Pepsi and Kendall Jenner Save the World

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Eddy Burback

3 år sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 3 år sedan
Drink Pepsi and maybe one day you can be the first black president!
Declan McCarthy
Declan McCarthy 25 dagar sedan
Obama: exists
BeeGroovy 2 månader sedan
@Metroid you're black ×2 now
Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson 2 månader sedan
Pepsi doesn’t even needs ads, they’ve already locked down their market.
Ben Jones
Ben Jones 3 månader sedan
Thank you for fighting this self-congratulatory bullshit.
Dracula Wannaboogiedown
Dracula Wannaboogiedown 4 månader sedan
I laughed. I’m a black man
Koala Sandwich
Koala Sandwich 7 dagar sedan
Pepsi: Y'know I'm something of a woke individual myself
Jasmine Tanious
Jasmine Tanious 13 dagar sedan
This aged like fine wine as we saw every celebrity taking pictures of them far far FAR away from the actual BLM protests so seem like they are huge parts of the protest, when in reality some of them literally FAKED a BLM poster into her hands, stood on a car holding BLM posters but had not been a part of the real protest, simply parked around 20-30 metres behind the protest and left once professional photographers had taken their pictures.
Ryyi23 15 dagar sedan
Hate the ad. Still like Pepsi more than Coke.
Big Lion
Big Lion 17 dagar sedan
Rikki Sparx
Rikki Sparx 18 dagar sedan
Remember when protesters in Portland started hucking cans of Pepsi at cops? Fucking hilarious.
Brayden Johnson
Brayden Johnson 24 dagar sedan
Both the cop and one of the protesters should have given each other a can of pepsi
Your one black friend
Your one black friend 24 dagar sedan
The best part is that Pepsi made another ad where they made fun of themselves by showing the directors thought process when making the commercial and it was hilarious, you should see.
Mr.peterky -
Mr.peterky - 25 dagar sedan
Anyone else watching the intro in 2020
Lee Bee
Lee Bee 27 dagar sedan
One side of my brain- it sucks that this was three years ago and we are still having the same problems. Also corporations think they can just come over here and just give us an ad that does nothing to help the problem. It just gives them more money. The Neil Cicierega side of my brain- REDESIGN YOUR LOGO. WE KNO-
Liam Murphy Music
Liam Murphy Music 29 dagar sedan
Holy shit this was three years ago
PeriodicTable of Films
PeriodicTable of Films Månad sedan
I'm pretty sure i got first comment. 100% sure
talentless cult member
talentless cult member Månad sedan
Drank coke while watching this
Henry Works
Henry Works Månad sedan
Crowd: Meh. Police officer: Drinks some Pepsi. Crowd: *KJHEBNFJFJFWHFKFSDFGJDFJ*
Roth Coolatta
Roth Coolatta Månad sedan
can confirm drank cherry pepsi and now im gay and trans
Pieter Franke
Pieter Franke Månad sedan
Imagine this crap came out in 2020, oof...
Enderman Jones
Enderman Jones Månad sedan
oh boy... what problems we had vs now...
Right Twix
Right Twix Månad sedan
8:18 Ironic how a Pepsi worker is sniffing Coke...
Comkosskos Omenski
Comkosskos Omenski Månad sedan
This commercial hasn’t aged well (from a 2020 standpoint)
Logan Parker
Logan Parker Månad sedan
Is this 2020?
Luke Robar
Luke Robar Månad sedan
Watching this in September 2020
Brady Henry
Brady Henry Månad sedan
00:30 you have no idea
Julian Mac
Julian Mac Månad sedan
I love 4:38
IWantABritishAccent Månad sedan
Well, this is still relevant
Geek Dom
Geek Dom Månad sedan
I hate Pepsi. My favorites are doctor pepper then coke. Pepsi is in the bottom of the barrel for me
Francis Of the Filth
Francis Of the Filth Månad sedan
What was the protest even about like it’s literally just a protest about nothing😂
magneto fake
magneto fake Månad sedan
Man, he was talking about how bad the division was 3 years ago. * Frantically throws a tarp over 2020 *
Hayden The Haystack
Hayden The Haystack Månad sedan
She also changed outfits in mere seconds like wtf no logic there either
aRandomFruit InTheJungle
aRandomFruit InTheJungle Månad sedan
This video is, in 2020, even more on topic.
• Scrithen •
• Scrithen • Månad sedan
I still dont understand why the jenners are famous, like, they dont do anything, theyre just “attractive”, even though they arent
Panda Pingree
Panda Pingree 2 månader sedan
I couldn't imagine this ad coming out now in 2020. 😬 yikes.
S Glynn
S Glynn 2 månader sedan
If only protests were just marches
Alex Iglesias
Alex Iglesias 2 månader sedan
"America is pretty divided right now" is a statement that aged well
Pickle Johnson
Pickle Johnson 2 månader sedan
Well boys, we did it, racism is no more.
tjborg 2 månader sedan
Erica Katherin
Erica Katherin 2 månader sedan
i hate to generalize but... the way northerners say pepsi. it kills me. papsi
Erica Katherin
Erica Katherin 2 månader sedan
Miguel 2 månader sedan
Funny how the peace sign is the Pepsi but wait Pepsi has the colors of police sirens. So the whole ad is contradicting itself
luci dawn
luci dawn 2 månader sedan
guys we need more pepsi in 2020 we didn't get enough
The Thought Machine
The Thought Machine 2 månader sedan
I only have Diet Pepsi... it’s terrible if your wondering
andacondasqueeze 2 månader sedan
In the long run Pepsi did bring people together. To hate them
Puffeer Feesh
Puffeer Feesh 2 månader sedan
God, this is really relevant now.
OGCABOOM 2 månader sedan
Fanta was started by the nazis
It's Marcy!
It's Marcy! 2 månader sedan
"Live for Now," yeah, till people get killed by cops
RinoaTheRiverBoa 2 månader sedan
Cello mans was so disrespectful using his sheet music as a coaster for his Pepsi.
The Jas1001
The Jas1001 2 månader sedan
Meanwhile, IRL the cops are wearing riot gear, there's loads more of them, and Kendall would probably be the only one privaliged enough to not be attacked for approach him.
Josiah Martinez
Josiah Martinez 2 månader sedan
“My dad was killed unlawfully by a cop” That didn’t age well...
Levi Minnis
Levi Minnis 2 månader sedan
I’m here from 2020, I don’t know why we haven’t tried the Pepsi trick again, it would’ve solved everything
Rikki Sparx
Rikki Sparx 18 dagar sedan
They did, they just started throwing the cans at em, worked better than trying to give it to them
Christopher Terzakos
Christopher Terzakos 2 månader sedan
i was drinking pepsi with lemon juice and i finished it before i watched this and i feel sad now for some reason like i missed some party
FLOWER 2 månader sedan
Consider your thirst quenched. World saved.
GetOutOfMyHeadDad 2 månader sedan
Only if everyone in 2020 had some pepsi
Casey Chapone
Casey Chapone 2 månader sedan
Wow this was three years ago...
Time Traveling Space Wizard Jon Carmack
Time Traveling Space Wizard Jon Carmack 2 månader sedan
My thub is the size of ebbys hed.... hahahah
Tanner Games
Tanner Games 2 månader sedan
A much better ad would just be a black screen and text that says, “Pepsi stands with the protestors and has donated x amount to charity.” The commercial is just so tone deaf it’s ridiculous.
imhereareyou 2 månader sedan
Wait pepsi was on coke
a secret
a secret 2 månader sedan
It would be funny if protesters started throwing Pepsi's at the police. Not that I would want violence but it would be funny and ironic
Karl without a C
Karl without a C 2 månader sedan
*when the world needed her most, she vanished*
Plague Plays Games
Plague Plays Games 2 månader sedan
What ARE they protesting though? Pepsi is good? I’m confused
Damon Borgia
Damon Borgia 2 månader sedan
Little known fact, after he finished the Pepsi he proceeded to beat the shit outta Kendall and the protesters
Digithead 2 månader sedan
Logan Murray
Logan Murray 2 månader sedan
This video was made 3 years ago and I didn’t realize that until halfway through
Alexander R
Alexander R 2 månader sedan
Pepsi means peace, and that's why they had a navy
Van Buran
Van Buran 2 månader sedan
Remember when Pepsi was one of the biggest Naval powers in the world?
Master Riffs
Master Riffs 3 månader sedan
You think you’ve got it bad then you should see now
stinky rat
stinky rat 3 månader sedan
LISTEN LISTEN! okay! 2020 america, massive police brutality. Just get her to give the cop a pepsi again!
lazykip gaming
lazykip gaming 3 månader sedan
Man the world is still divided socially and politically
Mustafa Mustafa
Mustafa Mustafa 3 månader sedan
im sorry but i cant get over how he keeps MISPRONOUNCING MUSLIM
This fits so well right now
thewûshígoose 6219
thewûshígoose 6219 3 månader sedan
I'm confused on so many levels with this ad
the walternet
the walternet 3 månader sedan
Isn't this GREAT to watch in 2020
wedgeocheese 3 månader sedan
oh how history repeats itself...
Dhawkeye _22
Dhawkeye _22 3 månader sedan
Someone: hands me a pepsi Me: bro get that trash outa here. You trying to make peace? Then don’t use pepsi.
imhereareyou 2 månader sedan
Ah a man with class
Liam Smith
Liam Smith 3 månader sedan
*sips coke in nazi*
Anxious 4 månader sedan
Wondering where the Pepsi is now that we need it
Lil’ Olive Boy
Lil’ Olive Boy 4 månader sedan
You sure this was made in 2017???
Blake Simpson
Blake Simpson 4 månader sedan
Why does what he’s saying bear so well with what’s happening right now
JonnyBoi 4 månader sedan
Here in 2020 still goin on
Snaz 4 månader sedan
I picked the wrong time to watch this video my god XD
Soar From Flying
Soar From Flying 4 månader sedan
Based on the intro I whole ass thought this was a new video
ManateeDude1564 4 månader sedan
Well this video did not age well
Declan Duck
Declan Duck 4 månader sedan
We must destroy coke for our saviour Kendel Jenner And Pepsi
Nichole Witherow
Nichole Witherow 4 månader sedan
Can I say some of this really hits different in June 2020?
Ajaguarb The Chef
Ajaguarb The Chef 4 månader sedan
Oh boy, we could use some Pepsi now
SaltySkittle _
SaltySkittle _ 4 månader sedan
Legit thought this was made very recently. Is U.S. history just repeating itself?
Donkel Yeet
Donkel Yeet 3 månader sedan
Yeah... it does that sometimes.
sofia pavia-higel
sofia pavia-higel 4 månader sedan
just wait till 2020
Andrenu55 4 månader sedan
The ad that was supposed to bring us didn't first then we all came together to shit on it. Its beautiful
Jackson Lundquist
Jackson Lundquist 4 månader sedan
Wowzers this got relevant
GameBoy j
GameBoy j 4 månader sedan
I was drinking a sprite while watching this video l
SaltySkittle _
SaltySkittle _ 4 månader sedan
Dr. Pepper for me
Conner Nolt
Conner Nolt 4 månader sedan
6:10 doesn't look like a very peaceful protest
Stretchy Pantalones
Stretchy Pantalones 4 månader sedan
Did not age well
Niffian 4 månader sedan
This is one heck of a video to watch in June 2020.
Everett [BetaTrivus]
Everett [BetaTrivus] 4 månader sedan
uh oh
JD Williams
JD Williams 4 månader sedan
The beginning of this video sums up everything going on right now
cheesecat 4 månader sedan
Kinda trippy watching this video in 2020
E Jay
E Jay 4 månader sedan
Feels weird watching this in 2020 when so little has changed regarding police brutality against black people. LOVE that Kendall tossed her wig at a black woman at 4:12 lololol. "Stand back (black?) and hold my wig, girl, I got this."
Dracula Wannaboogiedown
Dracula Wannaboogiedown 4 månader sedan
Lmao Ik it’s not that deep and probs unintentional but definitely weird. Horrible commercial lmao
Theodore Oliva
Theodore Oliva 4 månader sedan
How much coke is pesi on to think this ad was a good idea
First name Mr. Last name Last
First name Mr. Last name Last 4 månader sedan
Yo where is Pepsi now?
Edison Guiney White
Edison Guiney White 4 månader sedan
Youre early, 3 years too early
Eleni Green
Eleni Green 4 månader sedan
Well this video hits home now 😗
Egg Man
Egg Man 4 månader sedan
6:57 let's not kid ourselves he would have been shot
Egg Man
Egg Man 4 månader sedan
0:29 holy shit he knew it was going to happen
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