Last To Stop Eating Hot Wings Wins $3,000

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FaZe Jarvis

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Last To Stop Eating Hot Spicy Chicken Wings Wins $3,000 With The Fortnite Pros featuring @FaZe H1ghSky1 @FaZe Sway @FaZe Dubs @FaZe Kay and @FaZe Nikan
🕺 TikTok: @jarvis
📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss

JOSE DAVILA 5 timmar sedan
How Dose HE Know Want A** TaStE LiKe 😱
Kenny Ngo
Kenny Ngo 8 timmar sedan
ignite beast
ignite beast 17 timmar sedan
Isn't dubz a whole racist???!
Ethan Vu
Ethan Vu Dag sedan
LOL fortnite pros vs content creators
Nara Dag sedan
i want wings now
RainbowTiger YT
RainbowTiger YT Dag sedan
I. Would just like grab two at a time and go sonic speed
Leticia Valles
Leticia Valles Dag sedan
I faze sway i love spicy food🌋🌋🌋
XxXTitanXxX pro gamer
XxXTitanXxX pro gamer 2 dagar sedan
I just don’t believe they are the hottest wings in LA judging there reactions unless their spice tolerance is just out of the roof then I don’t believe it
Jojo A.l.f
Jojo A.l.f 2 dagar sedan
Jayden Moelling
Jayden Moelling 2 dagar sedan
Can you do sway vs all of faze
Sway is a legend👌
floppy mn
floppy mn 2 dagar sedan
Faze sway has no reactions
Purps Playz RBLX
Purps Playz RBLX 2 dagar sedan
Ten days of Tap it gods v fornite sweats
Jesal Patel
Jesal Patel 2 dagar sedan
You could see sway trying to hide the pain.
Leeryle De
Leeryle De 3 dagar sedan
They look so good
Leeryle De
Leeryle De 3 dagar sedan
I could eat like a thousand of those chicken wings
Br1met1me 3 dagar sedan
I have eaten stuff hotter I bet I could beat sway
adrien graham
adrien graham 3 dagar sedan
Dang boy sway a sweat
Devour Plxstic
Devour Plxstic 4 dagar sedan
Faze sway is in love with spicy things. But You Gotta realize He is just built different.
Dhar man Hater
Dhar man Hater 4 dagar sedan
Bruh my mouth was DROOLING
Anthony Guigliano
Anthony Guigliano 4 dagar sedan
Jarvis like so hard
Temo Sadegi
Temo Sadegi 4 dagar sedan
Nikon is strong like bull
Farouk'sBadAtGames 4 dagar sedan
Sup everyone here I just wanna hope you have a great day and just be happy happy easter to the people who celebrate easter and ramadan kareem to the muslims ❤️
U3AY 4 dagar sedan
Nikan is a beast tho
『やxMævēnxや』 5 dagar sedan
Xd gamer
Xd gamer 5 dagar sedan
I would of eight 12
Lewis Kang 강루이스
Lewis Kang 강루이스 5 dagar sedan
Spicy wings are 3000$??!!!
Vilverin Nalanthi
Vilverin Nalanthi 5 dagar sedan
Yo faze highsky
mario gaming
mario gaming 5 dagar sedan
If I can win for team B
Devin Lin
Devin Lin 6 dagar sedan
someone high
someone high 6 dagar sedan
sway was just thinking about retakes while he was eating wings
Brandon San roman
Brandon San roman 6 dagar sedan
Faze is a psy
Brandon San roman
Brandon San roman 6 dagar sedan
Fuzz is a psy
mnhuang 6 dagar sedan
I like spicy food 10x more then sway I swear I could eat the whole plate in like 10 minutes
Psycho 7 dagar sedan
I have water in my mouth
HighFN 7 dagar sedan
The worlds hottest wings in LA hits hard lol
Legatron RL
Legatron RL 7 dagar sedan
I’m fasting🤤🥲
Andrew Lopez
Andrew Lopez 7 dagar sedan
bro those wing look soooooo good
qt Shyguy
qt Shyguy 7 dagar sedan
Sway eats so slow😂😂
Joe Lee
Joe Lee 8 dagar sedan
"worlds hottest wings in LA" makes sense lmao
Landon Gericke
Landon Gericke 8 dagar sedan
Sup. Also HOW did you do that!!!
Preston Swickard
Preston Swickard 8 dagar sedan
Man said We have the WORLDS hottest wings in LAS ANGELAS
Grass Block
Grass Block 8 dagar sedan
Breaking news faze Jarvis killed faze sway h1ghsky and faze dubs
Teal Wicked
Teal Wicked 9 dagar sedan
Fraiz is disgusting
Austin OMG
Austin OMG 9 dagar sedan
FaZe sway is insane 🤣🤣🤣🤣☺️
Mini FaZe Jarvis Khatrie
Mini FaZe Jarvis Khatrie 9 dagar sedan
I haven’t posted too much yet
Mini FaZe Jarvis Khatrie
Mini FaZe Jarvis Khatrie 9 dagar sedan
Hi Jarvis I’m mini Jarvis
Tyson Nadeau
Tyson Nadeau 10 dagar sedan
worlds hottest wings in LA
TAJ 101
TAJ 101 10 dagar sedan
You are aimbot
Péter Ákos Sárközi
Péter Ákos Sárközi 10 dagar sedan
habanero not even hot dafuk
Matthew Skin
Matthew Skin 10 dagar sedan
Yo Jarvis
Adde Liverpool
Adde Liverpool 10 dagar sedan
My man just Said this is the worlds hotest wings in la. Haha
Chaos Killer Op
Chaos Killer Op 10 dagar sedan
Highsky was too chill and when he got eating the wings man he ded_
HJD Hooligan
HJD Hooligan 10 dagar sedan
Sway and Dubs look so out of place
Rohith Abhinav
Rohith Abhinav 10 dagar sedan
Indians:who tf will eat this salt
Kayden Warren
Kayden Warren 10 dagar sedan
i wish i could play that i am like sway but i could eat them faster
Mateo Uchiha
Mateo Uchiha 11 dagar sedan
Faze sway: fine Jarvis: it’s so hard
Clean 11 dagar sedan
Bruh he made this in iMovie
Maino Roks
Maino Roks 11 dagar sedan
no one: the cameraman going into frazier his mouth.
leetle 11 dagar sedan
worlds hottest wings in LA nice man
Gabriel Malsawmdawngkima
Gabriel Malsawmdawngkima 11 dagar sedan
Jsrvis today we havw the WORLDS hottest wings in L.A
Ryder Strope
Ryder Strope 11 dagar sedan
Sway is built differently
Please tell me I am not here Ok
Please tell me I am not here Ok 11 dagar sedan
Respect to nikAn
Amazing Spiderman1126
Amazing Spiderman1126 11 dagar sedan
Is that the hellfire wing
Oce_Galaxy_YT 11 dagar sedan
Sway could’ve 3-0d them tbh but the meat tasted like A$$
crayznes 11 dagar sedan
Faze sway has no fillings in his mounth
Ghoul Tropper
Ghoul Tropper 11 dagar sedan
Sway doesn’t even care he just going in
Adyan Ahmed
Adyan Ahmed 12 dagar sedan
Yo this is making me HUNGRY
WASI PRO 12 dagar sedan
Well call me 🤙 cause I can eat three buckets of those spicy 🌶 wings
Co1ezfiy 12 dagar sedan
worlds hottest wings in L.A
Leon Tsuboi
Leon Tsuboi 12 dagar sedan
High skyy in the back talking shit when that 11yr old crys after the third f**** one
Stefan Bucur
Stefan Bucur 13 dagar sedan
I can eat all of them i eat super hot kfc
Parmbtw 13 dagar sedan
damn bro i love spicy buffalo wings wish i wwas there
Poonyapat (Prom) Panichyanont
Poonyapat (Prom) Panichyanont 13 dagar sedan
Onoh 3k? Bruh mrbeast would give like 10k or 20k
Vex on 100 ping
Vex on 100 ping 13 dagar sedan
Worlds hottest wing in LA makes sense
Levi Hackerman
Levi Hackerman 13 dagar sedan
Sway is just like me lmao
team frost999 9
team frost999 9 13 dagar sedan
What da
Sheila Morgan
Sheila Morgan 13 dagar sedan
Jarvis be having some good video they all do good love watching ur videos 💙♥️💙
Meemarate 14 dagar sedan
Worlds hottest in LA. Makes sense 👍
Youtube King
Youtube King 14 dagar sedan
look at faze h1ghsjy waiting for his turn lmao
Omar hussien Ismael
Omar hussien Ismael 14 dagar sedan
Eminem 14 dagar sedan
Fuck yes!
Adriana Madrigal
Adriana Madrigal 14 dagar sedan
You should do how ever wings you eat I’ll give you a $100
Adriana Madrigal
Adriana Madrigal 14 dagar sedan
As much wings for $100 bucks
Myst_ Swift
Myst_ Swift 14 dagar sedan
I am hungry now
Captainsimp 14 dagar sedan
Sway is a Mexican 💯%
Fingo998 :D
Fingo998 :D 14 dagar sedan
tbh I thought each wing would be spicier because of the thumbnail
Brissa Reyna
Brissa Reyna 15 dagar sedan
Spice king: be like: Anyone got anymore? Faze clan: dead
Abdullah2210 Iqbal
Abdullah2210 Iqbal 15 dagar sedan
Hmm spicy chicken wings 🍗🍗
SnezSne sne
SnezSne sne 15 dagar sedan
Easy for my bro :)
FR- LazyPotato
FR- LazyPotato 15 dagar sedan
No one: Literally no one: Highsky: Oh I goT A BaG
GdUbZ 15 dagar sedan
Sway is a slow eater
Armaan Singh
Armaan Singh 16 dagar sedan
when i was watching you guys i was sweating alot
Jack Sterling
Jack Sterling 16 dagar sedan
Jarvis is bad
Krish Parwani
Krish Parwani 17 dagar sedan
today we have the worlds hottest wings in LA wise words from jarvis
tere garza
tere garza 17 dagar sedan
You got banned
Parker Wren
Parker Wren 17 dagar sedan
Am I blind how did Frazier do that?
Areumadlol.YesIAM. Seidi
Areumadlol.YesIAM. Seidi 18 dagar sedan
English left the chat...
Bekwai Municipal Assembly
Bekwai Municipal Assembly 18 dagar sedan
Sway i think he's better then Jarvis and he literally likes hot and spicy food
🎃SCYTHE🗡 18 dagar sedan
Anyone watching this at ramadan?
Baba Chicola
Baba Chicola 18 dagar sedan
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