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Ben Foster - The Cycling GK

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Welcome back to away days! We've got the ledge that is @Pieface23 giving us his match day prediction this week for Middlesbrough away at the Riverside Stadium!
Lovely day for a bit of training with the lads- Check out Parksy' save in training on the @GoPro and then a @Zwift Crit City race where I took a big 'W'.
We've got the big plain up to Middlesbrough. Will giving me the standard potty mouth treatment and the main man Big Bazzla was waiting patiently for us on the tarmac.
Nice hotel and my plug sorting me out with the good stuff before dinne then off to my room for some Zelda and to watch Seaspiracy on Netflix which I've heard so much about!
Not quite the result we were after but we're still going strong and the Prem is still calling!
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Professor Mois
Professor Mois 5 dagar sedan
It seems like Ben is always the most impressed by the big dinner rooms hahah
Liam Kenny
Liam Kenny 6 dagar sedan
Can we have one episode where we don’t hear will and his potty mouth haha makes me chuckle so much Ben you big dog legend mate
Thauban Othman
Thauban Othman 8 dagar sedan
Massive legend Ben!!!
Shaswat Sinha
Shaswat Sinha 12 dagar sedan
Welcome baaaackkkk to premier league !!! Cycling Gk in Premier League letsss goooo
SwidishTV 12 dagar sedan
Love this Ben!!
Abdulmalik Ali Mohamed
Abdulmalik Ali Mohamed 13 dagar sedan
Keeping my fingers crossed for that beauty of a matchworn shirt💎➡👕➡👍🏾➡😁🤲🏾🤲🏾🔥🔥✔
Ian bunting
Ian bunting 13 dagar sedan
Genuine class act this guy 👍🏻👍🏻🚴🏻🧤
Abdulmalik Ali Mohamed
Abdulmalik Ali Mohamed 14 dagar sedan
Keeping my fingers crossed for that beauty of a matchworn shirt💎➡👕➡👍🏾➡😁🤲🏾🤲🏾🔥🔥✔
Abdulmalik Ali Mohamed
Abdulmalik Ali Mohamed 14 dagar sedan
Keeping my fingers crossed for that beauty of a matchworn shirt💎➡👕➡👍🏾➡😁🤲🏾🤲🏾🔥🔥✔
Spencer Carle
Spencer Carle 14 dagar sedan
gott love how he just walks away from the jersey on the ground lol
OPTIMAL JM7 15 dagar sedan
This is the first time I’ve seen Ben have a dinner without tomato ketchup
Stealth 15 dagar sedan
Awesome as Usual
SyNc TG 15 dagar sedan
PieFace is bloody legend for fifa rage but love his content
Fin 15 dagar sedan
#Watford for super league
Becky Hilton
Becky Hilton 15 dagar sedan
Come on the boys...... One more point!
TMS FASEE 16 dagar sedan
Anyone thought Ben left chabloahs shirt behind
Edgar Ramos
Edgar Ramos 16 dagar sedan
i think i speak for all of us when i say that your videos are amazing
hiddenrob 16 dagar sedan
Love cylcling videos just what I need to get it going the blood I love it. I always watch these before I go out and get my body moving. I always watch one of these, and then put up my heavy playlist like Delta Parole, Three Days Grace, System and then I just go haaaaard!!!! Tactic hasnt let me down yet.
Will Fowler
Will Fowler 16 dagar sedan
Bazzla = legend
Joe Murphy
Joe Murphy 17 dagar sedan
Bazzla best character
Liam Webb
Liam Webb 17 dagar sedan
Really would love this shit a Chelsea fan used to love watching him play fro them loving watching him play for Watford
Joshdiamond __
Joshdiamond __ 18 dagar sedan
Hugo Krotil
Hugo Krotil 18 dagar sedan
these vids are LEGENDARY
Sean Callan
Sean Callan 18 dagar sedan
Peadar Ó Baoill
Peadar Ó Baoill 18 dagar sedan
Can’t wait to see them Anfield vlogs next season , keep up the good work Ben
Keiran0109 19 dagar sedan
Love the videos mate! Accidentally found your channel, been hooked since! It’s great to see behind the scenes, keep up the good work! Big love from wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Brooke Chapman
Brooke Chapman 19 dagar sedan
Thanks for giving not just us Watford fans but football fans internationally an incredible and unique insight to the club and the team. You bloody legend! 🐝🐝
Oktappdi Pikalter
Oktappdi Pikalter 20 dagar sedan
Ben, big fan here from North Macedonia! Hope we see you in premier league next season! ❤
DashEnglish 20 dagar sedan
Let’s get watford back to the Prem
Mr. Mystical
Mr. Mystical 20 dagar sedan
Ben Foster is an absolute legend man, first SEpost, now tik tok, he’s gonna take over social media soon
Joe Aldridge
Joe Aldridge 20 dagar sedan
Come on the boys 👊🏼
Yeldarb 20 dagar sedan
Love this channel, the vids are so good ♥️
Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor 21 dag sedan
Ben brilliant videos. 👏 keep up the good work 💪
Pete Whiteley
Pete Whiteley 21 dag sedan
Nothing nicer than the thought of a cycling GK video in the pond at the end of the season 🤩
kian ellis
kian ellis 21 dag sedan
this guy is an absolute legend when i see his videos always puts a smile on my face keep posting !
Kristoffer Krantz
Kristoffer Krantz 21 dag sedan
Shirt please
David Augustine
David Augustine 21 dag sedan
My favorite thing about these videos is Ben's positive attitude. Everything excites him and makes him happy.
David Augustine
David Augustine 19 dagar sedan
@Cyphicc p sure he's hurt, or he was hurt for a while at least
Cyphicc 19 dagar sedan
Why isn’t Ben playing?
Joel Salerno
Joel Salerno 21 dag sedan
Can already see him playing for Hashtag United in the hopefully close future.
yishai lerer
yishai lerer 21 dag sedan
These videos are amazing thanks Ben, would really love the shirt, well done to whoever wins
Connor Ecclestone
Connor Ecclestone 21 dag sedan
Not a half bad result for the boys, future prem team
Andrew Murphy
Andrew Murphy 22 dagar sedan
I’m a boro fan...
Isaac Thornton
Isaac Thornton 22 dagar sedan
Potty mouth hughes needs his own channel😂
Ben Grace
Ben Grace 22 dagar sedan
Bazzla we want to see more cakes!
Techz YT
Techz YT 22 dagar sedan
You can tell bens in his late 30s when he’s calling the switch a ds 😂
JMDubz 22 dagar sedan
this is the only youtube channel that i have instantly loved from the first minute of watching it. Ben foster is a massive legend. Watford = hate the club for sacking managers all the time. but love it just because of ben, will and bazzla. :)
Eanna Healy
Eanna Healy 22 dagar sedan
Ben Foster = Legend
Pete Buck
Pete Buck 22 dagar sedan
Ben, when are you getting back between the sticks mate miss you
Finnan TobinAllen
Finnan TobinAllen 22 dagar sedan
Sarr what a player 🐐
MatthewPeppersMusic 22 dagar sedan
Brilliant as always. The editing is extremely good!!!
Joshua Arnold
Joshua Arnold 22 dagar sedan
Would love a Chalobah match worn shirt especially as he played for Middlesbrough FC which is my team UTB
A Hill
A Hill 22 dagar sedan
Cant wait for premier league away days next year!!!
Callum Edwards
Callum Edwards 22 dagar sedan
never seems to disappoint quality video yet again
Toby Kirkham
Toby Kirkham 22 dagar sedan
These videos are frickin’ wicked!
Anthony Rice
Anthony Rice 22 dagar sedan
Ben foster you lil legend! Love this channel
A E 22 dagar sedan
What would SEpost be without The Cycling GK.. be like the premiership without Watford next season... up the boys and my nephew is Enoch Muwonge Watford’s Under 18’s wonder kid.. soon be Watford star
Adam Revitt
Adam Revitt 22 dagar sedan
That’s a switch Ben mate 😂
Tristan Boivin
Tristan Boivin 22 dagar sedan
So, how’s Zelda on your ds ?
Kevin McLaughlin
Kevin McLaughlin 22 dagar sedan
Guys a legend
Gary Smith
Gary Smith 22 dagar sedan
Keep up the good work.
BreenoKid 23 dagar sedan
No coke zero in the fridge???
Josh Robertson
Josh Robertson 23 dagar sedan
Class video 👊❤️
Anselmo Marques
Anselmo Marques 23 dagar sedan
You’re a legend Ben!
Vizor 23 dagar sedan
Coming from a boro fan Ben is a legend
Joshulameister 23 dagar sedan
What a God big boro fan and the cycling gk😄
Montage_gods 23 dagar sedan
Yo love your vids
Gary Woolf
Gary Woolf 23 dagar sedan
Go on fozzie
Luke Stowell
Luke Stowell 23 dagar sedan
Cycling gk is a legend
Darren McCarthy
Darren McCarthy 23 dagar sedan
Big Nathaniel on twitch
Rithesh Philip
Rithesh Philip 23 dagar sedan
Michael Devany
Michael Devany 23 dagar sedan
5 minutes from the hotel to the riverside?!?! Did your driver get lost along the way? You can stand on the top of the jury throw a stone and hit the stadium(!)
Brodyboy20 23 dagar sedan
Up the cycling gk
Russell Knights
Russell Knights 23 dagar sedan
Winner winner...missed out on Snowy's and Pedro's shirt...Nate the skipper's shirt must be flying its way to meeeee!! 👍🤣
Alan Batchelor
Alan Batchelor 23 dagar sedan
Will Hughes.....LEGEND! Keep up the great comment's.
Taylor White
Taylor White 23 dagar sedan
Fionn Linehan
Fionn Linehan 23 dagar sedan
Probably too late but looking for a last minute winner for that chalobah shirt
Mr Cheeses Biggest Ever Fan
Mr Cheeses Biggest Ever Fan 23 dagar sedan
Maikel Kitslaar
Maikel Kitslaar 23 dagar sedan
This man single handedly made me support watford. Absolute legend mate
Hayden Evans
Hayden Evans 23 dagar sedan
Up the cycling GK
Aiden Purdy
Aiden Purdy 23 dagar sedan
cant wait to see Ben in the prem (little rhyme there)
Jawdy 23 dagar sedan
Love it Ben
CWill911 23 dagar sedan
Love these videos, quality content!
Nicholas Punter
Nicholas Punter 23 dagar sedan
Teemu Halonen
Teemu Halonen 23 dagar sedan
You're afraid of Pukki or what?
JDSinkyHD 23 dagar sedan
Top man Ben. Gotta love a bit of Zwift
Gazza Bowers
Gazza Bowers 23 dagar sedan
Goal keepers united!!
Oliver Duffy
Oliver Duffy 23 dagar sedan
Ben the 🐐
James Martin
James Martin 23 dagar sedan
pick me please
Rachel Revitt
Rachel Revitt 23 dagar sedan
Currently playing Zelda myself, great game.
Simon 11
Simon 11 23 dagar sedan
Lovley big Ben
Andrew Aptekar
Andrew Aptekar 23 dagar sedan
The best part of the day
Ryan Hutton
Ryan Hutton 23 dagar sedan
something nice
Great White FC
Great White FC 23 dagar sedan
Back in yet another lockdown here in Canada but having Cycling GK's videos certainly make the pain a little less for a bit!! Love from Canada
Kc Lyttle
Kc Lyttle 23 dagar sedan
2 words for Ben bloody legend
Marc Masters
Marc Masters 23 dagar sedan
Love the vids, keep up the hard work man! :D
David Kjær
David Kjær 23 dagar sedan
Ben Foster is a guaranteed starter in FUT, he can even play striker!
Lewis Gibson
Lewis Gibson 23 dagar sedan
Dunno why but I really want that strip
William Waterman
William Waterman 23 dagar sedan
Hopefully Watford can get into the prem
Patrik Czajkowski
Patrik Czajkowski 23 dagar sedan
The Premier League lets gooo. Cheers from Norway!
Nathan Chapman
Nathan Chapman 23 dagar sedan
Me please Ben - would make my year!!
wirelesskilla 23 dagar sedan
Loving that max out on the Swift hahaha
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