Paranormal Zactivity

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Eddy Burback

7 år sedan

Eddy can't handle the ghosts.

Ra 6 dagar sedan
How does eddy sound the same
John Louis
John Louis 7 dagar sedan
Ok this is unironically much better than anything anyone made in my high school film class
cheems 9 dagar sedan
Zachary Taylor
Zachary Taylor 16 dagar sedan
I'm sorry, why does this only have 30k views?!? Even if only 30k of Eddy's subs watched this, you'd think they'd watch it more than once! Also while Eggy killed it (duh) Zach also does a really good job for being so young and totally amateur.
Alice 28 dagar sedan
god damnit zac
Neema Naemi
Neema Naemi Månad sedan
Is it just me or does Eddy look like a younger version of the leader singer from Smash Mouth here
OH YEAH GAMER Månad sedan
it’s true
Victoria Renee
Victoria Renee 2 månader sedan
Mule The Donkey
Mule The Donkey 2 månader sedan
its baby burback! I mean slightly older than me but still
Cameron R.
Cameron R. 3 månader sedan
Is this one of the Zacs mentioned on the podcast?
Tristan The Nobody
Tristan The Nobody 3 månader sedan
The beginning of a legend
Stormo 3 månader sedan
Stormo 3 månader sedan
His voice sounds exactly the same yet he looks SO different
Strangerr Tings
Strangerr Tings 3 månader sedan
some guy named eddy on comedy central told me not to watch this so I did.
Francis Gigante
Francis Gigante 3 månader sedan
Eddy what are u doing
No U
No U 4 månader sedan
Awwwwww little eddy is very cute
Ashley Kail
Ashley Kail 4 månader sedan
He got a baby face
Jordan Meyer
Jordan Meyer 5 månader sedan
Dis not eddy
Silly Goose
Silly Goose 5 månader sedan
Why is he hilarious even as a kid this is so impressive
Big32Productions 5 månader sedan
Young eddie looks like young phillip defranco
Vix 5 månader sedan
bebe eddy
Ab ab
Ab ab 5 månader sedan
Baby face
Cameron G
Cameron G 5 månader sedan
Did Eddy delete some of his old comedy skits?
Coin Punk
Coin Punk 3 månader sedan
yeah I think
Richie jim
Richie jim 5 månader sedan
If he did I want them back
Adaloe 5 månader sedan
Who else came here after the Comedy Central Video...
Adaloe 5 månader sedan
@Jaidyn Halling well then I'm telling...
Jaidyn Halling
Jaidyn Halling 5 månader sedan
Lettuce 5 månader sedan
Next you should do paranormal gustivity
Benji Boy
Benji Boy 5 månader sedan
This is actually really solid
Riley McMillan
Riley McMillan 5 månader sedan
Lunch Club gang
Ryan McCarty
Ryan McCarty 5 månader sedan
Lunch Club has brought me here.
Ryan McCarty
Ryan McCarty Månad sedan
@boblovepotato 113 The podcast with Eddy
boblovepotato 113
boblovepotato 113 Månad sedan
Ryan McCarty which video?
Zer0Chill 5 månader sedan
Anyone here from the LunchClub Podcast?
Jack Waterkotte
Jack Waterkotte 5 månader sedan
Who else came from lunch club
Quartermaster_Smiles 5 månader sedan
Came from the podcast for context and was not disappointed
Theo Allen
Theo Allen 5 månader sedan
Lunch Club
GoodGuyBrian 6 månader sedan
Eddy the worst thing you could have done was tell us not to look for them
taliyah 6 månader sedan
this is absolute gold
vywather 6 månader sedan
who watchin in 2020 but doesnt know tf whats going on
Kat Montgomery
Kat Montgomery 6 månader sedan
I’ve travelled long and far... he looks the same but entirely different
Rasin 6 månader sedan
I like how the comedy has only somewhat changed.
Rasin 6 månader sedan
DELUXE9000 6 månader sedan
Eddy will never grow up???
Darth Patrick
Darth Patrick 6 månader sedan
I just watched your Comedy Central video and you mentioned your older videos so I came here. This is fricking hilarious! Way better than the stuff I make.
Star 6 månader sedan
HAHA I LOOKED FOR THEM Edit: for six years ago, this isn't that bad
Retrad 6 månader sedan
Giovanni Procopio yo yo
fax yo
fax yo 6 månader sedan
Ayy comedy Central
Jeral Motisse
Jeral Motisse 6 månader sedan
joe mama
joe mama 6 månader sedan
Oh my god he’s so small
dumb loser
dumb loser 6 månader sedan
i cannot believe he is 16/17
Azurite Primrose
Azurite Primrose 6 månader sedan
Is that sixteen year old Eddy 😯
Paper Boat
Paper Boat 6 månader sedan
you used to look like an older gabe duncan from good luck charlie.
Luís 7 månader sedan
Usually when you watch SEpostrs' old videos, they're usually uncomfortable with the camera, unfunny and cringey as hell, but not Eddy, The kid's a natural
James Mullins
James Mullins 3 månader sedan
@Nic Halabicky dude fuck you, like are you even a child of Burback? Eddy's a God damn professional at this, piss off
Nic Halabicky
Nic Halabicky 3 månader sedan
Meh, cmon this is pretty mediocre. Not horrible but I certainly wouldn’t call it funny
Albert Gore
Albert Gore 7 månader sedan
This is drake and josh energy.
Justin McArthur
Justin McArthur 8 månader sedan
I just found you a few months ago and I'm so glad I went back this far back in your videos... Which I wouldn't have to if you fkn posted more... But this is seriously funny!
Adam Wilkins
Adam Wilkins 8 månader sedan
God damn it zach
nurettin gündüz
nurettin gündüz 8 månader sedan
eddy was... eddy was a child once...... it's all a lie
Caleb Rossow
Caleb Rossow 9 månader sedan
your voice sounds exactly the same but u look so young
Lil Fun Guy
Lil Fun Guy 9 månader sedan
kennet Hernandez Salazar
kennet Hernandez Salazar 10 månader sedan
Well, idk how I ended in this video but I have to watch all the Eddy videos to get the full lore
476,402 views 11 månader sedan
Eddy and Zach. You were a cute little twink back then.
Alysa Banuelos
Alysa Banuelos År sedan
awww baby boy eddy (':
Bobo Juseyo
Bobo Juseyo År sedan
Omg it’s baby Eddy. 😭 he’s beautiful.
Galactic Lava Lamp
Galactic Lava Lamp 8 dagar sedan
His knees are barely fully fledged!
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin År sedan
WOOO old eddy video
Ocean man take me By the hand
Ocean man take me By the hand År sedan
Inaftr eddy became god
OhWizzah År sedan
i have the same mat on the floor in my kitchen
Clearie Rhodes
Clearie Rhodes År sedan
I am from the FUTURE!
Jared Howat
Jared Howat År sedan
Wow Gus Johnson sure looks different
Jordan Sledge
Jordan Sledge 8 dagar sedan
It's not Gus
Comedic Center
Comedic Center 3 månader sedan
He looks so different that he even has a different name
Skye Whalen
Skye Whalen 4 månader sedan
Hendo Outdoors that’s the joke
Hendo 5 månader sedan
Its zack not gus
Tito bobby
Tito bobby År sedan
R word :0 im telling mom
OSSO År sedan
1 like away from the devils digits
Dreamer År sedan
A legend was born
B Dillon
B Dillon År sedan
Cool vid
Not a Fan
Not a Fan År sedan
Age certainly helped your look bud😂 I love you
ray has a knife
ray has a knife År sedan
is your first name edward
Demi Harper
Demi Harper År sedan
Anonymous Hobi
Anonymous Hobi År sedan
Ya know you always look good
_anoja31_ År sedan
Omg ;-;
Lissie Lamb
Lissie Lamb År sedan
Good to know Ed boi is just getting better with age
Kayfabe Brandon
Kayfabe Brandon År sedan
Make more content I’m out of videos
Tip Docking
Tip Docking År sedan
Destroy the child, corrupt them all
JawaLuLu25 År sedan
This is too good. I’m laughing so much
Matthew Peach
Matthew Peach År sedan
Eddy just found your videos trying to see the early shit love ya dude. Keep it real
SkinnerIJA År sedan
0:00 A legend is born
That Person
That Person 4 månader sedan
How to make an original comment 101
Andrive 7 månader sedan
Self made
Lapuli The lapis lazuli spider
Lapuli The lapis lazuli spider 10 månader sedan
SkinnerIJA legends aren’t born. They’re made.
47most SOON
47most SOON 2 år sedan
I remember when this came out and now you are a Pro with Gus Johnson! I remember when you were on IFunny!
Korra1996 2 år sedan
oh my god, I just discovered this channel and started binge watching all the videos, these are so great! You guys deserve way more subscribers!
Clara Corl
Clara Corl 3 år sedan
I love how when he “bleeps out” the word fuck he places the beep after the word so you hear it perfectly 😂😂
Alexander Tijerina (student)
Alexander Tijerina (student) 5 månader sedan
And doesn't beep it out at other times.
austin fuller
austin fuller 3 år sedan
its weird dude, your face looks similar but also really different.
Ben Couvillon
Ben Couvillon Månad sedan
Probably the lack of glasses
Count Chocula
Count Chocula 3 månader sedan
Jaidyn Halling
Jaidyn Halling 5 månader sedan
@HeilSquadW naw its the mustache
HeilSquadW År sedan
Its called gaining around 100 pounds in 6 years, also aging is a thing
Lissie Lamb
Lissie Lamb År sedan
Erika Karjalahti
Erika Karjalahti 4 år sedan
I don't have a dog where did you get dog food!?!
DarkSparkles 4 år sedan
*watches all in one night*
Ashton Short
Ashton Short 7 månader sedan
@Eddy Burback corona lockdown is the perfect time for a Holy Sit- a sacred rite of the children of burback in which we sit on our ass and watch hours of eddy burback videos in chronological order
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
holy sit lol
Anna Ryall
Anna Ryall 4 år sedan
I love yall! Eddy is my favorite! !!
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
That is the correct answer
Bridger Beaty
Bridger Beaty 4 år sedan
god dammit zach....
The Mexican Bros
The Mexican Bros 4 år sedan
it was majestic as flannnnnn bRO?
Kuujsquad 5 år sedan
these are to funny
Dolan Dark
Dolan Dark 6 år sedan
You're doing something right with these videos
Oscar Castaneda
Oscar Castaneda 6 år sedan
There is so many wrong things about some people out there.
Emily Margaret
Emily Margaret 6 år sedan
i litrally just laughed my butt off
rg 1503
rg 1503 7 månader sedan
god i hope you’re ok
Tyler wasd
Tyler wasd 6 år sedan
You should make a 2nd one
Justin McArthur
Justin McArthur 8 månader sedan
Yes to the sequel!
OhWizzah År sedan
please everybody get eddy's attention so he can make a sequel!!
ZixZone 2 år sedan
Kelly Shannon
Kelly Shannon 7 år sedan
OMG y'all r the the BEST! Zack your the funniest of all if them
Charles Hicks
Charles Hicks 7 år sedan
they should be getting waaaaaaay more views then they r already getting
Chubb 2 månader sedan
I agree
ZixZone 2 år sedan
Nolan Ives
Nolan Ives 7 år sedan
Never stop making videos
Darein 7 år sedan
Ifunny sent me here but I like you videos
mikey velasco
mikey velasco 7 år sedan
Sean Dillon
Sean Dillon 7 år sedan
Without ifunny I wouldnt have been here abd I love these
Lexii K
Lexii K 7 år sedan
You Bad kid
You Bad kid 7 år sedan
Gabriel Bruza
Gabriel Bruza 7 år sedan
I wish you guys were more mainstream!
Nick Onciul
Nick Onciul År sedan
Gabriel Bruza ha
SoFly2H2D 7 år sedan
This shit made me die omfg
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