Let's Examine Logan Paul's Comeback

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Eddy Burback

2 år sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 år sedan
i can't believe you fell for the wig trick you idiot
Tristan Perri
Tristan Perri Månad sedan
Yeah Sven. You’re so stupid, get a life and go to school you little dummy face
I Wear Glasses
I Wear Glasses 3 månader sedan
Doctor straing Strange
Doctor straing Strange 4 månader sedan
Dude stop bullying. We get it. You fooled us. Man, you're mean 😢
Maybe Sploshy
Maybe Sploshy 5 månader sedan
what wig
Dr.Dinosaur64329 6 månader sedan
You got me
Amber Schneidewind
Amber Schneidewind 10 dagar sedan
Miss u
Brandon Foley
Brandon Foley 17 dagar sedan
Oh wow
Sean Kuhn
Sean Kuhn 26 dagar sedan
Logan has a babysitter
The Werewolf
The Werewolf 28 dagar sedan
Rock on girl!
Fart Smucker
Fart Smucker Månad sedan
I'm beyond shocked in how normal the logan's parents are, like seriously shocked because him and his brother are just the poster children for brainless ego driven greedy people with zero sense or companion for anyone near them.
Kyle Snyder
Kyle Snyder 11 dagar sedan
Their dad (Greg Paul) is fucking nuts, what are you talking about "normal"? He kissed an allegedly underaged girl for content. Also their dad is very money hungry, he's their "manager"
The Cal Zone
The Cal Zone Månad sedan
Why is it such a big deal that he tazed a dead rat like... it's already dead
Hagakure Chisaki Jackson
Hagakure Chisaki Jackson Månad sedan
What’s up guys it’s me Eddy Paul
Jason Handy
Jason Handy Månad sedan
He said something like people don’t think that I’m not anymore, but when was he ever funny
Dave Legarra
Dave Legarra Månad sedan
I am the zodiac killer just stop.........jk keep going i wasn't even alive in the 1970s
weasle min
weasle min Månad sedan
I know these videos are old but they make me want to get in on dollar shave club
Ashley Plourde
Ashley Plourde Månad sedan
I can’t believe this guy has a babysitter that’s hilarious
mcdutch83 Månad sedan
Logan Paul saying people think I’m not gonna be funny anymore is the only funny thing he’s ever said. Thinking that he’s seen as funny lmao. You’re a frat bro wet dream basically it’s not funny
Clay McDonell
Clay McDonell Månad sedan
his videos make me carsick.
addy bishop
addy bishop Månad sedan
Time to do an update where you watch this again
GhostPants Månad sedan
I just want him to stop moving. Please. You move too much. Please stop. Just talk like a human being
Charspade17 2 månader sedan
Look I'm homeless and would be beyond grateful to have the life any of the you tuber's like Logan/Jake Paul etc. They could do so much good with their following but instead they do this Scummy stuff and trying to make everyone think they're poor even though they drive around in million dollar cars. Sorry rant over, keep up the awesome work EDDY!!!!
EasternBlocRobotCowboy 2 månader sedan
Girl: YOU need to stop being a dick Logan: Yes he needs to stop being a dick
Nick James
Nick James 2 månader sedan
"There's no more mistakes."
Dakota 2 månader sedan
Mike is the best part of his content very much so impaulsive
Diddies Smitties
Diddies Smitties 2 månader sedan
In a couple decades to the people that remember Logan recording a man who committed suicide are the real og’s.😂
RaXnn 2 månader sedan
eddy murphy 100% most famous eddy
Elliot Johnson
Elliot Johnson 2 månader sedan
I’m here to make sure there’s no more mistakes. What a quote
Chandler Howard1
Chandler Howard1 2 månader sedan
my wife came back to me when I showed her the dollar shave club ad thank you dollar shave club
trendy regent
trendy regent 2 månader sedan
Pillows hold all of your anger and they are gods
Cassandra M
Cassandra M 2 månader sedan
And now we’ve got Shane Dawson who has broadcasted a shit ton of racist shit including blackface, pedophilia (actually asking children for sexual favours online), and bestiality, and YT cut his monetization...but not his channel. D’Angelo Wallace video is excellent on Shane.
Time Traveling Space Wizard Jon Carmack
Time Traveling Space Wizard Jon Carmack 2 månader sedan
Don’t make fun of him he’s got holes in the brain
SenorPotatoIII 2 månader sedan
0:19 my brain at 2 am
Megami 2 månader sedan
I actually disagree with Eddy's take on the 'baby sitter'. I genuinely think its a step in the right direction. The guy is like a sub-section of a manager.
Conway Twittyer
Conway Twittyer 2 månader sedan
*ooh* I love it when you call me names Eddy. *call me more names!*
Unrelated 2 månader sedan
I still can’t believe Eddy got mad Logan for promoting his after the 21 video
Lugh Brazil
Lugh Brazil 2 månader sedan
the still image at 8:54 is a perfect example of all of Logan Pauls past, present, and future content.
Time Traveling Space Wizard Jon Carmack
Time Traveling Space Wizard Jon Carmack 2 månader sedan
I like how on the left, under the stairs, you can see all of his piss jugs.
Ashley Houze
Ashley Houze 2 månader sedan
Wait ✋ he tazed a dead rat ????
ava polk
ava polk 2 månader sedan
why didnt the japanese man get a high five? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . bc logan paul left him hanging
oodlesofnoodles 2 månader sedan
Why is everyone is this comment section hilarious? I was literally dying as I read all the comments
Pp Pp
Pp Pp 3 månader sedan
Hey it’s Lana Rhoades boyfriend
Gex 3 månader sedan
I am gex
DOINKARINO 3 månader sedan
Beard Logan is chiller now.
justbucket 3 månader sedan
jeremy toutain
jeremy toutain 3 månader sedan
I'm confused. I've never heard of this dumbass, but why is he considered kids' content??
The Overlook’s
The Overlook’s 2 månader sedan
Uhm he’s over the top and loud and children find him entertaining for some reason.
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers 3 månader sedan
The out of breath running girl who called him an asshole should be your co anchor on here every so now and then
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers 3 månader sedan
Mike says no more mistakes and Logan keeps talking. Looks like you’ve already proved you suck way too hard at ya job boii
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers 3 månader sedan
I appreciate the paparat who asked Logan if Japan was savage
Sorry for my weird email I made it in middle school
Sorry for my weird email I made it in middle school 3 månader sedan
Fun psychology fact: Although there's no way to tell from a distance like this, Logan Paul seems to be exhibiting some features of a personality disorder (which is an umbrella term for a group of mental illnesses). A person with a personality disorder, to VASTLY, VASTLY oversimplify, has difficulties meshing with society due to facts of their personality, their behaviors, their being. If Logan Paul really doesn't have any remorse or an understanding for other people's feelings, then he probably has some kind of personality disorder. It wouldn't be his fault for having a personality disorder, he's a person like anybody, but a scolding wouldn't get through to him, because if a developed adult doesn't have empathy at ALL, then there's no way to teach them empathy. There's no reason to tolerate him, either, no reason to support him. Supporting a person with a personality disorder isn't explicitly supporting diversity, and it's probably not good for them. Usually spending time with a poisonous person will teach you poisonous behaviors, whether you're careful about it or not. Stay safe out there, folks. If you think a developed adult completely and totally lacks empathy, then you don't have to be rude, you can just cut them out or keep your distance.
BoxMeister 2 månader sedan
@Sorry for my weird email I made it in middle school Yeah, you're right, I think in this instance it's his supporters and like you said, it's best to ignore him
Sorry for my weird email I made it in middle school
Sorry for my weird email I made it in middle school 2 månader sedan
@BoxMeister A mental disorder isn't usually a good excuse for a person's actions, in general. I'm not really thinking about forgiveness or anything like that, people should honestly just avoid him and not indulge him. A person with a disorder like anti-social personality is very, very unlikely to ever recognize their disorder unless they go to therapy for another problem (i.e. depression) and end up diagnosed as anti-social. He definitely wouldn't admit to having this type of problem because arrogance and self-importance are inherent to anti-social personality disorder. Diagnosing yourself is virtually impossible; it's similarly unlikely for an anti-social person to acknowledge their problems when other people point out their flaws. It's kinda like talking to a brick wall, you're not gonna get through.
BoxMeister 2 månader sedan
He should still stop making this kind of content and seek help, the fact that he isn't getting this help is the problem. He may have a personality order, but it doesn't justify what he did, if he made a legitimate apology and didn't care about the money, then maybe people would treat him better. He should at least admit he has this type of problem.
Sorry for my weird email I made it in middle school
Sorry for my weird email I made it in middle school 3 månader sedan
@Erik Eriks Sociopathy is sort of a pop culture term for anti-social personality disorder! In other words, it's a kind of personality disorder! It's hard to say if he has such a disorder, though, without knowing a lot about him
Erik Eriks
Erik Eriks 3 månader sedan
He looks like a sociopath
Brett Mastema
Brett Mastema 4 månader sedan
oh poor guy could lose that house.. Is there any humanity in life left.
Zeref Dragneel
Zeref Dragneel 4 månader sedan
should of put quotations around "Comeback" ... he only makes garbage content, and manipulates children
Frogsreprettycool 4 månader sedan
Jake Paul can only get one job and it’s a chromosome multiplier.
Bill Scott
Bill Scott 4 månader sedan
Logan paul fucking hired a pornstars boyfriend to keep his content kid freindly
jayden castaneda
jayden castaneda 4 månader sedan
you can call me an idiot but once you call logan an idiot and associate him with me that eddie thats when youve gone to fucking far
Ronan McDonald
Ronan McDonald 4 månader sedan
Shit, Shower, Shave or as I call it SHIT! Shower Shave!
Skarwind 4 månader sedan
The fact that my wife makes 56k a year for doing a nurses job while this fucktard (not eddy) can make $ makes me wish humanity can just be obliterated.
Ben Clow
Ben Clow 4 månader sedan
That is the best ad I have seen in a long time
Lex Wilson
Lex Wilson 5 månader sedan
New 2020 update on fucked up shit Logan did: Not really Logan, but his friends ignorance got Logan’s dog, AND BIRD killed. His dog was escaped and was killed by coyotes, and his bird also escaped and was mauled by a dog. Both times because his friends were bad at taking care of Logan’s pets.
Finn Delmenico
Finn Delmenico 4 månader sedan
and then he was seen looting. and denied the footage. of his face.
Bean 5 månader sedan
If he would just apologize to the kid who just found out about suicide that would make him a better person (not a good person just a better person)
Zoe Sermersheim
Zoe Sermersheim 5 månader sedan
I can’t believe you didn’t have Logan’s merch link in the description. This video is definitely getting a big fat juicy smash on that dislike button.
Noah Springer
Noah Springer 5 månader sedan
2020 and Heybigmike is dating Lana Rhoades. Good role model for your kid fanbase Logan 🤣
Bowl-full-of-goblins 5 månader sedan
You look like such a happy person but every time you speak it sounds like you are on the verge of tears
Fazzy 5 månader sedan
haha wtf, eddy looks so bad with his new haircut. Edit: oh
YoungJamal 5 månader sedan
That was the funniest sponsor of all time
Indeed Gentleman
Indeed Gentleman 5 månader sedan
Ahaha man that ad read with Gus killed me!!!!
JgreeN 5 månader sedan
Everyone acts like he was trickling n playing hopscotch with the body r some shit.. If i remember correctly he only cought the body in a few frames.. And watching the "re-uploaded" version. He really puts alot of heart and emotion toward his viewer's. Almost as if he thinking it might be help reach any of his viewers in a bad situation.. I know its hard to think there are actually "logan paulers" or whatever tf. Trust me it amazes me lol.. But who knows how many might have called out for help that day. Of the how many ever millions who accually watched it. Was it his call to make.. Absolutly no.. Was it stupid.. Of course Yes.. Should he have age restricted..uh duh...But if all you see is "dead body bad" i think thats just reading a headline and barreling on without seeing the situation.. Which is important if you accually want to fix a problem.. Anyone remember remember bill engvalls "heres your sign"? Then just think all those warning lables came from some idiot who accually did the dumb thing, lol... If nothing else this might open some conversation
Draw Kidling
Draw Kidling 5 månader sedan
Im no Loganger, imma Child of Burback
Alex Green
Alex Green 5 månader sedan
Watching a Logan Paul video is like watching an epileptic at a rave.
pan banan
pan banan 5 månader sedan
Every time my stupid brain thinks that at least Logan is less stupid than Jake I'm coming back to this video to remind myself how big of a trash he is.
Asher Light
Asher Light 5 månader sedan
Do It Different, Maverick Merch- Armor (Maverick Merch) Rare (Required attunement) +3 to all attack and strength rolls +2 to Dexterity saving throws +4 Persuasion Item tags: (Kill) (Me)
The Epic Waffle
The Epic Waffle 6 månader sedan
Bruh Logan was making 3.5 million dollars from ads alone in 2017 and now he’s still making like 1 million. That is nothing to complain about.
Tadpole 6 månader sedan
I know this is all pretty old at this point, but I had never seen the video of the young boy crying when he saw his video and the fact that someone had committed suicide really hit him. The comments are turned off on it so basically I'm commenting here LOL, but if anyone else hasn't seen it, go watch it. It's heartbreaking and I cried with him the whole time. I think a lot of people want to think of the Paul brother's fans as "kids who don't know any better" but this is a prime example of a child who has empathy and the sense to know this is wrong, and I'm sure there's a lot of other kids who felt that way when they watched it. They watched him because maybe they look up to him, or in this case the kid said he thought it would just be a joke like always, and it wasn't. I still just can't believe this ever happened and he still has everything he could ever want, that he put this out there, not only to all of the adults who know it's wrong, but EXPOSING children to it and still profiting. Sorry for beating the dead horse, I really hope they both straighten out their lives because they're going to be in very dark places if they don't. Was just really inspired by the video of the boy mentioned that I wanted to write something
Monica 6 månader sedan
That is the worst dude in the history of ever. It's hard to for me hate someone I don't know.... But he made it easy. I hate him.
Leather Man
Leather Man 6 månader sedan
I really don't get the dead rat thing. Why people hate on him for fucking around with a dead animal? It's not like it feels anything
Mentally stable Emo
Mentally stable Emo 6 månader sedan
Can someone send me a link to the petition
Puti N
Puti N 6 månader sedan
Puti N
Puti N 6 månader sedan
Mentally stable Emo peepeepoopoo
artstroneatical 6 månader sedan
logan paul is the personification of greed . it blinds him to common sense, it blinds him to conscience, it blinds him to consequences. i can’t express how much i hate this man
Erif The fox
Erif The fox 6 månader sedan
Apparently the more controversial you are The more savage you are The more views you get Hashtag killed a rat Subscribe Like Spam replay Eat a catactus
Emily Speck
Emily Speck 6 månader sedan
Your intro is how i talk to my dad
Your Quirk
Your Quirk 6 månader sedan
HOLY FUCK! I just saw the original video and wtf it´s so fucking graphic and close up!
Kyle Sebring
Kyle Sebring 6 månader sedan
He makes his merch sound like rgb, yeah you get faster, stronger, sexier, get better fps, more airflow, better teammates, cooler temperature. The thing is that rgb actually improves your fps, and los of your hud in your rpg.
Diamond Car07
Diamond Car07 7 månader sedan
Eddy: expect something big from Jake Shane Dawson: *loads psychiatrist with malicious intent*
Lol Llama
Lol Llama 7 månader sedan
That girl goes to UCLA! That’s filmed right next to the soccer field and student activities center
John Keefer
John Keefer 7 månader sedan
SEpost should delete Logan’s channel at this point
Jose Noriega
Jose Noriega 7 månader sedan
Yooooo... Real talk.. like seriously.. Logan looks like he's on drugs or maybe drunk in these videos...
Shyla Michel
Shyla Michel 7 månader sedan
Eddy u make me happy lol
tux alfredo
tux alfredo 7 månader sedan
This video may be 2 years old from now, but I need to say this because I feel accomplished. My teacher asked me to make a book of youtubers or entertainers or some shit that are immature and horrible people. I feel the need to add that I put Logan and Jake Paul as the first people on the list.
Josephine Des Rosiers
Josephine Des Rosiers 7 månader sedan
"Be prepared for Jake Paul to do something really big and stupid for attention" 9 months later, Shane Dawson series on if he is or is not a sociopath
Adrian 7 månader sedan
What's wrong with tazing a dead animal? It's dead.
Iced Tea
Iced Tea 7 månader sedan
Hey man I know I fell for the wig “joke” but please don’t call me a “fucking idiot” my family does that enough.. well good video I guess
The Trojan Horse
The Trojan Horse 7 månader sedan
At least 161 logangers watched this video
Taylor Knecht
Taylor Knecht 7 månader sedan
I know this is an old video and a lot has happened, but I just want to say that without knowing anything that happened since this video, that that "babysitter" is obviously not good at his job because if he was actually trying to keep Logan from screwing up, he wouldn't have let him compare smashing a plate to showing a dead man that committed suicide on video or other things that happened in this video like plugging his stupid merch right away
DiceAndCards ____
DiceAndCards ____ 8 månader sedan
*Filthy Frank chuckles in the background.*
hippopajamas 8 månader sedan
I had never seen that video of that kid and it was HEART BREAKING.
Hoodie Studios
Hoodie Studios 8 månader sedan
I like how logan bought a conscious
Shakespeare Freak
Shakespeare Freak 8 månader sedan
The very first Logan Paul video I ever saw was the color blind video when I was 16 years old and I didn’t know who Logan was at the time... I was very confused by everything 😐.
Michael Bovee
Michael Bovee 8 månader sedan
Do you have lazy cosplays for all the youtubers you commented on? Because I’d like to see them
Augusto Lastra
Augusto Lastra 8 månader sedan
Holy fucking shit im such a piece of shit , how could i be bamboozled like that , im so stupid , im sorry
Roman Kirk
Roman Kirk 8 månader sedan
Eddy, I'm so glad you're watching these vids for us. Your followers actually know better than to click any Logan videos and increase his popularity. So one person doing it for us is a gift. Sorry you have to watch them, I really commend you for taking the stab for us. You're a fricking hero
Mayumi Garcia
Mayumi Garcia 8 månader sedan
i know this is old news but o genuinely think Logan is a sociopath and it’s scary because he’s so unempathetic everything that it almost gives him a lack of humanity 😬😬😬
Brian Scott
Brian Scott 9 månader sedan
I love how he had to buy a baby sitter to stop him from doing bad stuff. So he can still do bad stuff, and then blame someone else. So he doesn't get any shit for it.
Eatin Toothpaste
Eatin Toothpaste 9 månader sedan
I am sooo sad my name is maverick
Klay Ketelle
Klay Ketelle 9 månader sedan
Hi, just started following today. I love your account immensely and I look forward to more relevant, genuine and intelligent content. Thank you Eddy!
TheBestUsername 9 månader sedan
Logan: "Lol that guy hanged himself." Also Logan: "People are telling me to hang myself. What a bunch of haters."
El Ryan
El Ryan 9 månader sedan
Logan's life is a lot like Sonic Forces, there's a lot of sh*t in there, but he's got infinite retries
Unregistered HyperCam 2
Unregistered HyperCam 2 9 månader sedan
Wig eddy looks like giorno tbh
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