Late Night TV Needs to Change

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Eddy Burback

10 månader sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 10 månader sedan
me: im doing the main network hosts on air to narrow it down you guys: you forgot this host that isn’t on a network or isn’t on the air!!!
ONYX1207 Månad sedan
@Eddy Burback since when
Checkered Månad sedan
@Lara Weinberg whot?
Sofacanold Månad sedan
Would’ve loved to hear your ops on graham norton from the uk “late night”
Inbedded 2 månader sedan
@Baron Battle good job. you gave lilly singh a tv show.
Inbedded 2 månader sedan
@Potate Spud late nate
Chef Zoyardee
Chef Zoyardee Dag sedan
“You like it better than sleep?” I had to pause the video to take that one in.
Ivs Pav
Ivs Pav 3 dagar sedan
I agree about sleep being the ultimate nap. It does not prove him stupid at all. If you think it makes him stupid... it's on you hahah. (I still dislike jimmy btw). In my country we don't have a word for a nap. It is the same as for sleep.
The Breakfast Menu
The Breakfast Menu 3 dagar sedan
I'm a bit older than you. Letterman was a pretty gross individual frankly. And when Conan was on Late Night, I think he and his team made some of the greatest television in history.
Gally 5 dagar sedan
Honestly, didnt know a damn thing about late night tv until now. I grew up with the internet, ive probably watched 5 minutes of cable television total in my lifetime. Gotta say, this was an interesting review.
Maddy O'Meara
Maddy O'Meara 10 dagar sedan
oh i have 27 minutes free? time to go rewatch late night to needs to change i guess
The Good King Aegeus
The Good King Aegeus 10 dagar sedan
my first late night love was Craig Ferguson
Crisco 10 dagar sedan
I really enjoy this one and the follow up even though I may not agree politically 👍🏻
Iliass Chafni
Iliass Chafni 11 dagar sedan
I really think conan is the only actually funny talk show host, everyone else comes off as fake and disingenuous. Makes sense as the man is very smart
Annsofie Artang
Annsofie Artang 12 dagar sedan
Cool so this was fucking incredible
Alan Salsa
Alan Salsa 12 dagar sedan
Ngl I just hate Kimmel
Be Blessed True
Be Blessed True 12 dagar sedan
💖💝💝💝If you are reading this comment: BE BLESSED!!! x1,000,000!!! 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💝💝💝💝💝💝💞💞💞💞💞💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖m
rectanglethighs 12 dagar sedan
i will say even though it’s not on purpose the nap sleep thing is the most entertaining thing jimmy’s ever done
Michael 13 dagar sedan
John Oliver is actually funny. Sure, he’s your classical Anti Trumper, but his segments which aren’t about Trump are actually funny
Rasmus Novak
Rasmus Novak 13 dagar sedan
11:53 well, not while trump was there! He treated him like a child who didn’t know what he was talking about, which he actually did. This doesn’t mean I’m a trump supporter (I’m Swedish so I don’t know anything about American politics) but he did definitely not respect trump in that interview
brett slyter
brett slyter 13 dagar sedan
I would love to see Norm Macdonald get a late night show. The man truly deserves it.
Corey Long
Corey Long 13 dagar sedan
Colbert is the god of late night. Regardless of your opinion
Corey Long
Corey Long 13 dagar sedan
Dude, I've never even thought of his laugh as being annoying. Jimmy's laugh isnt annoying. People are just so stuck up and boring.
Strains Of Jasmine
Strains Of Jasmine 14 dagar sedan
Damn Jimmy Fallon. I really like the guy honestly. Yeah he’s kinda annoying but he’s pretty creative. Still KINDA ANNOYING but he’s a pretty creative guy. Really nice. Again, kinda annoying.
Jacob Kaufman
Jacob Kaufman 14 dagar sedan
Eddy h8 boomerz 👀
Shrek 14 dagar sedan
Remember when Jimmy Fallon did black face?
osama bin legend
osama bin legend 21 dag sedan
Stephen reminds me of Joe rogan in a way he wants a platform for everyone and can have civilised conversations without arguing
Uspatriot219 Gainz
Uspatriot219 Gainz 22 dagar sedan
Late night TV is garbage compared to people on SEpost.
Doggo 22 dagar sedan
Hey eddy Conan was mean to me once
5K Subscribers Without Any Video
5K Subscribers Without Any Video 22 dagar sedan
*I see SEpost recommendations have brought us all together again*
TVperson1 23 dagar sedan
I don't know I think *Fallon* was just nervous.
Brandon 23 dagar sedan
I view sleep and napping differently
a calcio di cane Podcast
a calcio di cane Podcast 27 dagar sedan
Dude clearly stated that has a bias.... so i really don't understand why someone could feel heated because he's think that his favourite is better then x, y or z. By the way, imho the host that made me feel like his show wasn't "fake"(it's funny to me that people use this therm for a tv show) or constructed from a to z was Craig Ferguson.
brett slyter
brett slyter 13 dagar sedan
Agreed Ferguson was genuine, smart and had great flow with his guests. He was always in the moment which made him phenomenal interviewer.
O SHIZL GZNGHAR 27 dagar sedan
I miss my creepy uncle Craig.
Jess37 28 dagar sedan
The orange man bad shtick makes late night comedy suck so badly
Tom Parkin
Tom Parkin 29 dagar sedan
Thanks for posting this Eddy! Great content. Really enjoyed.
Carley Rose
Carley Rose Månad sedan
conan is the only one i ever watched and he has a special place in my heart
Flamboyant Warlock
Flamboyant Warlock Månad sedan
Are we SURE that "Tom's Cruise" wasn't a tongue-in-cheek reference to that run down cruise ship that Hubbard made his followers live on?
Randall Johnston
Randall Johnston Månad sedan
I’m just gonna say it, Jay Leno isn’t funny
TylerHere Månad sedan
Amazing video, eddy
Sean Wren
Sean Wren Månad sedan
Conan, Graham Norton and Craig Ferguson are the best show hosts ever.
Lit Night Highlits
Lit Night Highlits Månad sedan
Jimmy Fallon is the representation of the public.
Maneesh Maganti
Maneesh Maganti Månad sedan
Johan Liebert
Johan Liebert Månad sedan
Ill check conen out
Payton Gruett
Payton Gruett Månad sedan
Pissed you didn't mention Craig Ferguson
Mateo Månad sedan
SHIT: trevor noah, john oliver, kimmel, seth, leno, fallon, late letterman, colbert, lily GOLD: conan, craig ferguson, early letterman, graham norton
nilknarF urD
nilknarF urD Månad sedan
I wish everyone could watch John Oliver (yes I understand why he wasn’t in the video)
Plum loves Ralsei
Plum loves Ralsei Månad sedan
Angus Noble
Angus Noble Månad sedan
The Graham Norton show is a million times better than all American late night shows.
Jason Worthington
Jason Worthington Månad sedan
This was dope
Gemma Månad sedan
In Australia we don’t have late night talk shows, we just go to bed lol 🤷‍♀️
Rezy Abdurahman
Rezy Abdurahman Månad sedan
what is the opening song?
Syper 3 dagar sedan
Its their his podcast theme. Look up Gus And Eddy Podcast theme
Alyn Sterner
Alyn Sterner Månad sedan
Eddie reminds me of my ap gov teacher with how he talks
Andrew York
Andrew York Månad sedan
would love to hear your thoughts on daily show and patriot act and john oliver too i guess lol lots of there stuff is out youtube so its pretty accessible
Brennan Jenkins
Brennan Jenkins Månad sedan
I'm just coming back here to make sure I liked this video
Sammy Hoffman
Sammy Hoffman Månad sedan
No one gives enough attention to Graham Norton. Yes he has a UK show but the amount of celebrities that go on and clearly have the time of their lives. Matt Damon said it’s the most fun he’s ever had on a talk show. If you haven’t seen him I strongly recommend it. He’s hilarious and the guests always seem to have the best time. My second favourite host behind Conan
Jerby Jerky
Jerby Jerky Månad sedan
the bill burr part really made me feel for theo. brutal lol.
Spock1777 Månad sedan
I dont think that Fallon is an idiot, just that he doesnt think before speaking.
Rachael Månad sedan
I agreed with everything until Conan. He’s a pig to a degree that he makes guests uncomfortable. He has done good skits but as far as an interviewer, idt.
Ryan Akwar
Ryan Akwar Månad sedan
Anyone else watched Arsenio Hall’s show? Dude had Tupac on twice and had Bill Clinton play the saxophone (which kinda helped him become president as young people who watched the show vote).
Miriam Paris
Miriam Paris Månad sedan
There’s something so appealing about the way your eyes and hair are the same shade of brown.
Nectar Månad sedan
Graham Norton is so much better than all of these American late night shows, it's much more fun and he isn't a total loser i.e Corden, Fallon, Kimmel etc. I think Conan is the best US host, his remotes are excellent and he seems genuinely intelligent and funny. The one thing I dislike is his like, growl/purr thing he does at women, it's SUPER dated and I assume he doesn't do it anymore? Hopefully.
Alexay Månad sedan
What you said about Colbert is spot on my view. I liked his old show. The way he played the character for 9 years is incredible. But he isnt really funny on the Late Show and does the same old horrible Trump impression over and over.
The Pigs Are Rebelling
The Pigs Are Rebelling Månad sedan
And Lilly Singh isn’t even a good content creator on SEpost. They could’ve picked anyone, why Lilly Singh.
anxie Månad sedan
Chxrlotte Månad sedan
I love Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers
But Jay did almost get bit by an alligator on late night
Virgin Chimp
Virgin Chimp Månad sedan
I'm probably being really stupid here, but what's the song Eddy used at the beginning for his "late night intro" bit?
Jazmin Dodds
Jazmin Dodds Månad sedan
Hey! In case you were still looking for it it's a royalty Free song
Ethan B657
Ethan B657 Månad sedan
It might just be because of my British, dark and cynical sense of humour but I never got Conan, I keep trying to watch him but I get bored so quickly
buellerferris Månad sedan
You're still crying about Leno being number 1 for 22 years!
Twi Deslauriers
Twi Deslauriers Månad sedan
im a little biased towards James Corden for no real reason other than i first saw him on doctor who and loved him there. his character was fun and had good chemistry with matt smith. its just kinda weird he got into late night ig.
Jacklyn Whitt
Jacklyn Whitt Månad sedan
Y, a wicked person.The watchman three pillars in Avot.Peg or hook "STOP" with the help of God ,to be saved or rescued on either side of the world Church From Jesus Christ
Chris Barnard
Chris Barnard Månad sedan
Honestly Kimmel just annoys the hell out of me. He rode the like dumb Trump jokes for like way too long, and he just like isn't funny, at all.
happy to be here
happy to be here 2 månader sedan
Seth Meyers was honestly my first introduction to the comedy i really genuinely enjoy (which is commentary) and i think he made me laugh while simultaneously informing me about things that i didn't think were important
Alex Foulk
Alex Foulk 2 månader sedan
I didn’t care Lilly sing had a show but I just couldn’t stand her being the host not because of how she looks but because I just don’t like her myself
Such Sites To Show You
Such Sites To Show You 2 månader sedan
I mean, I think it is unfair to say kids are going to be shamed at school because they were seen crying on national television. I don’t think little children all over the world are watching late night tv, emphasis on late night, much less Jimmy Kimmel over more popular hosts. Even if one kid saw and told the whole school, the bullying would be short lived because kids are constantly embarrassing themselves at that age; some other kid would pee his pants and then that’ll be fixated on. (Probably didn’t use that semi colon right.)
OminousFlare 2 månader sedan
They say comedy is subjective, and they're right. I'll never get tired of Colbert's dot dot dot, dot dot, dot dot dot dot, dot dot dot dot dot, dot. Dot. It kills me every time. Corden is a jerk. It's not even just a rumor anymore. Look it up. Also, speaking of sidekicks, what's with Corden using his black sidekick as a gag to count numbers? Fucking prick.
JarJarBinksStan 2 månader sedan
The couch thing where u have multiple guests is something we do over here in the UK for our chat shows
James Ward
James Ward 2 månader sedan
Eddy looks like he’s wearing one of those glasses, nose, mustache mask things lmao
Emily Craig
Emily Craig 2 månader sedan
Also, drew gooden has an awesome video about lily Singh if anyone’s interested
Chandler Howard1
Chandler Howard1 2 månader sedan
thank you raycon
dannymurzea 2 månader sedan
Lily is straight trash. shes not funny at all. she did not deserve a show.
Sadie Lappin
Sadie Lappin 2 månader sedan
My friend spent a day with Seth years ago when he was still at SNL (only the coolest 14 year olds use their Make-A-Wish to hang out w Seth Meyers) & she says he was so incredibly nice, & I think that’s framed the way I’ve seen him since then.
Follow me on insta: da_lila_art
Follow me on insta: da_lila_art 2 månader sedan
But isn’t sleeping kinda the ultimate nap??? 🤔 🤔 🤔
The Rue Morgue
The Rue Morgue 2 månader sedan
Best late night host is Craig Ferguson
Noah Fitz
Noah Fitz 2 månader sedan
“He is dead, and he’ll never be alive again... that’s how death works!” Thanks Eddy, now I have an easy way to tell my kids how people die!
Shadow Man
Shadow Man 2 månader sedan
I've always loved Conan, I still watch him when I can. When it comes to conventional late night TV he is the king. However, the best person to ever do late night would have to be Craig Ferguson. His charisma, comedic timing, and how he purposely tried to be unconventional makes him the best.
Ro McMahon
Ro McMahon 2 månader sedan
Conan's show is really good and I think he's good at his job, but there's just something I inherently can't stand about him. No idea what it is
Jaycie Seland
Jaycie Seland 2 månader sedan
Conan is a god and no one can top him (Graham Norton is the only one that even comes remotely close but still will never trump conan)
Jaycie Seland
Jaycie Seland 2 månader sedan
Listen I didn’t find cordon funny overseas and I don’t find him funny here either. That being said I also enjoy that he has his guests on at the same time and doesn’t segregate his guests.
Skoogy Moogy
Skoogy Moogy 2 månader sedan
James Corden taking Reggie Watts from Scott Aukerman was the biggest upset to me, but at least he got Al Yankovic out of it.
Aryana 2 månader sedan
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Nexus2126 12 dagar sedan
Shut the fuck up
SomeNerdyBoy 2 månader sedan
what does this have to do with anything
G4RF13LD 2 månader sedan
Trevor Noah is pretty good imo.
Casey Kreie
Casey Kreie 2 månader sedan
Should've brought up Conan without borders. Another great way Conan is rebranding.
Dylan Holt
Dylan Holt 2 månader sedan
I’ve never heard these arguments about Fallon. I don’t like him because he seems like a giant douche and his whole goofy persona seems like a cover up for how much of an ass he more than likely is
Beck Winter
Beck Winter 2 månader sedan
Eddy, how dare you forget Eric Andre. #legalizeranch
Rasmus Novak
Rasmus Novak 2 månader sedan
12:19 not when trump is on
Daddy Fatsacks
Daddy Fatsacks 2 månader sedan
I didnt have a cery good opinion on colbert however him telling his audience to stop booing ted cruz was very kind
theconstruct67 2 månader sedan
Carson was and always will be the BEST.
kimmy grrr
kimmy grrr 2 månader sedan
Lily is just terrible on both platforms
Simon J
Simon J 2 månader sedan
Eric Andre is the MVP in late night. Revolutionized the game.
coolbrounderscore 2 månader sedan
Great video. I don’t agree with your point re tom Cruise though. Yeah, he’s a member of a wacky religion, but that has literally nothing to do with a late night show. He seems like a really likable guy (I’ve seen people talking about how nice he was when they met him) and it’s not like he’s talking about Scientology on these bits, so why does it matter?
Jayden White
Jayden White 2 månader sedan
Don't forget the awkward hand touch on Fallon with the death stare.
Mariana Morell
Mariana Morell 2 månader sedan
Heyyyy Reycon
Hobe Bryant
Hobe Bryant 2 månader sedan
Wow Eddy, great new video! Really cool and definitely the best and only video you've done on late night TV!
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