Oh My God This Movie is the Worst

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Eddy Burback

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Earth 14 Rocco
Earth 14 Rocco Dag sedan
Man, how come I can't be asked to star in a fake sequel, even though my acting is far frm what that wrd means😤
Earth 14 Rocco
Earth 14 Rocco Dag sedan
Man, how come I can't be asked to star in a fake sequel, even though my acting is far frm what that wrd means😤
Marshall the cubic frog
Marshall the cubic frog 3 dagar sedan
10:03 just a quick heads up, don’t possess people. Ok that was all I had to say. You can go back to being a ghost, but don’t forget to stay. Just kidding get the f&ck out of here.
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 3 dagar sedan
Oh, I thought nilbog backwards was paradise
tomer s
tomer s 4 dagar sedan
I notice that Nilbog is goblin backwards, but only because I live in Namuh
Picklr 5 dagar sedan
Pretty pog movie tbh
Liana H
Liana H 5 dagar sedan
Who wrote this fucking dialogue omgg
Suranjana Chatterjee
Suranjana Chatterjee 6 dagar sedan
What if that is how the director sees all of the vegans... yikes!
Pointless VR
Pointless VR 7 dagar sedan
Thanks Skill Share!!!!!!
Koala Sandwich
Koala Sandwich 8 dagar sedan
This movie needs a remake, preferably with M. Night Shamalan
Jessica Farmer
Jessica Farmer 8 dagar sedan
LMAO didn't expect to see ryan reynolds in this movie ! 😂
Arando14 9 dagar sedan
"The cholesterol"
Ketchup Syrup
Ketchup Syrup 9 dagar sedan
The acting is like an elementary school play
Ryan Daniel
Ryan Daniel 9 dagar sedan
Dr George Hardy is my dentist and is one of the nicest men you will ever meet!
KnittedMitten 9 dagar sedan
I live near Morgan UT where they shot this and it's wild seeing all the little spots where they filmed
Im Awkward
Im Awkward 10 dagar sedan
*"OH MY GOD!!"*
Abyss 10 dagar sedan
thank you eddy for clarifying what ghosts do
05-13 11 dagar sedan
19:25 Me whose read volo's guide to monsters before: you fool, you absolute buffoon
Lexie Lynn
Lexie Lynn 12 dagar sedan
the acting reminds me of high school drama club acting
oldsoul tv
oldsoul tv 12 dagar sedan
nilbog is goblin back words
Naomi Eaton
Naomi Eaton 14 dagar sedan
Please watch some terrible Christian 80s movies. You will love (hate) McGee and Me.
Mason Heitner
Mason Heitner 14 dagar sedan
There were so many memes I had no idea were from this movie-
Megan Peterson
Megan Peterson 14 dagar sedan
12:23 D
Other Scott
Other Scott 14 dagar sedan
17:14 Eliot ain't no damn simp choose the BOYS!!!!
PinkiePicklePie 15 dagar sedan
holy fuck i remember this meme being ALL. OVER. TUMBLR. like crazy amount back in 2014 or something? i'm so glad you brought it back to the spotlight lmaooo
Arachnid Death
Arachnid Death 15 dagar sedan
my guys this is just a long goosebumps episode
Tumbling DJ
Tumbling DJ 15 dagar sedan
See you guys in six years when girls on instagram quote this movie enjoying it for the first time
Anton Markov
Anton Markov 16 dagar sedan
You didn’t show any of the best parts...... WHERE IS THE POPCORN SEX. Everyone needs to watch it
Megan 16 dagar sedan
Just wanted to tell you I had an incredibly vivid trolls 2 related nightmare when I watched this again
Phryxil 16 dagar sedan
The fuck? Did Norman Mailer write this dialogue?
Conor White
Conor White 16 dagar sedan
Funny story the after school program at my elementary actually played the first 12 ish minutes of this movie for us and the beginning made me remember that it happened so thank you eddy for this weird memory
plaguedvenice _
plaguedvenice _ 17 dagar sedan
it's Halloween month once again, and i feel like you'd love Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Chef Boyardee
Chef Boyardee 17 dagar sedan
I wonder what they did with that rubber mom body. Somebody definitely fucks it by now.
Oprillo 17 dagar sedan
Oh hey mark
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert 17 dagar sedan
So Grandpa is Doom Guy without the helmet?
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert 17 dagar sedan
I seen trolls 1 and 2, what the fuck are you doing enjoying this now?! I intentionally rented it as a kid at a Big Y in the nineties and here you are (and cinemasins before you, har har) enjoying it! F4kr.
Nathan Mond
Nathan Mond 19 dagar sedan
“She was a beautiful girl with huge... uh... EYES”
Weber gaming
Weber gaming 19 dagar sedan
I'ma start a town and name it namuh
Simon Singh
Simon Singh 19 dagar sedan
Finally i have context for “oh my gooooooooooooood”, thank you Eddy
Christoff Bandele
Christoff Bandele 19 dagar sedan
I knew that kid Josh was gonna piss on the food, it wasn't one of the options so I was like fuck, but nope, he did it. Also, I've always seen the "Oh my GOOOOOOD" clip but never knew where it was from. Also, I was big dumb, I just thought Nilbog was an anagram for Goblin instead of just Goblin backward, idiot.
siya phili
siya phili 19 dagar sedan
Ghost Skype is really difficult tho, I remember the first time I tried and accidentally ghost skyped my math teacher.
Annsofie Artang
Annsofie Artang 19 dagar sedan
Did anyone else think the dad was gonna whip josh with the belt, just me okay
Matt Joling
Matt Joling 20 dagar sedan
When I was in 6th grade my runescape name was just my last name spelled backwards, so when I saw the a year before I made that account, I thought it was the coolest thing ever and didn't see that coming, so fair game.
Brielle Taylor
Brielle Taylor 20 dagar sedan
how DARE you not mention the witch popcorn scene
OB2Kenobi 21 dag sedan
4:11 Is that a loose strand of hair, or is he bleeding from his scalp?
merelyanillusion 22 dagar sedan
Her family hates him, yet she said she'd tell her family that he's coming with them on their vacation. What? Bologna is pretty gross so I'm with the witch on that one.
Ruffian 22 dagar sedan
Lol this movie was also funny 7 years ago when ppl discovered the room. Kinda late to the party Eddie.
STCamera 23 dagar sedan
what …. ah...what are you... uh... drinking' there eddy
TOBY TEBBUTT 23 dagar sedan
13:50 aged like fine milk
FloydianSlip 24 dagar sedan
Love you Eddy, but how dare you not mention the popcorn scene. You're dead to me. Even deader than Grandpa Seth. Please don't haunt my bathroom mirror.
moxxi to the max
moxxi to the max 24 dagar sedan
"there's no coffee here. it's the devil's drink!" -the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints
Siren Harrell
Siren Harrell 25 dagar sedan
The acting makes me wanna die
iRooke 25 dagar sedan
16:48 holly walked so TikTok could run
Bicumber 25 dagar sedan
Bicumber 25 dagar sedan
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water 25 dagar sedan
when he said "what are you gonna do to me daddy?" I thought his dad was unzipping his pants.
Angus North
Angus North 25 dagar sedan
is nobody gonna mention the girl at the beginning's freckles?
Flamboyant Warlock
Flamboyant Warlock 26 dagar sedan
I knew the Nilbog thing because Nilbogs are a monster in DnD. Hurting them heals them and healing them hurts them.
A NON Y MOUSE 13 dagar sedan
Fluffle Truflle
Fluffle Truflle 26 dagar sedan
Imagine a town name namuh
Max Egan
Max Egan 27 dagar sedan
Nilbog spells goblin doesn’t it edit: yes, yes it does
Vance Neumann
Vance Neumann 27 dagar sedan
The girl looks like she has fake freckles
Sean Kuhn
Sean Kuhn 27 dagar sedan
we got Hot Mom Boobs everybody
Just Another Idiot
Just Another Idiot 27 dagar sedan
Grandpa seth is an anarchist I now have infinite respect
IzmDreamy 27 dagar sedan
Here's the thing- I woke up and turned on my TV- and this movie was on- right at the daddy scene and I tell you- I'm glad i did
M3RKY J4CK 28 dagar sedan
Jokes on you I noticed nilbog is goblin spelt backwards 10 minutes into this video
Shadow The Lion
Shadow The Lion 28 dagar sedan
Think his sudden memory loss had to do with the fact he smashed his skull onto the ground
Four 28 dagar sedan
12:50 Eddy. What you are doing here is unacceptable. Please Stop making this amazing movie rancid.
Fortnite Clips
Fortnite Clips 28 dagar sedan
I saw that Nilbog was spelled backward XD
Fortnite Clips
Fortnite Clips 28 dagar sedan
Nvm, I tried to be funny, can’t do that tho
Fortnite Clips
Fortnite Clips 28 dagar sedan
I ment I saw that it spelled goblin backwards :/
Fortnite Clips
Fortnite Clips 28 dagar sedan
I’m kidding
Randy Hall
Randy Hall 29 dagar sedan
That kid went straight to pissing on the food. All his family members had the food right by their mouth. That kid definitely gave his family a golden shower.
Elisen Vlog
Elisen Vlog 29 dagar sedan
Hellow friend. It was very nice vidio, the person who upload the vidio was very talented.. I love your vidio.. Hope to here from you..
Eliza Aleksandra
Eliza Aleksandra Månad sedan
DunDun Productions
DunDun Productions Månad sedan
someone should deepfake eddy as everyoe from this whole movie.
Endubbaech Månad sedan
19:50 I just feel very attacked right now
Bandana Boi
Bandana Boi Månad sedan
I want to steal your 80's vibe. And I'm gonna. Bye bye >;]
Drake Vick
Drake Vick Månad sedan
The sister’s intro is about as 80’s as anything I’ve ever seen
Doggo Månad sedan
7:03 probably why we don’t see it on tv
Kenji B
Kenji B Månad sedan
13:38 I genuinely thought he was gonna piss on him or do something else to him, bruh
Aiden O'Neil
Aiden O'Neil Månad sedan
Is the dad in the movie Han Solos old self
Willyummy Månad sedan
Eddy kinda cute no homo
The Ginja Ninja aka J
The Ginja Ninja aka J Månad sedan
The acting is so bad. It almost sounds like it’s on purpose
Coyshiru Månad sedan
As soon as that workout scene started I thought Eddy was showing a sex scene
Jake Bulette
Jake Bulette Månad sedan
Everybody betray me. I’m fed up with this worold
Benjamin Patrocinio
Benjamin Patrocinio Månad sedan
“Nilbog, it’s goblin spelled backwards!” No shit Sherlock
TomatoBoy20 Månad sedan
“Don’t just tackle her and be like, do you wanna see my dick”
TomatoBoy20 Månad sedan
Aiden Pearce
Aiden Pearce Månad sedan
Eddie, Paul, Tony. Why do those all sound like mafia names
Hugo Billiau
Hugo Billiau Månad sedan
Don. Månad sedan
You make some really great points.
Rando Human?
Rando Human? Månad sedan
I only just learned about The Room a couple months ago😅
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown Månad sedan
Bros before hoes
Jordan Slack
Jordan Slack Månad sedan
That witch def had the herp
Jordan Slack
Jordan Slack Månad sedan
single greatest creation of mankind
Enzo Garcia
Enzo Garcia Månad sedan
The acting is so bad it makes me sick
r7blue Månad sedan
Stupid Bitch:“My Parents Hate YOU!” ...” We are going on a trip”...Elliot: Can i come? Stupid bitch: Sure ill let my parents know! 🙃
Rodsa Ghosh
Rodsa Ghosh Månad sedan
there's a room 2015 movie and though I haven't watched it but it looks good
Yoshatron 4000
Yoshatron 4000 Månad sedan
He looks exactly the same as he did 4 years ago but has a mustache
joshbigpp Månad sedan
this is even weirder because my name is josh
Tekno Boi
Tekno Boi Månad sedan
oh god i remember in drama class the teacher gave us examples of good and bad acting and how music can make it better the goood one was the castaway scene when he loses wilson and the bad one was boi #2s theyre eating her and no their gonna eat me oh my god scene
B E N N Y Månad sedan
*o h m y g o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o d*
talentless cult member
talentless cult member Månad sedan
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