Ole on Ronaldo helping sign Bruno, Rebuilding the Culture at Man Utd | High Performance Podcast

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The High Performance Podcast

9 månader sedan

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sits down with Jake Humphrey and Damian Hughes to discuss the secrets to his High Performance career.
How do you start a 'cultural reboot' at United? How do you recruit people who identify with the culture you are building and remove those who don't? How do you quietly lead through the noise of endless opinions about your capabilities?
Find out the answers to these questions and more!
The High Performance Podcast offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of high-achieving, successful individuals. It doesn’t matter where our guest has excelled - in sport, music, business or entertainment - they all have first-hand experiences and lessons to share. Find out what non-negotiable behaviours they employed to get them to the top, and keep them there.

Hosting every conversation is sports broadcaster Jake Humphrey and leading organisational psychologist Professor Damian Hughes. Jake is currently BT Sport’s Premier League anchor and former face of BBC’s Formula One coverage. Damian continues to work with leading sports organisations and teams to create a high performing culture.
Watch full unseen interviews from the podcast: sepost.info/vision/PLhEga43DyktQKiqShJ75awYPgShWWAxko
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The High Performance Podcast
The High Performance Podcast 9 månader sedan
It was a pleasure to sit down with Ole and hear about how he is quietly leading through the noise of endless opinions. What were you favourite parts of the chat?
Dionissis Christopoulos
Dionissis Christopoulos 2 månader sedan
@Jenni Anderson Dear Jenny, the proper Man. United man in that specific one is the one who wins the league, at least...I know it sounds unfair, cynic, ruth but that's Man. United...I'm sure you don't need a bloody Greek man to reminds you that.....P.S I love Ole so much you cannot imagine....but the good for Man. Utd is above all persons.....
Ed Antwi
Ed Antwi 7 månader sedan
manojpillai17 beg inu TVs
Sandesh Chainani
Sandesh Chainani 7 månader sedan
ARYAN MISHRA 7 månader sedan
@The High Performance Podcast One question that you missed and should have asked is about that night in Paris!
Dee_Causing_ Havoc
Dee_Causing_ Havoc 7 månader sedan
@Forward To The Past I think that's a really valid point. But to be fair, I bet sir Alex had certain help from outside that if we knew we would have the same opinion. Big difference which has to be taken into consideration is that sir Alex didn't have klopp, pep, Jose and lampard in the same league. Bcz I can guarantee you that if they were then I think the league would've been a very different league. I still do believe that utd would have won many titles. I don't think they would've won as much though. Ole won't get backed and he'll be sacked. He holds no weight in transfers and that's another resin he will fail at utd.
Asher Louis
Asher Louis 5 dagar sedan
Ole is at the wheel. Last season 3rd, this season 2nd, next season ....🙏
Lockher 7 dagar sedan
still 50x wiser than Mourinho , the "special" one , spiecalized in destroying clubs for a while now
Billy Walendom
Billy Walendom Månad sedan
6.46 no such thing as a good save just a bad finish. I figured I was the only one but dogs validated me
Noemi Blair
Noemi Blair Månad sedan
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Josh Duke
Josh Duke Månad sedan
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Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best Månad sedan
Come on Rashford and Martial.. this is the mindset you need to succeed.. learn from a legend to be a legend..
Ri Wu
Ri Wu Månad sedan
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Jose Macias
Jose Macias Månad sedan
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Dorothy Sanders
Dorothy Sanders Månad sedan
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nemecec01 Månad sedan
Support Liverpool. Also though wish Ole to succeed..... as a person, not for manu
Lubomir Foral
Lubomir Foral 2 månader sedan
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George Bruce
George Bruce 2 månader sedan
Ole’s values and attributes epitomise what I want to see in a United manager, top guy, in time he will drive us back to the top
Lubomir Foral
Lubomir Foral 2 månader sedan
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Matthew 2 månader sedan
I love ole but him saying he weens people out after making the same mistakes is horseshit if that's the case why are maguire and de gea still starting every match
Manchester Is Blue
Manchester Is Blue 2 månader sedan
Fred Welsh
Fred Welsh 2 månader sedan
Great to see Ole doing so well as the Man U Manager. A very humble, yet driven person, in his playing days he wasn't the best centre forward in the the world but like Sir Alec in his playing days, he played his heart out and fought hard for every ball when he took to the pitch. I sincerely hope Ole has the same success as the manager of the greatest football club in the world,!
TOM BLYTH 2 månader sedan
1999 Champions League Final. Scored the winner in the most amazing match I have seen since being a Man Utd fan. Enough said....
Arne Thoné
Arne Thoné 2 månader sedan
this is why united are topodeleague
Martin Anderson
Martin Anderson 2 månader sedan
What a refreshing interview - Ole was a fabulous player for United and is now building a reputation as a good manager, glad the Club have backed him, and hopefully he'll be given time to build. He comes across so well and proves he's a very modest and honest man. BRILLIANT
Lyon Yang
Lyon Yang 2 månader sedan
in ole we trust!
Waheed Khan
Waheed Khan 2 månader sedan
He is learning day by day and he has a good winning mentality which is why we love him
Ohad Bar Hadas
Ohad Bar Hadas 2 månader sedan
Thank you! do more podcasts with football managers please!
Yoshiro 2 månader sedan
58:36 I have this feeling that he's hiding the one more sentence "I want to be more happy" :P
Belligerent Ulsterman
Belligerent Ulsterman 2 månader sedan
"What would you say to a teenage Ole?" "Do the same again." 😂 Brilliant.
Mahfuz Munir Khan PT
Mahfuz Munir Khan PT 2 månader sedan
Ronaldo isn't the best its messi! Reason why just look at gb11 tenure in Spain compared to neymar el pistol even griezmann settling in 2. Pistol would've ended up biting greedy cr7 if he went 2 Madrid lol
Jamal Jama
Jamal Jama 2 månader sedan
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Greg Theoz
Greg Theoz 2 månader sedan
OLE's at the WHEEEEL ! ... I can't wait for us to win the treble with this man. 2 O L E G E N D !
Jaison Sam
Jaison Sam 2 månader sedan
What an unbelievable guy! 🔥 Trust in Ole ❤️
Grassroots Football
Grassroots Football 2 månader sedan
2nd time listening to this for an insight into what Ole may be thinking as we now enter the 2nd half of the season... absolutely fantastic podcast
gaz elliott
gaz elliott 2 månader sedan
Oles the man
9095alison 3 månader sedan
This is what a Man United manager is. The respect Ole has for the club and Sir Alex is top.
Ruby Alexanderdad
Ruby Alexanderdad 3 månader sedan
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Wave with Michael
Wave with Michael 3 månader sedan
United top of the league right now, it’s jan 2021, ole is the man for the job 😁💪🏽
Shahrul irwan Musa
Shahrul irwan Musa 3 månader sedan
Really humble person
LUKE SWAN 3 månader sedan
How he continues to go about it his way despite the noise and makes everyone feel important id work my nuts for him with that kind of attitude and backing no wonder the players are 👏🔴❤️
J Lynch
J Lynch 3 månader sedan
Brilliant interview. So nice to see a comment thread not throwing abuse at him. He gets Manchester United, he loves the club as much as we do and wants to bring success. There was a lot of rot setting in because of JM and he's gotten the poison out at the root, which takes time. Top of the league today which is great, but he's a good year ahead of schedule on that. Not that I'd be unhappy with 21 in 21. Definitely the most positive I've felt since 2013.
Liam Loakes
Liam Loakes 3 månader sedan
Think what Ole is trying to say... play for the badge on the front of the shirt and fans will remember the name on the back
slimforty 3 månader sedan
Danny welbeck is Parched
Mark Acquaye
Mark Acquaye 3 månader sedan
My respect levels for this man has gone through the roof.
Lin Ming
Lin Ming 3 månader sedan
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Amar Revolver
Amar Revolver 3 månader sedan
I guess van de Beek didn't shake everybody's hand
dave brown
dave brown 3 månader sedan
"Fancy Dan" ?? I love you Ole
Bennie 3 månader sedan
Brilliant watch 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾... love what his instilled in this team. GGMU
Rose Clayton
Rose Clayton 3 månader sedan
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Rose Clayton
Rose Clayton 3 månader sedan
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Lb red Army Mufc
Lb red Army Mufc 3 månader sedan
Top man ole good luck
Dejan Markovic
Dejan Markovic 4 månader sedan
16:22 You don't get to the top by being a nice guy...heed your own advice, pleeease!
sam man
sam man 4 månader sedan
He hasn't learnt much about Victor Vacuum and Harry Hoover, has he??? Or when to make a good substitution??? Or not to bring on dissenting Pogba???
Nikola Mimic
Nikola Mimic 4 månader sedan
Great Interview!
hidden gems
hidden gems 4 månader sedan
I hope we keep this guy. He's slowly bringing the fergie factor back. If anyone remembers fergies first couple of years.
Esther Toguchi
Esther Toguchi 4 månader sedan
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Jay Mander
Jay Mander 4 månader sedan
We love you Ole
Samuel Chukwueke
Samuel Chukwueke 4 månader sedan
Best manager ever
beterbutz 4 månader sedan
I cringed so hard at "non negotiable behaviours". That's the nonsense that big toothed oaf Tony Robbins is spouting. This interviewer is clearly a follower of his...
Manuel Morris
Manuel Morris 4 månader sedan
I’ve a funny feeling there will be a few current Utd players watching this and recognising it’s them he’s talking about....
Jeremy Pryce
Jeremy Pryce 5 månader sedan
OGS: "There is no "I" in TEAM" Michael Jordan : "But there is an "I" in WIN." Hahaha... :-)
Steve Nicol
Steve Nicol 5 månader sedan
He acts like he won a competition to manage Man United. Hope he stays forever.
Philip Jacobs
Philip Jacobs 5 månader sedan
Just take a moment to marvel at how fluently Ole Gunnar Solskjaer communicates in a (for him) foreign language.
Game X
Game X 6 månader sedan
Get real ... Nice guy dont get anywhere...
Game X
Game X 6 månader sedan
Ole out... 6-1 humiliation. Pls resign.... Because we are not learnng from mistakes.. Its clear that we are not capable of playing from back... It happened 3 games already, And our defenders are slow.. Whybask then going forward? I dont understand....matic looks weak, Aaron looks usteady, Harry looks tired, And luke.....looks fat and slower
Niall Callaghan
Niall Callaghan 2 månader sedan
This is probably the comment that has aged the worst out of every one on here.
Emmanuel Amanogho Adidi
Emmanuel Amanogho Adidi 6 månader sedan
This is the manager of MANUTD...yet he speaks unintentionally with so much ordinariness...The humility of this man is unteachable....It's a gift from God
Ray Farrell
Ray Farrell 7 månader sedan
He’s achieved nothing in football as a manager and isn’t the Man to lead united. Time I believe will show that. 3rd place is no achievement
Campfire Ash cooking
Campfire Ash cooking 7 månader sedan
Man united super sub, just brought on 7 yrs too late, but hey that's Fergie time haha. All jokes aside I wish him well and I'm a Chelsea fan. Be safe people x
Robert Bertrand
Robert Bertrand 7 månader sedan
Ole on the wheel 😂
MK Plug
MK Plug 7 månader sedan
We need an amazon documentary on Manchester United ASAP !!!!
jonathan sotelo
jonathan sotelo 7 månader sedan
If this man cannot achieve top 4 this season then I'm afraid he has to go. Even though we didn't play the best of football, I'm glad that he brought struggles to me from all those bad games and winning in the end. It showed some ambition in the team cause we have a completely different first 11 squad in less than a year since Ole first took over. His idea of getting rid of deadwood was good but i felt like it was too soon to get rid of all at once and I guess he didn't see it coming with all these injuries. As a fan i went through anger and i almost cried when we got third. Didn't feel like this when Mou was in charge even after winning the Europa league. I hope the team and Ole will do much better this season. Would love to see him succeed but if not, then times up for him :/.
Abz 16
Abz 16 5 månader sedan
I respect your opinion bro.
Ga Wa
Ga Wa 7 månader sedan
He is a likeable man. But I really don't think he has either the tactical or psychological know-how to be a top-level manager. Seems to be living in the past. In five years he will be even further behind.
Imran Simon
Imran Simon 7 månader sedan
Loved it! Such insights into working with youngsters and getting the best out of them. But also having the awareness of knowing how to do that at different levels of footballing excellence.
Iftakher Hossain
Iftakher Hossain 7 månader sedan
where's the part he says 'shut up, you'
Dhanush Sharma
Dhanush Sharma 3 månader sedan
madzangels 7 månader sedan
Wadddaaa load off all sshiiit
maureenehowell 7 månader sedan
No other manager will know Man Utd like him
Kunal Das
Kunal Das 7 månader sedan
jacek michalski
jacek michalski 7 månader sedan
jacek michalski
jacek michalski 7 månader sedan
barbaro Helm
barbaro Helm 7 månader sedan
sepost.info/dev/video/23etxrqsmmm11NM.html glazers ownership
S Sheldon
S Sheldon 7 månader sedan
Ole has a monumental task to get United close to where they were. As he tries to build the club up, the owners and GM are pulling out the foundation.
Abz 16
Abz 16 5 månader sedan
Exactly I’m worried with how they could possibly throw Ole under the bus. Which is disgraceful, I wouldn’t want that to happen to him.
Jordan D
Jordan D 7 månader sedan
Finally a decent one
Emmanuel Enyinwa
Emmanuel Enyinwa 7 månader sedan
Shout out to Russian goalkeeping legend Rinat Dasayev.
Adam Randles
Adam Randles 8 månader sedan
Is Ole, Mark Goldbridge in disguise?
Adam Randles
Adam Randles 8 månader sedan
Ole scored 4 goals after coming on as substitute on the 72nd minute in a game before. Just let that sink in.
redders12371 8 månader sedan
The right man and what a man. 👌
ggh1975 8 månader sedan
Respect to Ole. He may not be the tactical coach(klopp lost how many finals before he won?)to take us to the top but he has 100% reintroduced the reason why you play for Man Utd and I really hope the board backs him so he gets the quality players we need to fill the first 11 so we might have 3-4 players who were in the 11 but now have to fight to get back into it. Competition will lead us to the next step and then maybe just maybe we might challenge for a cup sometime next year, maybe the year after? how many years do we have to wait for the Glazers to actually have some resemblance of loyalty to our badge they bought??? Back Ole to pick 3-4players to see what he can do ffs!
Abz 16
Abz 16 5 månader sedan
Well said mate.
Manchester United
Manchester United 8 månader sedan
Spot on!! He's perfect for United. Stick to the culture of Manchester United playing local kids with the right attitude and desire to entertain the fans of the biggest club in the world. If you don't understand this you shouldn't be associated with this great club!
Manaburden 2
Manaburden 2 8 månader sedan
What's happened to the dude interviewing....he looks like a burst balloon.
Rishi Kamath
Rishi Kamath 8 månader sedan
How many people here after the Seville game?
Jim Doyle
Jim Doyle 8 månader sedan
Scholes - yeah we need to close that "is it a 20 point gap between Liverpool" EH NO pal - it was 33 POINTS you DONG and YOU KNOW IT... look forward to watching you in the Europa League again next season
divyansh.23 8 månader sedan
20:12 is what you came for Ronaldo fan ⚽
chris jackson
chris jackson 8 månader sedan
We don't want no fancy Dan
Coach Technique
Coach Technique 8 månader sedan
im going to tell my strikers
wjkim82 8 månader sedan
I wish they would have asked him about his style on the sideline during games. Seems aloof, doesn’t seem to communicate with players, leaves too much of that to his deputies and as a result does not seem to have an imprint on the pitch. Klopp, Pep, Simeone, Poch, Sir Alex, any of the greats, they all had their tentacles on the pitch. Ole just does not seem to have that.
Grassroots Gaffer
Grassroots Gaffer 8 månader sedan
Is that the same Damian Hughes who the publisher of The Barcelona Way withdraw it because of plagiarism? trade.panmacmillan.com/news/statement-from-macmillan-about-the-barcelona-way
Val Ward
Val Ward 8 månader sedan
There is no I in team but Pogba seems to have found the
Val Ward
Val Ward 8 månader sedan
M and E.
The Don
The Don 8 månader sedan
He scored 126 goals for Utd only 17 as a sub. He was more then a super sub.
The Don
The Don 8 månader sedan
Jeez only saw his dad angry once and that’s all he did ‘is this the way to become an athlete” he must have been shocked with Fergies Furious Fury! And also what a great upbringing
The Don
The Don 8 månader sedan
I like what he says about creating your own atmosphere, your own drive, giving yourself a motivation. It’s almost like he has a monologue in his head in his own movie and he for fills the role. Cool
Anthony Hett Film
Anthony Hett Film 8 månader sedan
I agree that it's so important to keep learning and improving yourself. Never stop learning. The moment that you do, is the moment that you start to fall behind. Even just to stand still in this world you need to keep learning.
korban blignault
korban blignault 8 månader sedan
why hasn't he been on the united stand?
Byron Wolf
Byron Wolf 8 månader sedan
Man said "rainy day at stoke" 😂😂 I love ole
Man Red FC
Man Red FC 8 månader sedan
We love this video. It’s really nice to watch some real insight to our managers and athletes. Keep them coming
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