"Looks Like Chicken, Tastes Like Shrimp... Or S***" | Kitchen Nightmares

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Kitchen Nightmares

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Ron Zhang
Ron Zhang 3 timmar sedan
Remember boys and girls, this video was listed on Trending #47. Don’t ya forget this.
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 5 timmar sedan
"I hope this is a new beggining for all of us" And then the restaurant got siezed because they weren't paying taxes. Good job!
OG Fishing
OG Fishing 6 timmar sedan
The title should have been knife fork spoon straw & respect too Gordon for making us British dudes look good in front off all the granny’s 😂
Fido Didodol
Fido Didodol 7 timmar sedan
Owhhh..god..,..happy ending..i'm crying
imlewisblackman 8 timmar sedan
You could tell when he went back he went back to cause a drama and the guy didn’t give into it so Gordon left. Such a dramatised series
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 5 timmar sedan
Reiss Lane
Reiss Lane 9 timmar sedan
I like gordon id call myself a fan even BUT the one thing ive noticed is he hates old people well To be more accurate Older paying customers hes the same in the English episodes Jesus gordon they've gotta have somewhere nice to eat
b1u3b3rry 10 timmar sedan
me watching this: damn, this is a long ass clip me 40 mins later: oh...
Janosch666 10 timmar sedan
Shit went from 0 too 5000000 real quick
William Gibson-Sexton
William Gibson-Sexton 11 timmar sedan
is it just me or does the chef guy look like the Pauls?
Minnie Johnston
Minnie Johnston 11 timmar sedan
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NoodleHair 12 timmar sedan
It's so funny how some nobody "chef" says Gordon "doesn't know what he's talking about". Like, seriously, he has a lot of restaurants and has proven time and time again that his cooking is top-notch. What's makes them think that he doesn't know shit lol
Nygel Pereira
Nygel Pereira 12 timmar sedan
Saying anything about negative about the food I eat is a deathwish
Simon 12 timmar sedan
Is the owner showing sociopathic behaviour?
Ben Haggerty
Ben Haggerty 12 timmar sedan
I am out of here
Roam Builder
Roam Builder 13 timmar sedan
its like they got a dog to take a dump on the plates
Justin Pablo
Justin Pablo 13 timmar sedan
Vortex Gaming
Vortex Gaming 13 timmar sedan
Why are all the owners called joe?
I’mADragon 14 timmar sedan
papa nin
papa nin 16 timmar sedan
MR. G 17 timmar sedan
cupid 17 timmar sedan
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cupid 13 timmar sedan
@beedsj roiue said that she would like me a couple of things that she has done in my class that she would be able with her
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 13 timmar sedan
This homie is horrible.
HQ 17 timmar sedan
Dislike and unsubscribe. Can't watch with this many interruptions of stupid ridiculous pathetic commercials. You don't care about beeping out a language of Ramsay and now this. It's enough for me. Bye.
HQ 11 timmar sedan
@beedsj roiue Yep, many episodes with chefs thinking they're best... lol And Ramsay actually is an amazing chef and human, there's so much to learn from him! But so much "f" words also... Disgusting!
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 13 timmar sedan
Every episode of Kitchen Nightmares ever: THE CHEF: I think I'm a great chef, I don't think Gordon Ramsay knows what he's talking about.
HQ 17 timmar sedan
Seany Tucker
Seany Tucker 18 timmar sedan
Tiffany is beautiful..he is a very lucky man
Defund Hollywood
Defund Hollywood 19 timmar sedan
The description says it all lmao... " D: "
papa nin
papa nin 20 timmar sedan
Ahmad Khan
Ahmad Khan 21 timme sedan
5 Amazing Recipes for your next KIDS' Birthday PARTY!!! sepost.info/dev/video/w3XAp8aea4HPl7E.html
Noqib Pranto
Noqib Pranto 23 timmar sedan
Why all the top comments are 4 days ago?🙄
Winston Balbuena
Winston Balbuena Dag sedan
when Gordon got out of the kitchen and tried coming back but it was locked lmao
Henry Albert Cadalin
Henry Albert Cadalin Dag sedan
24:25 He's been locked out of the kitchen 😂 Cant stop laughing after said about the chef
LK xiang
LK xiang Dag sedan
i love this episode very touching ending great full..nice job everyone..
Punto Damar
Punto Damar Dag sedan
If that's supposed to be their main source of income, where are anthony's parents? Shouldnt they also help building this restaurant... He's really got balls to ask his FUTURE in laws for money.
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj 21 timme sedan
His face was hilarious " whoa, whoa, hold on here, I didnt pin him down & force him to open this restaurant with 😂me"
* k o k o *
* k o k o * Dag sedan
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj 21 timme sedan
i mean who in their right mind thinks chicken goes well with shrimp, the fuck?
Ben Holmes
Ben Holmes Dag sedan
Best episode ever
Hai, Kazuma desu
Hai, Kazuma desu Dag sedan
Every episode of Kitchen Nightmares ever: THE CHEF: I think I'm a great chef, I don't think Gordon Ramsay knows what he's talking about.
Lebohang Seshabela
Lebohang Seshabela Dag sedan
This homie is horrible.
chding zuure
chding zuure Dag sedan
Ok Ramsay was a little mean about the old people.. at least they have somewhere to eat and hang out, I think it's a cool concept for all the grannys and grandpas I think it's cu
Shanenon Wolfe
Shanenon Wolfe Dag sedan
Who else here is using a VPN lol
Canu Gizabit
Canu Gizabit Dag sedan
thank you
Rob Dag sedan
Wow a real heartwarming ending. Great episode
Schnapsbrenner Dag sedan
Ok, proposal, really nice. Wedding on the spot...a bit much.
chding zuure
chding zuure Dag sedan
This is by far the greatest Surprise of chef ramsay 😆🔥❤️
Michela Campese
Michela Campese Dag sedan
Can we please appreciate the uploader of Kitchen Nightmares videos who adds a funny cap to literally every video
Grimmy Dag sedan
24:29 had me laughing
halool123 Ahmed
halool123 Ahmed Dag sedan
My dream is to meet Gordon
Joe V. Natsy
Joe V. Natsy Dag sedan
all i managed to manipulate outta my future father in law is "funny" threats such as "hahaha you better treat my daughter like a princess..... or else"
Robert Whippy
Robert Whippy Dag sedan
i mean who in their right mind thinks chicken goes well with shrimp, the fuck?
MxlclmX Dag sedan
His face was hilarious " whoa, whoa, hold on here, I didnt pin him down & force him to open this restaurant with 😂me"
Judie T Walpole
Judie T Walpole Dag sedan
A food critic that can't use a knife and fork correctly. !!
Wewe dental
Wewe dental Dag sedan
lovely lovely episode 👏👏👏👏👏
bilisha coli
bilisha coli Dag sedan
"I hope this is a new beggining for all of us" And then the restaurant got siezed because they weren't paying taxes. Good job!
Jaymal Gola
Jaymal Gola Dag sedan
Man had one Dominos Pizza and thought he was a chef
SocialSolstice Dag sedan
I swear he acted like they’ve never seen Ramsey help other restaurants
angel art
angel art Dag sedan
Gordon is sooo extra with the wedding🤣
Eileen Q
Eileen Q Dag sedan
this should have been a mbillion views and a million likes!!!!
bilisha coli
bilisha coli Dag sedan
Jhay collo
Jhay collo Dag sedan
This is by far the greatest Surprise of chef ramsay 😆🔥❤️
The SnuggleDuck
The SnuggleDuck Dag sedan
8:00 The Gordon we love more
Uchiha Minato
Uchiha Minato Dag sedan
Gordon gave a ring
Myxomatosis Dag sedan
I made my mistake falling for an Italian boy in my early 20's and by the time I hit 30 I could not run fast enough the moment my teeny tiny window came - child free. Jeeeeesus Christ.
Xiyori Senpai Fan
Xiyori Senpai Fan Dag sedan
I like ur lipstick😂😂😂
Aabu Og babu
Aabu Og babu Dag sedan
Eden Allami
Eden Allami Dag sedan
Imagine if she said no
NK Dag sedan
Can I hide a fish inside a chicken ?🤔
Lemony Snickers
Lemony Snickers Dag sedan
Gordon probably was the original cause of COVID. Seems like he’s had it his whole life since he never tastes anything.
Kratos GOD OF WAR Dag sedan
This guy literally wasted his GFs parents money instead of his or his parents money , what a thug 😂
H Y Dag sedan
He should have tasted the ring first!
juzt_avg Gayming
juzt_avg Gayming Dag sedan
hi :D
TheDevilMadeMeDoIt727 Dag sedan
Who in the serves chicken with shrimp inside it...🤬😆
Pedo Bear
Pedo Bear Dag sedan
I-s he a sleeping over there ?? -yes -SHIIIIIIIIT
bssni touir
bssni touir Dag sedan
Cpt. Duck
Cpt. Duck 2 dagar sedan
24:25 i like how the door ruined Gordon epic commentary at the end there..
Kari-anne Underwood
Kari-anne Underwood 2 dagar sedan
Heard of steak neaptune, not stuffed chicken with shrimp. What!?
keven boucher
keven boucher 2 dagar sedan
''i don't know what to do'' well first you should clean your kitchen i don't know if you do it in your house but SURE i wouldn't like to see that
bssni touir
bssni touir Dag sedan
amazing living people in the world!
Rohan Plantboy James
Rohan Plantboy James 2 dagar sedan
Gordans shrimps seem to get harder and harder each episode. He's always saying, that's the hardest shrimp I've ever had.
Maga Land Bros
Maga Land Bros 2 dagar sedan
people who dont know gorden: that is a karen right there me:hes god of food
Felix Gathen
Felix Gathen 2 dagar sedan
🎵 Tiffany and Anthony - live together in perfect harmony 🎵
Karachi Kitchen
Karachi Kitchen 2 dagar sedan
Nice recipe
cowardice 2 dagar sedan
Aaden Leon
Aaden Leon 2 dagar sedan
Gordon da true homie
Th3Purpl3Kat 2 dagar sedan
37:23 ya can’t just force marrige on someone like tha
Emiya Shirou
Emiya Shirou 2 dagar sedan
The father-in-law was having way too much fun
Leslie Vuillet
Leslie Vuillet 2 dagar sedan
Gordon the wedding planner
BossChameleon 2 dagar sedan
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj 2 dagar sedan
I just realized that the father-in-law is adding gas to gordon's critics 😂
Aymen Daaloul34
Aymen Daaloul34 2 dagar sedan
24:28 when you forget your keys in the house
Papa Skreeb
Papa Skreeb 2 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who thinks the food sometimes looks good, but then when Gordon goes *BAD* your Then *BAD* but at the end of the day it’s probably what we eat daily
une nis
une nis 2 dagar sedan
What did this restaurant become ?
Isabelle Lindén
Isabelle Lindén 2 dagar sedan
I really hope this message will reach Chef Ramsy! I'm not a big fangirl of anyone, got no idols, and really don't care about celebrities. However I love Ramsy, not in a freaky way, I love the persona all of his programs are portraited, and I really hope he's the same private. He is the bravest person I've seen, just taste some of the stuff he tastes is insane. He really knows people. Amazing with kids, and knows how to push everyone to be the best version of themself. Ramsy is so underrated! He is famous for being a chef, but for me, he's so much more, he's an inspirational human being! He's like the Dalai Lama if he could cook. Would love to meet him, yes taste his food ofc, but just to meet one of the most amazing living people in the world!
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj 2 dagar sedan
Praful Ghale
Praful Ghale 2 dagar sedan
Mostly same problems😂🤣 Ramsay finds kitchen dirty chef doesn't accept their food criticism 😅
Joke Man
Joke Man 2 dagar sedan
Leave my man sleep why you hating Gordon?
Pratik Pande
Pratik Pande 2 dagar sedan
Man ramsay is awesome guy
Brown Gay Methodist Jesus Christ
Brown Gay Methodist Jesus Christ 2 dagar sedan
Oh I’ve been sat on the toilet for 40 minutes
boyXchan Edits
boyXchan Edits 2 dagar sedan
24:28 I feel baad for *Gordon Ramasay*
Snowy 2 dagar sedan
"Ay, tits..are not your strong point" _CEASE FIRE_
uMad 2 dagar sedan
Me: Order spaghetti Chef: Proposes to GF Chef: Marries GF Me: Waiting for spaghetti Gordon Ramsey: Speech Government: Closes restaurant
Thang Dal
Thang Dal 2 dagar sedan
Always Atleast One Stupid Chef Or Owner
Lucifer 2 dagar sedan
What a beautiful episode so emotional i love it ❤️❤️ And as the Chef said: a Nightmare turn into a beautiful dream
Yusron Rizky
Yusron Rizky 2 dagar sedan
He got locked out LOL 24:25
Reuben Quiocson Jr.
Reuben Quiocson Jr. 2 dagar sedan
Too perfect... guess how he'd do with other cuisines and accecptance on his doing... his critiques had been followed by many though his respect on the efforts on the chefs/ cooks have been far worse than devaststing... sadly.. pulling cooks on the bottom. Looks like no ones having a right to cook instead of him..
Ria 2 dagar sedan
I like how Anthony knows that he is cocky and arrogant but doesn't do much bout it 😔😒🤨🙄😴
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 2 dagar sedan
Those grandmas got a kick out of Gordon damn, he definitely hit that night
Rose M
Rose M 2 dagar sedan
Who is watching this now? As I swear I see the numbers on the comments go up. So if there are people watching it right now. Hello. How are you? What do you think of the episode?
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