Let's Examine Jake Paul's Content

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Eddy Burback

3 år sedan

Jake Paul is my dad.
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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 3 år sedan
Hey guys! New short memes and commentaries will keep coming from the channel! I hope you like this one! Oh and the channel name went through a change, so that's a thing.
Jambicglort Pambicjlott
Jambicglort Pambicjlott Månad sedan
If Jakes got punched he would definitely be like ATTEMPTED MURDER or some shit
No Fatties
No Fatties 2 månader sedan
Are you my pa?
Lucas de Oliveira Pontes
Lucas de Oliveira Pontes 5 månader sedan
The Jurassic Park thingie broke me man
Cinnamon 10 månader sedan
Hey it's old news but 7:23 you forgot about the Hitler Youth, it's literally the same thing, young fans named for their idol
That One Guy From That Thing You Like
That One Guy From That Thing You Like 2 år sedan
Eddy Burback I want a tv show about Jake Paul and the Team Ten House in the middle of the desert 🐫 with cameras hidden everywhere and it picks up 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days of uninterrupted footage. And they aren’t aloud to leave the house.
R3dakt3d 19 timmar sedan
The best description of jake paul is "fuckboy"
Rachelle Jenkins
Rachelle Jenkins 2 dagar sedan
I lived with roommates who were literally as loud as jake at all times of the day. Worst semester ever.
Snufalufagus McCutchen
Snufalufagus McCutchen 6 dagar sedan
There are two types of people, the Eddys, and the Jakes. Everybody, please be an Eddy.
Aidan Hannum
Aidan Hannum 24 dagar sedan
I love how 10 year olds can do interviews perfectly and then there is jake Paul I also love how he thinks that his wife actually loves her even though it’s just for money
Dave Legarra
Dave Legarra Månad sedan
God dam it burbak u get it
Dave Legarra
Dave Legarra Månad sedan
Dude can't even go down Slide thats really not funny
Dave Legarra
Dave Legarra Månad sedan
That kickflip was weak as fuck
Stas Constantine
Stas Constantine Månad sedan
Actually Hitler called his 'younger fans' "Hitler Youth" kek
Musthegreat 94
Musthegreat 94 Månad sedan
Let's examine Jake Paul's content more like... Let's get views
Nick James
Nick James Månad sedan
That guy in the lot should've sued the shit out of him.
haissam Ali
haissam Ali Månad sedan
Really late but did anyone think during the whole Paul brother's time that they were 'coke' addicts the whole time
Macy Jenson
Macy Jenson Månad sedan
IM so sry about your dad
Lani Can't Read
Lani Can't Read Månad sedan
“Stop.” 6:49
cool dude
cool dude Månad sedan
Jake Paul is the King Geoffrey of the internet
Firdaus •
Firdaus • 2 månader sedan
I feel like you spoke too soon...way too soon bro
Lou Stancu
Lou Stancu 2 månader sedan
How do either of the Paul's have any money when they are not only bad people, but they just aren't funny. At all. How the fuck are they rich
Caseydilla57 2 månader sedan
The golden rule when it comes to criticizing Jake Paul is- “would you care if David dobrik did it”
Cecil Whinter
Cecil Whinter 2 månader sedan
Seriously, what kind of girl would enjoy being fucked by this guy with that face on top of you ??? That's how nightmares are made guys
mustard tiger supreme
mustard tiger supreme 2 månader sedan
He dosent even have the common decency to tell the people he is joking after the prank, like danny duncan has funny pranks and he tell people it's a joke.
Carson Zimmerman
Carson Zimmerman 2 månader sedan
If that guy wasn’t at work, you know damn well he would’ve kicked the shit out of jake
Grant B.
Grant B. 2 månader sedan
Dude, you remind me so much of Dan O’Brien and I’m not even remotely upset about it. Love your vids, man. Keep that shit up.
Erem Hans
Erem Hans 2 månader sedan
as an ohioan, we don't claim them
ouijacorn 2 månader sedan
If I found out that girl snapped and killed everyone else in the house, I wouldn't be too surprised or concerned.
Ryan Irey
Ryan Irey 2 månader sedan
Skin head sign is a lighting bolt
Nick Daniels
Nick Daniels 2 månader sedan
2017: "I don't think he's a menace to society" 2020: "FBI raid Jake Paul's mansion"
Edgy Erica
Edgy Erica 2 månader sedan
Jake is from my county, my neighboring city actually. I apologize on the behalf of the entire county of Cuyahoga.
Ruler World
Ruler World 2 månader sedan
You should revist him. All of his content is sexbait. He pays pornstars to come to the team ten house and film with him and his "friends"
Roary Time
Roary Time 2 månader sedan
the hitlers... LOL
rcdartwasps 2 månader sedan
Having flashbacks to the laughing hyenas from the Lion King
Corporal McMuffin
Corporal McMuffin 2 månader sedan
10:47 I live in Ohio and I am here to say that what happened here is absolutely not what we do here in Ohio. What we do in Ohio is grow corn and write bluegrass and folk music. I do apologize about this guy’s behavior. I feel somewhat embarrassed that the thing that the word “Ohio” reminds people of is the Jake Paul and Logan Paul vlogs. We do fly drones... we fly a whole bunch of stuff. We fly drones that spray the corn down with chemicals as we go to Cedar Point and ride rollercoasters. We fly the cargo aircraft that provides us with the wood that builds our barns. We build those barns with pride. We typically don’t have douchebags ride big-wheels off the roofs of our barns. Please take my apology and this mason jar of Strawberry Preserves and have a nice day.
Moni macer
Moni macer 2 månader sedan
Me and my class used to... wa- like this
Nielson Callejo
Nielson Callejo 2 månader sedan
MuchMercy 2 månader sedan
'Not a menace to society' Ah so ive come to a time before Japan
PZ tv
PZ tv 3 månader sedan
the screaming killed my insides
Macky K
Macky K 3 månader sedan
*lives in the middle of the desert* Eddy: “Go move to the middle of the desert and annoy each other” Me: “no no no please don’t move here”
Wubaluba Dub dub
Wubaluba Dub dub 3 månader sedan
HypernovaB 3 månader sedan
Eddy, I think your sleeves look fine.
Rasbeery 3 månader sedan
Jake paul is a parody of himself
Daniel McInnis
Daniel McInnis 3 månader sedan
“Look at me. IN MY EYES.” Is one of my favourite recurring bits
derpfacedargon 3 månader sedan
ShadowMan1235 3 månader sedan
The fact that he said don’t mess with an Ohoians wife makes me mad to be born in Ohio I didn’t know he was from here
Tom McClatchey
Tom McClatchey 3 månader sedan
7:30 Hitler literally had the Hitler youth!
Natalie 3 månader sedan
Is it just me, but doesn't the dude at 3:37 look like Danny Gonzalez if he had an allergic reaction to a bee?
babie Trash
babie Trash 3 månader sedan
jake paul vlogs there's so much happening but it's still so boring
Yasmeen K
Yasmeen K 3 månader sedan
If he was Black someone would have either been arrested him or something worse...
CarCat 3 månader sedan
"That's how we do it in Ohio" everyone from Ohio I've ever met has been highly unlikely to randomly get in a fight with a minimum wage employee doing their job
Sirmemesalot Of The Round Table
Sirmemesalot Of The Round Table 4 månader sedan
5:48 sounds like Trevor from GtaV when he’s on fire
Scarlet Scott
Scarlet Scott 4 månader sedan
So.. I was bored and looked up the coordinates on her tattoo and it took me to no where
Frogsreprettycool 4 månader sedan
“Jakes not doing anything wrong or anything” Press x to doubt
Jack Schoon
Jack Schoon 4 månader sedan
Well Hitler did have the Hitler youth witch was basically Nazi boy scouts
katie kopacz
katie kopacz 4 månader sedan
Greg is the strongest army.... What’s he talking bout?
Caleb Cataldo
Caleb Cataldo 4 månader sedan
Quick update: he is now a menace to society
Firefly RX
Firefly RX 4 månader sedan
I hope he gets hit
Sam Duvall
Sam Duvall 4 månader sedan
This is really hitting hard especially today.
ThotPatrolCaptain 4 månader sedan
As an Ohio resident, I would like to say on behalf of my fellow buckeye worshipers that we do not associate with Jake Paul. Thank you.
R.M.S Brand
R.M.S Brand 4 månader sedan
Children of Burback>Jake Paulers
St 789
St 789 4 månader sedan
More than anything, I hate that he says "dab" while dabbing
Bobby The Blizzard
Bobby The Blizzard 4 månader sedan
Yeah, Jake is the worst, BUT the flaming skateboard was kinda sick
Gabriel Lopez
Gabriel Lopez 4 månader sedan
I am ashamed to admit that I used to watch him
datboiyouknow 4 månader sedan
The jake paulers aren’t the strongest army Greg is
Aaron Kuminski
Aaron Kuminski 4 månader sedan
One thing to mention hitler did name a battalion the Adolf Hitler and the boy scouts were the Hitler youth. So he has quite a bit in common with how hitler addressed his followers. Also I could see someone putting a gun to his head for the wife thing
Aurelia Hill
Aurelia Hill 4 månader sedan
It would be one thing if Jake was confrontational in his pranks but he can’t even do that he gets so anxious when he steps out of his comfort zone. He just is literally like “heyyouwerecheckinoutmywifebro.....thatsnotcool *looks at ground*”
jimmyboi 4 månader sedan
let’s highlight the point that eddy make it clear that he had no real issues with anything until jake was out in public fucking with other people. good to see the integrity and consistency in beliefs. eddy is gud boye
Moth Man
Moth Man 4 månader sedan
i wish someone was like “she aint all that” lmao
Leviathan 5 månader sedan
2:07 I want to die
Ash The Yeemo Trash
Ash The Yeemo Trash 5 månader sedan
no one,,,,, acts like this i real life,,,,
Scaredy Kat
Scaredy Kat 5 månader sedan
I’m sorry but he *fcking drooled*
A D 5 månader sedan
I don't understand what is so difficult to absorb about the criticism he's receiving. Is his pride that bad that he can't just take full accountability for his actions?
its dave from marketing
its dave from marketing 5 månader sedan
Jake: are those the gps coordinates for Coachella? Girl: no thats where we spread my grandparents ashes.
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson 5 månader sedan
Jake Paul and his crew are like those assholes you called friends in junior high.
Conklin03 5 månader sedan
What exactly was the point in making fun of the girl eating lunch? Like, she's in the house, so I assume they know her, but just being obnoxious and making fun of people isn't a very good way to gain positive attention, but he does it anyways.
Goggs 5 månader sedan
just came from your livestream and fell into a rabbit hole of (g)old content. love you big dawg keep up the good work
Catie Bennen
Catie Bennen 5 månader sedan
going back and seeing no mustache eddy is scary like edward ???? ur lip is naked there are laws about public indecency for a reason....
Kari Greyd
Kari Greyd 5 månader sedan
Boring and annoying I agree.
Nicholas Fedeli
Nicholas Fedeli 5 månader sedan
His fake laugh sounds like screaming, and wheezing. It sounds like he started coughing a ton and for some reason while he was coughing he decided to scream/laugh resulting in a wheeze at the end followed by a extreme amount of screeching into a microphone.
Baconbeerify 5 månader sedan
I realize I'm late to the party but I'm still wondering how none of these "pranksters" have been shot yet for messing with the wrong person.
oneconciousness 6 månader sedan
Brilliant, a masterpiece- jpaulophiles, just let us live our lives. Take team 10 to Yemen
Marcus Mysteriously
Marcus Mysteriously 6 månader sedan
Someone needs to kick this guy's ass. He gets away with way too much. If he came from where I come from, he would be lying in a gutter.
Marcus Mysteriously
Marcus Mysteriously 6 månader sedan
You know, it's not really fair for me to be calling people stupid. But these are the stupidest people I've ever seen. Someone should do something,
J Hallenbeck
J Hallenbeck 6 månader sedan
Jake Paul will OD from a heroin overdose by the time he's 30. Mark my words.
Jawwish 6 månader sedan
the one where the worker is walking to do his job pisses me off. First he probably didn't mean to "look" he more than likely wanted to make sure he didn't bump into her. and then fucking douche bag over here harasses him
quack queen
quack queen 6 månader sedan
The jake paulers aren't the strongest army on youtube, GREG IS.
111 111
111 111 6 månader sedan
The prank fails once it goes from trying to make people laugh to trying to make people angry.
Chad Tepper
Chad Tepper 6 månader sedan
What you don’t get is we are just living life
Mn 8r
Mn 8r 3 månader sedan
PlutonicVinyl 6 månader sedan
Chad Tepper it’s funny how you have 1 mil subs and you’re the only one to like your post lmao
Hedgehogs M8
Hedgehogs M8 6 månader sedan
Your nan isn't proud of you
Christian Hansen
Christian Hansen 6 månader sedan
You commented twice, your “friends” use you for money
dac81391 6 månader sedan
I can’t hear you with that fuckin turd in your mouth.
Chad Tepper
Chad Tepper 6 månader sedan
That reaction of me and my friends laughing is all real sorry you have no friends and I know I laugh like I’m on drugs maybe we where 😂
Sonny Zoinks
Sonny Zoinks 6 månader sedan
You eat dog shit lol
The North
The North 6 månader sedan
@Christian Hansen imagine reading a comment and immediately thinking it's meant for you lmao insecure much? and its "nakeyjakey" not naked jakob
Christian Hansen
Christian Hansen 6 månader sedan
The North I’m not defending myself, it’s funny you feel the need to call some random guy out in a comment section that wasn’t asking for it
The North
The North 6 månader sedan
Imagine being so fragile you just feel the need to defend yourself on a video that's over 2 years old lmao
Christian Hansen
Christian Hansen 6 månader sedan
Have you heard of Gus Johnson and naked Jacob, just 2 of his friends that have more subs than you
litsten pop
litsten pop 6 månader sedan
I have now watched every video u put out and I am now in love with your content
Mack Williams
Mack Williams 6 månader sedan
**loudass voice crack**
NocturnalNuns 6 månader sedan
So one of these Paul hooligans is hanging out with pornstars now?
Hey there D e m o n s
Hey there D e m o n s 6 månader sedan
Jake Paul also saying stuff like "That's how we do it in Ohio" is fucking insulting. no the fuck "we" don't you do it everywhere.
PcheeseTsauceX mg
PcheeseTsauceX mg 6 månader sedan
Actually Greg is the strongest army.....idk what you're talking about
rachel 7 månader sedan
dude you scared me sm i was so nervous i accidentally clicked on a jake paul video
*River* rIvEr *
*River* rIvEr * 7 månader sedan
4:35 You can not tell that isn’t the fakes laugh EVER
Kilo 7 månader sedan
what’s bad is that ray diaz was there when jake was bullying the news reporter
Dr. Faustus
Dr. Faustus 7 månader sedan
what up adolf hitlers
Rob 7 månader sedan
I mean, the flaming skateboard wasnt that bad. If Steve-O or someone would've done it I'm sure most of us would've laughed. I would've. I dont have double standards for Jake Paul. When he does something exclusively.... Jake Paul-esque... I hate it.
howiskoalariotaken 7 månader sedan
“Not a menace to society” that didn’t age well ):
CJ 8 månader sedan
This didn’t age well; definitely menace now
Shannon D
Shannon D 8 månader sedan
The real life "neighbors" house. Didnt know that actually existed.
Sparta Rage Kick
Sparta Rage Kick 8 månader sedan
a famous asshole....lmfao...
ReaptheWhirlwind 8 månader sedan
You cannot believe anything you see or hear online, _My mom even says so IT IS TRUE_
TechiPods 8 månader sedan
Jake Paul should be put down
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