People Keep Stealing Our Merch

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Eddy Burback

5 månader sedan

the yikes shop -
yikes instagram -
my twitch -
Instagram - eddyburback
Twitter - eddyburback

Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 5 månader sedan
I'm streaming later today I think on
Thomas The Thomas Engine
Thomas The Thomas Engine 17 dagar sedan
Yikes bucket hats
coliniscolin 2 månader sedan
hi i hope u all good i lov u
Calvin Uselman
Calvin Uselman 2 månader sedan
Still streaming?
Red is a very cool color
Red is a very cool color 2 månader sedan
Dan S. Yes
Dan S.
Dan S. 2 månader sedan
Did I miss it?
Arthur N.
Arthur N. 10 timmar sedan
This is one of the big reasons I don't like searching for merch/art... I'll go through the artist/merch owner's direct links only.
SkitzBros Dag sedan
I'm watching this in October and he's the first result now.
Creme Dag sedan
bro just upgrade your seo
Mary Kobor
Mary Kobor Dag sedan
Hey, make more hoodies so I can support you!!
Charidude 3 dagar sedan
As of October 2020, it is the number one result
The Funny
The Funny 3 dagar sedan
Closest thing I’ve gotten to with fake merchandise were custom Nike shows with the text changed to say “Yikes” and they have cursed images plastered on them.
The Funny
The Funny 3 dagar sedan
I didn’t even think of the yikes merch though
BarelyTsunami 4 dagar sedan
As of today, yours is the first link when searching 'yikes merch' :)
Brenden Brown
Brenden Brown 4 dagar sedan
People keep stealing our merch ... Yikes
Christian Scheppegrell
Christian Scheppegrell 5 dagar sedan
That logo is just too good. No wonder its getting ripped off
Jonas Stumpf
Jonas Stumpf 7 dagar sedan
Why is he wearing Groucho glasses the whole video? It's really distracting.
Jason Cissell
Jason Cissell 7 dagar sedan Still there lol.
BJLBWS 8 dagar sedan
Got Burbank on my back, Yikes
Mark Parikh
Mark Parikh 8 dagar sedan
I looked it up and your number one on my page now. I dunno if you did something ir they did, but now it shows your merch
Savannah Whalen
Savannah Whalen 8 dagar sedan
I wish I weren’t too poor to buy your merch right now because you’ve got some cool stuff on the website for sure. One day!
MusicWhovian56123 8 dagar sedan
Thought Eddy was Julian for a moment
DahliaKokoro 8 dagar sedan
that good feel when yikesshop is the first result now
William Johnson
William Johnson 9 dagar sedan
Uhhhhhhh... not sure how to say this... I'm not sure my Yikes sweatshirt is real???
KarIgnishaYumi 9 dagar sedan
I remember back in the day when there wasn't many shirt site like today. There use to be a site called coffee press or something. Its been to long ago i cant remember. But there where people use to do. Now days google it clutter with junk i fine. Like im looking for an image and it either pinterest or a weird twitter bot status site or something. It bizzar.
Bertha Madrigal
Bertha Madrigal 10 dagar sedan
eddy have you not realized youre in a simulation my friend that’s us why your merch is getting stolen the A.I. in our sim is so strong man love you bro take care thank you for everything (yes run on sentence)
Banana Lord
Banana Lord 10 dagar sedan
I work at starbucks and someone came through the drive thru and she was wearing ur shirt and I said "hey I like his videos 👉"
Fat to Fierce
Fat to Fierce 10 dagar sedan
I clicked the link. Can't buy cuz I'm poor but boys support boys.
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 11 dagar sedan
People are stealing your merch? *Yikes*
Morgan Ludemann
Morgan Ludemann 11 dagar sedan
I love the new merch, but every time I see the old design of you holding the sign I want one so bad... Is there any way to buy merch with that design anywhere? :0
Big Things
Big Things 12 dagar sedan
I dont know if someone mention it, but find someone who does good Search Engine Optimization. Get you to the number 1 spot
Mr. Rogers
Mr. Rogers 12 dagar sedan
Your mustache looks excellent.
lol Bishboi
lol Bishboi 12 dagar sedan
SEO have ya heard of it?
Jb2947 13 dagar sedan
You’re here for 9:11, by the way
Namekian Jedi
Namekian Jedi 12 dagar sedan
SlinkyThePanda 13 dagar sedan
Actually the Yikes baby onesie is a great idea and you should totally make it a thing!
I'm boofing it
I'm boofing it 13 dagar sedan
6:18 you should've had number 3 say, identity theft is not a joke jim
Hudson Asher
Hudson Asher 14 dagar sedan
Idk about you I’m ready to buy some “yoinks” merch it’s like the brother to yikes
Pantaloon 14 dagar sedan
First time on this channel and i was eating while watching so i was a bit distracted and halfway through i thought "is he still wearing those nose glasses" felt real bad when i realized you'd taken them off but also made me think i just imagined those nose glasses in the first place so yeah soz my dude
Moe Szyslak
Moe Szyslak 14 dagar sedan
The "I'm sure think it did" design in Drew's background would make great merch though
Kiarah Draws
Kiarah Draws 14 dagar sedan
you need some search engine optimization on your merch website good sir
grumpyteeth 15 dagar sedan
did you put yikes merch onto google merchants? im sure it'll boost your search engine results
princess azula
princess azula 15 dagar sedan
that's rough man
STCamera 15 dagar sedan
hey! that's zuko's line
Collin Huston
Collin Huston 15 dagar sedan
I just want to say your mercy is pretty on point bro
False Crucible
False Crucible 15 dagar sedan
shut up eddy burback, all your subscribers are gus johnson's sloppy seconds
Enilton Rogerio
Enilton Rogerio 13 dagar sedan
Not really, i like his videos way better.
Specific Lamp
Specific Lamp 15 dagar sedan
Whenever I where you tuber mercy and someone says hey I watch them too, I just pretend I have no idea who their talking about
Yeahyoulikedmycomment. 15 dagar sedan
I know that I'm late but this happened to CoryxKenshin
DUCKBRINGER 16 dagar sedan
can't have shit in detroit
brittmg13 16 dagar sedan
This is the first video I’ve watched from you but I’d honestly wear your merch its cool af. I’d want a western tee, a hat or a crew neck when they come back in stock! Subscribed!
Ryan Cordoba
Ryan Cordoba 16 dagar sedan
That is genuinely fucked up
Lucky Gisli
Lucky Gisli 17 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does he look like Edmund Kemper?
Aidan’s Music
Aidan’s Music 17 dagar sedan
We really yike it
gardyloo retro
gardyloo retro 17 dagar sedan
you know hes doing well when everything is sold out
ronno 17 dagar sedan
eddy i like your moustache you look so friendly.
PackMan _ 5000
PackMan _ 5000 18 dagar sedan
Please restock the hoodies, Edward
Autumn Cherie
Autumn Cherie 18 dagar sedan
i want a sweater so bad but they're sold out *insert crying face emoji*
Hambone Syndrome
Hambone Syndrome 19 dagar sedan
Have you considered making Yikes stickers?
Thyme 19 dagar sedan
Just searched this up and boom the site is at the very top, good job
RocketSauce28 20 dagar sedan
Speaking of which, are we going to see the Yikes hoodie ever back in stock? Would love to get my hands on one
Connor Rayne
Connor Rayne 22 dagar sedan
Milk Bone
Milk Bone 23 dagar sedan
Fun fact you do not own artistic rights your own face as its considered a natural phenomena but the photographer who took the picture can claim rights to his work because photography is considered an art.
Kincayd 23 dagar sedan
I googled it, and it popped up right away! Good job guys!
S h R o O M y
S h R o O M y 25 dagar sedan
did they fix it yet. is it fixed. please fix this google. now.
Drew Flynn
Drew Flynn 25 dagar sedan
When it said "f you Drew" I was scared for a second cuz that's my name. 😂
jimi2929 r
jimi2929 r 25 dagar sedan
everything is sold out on your store. bootleg it is
stephen Hopkin
stephen Hopkin 26 dagar sedan
The reason redbubble is full of stolen content is they don't actually give a shit about copyright. They make money either way
Derek Mitchell
Derek Mitchell 26 dagar sedan
Derek Mitchell
Derek Mitchell 26 dagar sedan
Bring back the knees shirts
cristinugh 26 dagar sedan
Glad to see as the first result now :-)
Kepris_ 27 dagar sedan
Eddison, I have told you one million times and I will tell you again, WHEN ARE WE GETTING THE RABBIT SKIN BABY ONESIES?
Nathan Waters
Nathan Waters 27 dagar sedan
His merch is now at the top of google hell yeah
Bronwyn Edwards
Bronwyn Edwards Månad sedan
"reviewing an Italian restaurant and just saying spaghetti" i SCREAMED
Don. Månad sedan
You #1 on search results now! Redbubble is a joke.
aiden pettine
aiden pettine Månad sedan
hey man bought a hoodie from your site its fire thanks!
Fish Friend
Fish Friend Månad sedan
You should do masks blub blub
ramona's shit show
ramona's shit show Månad sedan
"so what did you think about the meal sir?" "s p a g g e t"
Henry Works
Henry Works Månad sedan
Moral of the story, only use the link he puts out.
mada man
mada man Månad sedan
Did you copyright the merch design? You would have a good case for a lawsuit if you did.
Mixios Månad sedan
Just noticed Eddy: ppl keep stealing my merch Communist Editor: OUR MERCH
Harry P.
Harry P. Månad sedan
So just viewing the site, helps you. Gotcha mate!
Seth's Café
Seth's Café Månad sedan
Is there a reason Eddy shut down his patreon?
Kyler Stock
Kyler Stock Månad sedan
Seeing the link now be on top and teaspring is second does bring a smile to my face
D Bourret
D Bourret Månad sedan
Thank you for not ever getting political plsdont ever get political
Ryan Frederick
Ryan Frederick Månad sedan
I think Eddy's dad may be the guy running the "Super Shop" in the NES game "Clash at Demonhead". That is all
Austin Yerden
Austin Yerden Månad sedan
Anyone know the song in the beginning?
Jack is Swag
Jack is Swag Månad sedan
Here at 696k lmao
i am heavy
i am heavy Månad sedan
(loads shotgun) GOD CAN'T DO ALL THE WORK! (eddy this bad to the theifs)
anghus Månad sedan
Imagine being kind of famous because of 'Road Work Ahead'. Like, that's the thing on your tombstone. Or 'Yikes'. The bar is so low.
Jeff Julien
Jeff Julien Månad sedan
That intro though!!
RyandBurtson Månad sedan
Speaking of your merch I would very much like to purchase a Yikes crew neck sweater before it starts getting cold again, but you seem to be sold out. Will it be back up soon so that I can give you money?
RyandBurtson Månad sedan
Nice to see a collab with Danny Gonzalez
Tommy Scott
Tommy Scott Månad sedan
Drew please make more merch
Gryphon Skaggs
Gryphon Skaggs Månad sedan
Lb4 Månad sedan
merch suggestion. mugs
William Floyd
William Floyd Månad sedan
All I can say is Yikes
Esther Gerlitz
Esther Gerlitz Månad sedan
I’m not even a subscriber but I visited the link for you. I also search up up the merch in google and your website was the first the result. The second result was this SEpost video. And the third result was teespring.
Torchmanz Månad sedan
I did a search for Eddy burback merch and yikes shop was the first result. Shrug
Josh Black
Josh Black Månad sedan
Do you know that Yikes used to be an awesome pencil and eraser brand in the 90s. Probably the most 90s things you'll ever see. Also, the Road Work Ahead is a standard safety sign. Not really copyrightable.
SussHvH Månad sedan
It’s #1 :)
Big Aluminum
Big Aluminum Månad sedan
I think this worked the right one came up when I googled
Jose Carlos Aceves
Jose Carlos Aceves Månad sedan
Im going to actually scream and shit my pants your merch store is out of merch
Billy Boy
Billy Boy Månad sedan
Your content is sweet but if this was middle school I’d pick on you Edward. Sorry
Trey Brown
Trey Brown Månad sedan
I am just saying... I have been here since iFunny..... the good iFunny. The Ipod touch days.
Bruh Man
Bruh Man Månad sedan
This also the same thing happened to my favorite SEpostr
Kale Minor
Kale Minor Månad sedan
One i hate scammers and before i wanted to bye your merch but the site wouldnt load but now it did so ima bye a black tee shirt and hat oh and if i bye a hat and put the yikes thing on it if i put you name on the side can i sell it kn that red place that drew was talking about you can awnser at my gmail its so yeah
Chi Chi
Chi Chi Månad sedan
Did eddy copyright the word yikes????
Mended Arrows
Mended Arrows Månad sedan
I had no idea Drew designed the “Road work ahead” sign. Is he working for the government? Yikes.
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