Minecraft, But Villagers Trade Structures...

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The time is here to take on a challenge! This is Minecraft but villagers trade structures. Can I beat the game with the op items I get from these structures? Well its time to find out!
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This is a Minecraft but challenge, similar to Minecraft but villagers trade op items and Minecraft but you can craft structures!

MiszS 7 minuter sedan
bruh this make me rage so much, that u dont get frickin totem in hand and dont loot some usefull stuff
lveal24 41 minut sedan
I see your face in fruity
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown 51 minut sedan
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woobat99 55 minuter sedan
Fake speed runs be like
Q22 Minecraft
Q22 Minecraft 2 timmar sedan
Fru is the Minecraft god
Adam Mohammed
Adam Mohammed 3 timmar sedan
Those chest is fake
Xymone Andrew G. Raña
Xymone Andrew G. Raña 3 timmar sedan
I remembered that time when i first watched fru's first episode of his smp He was under 10k but look at him now having a million
Ibraheem Butt
Ibraheem Butt 4 timmar sedan
Svanik Sharma
Svanik Sharma 4 timmar sedan
Copy of wisp
ItsLegendMC 4 timmar sedan
Fru I have been watching your video's when you had 100 subscribers! WOW I'm an OG fan
ItsLegendMC 4 timmar sedan
Congrats on reaching 1M subscribers!
Nicola Riordan
Nicola Riordan 4 timmar sedan
John Y
John Y 7 timmar sedan
Not PaulGG make the same vid 1 week before. I feel its the same vid
Umakanta Naik
Umakanta Naik 8 timmar sedan
Make more vidoes
Aiden Martin
Aiden Martin 8 timmar sedan
Day 700?
Akshat Gupta
Akshat Gupta 9 timmar sedan
@wadzee please try it
Felix Hier
Felix Hier 11 timmar sedan
this was so easy
LOT- Lots OF Troll
LOT- Lots OF Troll 13 timmar sedan
Hey bro pliz send me link to download this mod pliz😭
Monika Grocholska
Monika Grocholska 14 timmar sedan
He left a emerald block
TF 42 swift ツ
TF 42 swift ツ 14 timmar sedan
He’s not just got prot from a fletcher
SM MalShi
SM MalShi 17 timmar sedan
Nice ultra in a temple 😂
BOXEDYOU 20 timmar sedan
Why did you stop making Minecraft multiplayer series
YouTube dreamers Squad
YouTube dreamers Squad 23 timmar sedan
Nice video
Angel Enri
Angel Enri Dag sedan
Hey Fru...umm i think the axe does more damage
Khan Xayasane
Khan Xayasane Dag sedan
Marcia Pinto Silva
Marcia Pinto Silva Dag sedan
I love how you and wisp are almost the same person
Mpla Mpla
Mpla Mpla Dag sedan
Lol ia totaly fake in the pyramid you cant find elytra totem of undying and netherite
Victoria Angeles
Victoria Angeles Dag sedan
lol the anciet debris at the fortress
مروان محمود سعيد مروان محمود شعيد
مروان محمود سعيد مروان محمود شعيد Dag sedan
OK so good !!!!
Switchy Gamer
Switchy Gamer Dag sedan
Pls bring your smp back
Adil Kamil
Adil Kamil Dag sedan
I want part2
M -
M - Dag sedan
Is he Wisp’s cousin?
GamingthisweeK01 Dag sedan
I wonder even tho the sword is sharpness X the zombie need two hit to be ded
Panha Pong In
Panha Pong In Dag sedan
i can tell that he use creative before the video start
habiba kassam
habiba kassam Dag sedan
100 days ocean only world pppplllllllleeeeeeaaassssseeee
Jagdev Singh
Jagdev Singh Dag sedan
Please give a tour of your multiplayer world
Timoha Timohin
Timoha Timohin Dag sedan
Are you two okay Claire no
Alwin Henriksson
Alwin Henriksson Dag sedan
Alwin Henriksson
Alwin Henriksson Dag sedan
I am a BIG NOOB Dag sedan
Use goongagingang to be lucky
Nayan Bhadreshwara
Nayan Bhadreshwara Dag sedan
When next video will come 😭
allampally venkateshwarlu
allampally venkateshwarlu Dag sedan
Ur fans are waiting
allampally venkateshwarlu
allampally venkateshwarlu Dag sedan
Bro video of multiplayer bro plz post fast
Julian kuitwaard
Julian kuitwaard Dag sedan
When he jest send ware is the portal room he literally jest past it
ManyFaceImpressions Dag sedan
These intro things are just getting more cringe as they go on, everyone just stealing ideas from each other lmao
adelavgarza Dag sedan
you are coping wisp stop
Carmel Jakes
Carmel Jakes 2 dagar sedan
Your just copying wisps intros
Theodore Tricot
Theodore Tricot 2 dagar sedan
maybe a new mike
Jessie Han
Jessie Han 2 dagar sedan
cool end city
Nightmare 2 dagar sedan
Hey Fru just wanted to know if I can use your music for my hardcore series
Kadyan Family
Kadyan Family 2 dagar sedan
Who all know that the chest was filled by himself only 😂
Adam Mohammed
Adam Mohammed 3 timmar sedan
KRISH PATEL 2 dagar sedan
Fru what is the seed of your hardcore survival world
Akshada Rajhans
Akshada Rajhans 2 dagar sedan
Everyone-man that fake loot Fru-you are so much old fashioned iam using minecarft 19999.000 uptade 😅🤣🤣🤣
Pranav Hari
Pranav Hari 2 dagar sedan
Realese new survival multiplayer
Lili tube
Lili tube 2 dagar sedan
There was a emerald block in the chest
Paul Justin
Paul Justin 2 dagar sedan
Title, minecrft but chest is overpowered
Nicenoob 123
Nicenoob 123 2 dagar sedan
Fru making his content...
Keplin Palomer
Keplin Palomer 2 dagar sedan
Keplin Palomer
Keplin Palomer 2 dagar sedan
Kamlesh Rani
Kamlesh Rani 2 dagar sedan
Wisp's twin
Daksh Kumar
Daksh Kumar 2 dagar sedan
Bro please make a vedio on 200 day on one block hardcore
Aarav gaming yt
Aarav gaming yt 2 dagar sedan
Happy 1 million 😯😯😯
sai aasra
sai aasra 2 dagar sedan
Hey,fru you have forgotten your survival series please continue it love from India ❤️❤️
Jude Bennett
Jude Bennett 2 dagar sedan
why dont you take a totem?
Dylan Merrill
Dylan Merrill 2 dagar sedan
And also what happened to Minecraft Multiplayer Survival series? I loved that so much!
Dylan Merrill
Dylan Merrill 2 dagar sedan
he copied Wisp so hard
Wolf gaming Yt
Wolf gaming Yt 2 dagar sedan
Fruuuuu plzzzz do the 700 days minecraft hardcore plzzzzzzzzz
LAW HAO YET Moe 2 dagar sedan
Congratulations or 1 million subscribers!
OreoBear _WolfyGachaDawn-Brise
OreoBear _WolfyGachaDawn-Brise 2 dagar sedan
Bonn Anddrey & Samantha Anddrea Tumanon
Bonn Anddrey & Samantha Anddrea Tumanon 2 dagar sedan
at your survival minecraft :(
Bonn Anddrey & Samantha Anddrea Tumanon
Bonn Anddrey & Samantha Anddrea Tumanon 2 dagar sedan
fru pleease dont leave i miss u make more video please make epsode 44-100
Braylon Hammett
Braylon Hammett 2 dagar sedan
Why did he have more god apples than golden apples
Melissa B
Melissa B 2 dagar sedan
Me when he said he had beat the game with villagers that trade structures: BUT!! HE HAD OP CHESTTTTS my brain: *Goes insane about it* Me when my brain decides to go insane over it: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE me when i realize theres something wrong with me: :P whoops
Melissa B
Melissa B 2 dagar sedan
Right when he was gonna place his stronghold Meh brain was like: YEEEEEEE~ pwease pin meh comments i has 3
Melissa B
Melissa B 2 dagar sedan
LOL HE SAID INVERNTERY XD (btw im knew to channel it looks pretty cool so far:D)
skibeaver22 2 dagar sedan
Congratulations on 1 millon subs. I am a huge fan! I watch on another computer and am subscribed. Thanks for the awesome videos!
Gamerkids4ever 3 dagar sedan
can you do 700 days
Kevin Carfray
Kevin Carfray 3 dagar sedan
jamilex martinez
jamilex martinez 3 dagar sedan
Uhhhhhh l thank this is fake
rocco g
rocco g 3 dagar sedan
Bro chest ain’t that stacked lmao
K Jayanth
K Jayanth 3 dagar sedan
Nice game make more related videos
AspectOfTheDerp 3 dagar sedan
you should try to branch out before all your subs are only here for these types of vids, then other content under peforms
Marcos Hernandez
Marcos Hernandez 3 dagar sedan
Fru I am your biggest fan
YOU SIMP 3 dagar sedan
Rom_playz 3 dagar sedan
My favourite structure was the fru castle
Gamer LCM
Gamer LCM 3 dagar sedan
علي عبدالرضا أحمد عبدالرؤف
علي عبدالرضا أحمد عبدالرؤف 3 dagar sedan
How 😱😰
Joshua Holmes
Joshua Holmes 3 dagar sedan
Is coffee fueled genuis your brother
Dhairya Saini 6th BRAHMAPUTRA
Dhairya Saini 6th BRAHMAPUTRA 3 dagar sedan
Joshua Holmes
Joshua Holmes 3 dagar sedan
Is Coffee fueled genius your brother?
Gracie Kendrick
Gracie Kendrick 3 dagar sedan
Great content bro
Levi De zwaan
Levi De zwaan 3 dagar sedan
This guy just go from stone tools to NETHERITE ARMOR
Liyakatali Dhamnekar
Liyakatali Dhamnekar 3 dagar sedan
Congratulations on 1 million subscribers 🥳🥳🥳🥳
BLACK NINJ A 3 dagar sedan
what happen in 100 days in one block?
5Haze 3 dagar sedan
when is the survival multiplayer returning :(
Mbusi Dhlamini
Mbusi Dhlamini 3 dagar sedan
When looking for Ancient_debris and they is lava use fire resistant potions with you can get by barting with Piglins
Ashok Roy
Ashok Roy 3 dagar sedan
100000000000 days on hardcore please please please please please please please please please please
Shahul Hameed Kuwait
Shahul Hameed Kuwait 3 dagar sedan
Dji Dji
Dji Dji 3 dagar sedan
wazd ya maont
SURVIVOR_Rsha 3 dagar sedan
2:17 Iron golem dying with 100 times the sound and the bass HEADPHONE USERS PLEASE TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME
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