Lily Collins's Day-to-Night French Girl Look | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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Produced by Vogue with Lancôme

Lily Collins walks us through her skin care routine and shares a simple, clean day-to-night look with a nod to Parisian glamour. Lily also talks about her obsession with essential oils and how she deals with dry skin.

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Lily Collins's Day-to-Night French Girl Look | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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Shop this beauty routine:
dav mon
dav mon 3 dagar sedan
@🤍 saammeee
Jowee Jardinan
Jowee Jardinan 4 dagar sedan
Please 🥺 Little Mix next!!!
Megan B
Megan B 6 dagar sedan
Does anyone know what shade of blush she is using?
Rachel Felty
Rachel Felty 6 dagar sedan
montel Dublin
montel Dublin 7 dagar sedan
Go on this link
A A 14 minuter sedan
I was distracted by her perfect eyebrows throughout this video.
Marcella Moura
Marcella Moura 30 minuter sedan
The prettiest woman in the world
dana dani
dana dani 59 minuter sedan
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Hailey K
Hailey K Timme sedan
so is this lily or emily i don't get it ?!
her eyelashes are goals
Charlene Yu
Charlene Yu Timme sedan
is anyone here after watching Hyram's reaction?
Jade Rodrigues da Silva
Jade Rodrigues da Silva 2 timmar sedan
She uses the same perfume that I use! OMG, now I´m feeling like so lucky, because I´m with Lily`s aroma.
Jun Jalapeño
Jun Jalapeño 2 timmar sedan
Her eyebrows are freaky
abhavya chand
abhavya chand 3 timmar sedan
Can we just talk about how beautiful and flawless she is!!!
khushboo shah
khushboo shah 3 timmar sedan
Emily is her! They are the same
Wiya Andretti
Wiya Andretti 4 timmar sedan
luvvv banget.. tonernya emang juaraa
Mary Harutyunyan
Mary Harutyunyan 5 timmar sedan
She's cute and all, but that lipstick color made her skin look gray.
Rssmayo 6 timmar sedan
I love Lily so much 🥺🥺❤️
JINYU ZHANG 6 timmar sedan
Hyaluronic Acid Acne Treatment Face Serum
Chris Van Hanswyk
Chris Van Hanswyk 6 timmar sedan
She numba 1
Spark & Wild Branding and Creative
Spark & Wild Branding and Creative 6 timmar sedan
I thought Juicy Tubes were discontinued?!
Estreya Finnigan
Estreya Finnigan 7 timmar sedan
Who would want to look french especially these days
Thea 7 timmar sedan
Will never not believe she's American. I've always thought she was British
Satori Matsuzaka
Satori Matsuzaka 8 timmar sedan
Why are people dragging celebrities for not having perfect skin?!
Jessica Watson
Jessica Watson 9 timmar sedan
I feel like she’s acting the whole video. Comes off fake, disingenuous and rehearsed. Also, eyebrows are a natural human feature. Not a quality.
Chrizia May Alad-ad
Chrizia May Alad-ad 9 timmar sedan
Im using the toner she used ..
Elly Rose
Elly Rose 10 timmar sedan
But like can we get a bathroom tour😍
Lyka Niña Pason
Lyka Niña Pason 10 timmar sedan
I did not know that Lily Collins is very talkative
Tabatha Lira
Tabatha Lira 11 timmar sedan
she's perfect omg
Daniela m
Daniela m 11 timmar sedan
Emily nooo please do not use a brush for your face 😭😭😭 its not good at all
Alyssa 1209
Alyssa 1209 11 timmar sedan
No moisturer? Yikes!
Kimberly Rodriguez
Kimberly Rodriguez 11 timmar sedan
she uses reasonably priced products (for a celebrity) and lets me know she's interested in the benefits of them, not just branding.
Adesari Aviningtyas
Adesari Aviningtyas 12 timmar sedan
so beautiful
Vanita Rampersaud
Vanita Rampersaud 12 timmar sedan
1 eyebrow is round shaped whiles 1 is square ...
Mariana C
Mariana C 13 timmar sedan
Why the blush there???
유니리카 14 timmar sedan
Taehyung watching this char HAHAHAHh Lmao
Zainab Saeed
Zainab Saeed 14 timmar sedan
What was that lipstick? Need!
Eva Luna
Eva Luna 14 timmar sedan
Is it odd to feel bad for her. She looked so pretty in Emily in Paris, it was shocking to see her bare skin. My skin is probably better than hers on an average day and I don’t do nothing. Just apply Nivea moisturiser after showers and that too because I have dry skin. I would be happy to skip that too if my skin was better.
Irma Di Simone
Irma Di Simone 16 timmar sedan
my dad is in def leoapard
Kate 17 timmar sedan
Great video! I love her, she's so gorgeous! Her energy in this video is infectious, I'd love it if she had her own YT channel :D
Felicity Ho
Felicity Ho 17 timmar sedan
I have to tell myself she is not EMILY COOPER in this video lol she is so cute
D.O HMO 17 timmar sedan
Like llily but too much add .. even do i use lâncome
ariarian borjok Berdugo
ariarian borjok Berdugo 17 timmar sedan
She is so beautiful
Nat 17 timmar sedan
Lily and Blake lively have to be my fav actresses. They're gorgeous but I also think they seem like sweet people lol.
LIL Racoon
LIL Racoon 18 timmar sedan
Hey, guys my friend and I just launched our website I would appreciate it if anyone could show some support.
Anna Utrata
Anna Utrata 18 timmar sedan
Nice Lancôme advert
Brisa Loperena
Brisa Loperena 18 timmar sedan
Loves the “no-makeup makeup look”. Uses foundation for a week in one day.
Lamis Ouenassa Berhail
Lamis Ouenassa Berhail 18 timmar sedan
I love Lily but in this video I found her so annoying
Ibadat Kaur
Ibadat Kaur 20 timmar sedan 🗣😇
Chaimae chaymae
Chaimae chaymae 20 timmar sedan
Hi army stan taehyung 💜😂💜
Абдузахид АЛИМАРДАНОВ 20 timmar sedan
Какая Лилу милашка
Imasha Anjali vlog
Imasha Anjali vlog 20 timmar sedan
V ideal type girls (bts)
M M 20 timmar sedan
I don't know her and for sure she is beautiful, but when she touched her eyes with the face scrub tool, I said I don't think she knows what she is doing..
Marcela's Inventory
Marcela's Inventory 22 timmar sedan
this is the content I was looking for!
Valerie Lozano
Valerie Lozano 22 timmar sedan
i love lily collins
Anna Chattering
Anna Chattering 22 timmar sedan
Why don't they put make-up on the neck? Face and neck have different colors
astina pura
astina pura 22 timmar sedan
♠【﹄SŇαpʙaຮpʙ𝖊ʳʳץ﹃】♠ ---------------------------- ▶ Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??
April Suelo
April Suelo 22 timmar sedan
I'm obsessed with Lily Collins eversince. Her face is beautiful even without makeup 😍 her eyebrows is timeless.
reemy. reem
reemy. reem 22 timmar sedan
ما توقعت ابدا بشرتها تكون تعبانه💔
Julianne Martineau
Julianne Martineau 23 timmar sedan
Bilge Mehveş
Bilge Mehveş 23 timmar sedan
Lily I love you but you try too hard to look like Audrey Hepburn.You are Lily Collins please quit this attitude I start to dislike just because of that.You were amazing at Love Rosie.
soleil 23 timmar sedan
she's so pretty, glowing, and i really love the way she talk😍💖
Angel Maxene Cruz
Angel Maxene Cruz 23 timmar sedan
Taehyung doesn’t lie, she’s really stunning.
Scarlett Rose
Scarlett Rose 23 timmar sedan
I love lily but emily in paris was not it lmao
Ainaya Virli
Ainaya Virli 23 timmar sedan
Lili colins is literally emily
Nafiseh Imanzadeh
Nafiseh Imanzadeh 23 timmar sedan
Which mascara she is wearing??
Iva Kvapilová
Iva Kvapilová Dag sedan
Horrible eyebrow
Ghade Lombbey
Ghade Lombbey Dag sedan
Ohhh those eyebrowsss I want dem 🥺
Sal Manick
Sal Manick Dag sedan
You were sooooooo AWESOME in Emily In Paris ... loved all your looks they were just too fab
netflix acc
netflix acc Dag sedan
they do peels and surgeries and expect us to believe tis
KimTaehyung Shiii
KimTaehyung Shiii Dag sedan
And that's on being taehyung type
KimTaehyung Shiii
KimTaehyung Shiii 8 timmar sedan
@Gayle Rosé IS it because of taetae ?
Gayle Rosé
Gayle Rosé Dag sedan
I came here because of Tiktok 😂😂😂
rose mary
rose mary Dag sedan
Argghh!!! I just love her!!!
Tianah Ali
Tianah Ali Dag sedan
Literally the most engaging SEpost vid ever 😂
KİRİE Dag sedan
This woman is so beautiful and cute
Tala Dag sedan
that cut between having so little foundation on her face to suddenly having so much on and with concealer done is so sketchy. I have a feeling she used a different foundation between that cut.
DEEP SENSE Dag sedan
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DEEP SENSE Dag sedan
Soooooooo sweet soooooooooo beautiful... U r amazing . God bless u
Erica Rachel
Erica Rachel Dag sedan
I love the look 😍
pretty girl
pretty girl Dag sedan
Taehyung love you 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔😪
Mahda Firoozei
Mahda Firoozei Dag sedan
who else cringed when she rubbed the face brush scrub thing over her eyelids! girl you are stretching that delicate skin
Hannah M.
Hannah M. Dag sedan
I love how she‘s just so down to earth. All her products are actually affordable, not everything Barbara Sturm just because she can pay for it. Love her! 😍
Agata Serdiuk
Agata Serdiuk Dag sedan
Omg,she’s perfect!
Su San
Su San Dag sedan
Can someone help me by finding out which product does she use in the second stepp? Perpemint what? Which brand? Thank You 🙏🏼
Elsa Jessica
Elsa Jessica Dag sedan
Ximena Ortiz
Ximena Ortiz Dag sedan
I really love her, she’s the cutest and the prettiest 💞
Cindy Llamorin
Cindy Llamorin Dag sedan
Aldyn Jade Guabna
Aldyn Jade Guabna Dag sedan
I look like you!haha jokee
baby mi
baby mi Dag sedan
I thought she would have an British accent , that would make her more attractive tho 🙈
marwa naghmouchi
marwa naghmouchi Dag sedan
She is so classy and so real. Real is the new chic !
Karie Dag sedan
Yes, but her hair though ❤️
Elvie Le
Elvie Le Dag sedan
@vogue, this video is so fake. I don't know whether it's the foundation coverage that make it so fully-covered by 5:59 or some makeup artist step in to do the job. The video is misleading & confusing.
Egi ma
Egi ma Dag sedan
shes cute but too skinny
guiyexmo Dag sedan
I only tust old people doing skin care routine, whenever they can look younger without botox/knive. PAS Revoir . xoxo
Ath Dag sedan
I've always amazed by her beauty but when she let go her hair WHEW SHE'S HERE TO SERVE
brenda daniella
brenda daniella Dag sedan
The Toner tho, Hyram not gonna like it🙈🙊
asha winwer
asha winwer Dag sedan
Please Emily we need to see the second season 🙏🙏🙏
non sequitur
non sequitur Dag sedan
scratchy throat you wake up with could be your reflux darling Lily...
non sequitur
non sequitur Dag sedan
why not ask a real French girl????
julieth99 m
julieth99 m Dag sedan
I can't believe she's 31! She hardly looks out of her 20s
Janet Lee
Janet Lee Dag sedan
Lancome ad but she's very likeable
Janet Lee
Janet Lee Dag sedan
Keyla E
Keyla E Dag sedan
why does she look better without makeup? omg her freckles are really nice
Moon Pie
Moon Pie Dag sedan
Not sure how I feel about this one, she seemed to have makeup on at the beginning but used no makeup remover product, cheap and not great skincare routine and they appear to have cut the part that she puts more foundation and concealer on
Ailema Camargo reis
Ailema Camargo reis Dag sedan
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