Melanie Martinez - The Bakery [Official Music Video]

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melanie martinez

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After School EP Out Now:
Directed by Melanie Martinez
Executive Producer: Wes Teshome
Production Company: Summercamp (
Post-Production Company: Frame 48 (
Executive Producers: Seth Josephson & Katrina Kudlick
Executive Producers: Julian Conner & Tom Teller
Starring: Melanie Martinez & Jacqueline Molina
Production Manager: Mariah Morgenstern
Director of Photography: Tehillah De Castro
Production Designer: Kendra Bradanini
Costume Designer: Melanie Martinez
Hair Stylist: William Blair
Makeup: David Velasquez
Choreography by: Melanie Martinez
Choreography consulting: Brian Friedman
Cake Sword Creation and Boat Design: Scott Hove ( Visual Effects Supervisor: Jordan Allen
Editor: Joe Calardo
Director of Digital Production: Enrique De la Garza
Lead Compositor: Philip Ballard
Compositors: Lenny Solis, Chad Beuhler, Artur Elison, Anthony Barcelo, Stephen Gall
Modelers: Mariano Ruiz, Juan Fer Bravo
Sound Design: Gerry Vazquez
Color: Bryan Smaller at Company 3
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Wendy Aguilar
Wendy Aguilar 4 timmar sedan
I have a question is Melanie Mexican because I am
•sassia marin•
•sassia marin• 4 timmar sedan
we not gonna talk abt how GOOD she looks
Evelina Frikha
Evelina Frikha 4 timmar sedan
Nice sweet gingerbread man
Bia Soares
Bia Soares 5 timmar sedan
Vídeo clipe muito vulgar e eu adorei ❤️
strawberry toe
strawberry toe 5 timmar sedan
This reminded me of milk and cookies
Sarahi 5 timmar sedan
Give that girl love she got bullied for the way she looked in this music vid
Anime Lover101
Anime Lover101 6 timmar sedan
Melanie is slowly getting me to accept my body. I use to have a flat stomach and a very high metabolism. When I was a kid I was so skinny you could see my rib cage. Now I’ve gained some weight and I use to be 110lbs and now since I’ve been on the depo and eating a lot more I’m now at 134lbs. I’m basically skinny fat if that’s even a thing. I have a small pudge tummy and my thighs are thick and I’ve been self conscious of my body for awhile now because I use to feel good having a flat stomach. I think Melanie helps women feel better and not to care what other people think about their bodies and that we should feel comfortable in our own skin. I’m still self conscious, but I hope I can get more self confidence about my body.
Naomi 6 timmar sedan
Wooooow you song is so cuteeeee and perfect💖💖💖
princessxmelanie 101
princessxmelanie 101 6 timmar sedan
The fact that NO ONE expected this from melanie,is *Amazing* yes *AMAZING*
notsotallman 6 timmar sedan
Personally, I think it'd be funny as heck if she turned out to be pregnant, since the euphemism "bun in the oven" exists regarding being pregnant and the song is named after a place that buns are made (and stored). That being said, I'm always happy to hear new music from Melanie! A delightfully catchy bop, keep it up!
Antoinette Of the Bacons
Antoinette Of the Bacons 6 timmar sedan
So ppl told her to show skin and she did it and yall be chilli peppers at her. My god she did what you wanted her to do And body shaming is just fucking lame, a real female body can be like that. Shes not pregnant. Stop being 5 year olds saying "Shes fat" or "Omg shes pregnat" like seriously You've seen many barbie dolls more than humans showing skin.
Carrie Quinn
Carrie Quinn 7 timmar sedan
HOW DID SHE CUD 1 TIME?!!?!!?!?!?
Cᴇʟɪɴᴇ Kᴀᴢᴜᴍɪ
Cᴇʟɪɴᴇ Kᴀᴢᴜᴍɪ 7 timmar sedan
I love how Melanie dance. It's so WOW! I wish I could dance that smooth..I mean look at those hip swings! It's so perfect. Plus, her body is suitable for her. If anyone calling her fat or something.. *Karma will always back for u.*
Two-Faced Snake
Two-Faced Snake 7 timmar sedan
She is an icon, she gives me body confidence
razzamatazzy 7 timmar sedan
bakery...bun in the oven
KMC TV Official
KMC TV Official 7 timmar sedan
OMG I can't stop listening to this
Joshua Bridgnanan
Joshua Bridgnanan 8 timmar sedan
We got, *Cake* Then we got, *Strawberry Shortcake* Now we got, *The Bakery* So what’s next? OH I KNOW! *d i a b e t e s* (This is a joke, I loveeee Mel)
Nira Brinsin
Nira Brinsin 8 timmar sedan
I love you when i was little i listen to your songs
Paulo rosa
Paulo rosa 8 timmar sedan
Eu gosto muito de ti Mari Martins parabéns você fez um monte de música muito muito de ti e gosto de
Avia N
Avia N 8 timmar sedan
That outfit tho...
Paulo rosa
Paulo rosa 8 timmar sedan
😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️♥️👻🤑😎✌️ muito Mary Martins meu aniversário vai ser
ॐ•ღcHeLeCoN_ aZuKaRツღ•ॐ
ॐ•ღcHeLeCoN_ aZuKaRツღ•ॐ 8 timmar sedan
Ashlynn Montsdeoca
Ashlynn Montsdeoca 8 timmar sedan
90% of the comments: Stop saying she is showing to much skin Me: Please guide me to the evidence that other comments say that
Creep Cringe
Creep Cringe 8 timmar sedan
Mary Macarte
Mary Macarte 8 timmar sedan
I love how she's yelling at the background
Crippling Depression
Crippling Depression 8 timmar sedan
Omg I am literally in love with this song! And that outfit is slaying! Pure Perfection ❤️
Mad Doodler
Mad Doodler 8 timmar sedan
Idk about you guys but, I'm just a bit sad.. I still love Melanie and a huge fan. But I loved the songs with a story, and yes this is very creative. But I think its lacking originality. The bakery reminds me of Katy Perrys video. I just am a bit scared that well. I'm just scared Melanie is going to turn into another cardi b. But if Melanie is happy, proud, and enjoying herself. Good for you queen (◍•ᴗ•◍)
•C a n d y• •s w e e t•
•C a n d y• •s w e e t• 8 timmar sedan
this is really music 👌❤
plz fill up the goddamn ice tray you piece of shit
plz fill up the goddamn ice tray you piece of shit 8 timmar sedan
I love you Melanie, your music and effort you put into it and your videos, but I have to dislike. BLM has done nothing for black families/colleges and has accomplished noting but destruction of the country and my home state. Some cops are corrupt but the majority of officers are brave men and women who give their lives to protect the people. #BoysinBlue #BlueLivesMatter
Honeybee아가 8 timmar sedan
*I literally witnessed the murder of a cookie.*
Lukitas 28
Lukitas 28 9 timmar sedan
Why is nobody talking about the heels
games and video games white fluffy unicorn
games and video games white fluffy unicorn 9 timmar sedan
Royal Sparkles
Royal Sparkles 9 timmar sedan
Yeah stop that hate ✨She is someone who likes to show every single bit of talent she has got
Weebly Perfect
Weebly Perfect 9 timmar sedan
Jordyn Branner
Jordyn Branner 9 timmar sedan
The bakery yeet
Gacha Maya
Gacha Maya 9 timmar sedan
I dont know if this is a hate comment but just please no
Amy 8 timmar sedan
Gacha Maya
Gacha Maya 8 timmar sedan
What do you mean?
Decayingmeat 9 timmar sedan
Müshÿ ;-;
Müshÿ ;-; 9 timmar sedan
I’m just glad that she comfortable in her body and that she doesn’t care in what others think- keep going ✨🌻queen🌻✨
ELF_THE_SHELF 10 timmar sedan
Oh the posters say: no pigs allowed, BLM, and defund the police
Julia Gulia
Julia Gulia 10 timmar sedan
Our tummies look similar this made me feel so much more confident. But then I see the comments calling her fat and I get depressed.
Aïkø -Şąņ
Aïkø -Şąņ 10 timmar sedan
queria rebolar que nem a Melanie 😔❤
just cry baby
just cry baby 10 timmar sedan
gnt, alguem sabe o pq os comentários das outras músicas estão desativados??
Dumpling 11 timmar sedan
briana Feuer
briana Feuer 11 timmar sedan
Y’all how her hips move like that especially in THOES heels, damn she is such a goddess
skanu 777
skanu 777 11 timmar sedan
who else be copying her in the mirror 👀
roslyn Smith
roslyn Smith 11 timmar sedan
Melanie martinez can we pleaze me friends
sofia dybner
sofia dybner 11 timmar sedan
no entienso
Tiffany Dovale
Tiffany Dovale 11 timmar sedan
That other lady looks like she is 80
Cry Oranges
Cry Oranges 11 timmar sedan
LMAO that was Melanie's bestie in real life tho 😅😅
iDopeColerr 12 timmar sedan
is she pregnant?
Amy 8 timmar sedan
What do you think👹. I’m really tired of this. Stop asking stupid questions google is free.
Unicorn Wrex
Unicorn Wrex 8 timmar sedan
@Cry Oranges no... its how she looks....
Cry Oranges
Cry Oranges 11 timmar sedan
How could a pregnancy woman doing dance like dis 😕 Its just a edited mistake just like yummy by Justin Bieber
Huggin 12 timmar sedan
queria eu saber a receita de uma melanie martinez de gengibre
jennifer lopez
jennifer lopez 12 timmar sedan
Mel your songs are so good omg idk why?
D. Sadster
D. Sadster 13 timmar sedan
Pack it, box it, flip it, top me please Mel
{COTTEN CANDY} 13 timmar sedan
You guys need to stop trying to body shame her she is a beautiful queen and her music is boom so you should check yourself before you check someone else
Emo Gamer girl101
Emo Gamer girl101 13 timmar sedan
off-topic but have you ever tried putting a face mask on your cat and you said don't be a karen?
Lex Vu
Lex Vu 13 timmar sedan
yes mel i like girls now.
I need a name;-; Ee
I need a name;-; Ee 13 timmar sedan
Melanie kids watch this 😅
Amy 8 timmar sedan
Bruh I just know your family is conservative. I’m tired of people telling artists what to do. Stfu really. If you don’t like it you can LEAVE. She will show as much as she likes and doesn’t need ANYONE’S approval. Imagine putting hard work into a music video and seeing some gAcHa kid shit on it. People need to stop acting like kids don’t watch porn anyway we are in a digital age.
claudio veloso
claudio veloso 11 timmar sedan
she is not responsible for the children of others
TWITZY Midzy Once
TWITZY Midzy Once 13 timmar sedan
🙄🙄 She’s a grown woman she can do whatever she wants and in this music video she’s being confident in her body so plz let her be confident with her body
D I N O C H I C K EN N U G G E T S 13 timmar sedan
every song that melanie makes is so good i swear
Raven Hitchcock
Raven Hitchcock 13 timmar sedan
Them heels give me anxiety
Molly Fish Fam
Molly Fish Fam 14 timmar sedan
2:01 reminds me of the ball scene from Labrynth. Anyone else?
The Ice-cream lady
The Ice-cream lady 12 timmar sedan
me lol
Artist Lulu
Artist Lulu 14 timmar sedan
I don’t see people’s problem. She looks perfectly healthy and it’s not our job to tell her anything about her body. She worked so hard on this so instead of focusing on her body focus on the amazing effects.
Liza R
Liza R 14 timmar sedan
Ansam Wael
Ansam Wael 14 timmar sedan
Im supposed to be reading but instead im watching this queens video for the 237492984th time
Chuy Lopez
Chuy Lopez 14 timmar sedan
Cry Baby-Soap
Cami Ramirez P
Cami Ramirez P 14 timmar sedan
it´s no heater but i don´t like you outfit is like bitch
Calcetin con rombos-man
Calcetin con rombos-man 7 timmar sedan
L3sl13 L0l
L3sl13 L0l 9 timmar sedan
I'm not lovin it
I'm not lovin it 14 timmar sedan
can u english?
c l
c l 14 timmar sedan
She's gorgeous
KookieDough 14 timmar sedan
Go off
KookieDough 14 timmar sedan
She is so beautiful oh my god, I wish I could dance in heels like her!!
Tara- chan :3
Tara- chan :3 15 timmar sedan
everyone is talking abt her clothes but im looking at her heels- how the fuck is she dancing in them
Brie Kel
Brie Kel 15 timmar sedan
1:15 you see that eehejehejekekekke You go girl
Haley Swenson
Haley Swenson 15 timmar sedan
Start like the world would not be ok with out this song(THIS IS LITERALLY MY NOW FAV SONG IVE WATCHED IT OVER 2019392 TIMES IT SOOOOOOO GOOD)
Haley Swenson
Haley Swenson 15 timmar sedan
I mean *its like
Felipe San Martin Parra
Felipe San Martin Parra 15 timmar sedan
simplemente perfecto
Mariiana Friqii
Mariiana Friqii 15 timmar sedan
Esos flequillos son los peores que existen 😪
Rhoswen Wilkerson
Rhoswen Wilkerson 15 timmar sedan
Guys- oml- To the toxic haters- Everyone, and i mean EVERYONE is supposed to have a bump on her/his/their stomach. Thats where your organs are, its normal to have organs- Also, Dont hate on her just because shes showing a lot of skin. Mel is confident in her body, and that isn't your say what she needs to and doesn't need to wear. Thats her choice. Ya'll say she should "dress sexier" but right once she does, you hate on her? Like tf man- Just leave the woman alone, and dont sexualize her or any of that shiz- OKAY BYEEE-
Eat the Rich
Eat the Rich 15 timmar sedan
What a queen! She's so pretty!
PepperXx Mint
PepperXx Mint 16 timmar sedan
Director: How many pastel colors do you want in each of your videos? Melanie: Y E S.
Katalina McCann
Katalina McCann 6 timmar sedan
@PepperXx Mint lol it’s ok surprisingly not a lot of ppl know it😂😂😂
PepperXx Mint
PepperXx Mint 6 timmar sedan
Oof... I didn’t know that. I’m so dumb. ;w;
Katalina McCann
Katalina McCann 7 timmar sedan
Melanie is the director😂😂
JP FÃN CLUBE 15 timmar sedan
Dogzen 16 timmar sedan
Plz don't defund the police.u can't blame an entire group of people bc of some bad ones.
Dogzen 13 timmar sedan
@Tea Day Not every cop is bad.Just some.You clearly know nothing.You only want to defund the police to ruin the economy.
Tea Day
Tea Day 13 timmar sedan
... What? You have heard of "one rotten apple spoils the bunch" I'm assuming? This works with police because of the power America gives to the police, and they literally get away with ACTUAL MURDER because of this power. Also, that's like the most random sign at the start ever, how'd you even notice that?
Martha Sanchez
Martha Sanchez 16 timmar sedan
Queen of lip-synching
Martha Sanchez
Martha Sanchez 16 timmar sedan
She is so creative
•[ Redichu ]•
•[ Redichu ]• 16 timmar sedan
*Sees one hate comment* “Omg guys stop saying she’s pregnant and showing too much skin!!” *Everyone sees no hate comments* “OMG STOP YALL HATERS STOP NORMALIZING WOMANS SKIN OML” Can y’all like- go find a hate comment before you make these comments-?
Tea Day
Tea Day 13 timmar sedan
@Elynor Sykes I've seen like, 10 in my 30 minute scroll of newest first. Maybe scroll past the first 3 comments before you comment on why you shouldn't try stop people hating on Mel?
JordanIsWeird 15 timmar sedan
@Elynor Sykes There's alot of people asking if she's pregnant so idk how you can't see the comments, press newest first
XxXthabaddest Sienna
XxXthabaddest Sienna 16 timmar sedan
@Elynor Sykes I see where you're coming from I just think they're putting it out there that people need to stop and they could also be doing that so the people talking shit can see it.
Elynor Sykes
Elynor Sykes 16 timmar sedan
@XxXthabaddest Sienna I think you need a cause before you "defend" somebody first. I haven't seen one hate comment first, so saying OMG STOP SAYING BAD THINGS is kinda pointless. Plus this video only has 31K dislikes :0
XxXthabaddest Sienna
XxXthabaddest Sienna 16 timmar sedan
What the fuck does it matter they're just putting it out there to stop the bullshit why does it matter if it's on a hate comment or not.
l*lMoonLight The Wolfl*l
l*lMoonLight The Wolfl*l 17 timmar sedan
Ummmm I’m not seeing people saying that she’s showing yo much skin.......
Nevena Novaković
Nevena Novaković 13 timmar sedan
Believe me there are many comments.. but she is for herself, that's her own body, she is not underage, so i don't really see a problem with it, she expresses herself with those sort of outfits and they fit the theme very well too, but everyone has their own opinions 👀!
Cierra Hill
Cierra Hill 17 timmar sedan
It’s kinda funny how haters say shes showing to much skin, but listen to cardi b songs about sex with terrible videos. That’s literal nonsense
XxXthabaddest Sienna
XxXthabaddest Sienna 16 timmar sedan
@Cierra Hill you're welcome 😌
Cierra Hill
Cierra Hill 16 timmar sedan
@XxXthabaddest Sienna ikr ty ❤️
XxXthabaddest Sienna
XxXthabaddest Sienna 16 timmar sedan
👏👏👏 preach sis they're being damn hypocrites.
Crab Cooker
Crab Cooker 17 timmar sedan
I love the outfits but I don’t like too much the eyebrows but all is so cool
Lou Meow
Lou Meow 17 timmar sedan
The bakery on tour and melanie still in socks.. that's gonna be funny 😂👍❤
notlillaa 17 timmar sedan
But how did she put that sword in her mouth someone tell me I have no brain rn 😳
•[ Redichu ]•
•[ Redichu ]• 16 timmar sedan
It’s a fake sword, they are props and they put it in their throat as it folds into itself, I thought everyone would know this but I guess I’m wrong-
Dora is better then ur mom
Dora is better then ur mom 17 timmar sedan
I just put the song and a assing ad comes fuck u ad
✧🌸•^ω^•Mimi 17 timmar sedan
Fun fact: it's not Melanie's fault if your 13 year old gets pregnant, its yours, i know its pretty shocking right? If you don't want your children to see a woman being herself, being confident and happy with who they are then maybe supervise your kid like an actual parent, smh y'all get pressed over everything 🙄
Fernanda Gonzalez
Fernanda Gonzalez 17 timmar sedan
He aquí otro comentario fail de una Cry baby más que no encontró el comentario de la señora de las botas :(
Calcetin con rombos-man
Calcetin con rombos-man 7 timmar sedan
¿Qué señora?
Melisa Romero
Melisa Romero 10 timmar sedan
JAJAJAJA yo tambien busco el comentario de las botas y la ropa de teibolera 😔👊🏻
Luna's life
Luna's life 18 timmar sedan
So nobody's gonna talk about the end 👁️👄👁️
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande 18 timmar sedan
lança mais música banguela
grecia primaria
grecia primaria 18 timmar sedan
I love melanieeee but how the hell she walked in dose boots😂
sofia pedraza
sofia pedraza 19 timmar sedan
love melanie
Francisca lopes Do nascimento
Francisca lopes Do nascimento 19 timmar sedan
O love you melaniemartinez
dave flash
dave flash 19 timmar sedan
thats one hot cookie there.
YouthFreedomFighters 19 timmar sedan
Melanie sounds like Ariana.
ლSra. hopeლ
ლSra. hopeლ 19 timmar sedan
*Melanie dancing* My straight sexuality: goodbye bye
Digesting Butterflies
Digesting Butterflies 19 timmar sedan
i have the same body type and i was so ecstatic to see some confidence because it makes me feel 10000 times better about my body. sad to see other people think we look pregnant. :(
Fiorella Burgos :D
Fiorella Burgos :D 19 timmar sedan
hello melaniii I wanted to tell you that I love your music, it's super cool :) and I loved the whole edition of the song the bakery, but I would like that you did not show so much of your skin, I mean that you show your intimate parts, as in the Strawberry Shortcake song, but in rest I LOVE everything byee
Tea Day
Tea Day 13 timmar sedan
You realize that there's audio sounds if you don't wanna see her being confident in her body, right?
Jennifer Lopez Fernandez
Jennifer Lopez Fernandez 19 timmar sedan
pack it box it flip it top it.
Anthony Ramon
Anthony Ramon 19 timmar sedan
Quien ya fue el afortunado de encontrar el comentario de las botas porque yo no :c
Calcetin con rombos-man
Calcetin con rombos-man 7 timmar sedan
que comentario?
Anthony Ramon
Anthony Ramon 10 timmar sedan
@dzzrex mejor nos rendimos jamás lo encontraremos :( jajja
Anthony Ramon
Anthony Ramon 10 timmar sedan
@Melisa Romero yo creo que jamás lo encontraremos :( jajaj
Melisa Romero
Melisa Romero 10 timmar sedan
Yo tampoco jaja );
dzzrex 18 timmar sedan
yo aun no lo encuentro :,c
shery rangel
shery rangel 19 timmar sedan
you are a cool person and you should close your fans on facebook all they love you
Chanyel 19 timmar sedan
God , she's one of the sexiest women i see
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