My 50 Cal Exploded

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Kentucky Ballistics

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“Just Put A Thumb In It Shirts” -
In today’s video I explain my freak accident that occurred on April 9th 2021.
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Kentucky Ballistics
Kentucky Ballistics 14 dagar sedan
Hey everybody! I am doing great and I'm going to make a full recovery! God is good! Thank you for your support! Kentucky Ballistics is still going to keep rolling! I appreciate every single one of you!
Been Washedup
Been Washedup 17 timmar sedan
Check your weight of your bullet grain if it is grossiy over grain you'll know it's a hot load
Paul Alejandro
Paul Alejandro 13 dagar sedan
I'm glad you're okay, but I'm sorry I was laughing when you were explaining what happened. Hope you keep the videos coming though.
theyetirulrs 13 dagar sedan
That was scary as ****! Glad to see you pulled through! May God continue to bless both you and your family!
Fanie Smit
Fanie Smit 14 dagar sedan
Good job keeping cool! Wish you a speedy recovery
Tim Meijerink
Tim Meijerink 14 dagar sedan
We all wish you a speedy recovery. I love your videos and hope you be shooting again soon. Ps. Thanks to your dad for the quick response. Greetings from holland
Joyrd Joyrd
Joyrd Joyrd Minut sedan
God is with you brother god bless you I pray for a speedy recovery
Deyan Zaprianov
Deyan Zaprianov 4 minuter sedan
Lesson learned, don't play with guns.
johnny ringo
johnny ringo 5 minuter sedan
Brother, glad you're still're very blessed!
Jason St Fountain
Jason St Fountain 5 minuter sedan
That thumb act as wound packing, MARCH boys
mason maclean
mason maclean 7 minuter sedan
Wow that's crazy! One of the smartest moves was those safety glasses and fast thinking to stick your thumb in your neck! Thankfully this guy is still alive, seems a great fella.
Mookayla 9 minuter sedan
Guns are not dangerous. People are. ROFL
Hunter Malone
Hunter Malone 9 minuter sedan
My anxiety with 50cal now 🥲
chojingab 10 minuter sedan
Wow, so glad your doing ok, that looked horrendous! Take care mate and speedy recovery
Nate Howe
Nate Howe 10 minuter sedan
You are a TROPER
Age of Reason
Age of Reason 12 minuter sedan
SLOPPYRID3RZ 13 minuter sedan
This has came up on my recommendation page for the past week now
F0x5 13 minuter sedan
want to say this. LOL (extremly high pitched)
Sean Schroeder
Sean Schroeder 15 minuter sedan
Scott, you should have a funeral for the .50.
yakup sisman
yakup sisman 17 minuter sedan
im glad you are oke and in good health i hope
MwF2JJ 17 minuter sedan
God is great!
Semper Vampiri
Semper Vampiri 22 minuter sedan
I am not against the use of guns and I would use one if I had to but this is exactly why I haven't bought one. I have seen this happen to many different guns no matter how solid the quality. All guns malfunction.
Jorge Vasquez
Jorge Vasquez 27 minuter sedan
TO everyone please understand ONLY GOD CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN... NOT ANYBODY ELSE NOT ANYBODY ELSE... he's alive because of GOD....
Vatan Yener
Vatan Yener 29 minuter sedan
Hardeep Sangha
Hardeep Sangha 29 minuter sedan
You one solid guy my brother. Respect✊
Nacho Libre
Nacho Libre 31 minut sedan
I have a similar motto when it comes to an upset wife. Just stick a finger in it
rcflyerbob 32 minuter sedan
Thank God everything worked out as well as it did! Praying for you to have a full and quick recovery!
Asturias 34 minuter sedan
So no old and rare ammo. Good tip.
ALMA DIXON-CIDER 40 minuter sedan
Gilbert JAUNAS
Gilbert JAUNAS 44 minuter sedan
Your video deserve a thumb 👍from France 🇨🇵bro ! I wish you a very good recovery 😊
Karen Bass
Karen Bass 46 minuter sedan
God bless by.TFBIII
B1N4RYGH0ST 48 minuter sedan
Keep that other hat, it's you're lucky hat. God almighty must have been watching out for you that day. You're really lucky to be alive. I pray that you will heal well. Peace.
Ry Guy
Ry Guy 48 minuter sedan
Omg bro, you are so lucky with all that quick thinking. Heal up bro.
Francisco Caroca
Francisco Caroca 50 minuter sedan
11:13 u farted as hardest u could? i heard that
HeyAlexa 53 minuter sedan
Arabic gun?
Charley Murphy
Charley Murphy 53 minuter sedan
The force that it hit Scott’s head with is unbelievable
F7 Holdings
F7 Holdings 55 minuter sedan
You must be Dutch
Lost Lens
Lost Lens 56 minuter sedan
Damn man… So glad you are okay!
Rockers racing and gaming
Rockers racing and gaming 58 minuter sedan
You forgot " and i got lucky "
jake t
jake t Timme sedan
U didn't mention the round was hot at all
Atom Bomb
Atom Bomb Timme sedan
Thank you dad!
P991TS Timme sedan
Noht A G'nome
Noht A G'nome Timme sedan
Fortunate that your jugular vein was severed instead of your carotid artery. Hope your eye recovers well.
Justin M.
Justin M. Timme sedan
Play with 🔥 get burned
AVeryBadKid Timme sedan
One hell of a story !!
Mike Payne
Mike Payne Timme sedan
I’m so glad you’re okay. The Lord was really watching out for you.
Jason Keller
Jason Keller Timme sedan
Glad you’re alright. God has a journey planned for you and this was just a minor set back that will lead to a major comeback. Keep doing what you love and teaching the world and the fun and cool stuff about guns. Praises to you Scott
The Revv Bong
The Revv Bong Timme sedan
I'm glad u are alive and healthy.... Hope you stay well and healthy...
Trent Bever
Trent Bever Timme sedan
That was crazy, just fortunate you survived that! Jesus was truly with you in that whole process. He has work for you in sharing your story and the good news that Jesus died for our sins! Glad you are alive and yes God is doing a great thing in your healing process! God bless and keep you!
daimonmt Timme sedan
Am happy for your recovery. Maybe, in hind side, you ought to use a string and stay behind a thick plexiglass cover. As you mentioned, these rounds have a shady past with regard to storage and handling. Be safe and thanks for your video and sharing your experience with us.
Cody Steven Grinnell
Cody Steven Grinnell Timme sedan
Bobby Chen
Bobby Chen Timme sedan
It's an honor to see your incredible, and scary story; very happy to see your great recovery! Stay healthy!!!
m7shshFM Timme sedan
please man for the love of god or your dad leave it .. quit that extremely danger hobby.. sorry my english is bad and thank god your fine now get soon brother
Thir7een Timme sedan
Nash Hi
Nash Hi Timme sedan
Nashville Tennessee my name is Nash
think panzer
think panzer Timme sedan
Glad you survived Scott son of Scott
Carson M
Carson M Timme sedan
Luckily your credit card didn’t decline
Christina Bullard
Christina Bullard Timme sedan
Sorry men😞😞😞😞😞
Christina Bullard
Christina Bullard Timme sedan
Tflex Timme sedan
U lost me at god
Edel Santos
Edel Santos Timme sedan
Praise God that was a miracle !! God bless you brother & speed recovery
Jason Simpkins
Jason Simpkins Timme sedan
You also tought a lot of lessons as well in this explanation. Hope people will take heed of all this.
Kyler Matheny
Kyler Matheny Timme sedan
Wt**** dang at least u made it threw that sh*** looks crazy intense yo u lucky to be alive 😳
DAGG kitty
DAGG kitty Timme sedan
At least you get that sick scar
Dark Matter
Dark Matter Timme sedan
Sorry this happened to you. It could have been a lot worse. God bless
Jason Simpkins
Jason Simpkins Timme sedan
Are you a little scared to shoot now? I know it's a freak thing for the most part but it's gotta be in the back of your mind when firing. (Well, not sure how much shooting you're able to do since then) But that may have my mind screwed. At least for awhile.
Hynes57 Timme sedan
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee Timme sedan
So its bad ammo or bad condition of firearm can cause explosions...
isaias zavala
isaias zavala Timme sedan
Respect my man! All the respect. Praise God. Im so glad your ok. I admire you and your dad for your bravery and courage
Kurtis Price
Kurtis Price Timme sedan
I'm so glad you're okay bro, you are obviously a great guy on top of providing awesome information and entertainment for everybody losing you would have been a tremendous loss God bless you bro hope you make a speedy full recovery
Ramiro Ponce
Ramiro Ponce Timme sedan
Glad you are question, and forgive me If I´m missing something, but what would be the cause, what triggered the explosion? the Barrel was extra hot?
Mario Timme sedan
Thank you for this great video, I’m really glad that you survived. Wish you even faster recovery 🙂
ed rage
ed rage Timme sedan
Im a complete ignorant about guns but if it was a regular barrett rifle would the chamber explode in the same scenario? I mean because the bullet is loaded inside the magazine. Because as i see this single shot rifle with a metal cap looks so dangerous.
Low N Slow Xgen
Low N Slow Xgen 2 timmar sedan
God is good! Your dad is a hero and smart
Jordan lane
Jordan lane 2 timmar sedan
Wow god bless man that’s gnarly
Vinh Nguyen
Vinh Nguyen 2 timmar sedan
No gun for me..too dangerous..your life w be taken away in 1 sec anytime
Paul Beadle
Paul Beadle 2 timmar sedan
Never seen this channel before but all I can say is I'm so pleased that you are here telling us about this please take care and stay safe Love from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Tokyo 420
Tokyo 420 2 timmar sedan
What.. the.. f***. You're a good story teller. Holy macarony, friend, you're a trooper.
Ed Daugherty
Ed Daugherty 2 timmar sedan
They take this long needle and stick it in your rib cage...It just wasn't fun
William Day
William Day 2 timmar sedan
You legend mate
Plasma Rexi
Plasma Rexi 2 timmar sedan
This is an example of how amazing God is and just how much he does for every single one of you.😊😌
archimedes hackerman
archimedes hackerman 2 timmar sedan
why did he make the 50 cal explode then
Miloslav Britovic
Miloslav Britovic 2 timmar sedan
“Our God is a God of salvation, and to God, the Lord, belong deliverances from death.” ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭68:20‬ ‭ Acts 17:28 Bruh.... He watched over your soul that day. Seriously nuts that you’re still here.
Noah A
Noah A 2 timmar sedan
Temporarily Offline
Temporarily Offline 2 timmar sedan
Glad you made it! Serious events!
123 321
123 321 2 timmar sedan
Damn if it wasnt for the safety glasses that cap probably would have pureed your brain
H. S
H. S 2 timmar sedan
😭😭😭 recuperate Bro💪
Duner250R 2 timmar sedan
Nothing you did wrong and nothing against the manufacturer, Serbu.
Mike Donovan
Mike Donovan 2 timmar sedan
Dude, God's got you here for a reason. Thank Jesus!
Giggidygiggidy12 2 timmar sedan
So basically that Serbu needs to be re engineered. Hot rounds or not that shouldn't have happened to you. I'll never use one of those for target practice, glad you survived also probably a good idea to start carrying a full on paramedic kit/surgical kit in the truck from now on if possible to stem bloodloss and wear a vest and helmet for any future vids
The Flamin' Cheetoh
The Flamin' Cheetoh 2 timmar sedan
Ordered a shirt, take care brotha!
Peter Kassies
Peter Kassies 2 timmar sedan
Lucky son of a gun?
Burger Andy
Burger Andy 2 timmar sedan
Now if something happens to my neck like that, I will remember my thumb.
Devon Blanton
Devon Blanton 2 timmar sedan
Dude I feel that I almost lost my hand completely when I woke up in the hospital all I wanted was a mt dew and a reese cup
Hunter Hass
Hunter Hass 2 timmar sedan
Glad you're alright. I've never watched your channel before but is there anything to learn from this to reduce the chances of it happening in any other instance? You said it was older and rounds and them being too hot. Maybe avoid using them all together? I'm not a fan of firearms really but I do appreciate those that are fond of older collectibles. If there's no safe way to fire something I would just completely avoid it at all costs. Even if the probability is like. 001% I still wouldn't take the risk for something that is just considered a hobby. Like I said though glad you're okay. Stay positive
No Thanks
No Thanks 2 timmar sedan
I sure hope you take that as the blessing it was and never shoot old ammo again...
Anthony Batres
Anthony Batres 2 timmar sedan
The bullet could've been rigged. Unfortunately rigged bullets have been used as a cheap shot tactic in war and have inevitably been mixed in with the regular ones. Thank god you're okay dude
William JOHNSON 2 timmar sedan
You are the luckiest person on this planet!!!
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia 2 timmar sedan
The threads don't need 85.000 psi to blow off it takes 165.000 psi, mark serbu did a video talking about it, also notice that the slap round doesn't have the cut outs on the sabo plastic, wich means those rounds where hand loaded and another thing for that preasure to build up, YOU NEED PISTOL POWDER ON A 50. BMG ROUND SHEESH, THATS NOT HOT THAS A BOMB HANDS DOWN... I need scot to see this comment because, I don't know where he boght those rounds but jesus christ...
jedn 2 timmar sedan
if it wasn't for god ? you mean if it wasn't for the doctors and the hospital
Roving Punster
Roving Punster 2 timmar sedan
Wow, yer Dad definitely saved your life. So glad you're ok. 🙏 Nothing like a close brush with death to put things in proper perspective, and add sweetness to all the little things in life. I've had several close calls over the years, of varying risk/severity, but nothing involving a firearm and a lacerated jugular. You win, brother, and not by a little. And props for showing the footage. "They take this long rod and poke it through your ribcage into your lung, and it ... wasn't fun." Understatement. 😂😖😱 Question: By "very hot" I assume that means it was a heavily overfilled hand loaded shell ?
Delorean Rodríguez
Delorean Rodríguez 2 timmar sedan
owow atleast u wore the glasses
Frank Ruiz
Frank Ruiz 3 timmar sedan
Wow bro, I just hope you get a full nice great recovery, be safe please!!!
Douglas Wynsma
Douglas Wynsma 3 timmar sedan
That goes to show god can do miracles, God bless
not1 just4words
not1 just4words 3 timmar sedan
Praise God and pass the ammo!
james lesperance
james lesperance 3 timmar sedan
Holy cow
Chris. M
Chris. M 3 timmar sedan
Glad your alive! You even made be a bit nervous after this story hahaha.
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