Let's Examine Logan Paul's Content

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Eddy Burback

2 år sedan

I really don't want Gus to come over...
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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 år sedan
already demonetized, I guess the people at youtube are Jake Paulers and not part of the LOGANG🙏🏻🤙🏻😂
Duck Danger
Duck Danger 6 dagar sedan
All of my favorite "SEpostrs" were demonetized. To be fair, it is my fault for being so late to the party.
Half Leafers
Half Leafers 3 månader sedan
Excuse me, *w h a t*
Bob Sacamano
Bob Sacamano 3 månader sedan
MR.videogames 4 månader sedan
@Adrienne D. woooosh
t 8 månader sedan
I don’t really feel bad for him embarrassing his parents on camera cuz they’re directly responsible for him lmao
Silly Gustavo
Silly Gustavo 3 minuter sedan
Yea this is kids content right
Hayden Sweet
Hayden Sweet 22 timmar sedan
Eddy YOU OWN A CULT. What is different between the Logang and the children of Burback? Full jokes man I love you
Phillip Nungaray
Phillip Nungaray Dag sedan
alright I know its been 2 years but the brain stops developing at age of 25 so logans brain hasn't even fully developed so all the memes that say hes stupid and a literal child are essentially correct (hes 24 now I think)
ng 96man
ng 96man 10 dagar sedan
Remember that one episode where Spongebob and Patrick were in the Kelp Forest and they saw a dead nematode hanging (or floating?) from a kelp branch?
Makenn Gillen
Makenn Gillen 11 dagar sedan
Was he high in the airport scene?? What the heck is he on??
Jacurus Zenris
Jacurus Zenris 15 dagar sedan
His mom seems genuinely nice.
Alyn Sterner
Alyn Sterner 16 dagar sedan
Gus sounds like a normal person on the phone 😎😎😎😎
Ethan Rudiger
Ethan Rudiger 18 dagar sedan
It’s fun being a part of westlake high school knowing that those two came out of there. Fun as in embarrassing. Proud to be a westlake demon.
Abyss simulator Guy46
Abyss simulator Guy46 20 dagar sedan
I'm glad I wasn't at the airport when that video happened...
Kevin Carroll
Kevin Carroll 20 dagar sedan
Eddy: Logan, you can't say that stuff to your parents on camera! Gus: what now? God's Country 15 gets uploaded tomorrow!
Brody Deane
Brody Deane 21 dag sedan
There is not a more American name than GUS JOHNSON
Megan Breeze Mansker
Megan Breeze Mansker 23 dagar sedan
Armani's "smash room" did not age too well, did it.
Sean Kuhn
Sean Kuhn 25 dagar sedan
please never use comic sans again
lmriana Månad sedan
I got a headache just by watching bits of that shaky camerawork. How do the subscribers actually watch that shit?!?
Informal Opinions of the Red Man
Informal Opinions of the Red Man Månad sedan
Eddy I love you man
one zerozerozero one
one zerozerozero one Månad sedan
I thought you we're a casey nice - friend
Johan Liebert
Johan Liebert Månad sedan
Im glad bullies are coming back
Charlotte julian
Charlotte julian Månad sedan
I was excited cos I thought the smash room was to play smash bros.. I have never been so wrong.
addy bishop
addy bishop Månad sedan
Honestly it’s amazing how much he changed. I actually have some respect for him now. Who thought Jake would be the most problematic?
Informal Opinions of the Red Man
Informal Opinions of the Red Man Månad sedan
Fr tho
ToXiC_BaCoN Månad sedan
I live in Ohio now im sad
skkat for good
skkat for good 2 månader sedan
bad eddy boys look out for boys, go console him gus i mean
Asa Hanson
Asa Hanson 2 månader sedan
Calls logan out for a cult, goes on to make Children of Burback the cult
The Colourful Pill
The Colourful Pill 2 månader sedan
I'm from Poland and barely know the countries around, yet I still know where Minneapolis is :').
Chris 2 månader sedan
Is this guy saying his family is better than Greg? That's just factually untrue
Informal Opinions of the Red Man
Informal Opinions of the Red Man Månad sedan
No no no no no no no no no, Greg is the fastest. Children of Burback will brutally murder you if you do not comply with the laws.
Excql The Iroquois
Excql The Iroquois 2 månader sedan
Laurenozzo HT
Laurenozzo HT 2 månader sedan
I know this is old, but the Jake dude acts like a goddamn crackhead..
Record Games
Record Games 2 månader sedan
Objective: Survive
Objective: Survive 2 månader sedan
The sound of gus crying over the phone put me in a weird state where, like, I knew he was joking but... maybe..... like................
Fistmybeer 2 månader sedan
Hes on all kind of drugs, lols
Betta cuck male
Betta cuck male 3 månader sedan
I swear to God if this is Minneapolis Minnesota I will burn myself on a ice cube
L. B
L. B 3 månader sedan
5 minutes, this is my only comment, why the fuck is rich ass Logan paul flying poor ass Delta airlines. Literally the worst.
John Di Lisi
John Di Lisi 3 månader sedan
I think the reason why the Paul brothers parents got a divorce was because the mom was a loganger (or whatever you call them) and their dad is is a Jake pauler
Bugatti_ Cuda
Bugatti_ Cuda 3 månader sedan
He’s at 666k subs
I Wear Glasses
I Wear Glasses 3 månader sedan
I’m now kind of confused how Logan Paul even was popular in the first place
Hussien Madkour
Hussien Madkour 3 månader sedan
Man who tried to start a cult:”it’s this weird cult thing”
manel kh
manel kh 3 månader sedan
His content is the most stupid shit I've ever seen. It's even worse than I thought
charles pleshe
charles pleshe 3 månader sedan
Minneapolis.... oof
Oscar Malik Carsce Nissen
Oscar Malik Carsce Nissen 3 månader sedan
Did you hear when logan said that he had never been so close to his Family the mom just death starred directly into the camera and said non calontly "he had two Christmases" Wtf
EnderEli 3 månader sedan
Heeeyyyy guys, I'm in Cleveland right now, don't know what state that's in. I know it's in Ohio, I'm geographically declined. I'm 14 and still have a lot to learn 👉😎👉 Amirite boyysss
Mn 8r
Mn 8r 3 månader sedan
I just got to that part of the video Lol. I commented too soon. Still have fun in cleveland and stay safe.
Mn 8r
Mn 8r 3 månader sedan
Have fun in cleveland! Stay safe 🐌
Puppii Glhorya
Puppii Glhorya 3 månader sedan
Eddy: they’re making their fans like a cult the children of Burback: •-•
Adam Caldwell
Adam Caldwell 4 månader sedan
It's funny because he has a cult now to
Brett Mastema
Brett Mastema 4 månader sedan
I like how that one video he had that huge cold sore
Gunnar Mitchell
Gunnar Mitchell 4 månader sedan
Gunnar Mitchell
Gunnar Mitchell 4 månader sedan
What is he doing with the camera and his face and his hands
Space Weeb
Space Weeb 4 månader sedan
10:23 weird cult thing huh?
FerHivore 4 månader sedan
Alright, five minutes in, and I need to tap out. Great video as usual, Eddy, but I apparently can’t stand this person.
incrediblysour 4 månader sedan
King_ Kaydensaa
King_ Kaydensaa 4 månader sedan
Little did he know he’ll start a cult
Kevin Couch
Kevin Couch 4 månader sedan
sometimes your content is a tad bit hard to watch
Trouble57 4 månader sedan
Oh trust me Minneapolis will be in the news a lot past Eddy
Skarwind 4 månader sedan
If LP dies ill cut my left nutt off. I want to risk it for humanity.
Im Awkward
Im Awkward 4 månader sedan
I dont like Jake and Logan's parents. They're both fucking weird. The dad is creepy (everyone knows that) and the mom is creepy. they are B O T H creepy and gross.
Sarah Blackburn
Sarah Blackburn 4 månader sedan
im watching a video of eddy watching a video of Jake Paul’s parents watching a video of Jake Paul. nice.
Firefly RX
Firefly RX 4 månader sedan
Imagine looking at ur son and he's slapping the air trying to talk
Grace Blocker
Grace Blocker 4 månader sedan
9:20 ...well, it was really his dad's tip lol
Byzaantine 4 månader sedan
I remember when the Logan Paul forest thing happened, I was in 6th grade. I remember people arguing and attempting to justify him. It was a surreal experience.
jakeysoccer voltage #3
jakeysoccer voltage #3 4 månader sedan
i actually like the reaction video. i think its a little bit of wholesomeness, never mind logan just talked about his parents fucking
The person who enters the expanding YouTube tunnels
The person who enters the expanding YouTube tunnels 4 månader sedan
F*** Logan! My parents divorced (I think) a year or two ago. It didn't ruin my (entire) life. I've had from 7.5% of my life (if it was a year ago) to 15% of my life (if it was two years ago)! He's probably had over 50% of his life to deal with it yet he acts like his life for totally ruined. Some kids don't get to see one of the parents every after divorces. He could be grateful! Oh yeah, that's not a quality the Paul brothers have.
Gavin LeGrande
Gavin LeGrande 4 månader sedan
Gus dies of stomach cancer
Oliver Brooker
Oliver Brooker 5 månader sedan
@5:16 hol up... Is that Big Ed...?
Michael Russell
Michael Russell 5 månader sedan
BlueNinjaKick 5 månader sedan
I didn't even realize Jake Paul and Logan Paul were different people!
- MerryBirthday -
- MerryBirthday - 5 månader sedan
He criticises them for being a cult, little does he know of the children of burback
Gab Pegg
Gab Pegg 5 månader sedan
his mom's reaction to mentioning the divorce Like yeah, you got 2 Christmas" and I got to be happy.
Melany Alicea
Melany Alicea 5 månader sedan
I know Gus isn't actually feeling bad but damn... I was lowkey heartbroken hearing how upset he was :(
Gillian S
Gillian S 5 månader sedan
Logan Paul: the Logang is the strongest family on the internet. Me: NO GREG IS!!!
Maranda Ward
Maranda Ward 5 månader sedan
I think the weird “no your movie” situation was because he filmed another movie that was supposed to come out called Valley Girls (it’s finally being released now) but then the dead body thing happened.
Mystery Box
Mystery Box 5 månader sedan
Logan said "subscribe" so much that I subbed to this channel by accident.
Max Ellis
Max Ellis 5 månader sedan
My computer science academy has a room that we call The Smash Room because some students donated a bunch of stuff and one guy gave a couch, tv, and various consoles and the most popular game is SmashBros, we hold tournaments and everything so we just dubbed it The Smash Room
Ayten Çelebi
Ayten Çelebi 5 månader sedan
His editing and the way he gets really close and hits the camera makes me physically uncomfortable, I genuinely can't watch it.
Tyra Byrns
Tyra Byrns 5 månader sedan
ummmmm ik this is like two years late but um the smash room id a room where he smashes plates...so um yeah ;P
Bridgid O'Connell
Bridgid O'Connell 5 månader sedan
Is he on drugs or something wtf
Byzaantine 4 månader sedan
Yes, both.
The Jurassic Chicken
The Jurassic Chicken 6 månader sedan
who cares some dumb dude is making dumb content. Boo hoo
madblackliam 6 månader sedan
I don't think I've ever heard his voice before but... ew? Like really no offense but his voice makes me feel anxious and slimy
BLVGaming / Y1000
BLVGaming / Y1000 6 månader sedan
Logan looks like he'd enjoy Jailbreak in Roblox
Grant Alford
Grant Alford 6 månader sedan
I think tho seeing his mom say “you had two Christmases” as the response to him saying they ruined his childhood by getting a divorce shows a lot about how his parents react to things. That’s a pretty messed up way to respond to that. “You got more stuff so you’re fine.” Logan saying that was still awful and he shouldn’t have said it, but now I understand a little better why Logan and Jake are so messed up
Inventing Things
Inventing Things 6 månader sedan
Ah Another reason to burn down Ohio
Marcus Mysteriously
Marcus Mysteriously 6 månader sedan
You are introducing me to a lot of new people to hate. I'm glad I found your channel. He's on crystal meth, by the way. That bath salts comment was way too telling.
Marcus Mysteriously
Marcus Mysteriously 6 månader sedan
Is he tweaking? He totally looks like he's tweaking.
baphnie 6 månader sedan
Why is he linked arms with his dad the whole time?
111 111
111 111 6 månader sedan
Logan Paul is probably the oldest person who regularly wears Logan Paul merch.
Healeon 6 månader sedan
Minneapolis? He was in Maryland? Thank god I missed him..
Spaceman Spiff
Spaceman Spiff 6 månader sedan
5:30 I have a smash room in my house. We have a game cube adapter and everything.
princeoblivious 6 månader sedan
Eddy: the Logang is a cult they are cultish they- Also eddy: ThE chiLdreN of bUrbaCk bUy mY mErCh lEmme pAy my rEnT
Kultaid 6 månader sedan
It’s funny him saying that Logan basically made a cult and then him making a cult
Atenção Chegou Chatuba
Atenção Chegou Chatuba 7 månader sedan
I don't remeber such spongebob episode, but i do remember the one that mr krabs is taken by spongebob and patrick to a panty raid and they steal his grandma panties.
Quinn Ethan
Quinn Ethan 7 månader sedan
As much as I absolutely love your content, that last bit was,,, a little too far? Kind of triggering for someone with suicidal thoughts and urges
lava lamp
lava lamp 7 månader sedan
I love how eddy is talking about logans weird cult shit. Btw son of burback
tux alfredo
tux alfredo 7 månader sedan
leafyishereisdumbname aka ThanosetalgiaMemeories
leafyishereisdumbname aka ThanosetalgiaMemeories 7 månader sedan
The smash room is for him to smash stuff. Get your mind out of the gutter Eddy.
Jack 7 månader sedan
Me, an almost 20 year old man: Smash room is obviously where they play smash Bros for multiple hours duh
Lauren Anderson
Lauren Anderson 7 månader sedan
Is the Smash room just entirely for playing the game Smash? If it is for another kind of smashing...then why are there bunk beds!?
Shauna Delaney
Shauna Delaney 8 månader sedan
Okok I know it’s lOgan pAUl but to me, honestly it wasn’t bad for him to say “yous ruined my childhood”..what I mean is that it’s ok if he’s joking and his parents are like ah ha ha ha ha haaaaah oh you goofy boy haaaaaah Oh my god what did I j type du ck me
Beanboy 50
Beanboy 50 8 månader sedan
The Paul brothers are the shitty version of the Gallagher brothers
Shannon D
Shannon D 8 månader sedan
I guess its because i see ppl like logan paul and it seems the majority of 20 to 23 yr olds are like that, its really hard for me to believe eddy's the same.age
Ro, The Gamer DM
Ro, The Gamer DM 8 månader sedan
*Eddy later makes a cult based around “buy my shit” and “watch my videos”* Love you Eddy!
Take a Highk
Take a Highk 8 månader sedan
I loved that episode of Spongebob too haha smashing video once again ❤️❤️
HerHollyness 8 månader sedan
I don’t watch Logan Paul. I don’t watch this Eddy guy. I don’t know why this is in my recommendations. But my opinion of Logan Paul is sealed by the fact that he put two bags on two chairs at the airport. I am absolutely sure that he never moved those while hundreds of people stood around waiting for that plane. Douche.
Seán McGovern
Seán McGovern 8 månader sedan
I know this video is like 2 yrs old but I’m still disgusted with myself about how I watched Logan Paul daily from like January 2017 to maybe July 2017 when I was 15/16. Even then though, it was because originally he said he was gonna train for the Olympics which was a flat out lie
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