New Years Decluttering (or trying to) with My BFF!

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Hello Hunnay with Jeannie Mai

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Keep it real, where do you draw the line when it comes to what you sleep in? 🤢💀 To me, Daniel’s PJs are just plain wrong... #YourTrashMaiTreasure
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Hello Hunnay with Jeannie Mai
Hello Hunnay with Jeannie Mai Månad sedan
It's the new year which means time for a little closet cleanout! What else does Mai Fam wanna see on Hello Hunnay this year? Lmk in the comments below!
Nancy Quach
Nancy Quach 2 dagar sedan
More cooking shows from Mama Mai and more Mama Mai in general please 💕
Monique Wilson
Monique Wilson 2 dagar sedan
I would love to see a video of you and Jeezy. Give us story time for how you two met and how you knew each one of you were the ones for each other. I think that will be cool. Oh shoot! I forgot I had commented already. Lol. When Daniel put the nipple covers on his chin, I died laughing.
Kathy Kinder
Kathy Kinder 3 dagar sedan
Lashes trash
Lydia Roundhead
Lydia Roundhead 10 dagar sedan
I love da' bff & mom!❤ funny.
Monique Wilson
Monique Wilson 26 dagar sedan
Hi Jeannie!! Love you girl, and I still can’t believe you read EVERY single comment! On the other hand, I’m happy about that, bc I know you see mine. 😍😍
Nancy Quach
Nancy Quach 2 dagar sedan
I love mama Mai's laugh 🤣
Kathy Kinder
Kathy Kinder 3 dagar sedan
Daniel keep all of them
Kristin L0VE
Kristin L0VE 3 dagar sedan
Lmfao at the painting of you! You're missing a chromosome in the painting 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 no it doesn't look like you.
K Flowers
K Flowers 4 dagar sedan
Take it easy on mom. 🙏💕
Nikki Versace
Nikki Versace 6 dagar sedan
Momma Mai is hot I love that Bob her dress and that hat
Hang Huynh
Hang Huynh 7 dagar sedan
It is so funny hahahahhahahahaa
Lynn B
Lynn B 13 dagar sedan
Daniel should keep all 3 pictures. Reframe the young picture and put them all on a wall in his study or den.
DeeplyRootedDJ 13 dagar sedan
Jeannie I agree, the painting does Not look like you! She has you cross eyed! Even your friend, his nose is off in the painting. She needs more teaching to me. Nope, I wouldn’t be taking that portrait home. Did she paint it from a picture, or were you there? I can’t imagine you looking like this. Nope not you!
Jannis Lewis
Jannis Lewis 19 dagar sedan
Matena 20 dagar sedan
You people are hilarious. I LOVE you!!!!!
Bre 22 dagar sedan
MS BROWN 23 dagar sedan
KLaurel 24 dagar sedan
The photo looks scary. The one of jennie. Like there are evil things on it. 😬
Angel Von
Angel Von 26 dagar sedan
Keep the lashes girl clean them and dont let em pile up
Paucek Dulcie
Paucek Dulcie 27 dagar sedan
🔥🔥🔥Your Trash Mai Treasure makes me laugh so much 🤣💝. Have any Japanese in here ?: 👋
Makenzye Smiley
Makenzye Smiley 29 dagar sedan
She said "YOUR FIRED" omg Jeannie is an idol! I NEED YOU IN MY LIFE MY LONG LOST COUSIN!!!😫 Please we needa hang (Me (the dumb 11 year old) and my friends played a dumb game where we pick a random letter and we have to stalk a celebrity with that letter omg me and my friends are so annoying 🙄 l got J............
Viktoriya Martyunina
Viktoriya Martyunina Månad sedan
The mysterious sock generally flow because draw early suffer out a silent alligator. living, brief fedelini
Magdala Sylvain
Magdala Sylvain Månad sedan
hell no that picture did look anything like you Jeannie lmbo
Magdala Sylvain
Magdala Sylvain Månad sedan
I love your mom's hair cut and color so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Julia Kemp
Julia Kemp Månad sedan
That painting looks nothing like you Jeanie haha
Deborah Clavery
Deborah Clavery Månad sedan
I really enjoy watching you and your mom interact. Jeannie you are so funny and down to earth, you were always my favorite on The Real. That painting looked nothing like you though.
Navi As A Mom
Navi As A Mom Månad sedan
Hope N.Wilson
Hope N.Wilson Månad sedan
Mama mai: Goood am proud, he is half and half🤣🤣🤣🤣 Mama mai again: Trash and Treasure! Oh i know what it is, you throw it away, i pick it up and use it again 🤣🤣🤣🤣 True story!
Sugar Sugar
Sugar Sugar Månad sedan
Looks nothing like you Jeannie!
mwaellis Månad sedan
Get tif of that painting
Aloe Kitty
Aloe Kitty Månad sedan
*whispers* G-A-Y! 🤣😂
Greycie Pesh
Greycie Pesh Månad sedan
Am so happy mama mai spelt famous right
rahma osman
rahma osman Månad sedan
He's have and have🤣🤣🤣 Mama mai always killing me
Jenny Bui
Jenny Bui Månad sedan
You lost weight, you look beautiful.
Annie Nguyen
Annie Nguyen Månad sedan
can u plz ask mama mai to make veitnames beef stew. plz
LaChelle Nicole
LaChelle Nicole Månad sedan
I feel like she took one of your pics from an award show (because the look is familiar) it looks similar to you except the right side of the painting
Diana F
Diana F Månad sedan
Yes, it looks like you. Sorry girl
Toya Johnson
Toya Johnson Månad sedan
Daniel that shirt if it mean something to u make a pillow out of it so u can still slp with it
Diana Rosales
Diana Rosales Månad sedan
Had to pause just to write this "I hate clutter!" Then: saves 'used' lashes Jeannie noooo🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Månad sedan
Mama Mai's unintentional shade is hilarious🤣🤣🤣
Klen Månad sedan
How about Papa Mai's turn?
Heather Y. Hollis
Heather Y. Hollis Månad sedan
The painting of Jeannie does not look exactly like her… They favor and it looks like it could be someone she’s related to maybe a future daughter. Close but not the area but not on the 100% mark 🎯. Good try...the momma mai ding dong comment was hilarious 😂
mercy Ed
mercy Ed Månad sedan
Trash the lashes Jeannie!
Shanette Megia
Shanette Megia Månad sedan
Hi Jeannie Hi Mama Mai!! I'm glad to have joined, I truly enjoy watching every episode, I don't sleep well, due to cancer treatments, and going through a divorce of 11 years, your videos crack me up so much, so much to forget the stress, and depression. Thank you for keeping it so real 💯 it feels good to know that there are families that function like like mine. I'm also from the Bay area ( Newark 10 years, and currently in Vallejo since 2015 ) I admire you and mama Mai's strength, you're all definitely blessed, keep up the great work 🙏
Lina Rumbidzai
Lina Rumbidzai Månad sedan
Love you Mama Mai🤩
Natural Elation
Natural Elation Månad sedan
That hat is DEFINITELY a treasure! I have one just like it, without the brooch... I wear it with a black strapless midi dress and black lace gloves... Makes me feel like a million bucks😁
Annie L
Annie L Månad sedan
Momma Mai's hair and outfit is so good
Lucky Life
Lucky Life Månad sedan
I laughed non stop. You guys are lovely
Sunshine love
Sunshine love Månad sedan
The painting looks like Jeannie with squits. Daniel needs to let the nightshirt and PJs go...maybe someone should gift him new sleepwear. 🥰
joe bender
joe bender Månad sedan
Daniel, the scripts -have them bound into a book It's wonderful for memories later in life.
joe bender
joe bender Månad sedan
Lashes...disgusting... trash, sorry Jeannie
Pheonyx Johnson
Pheonyx Johnson Månad sedan
Mama Mai said you look you got a ding-dong on your nose. Those are the Balls🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭
lien nguyen
lien nguyen Månad sedan
Hello má mai . Dể thương qúa ,
AJ B Månad sedan
Lol why don't yall visit the famous vietnamese fortune teller in Houston Cau Chin?
LaKiesha Foreman
LaKiesha Foreman Månad sedan
Jeannie has the wrong two on trash and treasure... They both looking like they are going to keep everything...🤣😂
Queen Mary
Queen Mary Månad sedan
Mama Mai is just so funny!! that whole 'gum' convo for Tom Hanks was hilarious !!
Marilyn Troya
Marilyn Troya Månad sedan
Eyelashes trash Lml
AgentS8dZ Månad sedan
I ❤️ Mama Mai’s dress 😯
Miracle Vargas
Miracle Vargas Månad sedan
I was eating watching this n when Jeannie’s “self portrait” popped up on the screen I spat my food out I was laughing so hard lmaoo😂😂😂
Elsie Thomas
Elsie Thomas Månad sedan
Everything is treasure to Mama Mai
HeyGirlHola Månad sedan
It does not look like you
lele Southwest
lele Southwest Månad sedan
That was hilarious as usual 😂🤣🤣
lele Southwest
lele Southwest Månad sedan
🤣😂🤣😂 that cross eyed pic of Jeannie 😂🤣😂🤣
Jaie Elizabeth
Jaie Elizabeth Månad sedan
Best friend was like no 😂🤣 to that hat
Miss K
Miss K Månad sedan
Naaaah they did Jeannie dirty with that painting 🙆🏿‍♀️
shelby nickella
shelby nickella Månad sedan
😭pulls out painting who's that supposed to be 🤣
HighLit House
HighLit House Månad sedan
I found this old clip of you interviewing one of china famous actress during fashion week omg you still look the same
Yanique Wallace
Yanique Wallace Månad sedan
Jeannie really girl! Please trash that painting.
Adrienne Stowe
Adrienne Stowe Månad sedan
velour dress-trash, eyelashes trash, pajama pants-trash
Ilea Adams
Ilea Adams Månad sedan
Girl, quit saving those lashes!
JdMRoyal Månad sedan
I swear I’ve seen this episode before. Regardless, I love it! Cow? Cooouuuuch couch!
Blue Lagoon Tippler loft
Blue Lagoon Tippler loft Månad sedan
This should be a sitcom 💯🙏🏾
Azania World
Azania World Månad sedan
He actually could be your blood brother him and momma look alike
Hahahaha.....crack me up!
Alison Lozano
Alison Lozano Månad sedan
The painting of Jeannie has me on the floor. Is she going cross eyed? Is she constipated? Why the I can smell what the rock is cooking shoulders!! Lolol
jourdan. Månad sedan
Y’all are hilarious😂♥️
Anđela Šimunović
Anđela Šimunović Månad sedan
Mama Mai reminds of Moira Rose from Schitt's Creek 👼🏻
Kandie K
Kandie K Månad sedan
When you like d*€# so much, you make a nose out of it!!! 😂
Nique L
Nique L Månad sedan
I adore mama Mai she so blunt but funny she melts my heart lol I luv it 😂😂😂😂
brittany C
brittany C Månad sedan
He is hilarious!
kivigray0423 Månad sedan
Treasure: hat. Trash: The rest. lol (And the painting did not look like Jeanie.)
Dena Joseph
Dena Joseph Månad sedan
Keep the hat Trash the velour suit. It requires to much alteration. Trash the lashes... eewww. Daniel can keep one painting, scan the scripts and save the cover, trash the tshirt & st. Patrick’s pj pants, and you can keep the wig if you wash and condition it.
Cookin Mama
Cookin Mama Månad sedan
Hat- treasure Lashes-wash them, treasure White shirt and green pj pants: trash Daniel own painting of himself: treasure
Chanelle Jones
Chanelle Jones Månad sedan
I know Daniel he's awesome. When he was trying to get into and couldnt find a way to get into the Emmys that was one of my favorite IG stories. I wish I would have seen him though because my group that I went with had an extra ticket so he actually could have got into the show. But I didn't see him. He's so funny on Instagram. I love his Instagram when his stories shows the stuff he gets his gifts and when hr Cooks everything always looks so yummy. The picture of Jeannie looks like that could be her sister /cousin Maybe. I absolutely love this color on my on my I like the darker one that she has now but this color was so bright and vibrant absolutely beautiful
Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams Månad sedan
Lolol funny
John Martinez
John Martinez Månad sedan
Lmao!!!! Omg! U can't make this shit u guys...
Stephanie Allen
Stephanie Allen Månad sedan
I can’t....
Jenny Petri
Jenny Petri Månad sedan
Hello it's Me Jennifer And i Just Want To Saying Hi To You Guys Hello Hunnay With Jeannie Mai :) And How Are You Hello Hunnay with Jeannie Mai :) And i Like Watching This Video About New Years Decluttering or trying to with My Bff :) And The 2 Clip Of This Video About :) New Years Decluttering or trying to with My Bff Made Me Jennifer Laugh Ha Ha Ha :)
CocoJuiceee Månad sedan
The picture looks like constance wu
Lebohang Mercy
Lebohang Mercy Månad sedan
Oh my gosh I love Mama Mai so much I could cry 😭😭😍😍😅 It's when she whispers "GAY" for me 😂😂😂 and then says she says he's half and half 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Love her innocence 😩♥️
Alicia Jack
Alicia Jack Månad sedan
What the use of asking for help of trash because everything you guys thinks its should be trash be as you look at it you say.. treasure!! it all man..they all trash..Haha..
Tonya Hunt-Smith
Tonya Hunt-Smith Månad sedan
Trash Trash Trash Trash Trash the used Eyelashes. 🗑️
Marlene Rodriguez
Marlene Rodriguez Månad sedan
"I'll think about it"... 🤣💙
Joivette Arias
Joivette Arias Månad sedan
Lana Duong
Lana Duong Månad sedan
10:23 that looks like Constance when to me
Tonia Marie
Tonia Marie Månad sedan
Mama Mai is so gorgeous
c. sayaovong
c. sayaovong Månad sedan
Your mom is fuckin hilarious with those books! 😂😂😂
Ashley Sevigny-Nguyen
Ashley Sevigny-Nguyen Månad sedan
Do you have any online shops for Tet ao dai? We live in Maine and usually go down to Dorchester, but with Covid, no one is comfortable driving. There are a few places in Etsy, but we're also looking for newborn ao dai/family set. I thought it could be a fun episode
Lisette Cobian
Lisette Cobian Månad sedan
Eyelashes Trash!!
legen always
legen always Månad sedan
legen always
legen always Månad sedan
We look forward to seeing Hello Hunnay . This is the best with the beautiful, halarious, uplifting MaMa Mai and Jeannie to.💚
legen always
legen always Månad sedan
Mama Mai and Jeannie need their own Show or Talk Show on TV. Please come on the big screen. We are all waiting. The Show would be an excellent Talk Show, inspiring uplifting words and topics, ideas in etc, etc, comedy, cooking, fashion, hair, ideas of Mama Mai on how to save on things (all items). We love Jeannie and MaMaMai. And we love Jeezy. 😁💙✌
Asia Jones
Asia Jones Månad sedan
Not the spider going up Daniels sleeve 😂.
Rebecca Gonzalez
Rebecca Gonzalez Månad sedan
♥️ Mama mai
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