Minecraft, But Structures Are Extremely OP...

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In this Minecraft video I play on a hardcore world, but structures are extremely OP! How OP can I become? And can I beat Minecraft? Watch to find out!
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pig, sb737 same thing I see why the wither was confused! (this was a joke sb is not a pig lol)
Detec Mason
Detec Mason 20 timmar sedan
when you watch this 8 days after release
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Fraser Grant
Fraser Grant Dag sedan
Also I’m downloading that app
Fraser Grant
Fraser Grant Dag sedan
Hi sb737 you’ve been my childhood from the age of 5 and I’m 11 now thank you for the amazing vids can’t stop watching em 😁
Rick Webster
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Davin Warren
Davin Warren Dag sedan
Alice Robinson
Alice Robinson Dag sedan
Hi sb can you try playing bed wars on Nintendo swich
Chanceux Mbimi
Chanceux Mbimi Dag sedan
Alternative Title: Minecraft but easy mode is literally too easy
Paxton Daughenbaugh
Paxton Daughenbaugh Dag sedan
is this a mod
Paxton Daughenbaugh
Paxton Daughenbaugh Dag sedan
seed, not sed
Paxton Daughenbaugh
Paxton Daughenbaugh Dag sedan
or a seed if sed what is it
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I subbed
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I subed today
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i dowload it
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so good
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Fake Account Dag sedan
you should try to join hermitcraft
Jean Granados
Jean Granados Dag sedan
I took out the pillars in the end with my enchated elytra and my infinite arrow bow
Jean Granados
Jean Granados Dag sedan
I always die in minecraft and forget to keep inventory in settings
Jean Granados
Jean Granados Dag sedan
I found the woodland mansion and monument
Scarred Ant
Scarred Ant 2 dagar sedan
the money technique is really effective he was at like 1m last week i think and now close to 2m
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i sustribed
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I subbed
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This should be his let’s play series
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Ooooohhhh das petty ggoood
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Adhyan mohamed
Adhyan mohamed 2 dagar sedan
Sb i am a big fan of you
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Felicity Farrowt u 2 dagar sedan
I have a question if your British how can you give US dollars please reply thank you
Jayri jayri jayri jayri jayri jayri jayri jayri ja
Jayri jayri jayri jayri jayri jayri jayri jayri ja 2 dagar sedan
I'll pin you
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Aot better be in the game that sponsored u
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I subscribed and im in south Korea
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sb737 what day was this video ruleste
A Costello
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I dare u to say sb is a bad utuber because well truth be told thats a lie! also sb help me prove to my sister that u don't cheat and do a CPS test 🙃 🙂
Micha Geel
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Micha Geel
Micha Geel 3 dagar sedan
So happy
Micha Geel
Micha Geel 3 dagar sedan
Micha Geel
Micha Geel 3 dagar sedan
I won
Henry Deppert
Henry Deppert 3 dagar sedan
Behind the stairs in the woodland mansion where you killed the creepers is a chest that you missed.
Ingrid Persson
Ingrid Persson 3 dagar sedan
Great Video Man
Raw Killzone
Raw Killzone 3 dagar sedan
wait what i didnt knew about the end cities can be there
Vikki Hughson
Vikki Hughson 3 dagar sedan
I subbed
OA GAMEZ 3 dagar sedan
hi ineed help i download the data pack for this mod and i put in my texture packs folder i use it and it still dosent work can you help me?
Yb makes videos
Yb makes videos Dag sedan
Put it in data pack not texture pack
OA GAMEZ 3 dagar sedan
also i am on 1.16.5
Laura Setiu
Laura Setiu 3 dagar sedan
My kids Watch every video you make
Scott Jones
Scott Jones 4 dagar sedan
We need 900 days in hardcore minecraft! XD
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master of minecarft man!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the master!
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Plz give me I am poor
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Your the best
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I rlly need 1000 times are tough and I rlly need this I am subbing
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OP JAGGU Gamer 4 dagar sedan
Thanks for 400 ❤️❤️❤️ Ab 500 karwa do ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love u all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
MS_ZAID_XD 2 dagar sedan
Shut up
GR Golden9018
GR Golden9018 4 dagar sedan
Is it me or does this guy only do hardcore
Rosmary Curran
Rosmary Curran 4 dagar sedan
Nice vid
tanupreet kaur
tanupreet kaur 4 dagar sedan
Sb what is the seed pls tell us sb
Jarne Vanden Branden
Jarne Vanden Branden 4 dagar sedan
Elytra with unbreaking 10 and prot 10: INSANE
Ilove_ anime1287
Ilove_ anime1287 4 dagar sedan
Oh responder the game i just deleted a week ago Mind: well it time to download Me: i deleted because i can't level up im stuck in 70-80 level Mind:i don't care download it
Familjen Holmberg
Familjen Holmberg 4 dagar sedan
You are great!
Minecreep 42
Minecreep 42 4 dagar sedan
Only legends notice that this is Hardcore Minecraft
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams 2 dagar sedan
I noticed straight away
Suyog Gautam
Suyog Gautam 2 dagar sedan
That means i am a legend
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i love dis
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I just subscribed!
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Tienes q azerlo en español
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Is subt really long
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I subbed 2 years ago I think I’m picked
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“never seen a little guy so panicked in me life” -SB737 2021
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DRAGNIL 68 5 dagar sedan
you wear there
Chris Matney
Chris Matney 5 dagar sedan
He should mine up Ancient debris with fortune 1000
Jsamtheman 5 dagar sedan
Can i get 1000 dollars
bord craft
bord craft 5 dagar sedan
SB, Hey can i use this idea in 1 of my new vids? i willl link your channel in the description :)
Boa 5 dagar sedan
very lucky but have yu ever spawned in a fortress BC I HAV E HEHEHEHEHH
Fire Dragon Gamer
Fire Dragon Gamer 5 dagar sedan
your are the best youtuber i love your videos i almost saw all your videos
pleshiva kotka
pleshiva kotka 5 dagar sedan
Peaple Ho say game is for baby 🤡
TheArmaanH Games
TheArmaanH Games 5 dagar sedan
1:09 he is in creative XD 😂 😝 😆. He is editing the hearts and gear and food bar lol
adefadina 5 dagar sedan
Is a naught apple
adefadina 5 dagar sedan
A good weapon
Footballaus Gaming
Footballaus Gaming 5 dagar sedan
I have watched all of your vids and been subbed since 2k
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Megan Baker 5 dagar sedan
thanks to your videos, sb, i survived lockdown ❤️
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Wait why dollars ain’t he British?
Ruslana Satimova
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couplesnote 6 dagar sedan
sb: Dragon Raja Me who has a pc: downloads emulator just to download it and support him by his link
HungerAttack 6 dagar sedan
1000 dollors
pripri 6 dagar sedan
There is a lot of Dimond in this video! ❤️❤️❤️💎
Ummi Alifah
Ummi Alifah 6 dagar sedan
A way to remove curse of binding: 1: get a magma block and place it on the ground 2: set your game mode it peaceful 3: remove your armor that you need 4: step on the magma block 5: wait until the curse of binding armor piece is broken from the magma
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I Subscribed!
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Sb737 is fast on kiling dragon
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It was my birthday so I hope I win the money
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I subscribed
Sten Markus Laur
Sten Markus Laur 7 dagar sedan
if you make woodland maison 100 times better then you will find 1 block of iron at the entrance...
Зубър че
Зубър че 7 dagar sedan
this is not structures are op, but structeres if u have built them in 2013 when u were 8
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2 subscribers
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I subscribed
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Hey, i'm a new subscriber :)
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Omg he found one 🥳🥳🥳
Ali Shahid
Ali Shahid 7 dagar sedan
Bro I really hope I find a woodland mansion
justin liu
justin liu 7 dagar sedan
The true God of Minecraft
Rhett Bodnarchuk
Rhett Bodnarchuk 7 dagar sedan
just subd not for the givayay for the great contend 100% great
Fola Omogbenigun
Fola Omogbenigun 7 dagar sedan
I love ur videos
Leonel Floréz
Leonel Floréz 7 dagar sedan
Is it also suitable for minecraft bedrock?
Henry Gyamfi
Henry Gyamfi 7 dagar sedan
Dragon raga is a really good game:)
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