring back classic circuits ...
rangga fahmi
rangga fahmi År sedan
He looks like oompa loompa in helmet
toan vu song
toan vu song År sedan
Ismadrive Ortiz
Ismadrive Ortiz År sedan
It is very technical, we will have to wait for 2021.
R.D Nutz
R.D Nutz År sedan
0:05 looks like Michael Jordan logo 😁
NoWhere År sedan
Why couldn't they just do a season using this sim. Obviously it wouldn't count, but at least fans would have something to watch and there'd still be some sort of championship.
Alen VG
Alen VG År sedan
Another idiotistic, horrible, dangerous street circuit. As if Baku and Singapore were not enough. Bring back proper circuits in F1 calendar. Monaco should be the only street circuit in the calendar for historical reasons, and it would already be enough. Bring back Hockenheim, Nürburgring and Sepang, or try something new like Mugello but please get rid of these dangerous pieces of sh*t. If Vietnam, Azerbaijan or Singapore want to host F1, ask them to build proper race track first.
Tú Nguyễn Anh
Tú Nguyễn Anh År sedan
Bulldozer År sedan
I,m glad he got a helmet on
quality clickb8 canser
quality clickb8 canser År sedan
I love how F1 fans are always bitching about how the tracks are too safe and there is no danger and then tilke listens and makes a somewhat dangerous and possibly exiting track and now everyone is moaning that it’s too dangerous
Fierss78 År sedan
Why he still use a helmet?
Leliange TV
Leliange TV År sedan
very bad...
aditya ramesh
aditya ramesh År sedan
Dangerous circuit...specially that final section 90 degree. Corner...too sharp..macau
Not Interested
Not Interested År sedan
showing me track would've sufficed, i dont need to see his charming face thank you
GozieZilla År sedan
Very smoothe
Hoàng Đạt Lê Nguyễn
Hoàng Đạt Lê Nguyễn År sedan
I'm from VietNam
Blake Stalkie
Blake Stalkie År sedan
Why is he wearing a helmet?
james case
james case År sedan
Slams into wall at 59 secs🤣
SurrealCereal År sedan
I swear that Esteban looks terrified everytime he's on camera
Peter Scrimizzi
Peter Scrimizzi År sedan
Mr. Bean has been racing sims for a while now...
Peter Scrimizzi
Peter Scrimizzi År sedan
Hah! You cant fool me, thats Mr. Bean!
Felix Desrochers
Felix Desrochers År sedan
Take a shot everytime he says very and important
Daniel Prokhorov
Daniel Prokhorov År sedan
Mercedes engineers: Our front wheel can literally go through the wall without getting any damage to it. RedBull engineers: Hang on a minute, thats not in the rules! Ferrari engineers: WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN!!! Haas engineers: Noobs, that wont work, Grosjean tried it already multiple times...
Yurded Mhams-Kaant
Yurded Mhams-Kaant År sedan
i'm impressed
Anuraag korchipati
Anuraag korchipati År sedan
He hit the wall at turn 9. Haaaaa
Patrick Ellis
Patrick Ellis År sedan
You know you're going fast when you can say "Into turn 3 and out of turn 5."
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy 11 månader sedan
@GhostOfAkina Race teams use rFactor physics engine with custom mods as far as I know.
GhostOfAkina År sedan
@Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team Which sim and track mod is this? Seems like Assetto Corsa but i only found a very early version of the track.
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team År sedan
There's a lot of corners to explain and some of them come in quick succession 😅 hence, no time for Turn 4!
Chlœ da orphan
Chlœ da orphan År sedan
how much width do you want? Hanoi Circuit: Yes How much runoff areas do you want? Hanoi Circuit: No
Cristian Freire Custode
Cristian Freire Custode År sedan
Un mal piloto Gutiérrez como está en Mercedes y Werlahin no algo incomprensible
The Tripler
The Tripler År sedan
no offence but this track looks so boring
zainul hakim
zainul hakim År sedan
Perfect track for ferrari
D0'V1 År sedan
Valtteri is James)
Hello việt nam đây
Tom Gray
Tom Gray År sedan
Jimmy Ah Looi
Jimmy Ah Looi År sedan
LOL. Look at turn 4 and 5, turns that mostly where they lose tractions at 😱😱
LordKalte År sedan
Sooo many overtaking spots in that track! Very nice
Tzeff's Main Channel
Tzeff's Main Channel År sedan
Oh my....It looks so dangerous...with all those walls to smash into!
大根マスター芹沢 År sedan
Vietnam looks pretty fast track, but there is no escape zone.
Just Simon
Just Simon År sedan
Gonna be honest, that doesn't look like a fun track to drive on. It's lacking a character. The wigly bit just doesn't fit with the rest of the track.
Costantino År sedan
It’s a Tilke circuit, so expect a boring race
Nate O
Nate O År sedan
Oh dangerous. No hallow
Yntense Info
Yntense Info År sedan
Seriously, what a crap of track
Fede Albanello
Fede Albanello År sedan
Very dangerous..
LoganHunter82 År sedan
Those esses are just a disaster waiting to happen...
Frederic Nasuti
Frederic Nasuti År sedan
Why a helmet in a simulator ?
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team År sedan
For realism!
Amritraj Sharma
Amritraj Sharma År sedan
This guy sounds like Gru. Great drive though.
Louis MALSERT År sedan
Walls everywhere ? Looks boring like Sotchi
Chris Rea
Chris Rea År sedan
It seems interesting with enough overtake opportunities but I think it would be better without the walls because with every mistake there would be an accident and a safety car inevitably
Chris Rea
Chris Rea År sedan
@Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team oh okay I didn't know that. I guess i'm not a big fan of street circuits. Thanks for the reply btw. Can't wait for the opening race.. Let's get started already!!!
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team År sedan
It wouldn't be a street circuit, without the walls 😊
Gary Claydon
Gary Claydon År sedan
Casually wearing a helmet on a Sim lol
Gary Claydon
Gary Claydon År sedan
@Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team he's not going to hurt himself is he.
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team År sedan
Well, of course, why not? Realism, safety, and plus it looks pretty cool
Alessandro Tecchio
Alessandro Tecchio År sedan
No words, it's fantastic to drive but can we talk about the security? In my opinion there are lots of blind and fast turn so what if a car spun in front you far enough that you won't see it but not enough to see the yellow flag?
Tobias Fuchs
Tobias Fuchs År sedan
@mercedes its ok. That just hearts a bit. Beide that. That looks like a Dam fast track. Alone the essays are around 20-30sec that means low downforce.. could ne tricky to set up the car....
Matt Goelz
Matt Goelz År sedan
Qualifying should be interesting with slow cars in the esses impeding someones lap
scott branch
scott branch År sedan
No interest for f1 fans, Very dangerous track, this is going to be a parking race like baku
Сергей Рожков
Сергей Рожков År sedan
Автодром показывай полностью, а не свою рожу, дичь мексиканская
Chris Tanada
Chris Tanada År sedan
wow the last section, this is a street track, and they managed to do a maggots and becketts complex
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team År sedan
It's so, so quick!
Spirit Wars
Spirit Wars År sedan
The gear shifts sound like MW2 hitmarkers
NeedyWallaby20 År sedan
entire season: *no crashes* vietnam circuit: _im gonna ruin those mans' whole carrier_
chanman4rings År sedan
This actually looks like a great track. Shame we can't see it
962javier År sedan
I dont like this track.
sharil idzwan
sharil idzwan År sedan
This circuit gonna kill someone sooner or later
P1R MC Bacon
P1R MC Bacon År sedan
I got a name for turns 8and 9. The helmet
F1 Simulator Maniac
F1 Simulator Maniac År sedan
Thanks Mercedes for this video. Keep posting simulator laps!
F1 Simulator Maniac
F1 Simulator Maniac År sedan
@Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team more!
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team År sedan
Glad you like them!
kevin b giron
kevin b giron År sedan
Jajaja que feo simulador
somerandomdudeable År sedan
They probably made this before the coronavirus pandemic
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team År sedan
Yes, it was filmed before the shutdown and lockdown came into force
HamujiOdaU År sedan
え!こんなつまらないサーキットなの? バレンシアの失敗からなにも学んでないな。 あと顔はワイプでいいよ…
Gabo Rivera
Gabo Rivera År sedan
Its gonna be that closed?
Celestin Akakpo
Celestin Akakpo År sedan
In my opinion, there're to much long straight pipe, specialy the second one. Maybe is an another bored track
Tarvu År sedan
I'm going to take a wild guess, this is a Tilke track isn't it ? Though Doesn't he usually shape his tracks to resemble certain things? Such as a Sperm Whale shitting out a squid bollock or something like that ?
João Rosa
João Rosa År sedan
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