Let's Examine Lele Pons' Content Again

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Eddy Burback

2 år sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 år sedan
hey guys! apologies for this weird half new half old reupload. i'm in the middle of a move (not LA) right now and it has been extremely hectic. bless your knees!
Kunisake 2 månader sedan
My knees could use some blessing
Greg Klinger
Greg Klinger 3 månader sedan
I liked that hot Cheeto review, I had no idea that they were hot.
bret trowbridge
bret trowbridge 4 månader sedan
Im mad because if you didn’t win you sat alone then everyone expected the winner sits alone so everyone sits alone
Marshall Kimber
Marshall Kimber 5 månader sedan
ooh all 750,000 views. not like this one has 700,000 or anything
Ronald Dirk
Ronald Dirk 5 månader sedan
Sadly for Eddy im fourteen
Jimmy Kimble
Jimmy Kimble 3 dagar sedan
Hey I still love your videos but I thought you might want to know you can see the reflection of the lights in the posters
supermahoshonen 3 dagar sedan
To be fair, those almond snickers kick ass
Hannah Long
Hannah Long 6 dagar sedan
9:23 why does he look like a puppy I just abandoned
Madi 6 dagar sedan
14:16 there are literally two more of the exact same candy bar
Savannah Whalen
Savannah Whalen 8 dagar sedan
I think the truth of Lele is that she actually does have the mind of a child, but the conflicting feelings of an adult body. Aaand maybe can’t read. “Wanna read a book with me?”
Ultimate Empress
Ultimate Empress 8 dagar sedan
12:39 those eyelashes are so fake. You can see where they’re attached is disconnected slightly.
Ultimate Empress
Ultimate Empress 8 dagar sedan
4:13 “If you didn’t win, you would sit alone at lunch.” So... everyone sat alone at lunch, i.e they weren’t alone, i.e the only person who was alone was the winner.
Lonnie Hecker
Lonnie Hecker 12 dagar sedan
14:16 There’s another one if you look up slightly, you dumb bitch. And there’s yet another one in the top left of the screen!
Clare Palmer
Clare Palmer 13 dagar sedan
Notice me! Please?
Notice me! Please? 13 dagar sedan
12:28 where’s the ad? I’m not seeing it
Notice me! Please?
Notice me! Please? 11 dagar sedan
@notaBooaloo he told me to try to find it
notaBooaloo 11 dagar sedan
Weird complaint to have lol
Simon Singh
Simon Singh 13 dagar sedan
No Eddy she didn’t say that, she said HAYIWIKEBUKSWABAWEED1WIME!!?
kelly maganini
kelly maganini 13 dagar sedan
Ok but she is so obviously wearing fake lashes wtf
Mr. Byybz man
Mr. Byybz man 14 dagar sedan
the fact how in the halloween one she screams "that sucks" and it immediately cuts to her outro is the only funny part about lele's video
Strains Of Jasmine
Strains Of Jasmine 14 dagar sedan
The Sponsor alert was so funny
Gabriel Rogers-Clark
Gabriel Rogers-Clark 19 dagar sedan
Honestly, best merch plug ever. I'm probably gonna buy your merch, I've never done it before, but that felt so genuine and respectful, how could I not want to support a guy like you?
Holly 20 dagar sedan
I don't think it's her accent that makes her hard to understand, she just sucks at talking, it sounds like the words are stuck in her mouth or like her tongue is getting in the way
Sean Kuhn
Sean Kuhn 21 dag sedan
I like your content but this bitch is too much
Sean Kuhn
Sean Kuhn 21 dag sedan
You need a hoodie with a zipper
Cursed Kiwi
Cursed Kiwi 21 dag sedan
Halloween’s the best Me and my girlfriend are gonna be Hades and Persephone from lore Olympus while tricking treats with mask Cause she wants to and I’m really happy!!! She’s so cute oml I’m the birch who couple cosplays cause I’m a disaster lesbian
Erica Katherin
Erica Katherin 22 dagar sedan
i’m in tears please not her whole lash band moving w the mascara wand
Fart Smucker
Fart Smucker 24 dagar sedan
Her first sentence and her aggressive trash wanna be thug voice and hand jesters is nothing short of terrible. It's amazing that all the most popular stuff that kids are growing up with now is actually bad, just bad. Its bad for people to absorb this type of entertainment and think its ok or even in anyway shape or form actually entertaining or original or funny. Its fireworks but even more dumb and with a heavy dose of trash ethics and near insane behaviors just acting like absolute assholes and not giving a fuck. Also, basically of the trash youtubers are already rich, the hell is up with that?
Nate Stern
Nate Stern 27 dagar sedan
12:04 the guys acting is so natural and believable that it just makes the skit more uncomfortable.
Pepper 28 dagar sedan
Ayye look it has more views then the original
Beefcupcakes Månad sedan
"In what scenario do you regularly read books with other people?" Me: "DOKI DOKI LITERATURE CLUB BABY!"
nerd boi
nerd boi Månad sedan
Wtf, where's the ad
Jason Todd
Jason Todd 29 dagar sedan
nerd boi 12:33
Zippy Månad sedan
That "ferocious bar" one was just... so... fucking painful.
Bob Valentino
Bob Valentino Månad sedan
Lele is the embodiment of cocaine and mental illness
Private Pugsley
Private Pugsley Månad sedan
I don’t see the ad in the second video
Aiden Wood
Aiden Wood Månad sedan
That’s the joke eddy
DeAdlY MATTer Månad sedan
You may have said it while I was dozing off but why is she advertising CoverGirl if her content is targeting kids?
Homeless man Steve
Homeless man Steve Månad sedan
Definitely tired
Lune The Moonman
Lune The Moonman Månad sedan
I really think I should get some sleep...I thought the guy at 10:49 was 24 Frames of Nick for a second.
Chris G
Chris G Månad sedan
wat is wrong with her?
Gcool243 Månad sedan
My problem with Lele pons mainly is that she talks WAYYYYYYYYY too fast. Like she’s borderline impossible to understand sometimes. It’s not even an accent thing she’s just talking too fast
Ashley Plourde
Ashley Plourde Månad sedan
I never got to eat that much candy on Halloween, I had to eat one peice A day until the rest had gone bad bc I never had enough time to finish at all
K DOGG Månad sedan
Bitch I'm 13
Aiden Wood
Aiden Wood Månad sedan
Does everybody win except one person? I’m so confused
Chris Leone
Chris Leone Månad sedan
I will castrate myself if you can show that more than 1% of single straight men say "no" to her saying "you wanna play with me?"
Azad Nezamdust
Azad Nezamdust Månad sedan
Eddy she is trying hard. Give her a chance. 😁
Dragmire Månad sedan
Why is she so mad?
Alex Månad sedan
Why would you still alone at lunch if you didn’t “win” the costume party...doesn’t that mean that everyone else who didn’t win would sit alone too? How many fucking winners are there? I don’t know why I try and use logic to understand this. It’s Lele Pons
jak kos
jak kos Månad sedan
We never mentioned the reflection because if you knew youd have changed it and then we couldn't aw that SEXY treadmill oohhhlalalaaa
Musthegreat 94
Musthegreat 94 Månad sedan
I don't understand why you even made this video, like things don't make sense because the world is built to support the comedy they do. Also why do you think kids are so stupid cmon my guy...
Caden Darling
Caden Darling Månad sedan
I wish I was sixteen
Michael Mcdowell
Michael Mcdowell Månad sedan
I lost a costume contest once, I've ate most of my meals alone the last 12 years 😢
Macy Jenson
Macy Jenson Månad sedan
im 11 and i know not to watch the SHIT lele is and i watch the content like you
Annsofie Artang
Annsofie Artang Månad sedan
Eddy’s little moments where his brain breaks temporarily are so funny to me :)
Diddies Smitties
Diddies Smitties 2 månader sedan
Acting 10/10. Maybe instead of being a SEpostr you can become a movie star. The shine of the light will Shawn upon you
I am definitely a human And don't question that
I am definitely a human And don't question that 2 månader sedan
Notice how he has more views on this than the one he mentioned
Grant B.
Grant B. 2 månader sedan
Somebody let this kid know about Uhaul so he can move his furniture next time.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 månader sedan
No beard eddy looks like he needs more hugs than he’s getting
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Månad sedan
Granny Norma anytime ✝️☮️❤️
Fat Månad sedan
Thank you Jesus
Anneke de Bruyn
Anneke de Bruyn 2 månader sedan
Why is she talking so aggressively??
Mike Juliet
Mike Juliet 2 månader sedan
*BuT dUdE hEr DaD iS gAy*
shfinhrd dhdbdinehd
shfinhrd dhdbdinehd 2 månader sedan
He said we get disappointment from his videos but I didn't get mine... has anyone seen my disappointment anywhere? If you find it please return it.
Puffin Man
Puffin Man 2 månader sedan
My favorite part of Lele's videos is the end screen because then I know that they've ended.
itismytime73 2 månader sedan
Lmao you can see when the friend is applying mascara Lele is clearly wearing false lashes
ouijacorn 2 månader sedan
My big question is: Why'd she buy all that makeup if she was just going to draw kitty whiskers on with an eyeliner pencil?
Danielle H
Danielle H 2 månader sedan
She was literally applying mascara to false lashes. That’s borderline false advertising
meg 2 månader sedan
That’s always been a pet peeve of mine in mascara commercials!!
Uhflower 2 månader sedan
Listen I know how old this is but I’ve been binge watching eddys stuff all day and it’s jsut the fact that I KNOW that the “hot guy” is her brother it just... makes it worse
Panos Serves
Panos Serves 2 månader sedan
I am 14 not sixteen get it right
NK 2 månader sedan
Skinny White Boy
Skinny White Boy 2 månader sedan
I am 15 how tf am I supposed to know this is sponsored
Micah Garrison
Micah Garrison 2 månader sedan
I didn't know who Lele Pons was prior to watching this video, I am here for Eddy. But oh my gosh, this chick is ANNOYING.
Roary Time
Roary Time 2 månader sedan
Great videos man. Excellent perspective. Sending love!
BoxMeister 2 månader sedan
Everybody gangsta till they get out the *c o v e r g i r l t o t a l t e a s e m a s c a r a (sponsored)*
Miffin_Man 2 månader sedan
I still don’t understand makeup, I don’t care what the shit they look like, or there gender at all, I don’t care, I also don’t understand the point of fake eyelashes, what, what is the point??? I don’t think people find Eyelashes sexy.
The Cool Guy
The Cool Guy 2 månader sedan
I have a younger brother I want to test the ad videos on
Jack Straw2
Jack Straw2 2 månader sedan
The mic quality change at the end actually made me jump, I thought someone was behind me
Ranjan Nadig
Ranjan Nadig 2 månader sedan
Guys, I don't know if you know this... Lele Pons is actually not latina! Researches show that she is actually a gay rattlesnake! I know this might be hard to believe for some but if you think about it, it makes total sense.
Erik Iversen
Erik Iversen 2 månader sedan
Make a new Lele video please
James Myers
James Myers 2 månader sedan
I love this stuff because I never want to click on these videos but you can just explain it for me
LiL_Bitch_Mane 2 månader sedan
This bitch was wearing so much makeup I thought she was John Wayne Gacey
Jackson Blair
Jackson Blair 3 månader sedan
You wanna play a game Anyone else see the movie saw
ditship 3 månader sedan
I didn't guess what the secret advertisement was before you pointed it out. So I don't get 1 Million Dollars...
Natasha Jackl
Natasha Jackl 3 månader sedan
Ngl the sudden audio quality shift at 15:16 scared the absolute shit out of me
Hussien Madkour
Hussien Madkour 3 månader sedan
I wanna see Scott Cramer Gus Johnson and well eddy team up for a video together
William Baker
William Baker 3 månader sedan
the add was the hot guy
Batjackgames 3 månader sedan
I like how at 9:32 the guy has his phone charger around his neck, then in the next scene when he rolls it falls off, and then its just around his neck again in the next scene
Cory Emerson
Cory Emerson 3 månader sedan
I was playing animal crossing and got the SAME SHIRT you are wearing in the opening of the vid. I knew it was familiar. I think there is a Nintendo programmer fan of yours making an obscure shout out.
Soul Mechanics
Soul Mechanics 3 månader sedan
You are a very strange guy. I appreciate you caring though. Keep up the fight, we got your back.
The dislike button
The dislike button 3 månader sedan
Can you give me back my innocence?
I am 24ft Tall
I am 24ft Tall 3 månader sedan
Eddy telling me to get excited at 2.16 am as I eat Nutella on a spoon is a new low
Eli Elite
Eli Elite 3 månader sedan
1:44 “Lets get excited...”😂10/10.
SML 3 månader sedan
That's ofensive, I am 8 years old and I can spel!
Drunk Isabelle
Drunk Isabelle Månad sedan
“Spell” This is a joke
Sarah Moulton
Sarah Moulton 3 månader sedan
How much would that little bag of makeup she dumps out cost?
Dhawkeye _22
Dhawkeye _22 3 månader sedan
Eddy be like “oh someone please think of the children”
Brett Mastema
Brett Mastema 3 månader sedan
you and gus make a cute couple.
NicFyno 3 månader sedan
i think the reason the past viners are stuck making weird content is since they’re so stuck on the quick and abrupt 6 sec content from vine
Rad Chad
Rad Chad 3 månader sedan
AYDEN SPY 3 månader sedan
16-24 me being 13: i feel discriminated
The Bored Enthusiast
The Bored Enthusiast 3 månader sedan
I remember when I was a dumb lil child, and I saw an Eclipse Mint Gum ad on tv. A girl ate one, and a boy was suddenly attracted to her at the subway station. My dumbass begged my mom to get me Eclipse gum thinking it would get me a boyfriend 😅
Stacy Ardus
Stacy Ardus 3 månader sedan
i clicked this because on the thumbnail he was in a bin.
crdshark GAMING
crdshark GAMING 4 månader sedan
Eddy: 16 to 24 yo people Me: *releases I’m 12* FBI OPEN UP
JustAron 3 månader sedan
If dislikes did anything you’d have 1k
Id405 4 månader sedan
I know this is two years ago but can we talk about just the horrible lesson that the guy immediately wanting to go on a date with her as soon as she puts on makeup teaches to young women? It's literally just saying men won't want you unless you wear makeup + an ad for some makeup. Like wtf?
Pee Pee Poo Poo Fishy
Pee Pee Poo Poo Fishy 4 månader sedan
Is he drunk again
Plantalope Legend
Plantalope Legend 4 månader sedan
Lol I’m 12. Not 16-21
keetans beam
keetans beam 4 månader sedan
i knew what sponsored meant when I first watched a youtuber that was sponsored because that youtuber said that sponsrshis are basically adverts
5cm Pak38 auf PzKpfw II Sonderfahrgestell 901
5cm Pak38 auf PzKpfw II Sonderfahrgestell 901 4 månader sedan
i spotted the ad, pay up Burback.
H Fire
H Fire 4 månader sedan
U like Danny
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