Kylie Jenner: Grinch Cupcakes with Stormi

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Kylie Jenner

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In celebration of my KYLIE X GRINCH collection launching today, Stormi and I made Grinch cupcakes!
Shop my limited edition Grinch holiday collection at today at 3pm PST

Talisha Nuñez
Talisha Nuñez 21 minut sedan
Hi fan of Kylie like if you would like a house tour,I hope you family is safe.😊😊😊
MaybeAbril 27 minuter sedan
I just LOVE this
Its Alms
Its Alms Timme sedan
No matter what, this baby is being raised with lots of love, and you can tell ❤️
113김윤지 Timme sedan
Kylie is good mom! Cute stormi♡
Nowimdancing 30
Nowimdancing 30 Timme sedan
her hair is gorgeous
nifemiii. o
nifemiii. o Timme sedan
Kylie is so good at baking
Mr.G Timme sedan
2 words, Excellent Video!!! 😁👍👍👍👍. Whoever reads this...... Please show some Luv and visit my website for 🔥 Apparel. ✌️.
uh.yanelis 2 timmar sedan
ok you guys cant lie Kylie is a good mom, prove me wrong
Adwoa Owusu
Adwoa Owusu 2 timmar sedan
sometimes stormi's cuteness just gets me out of the world
Makenzie Barnes
Makenzie Barnes 2 timmar sedan
Stormi is just the cutest
ARACELI GAMER 2 timmar sedan
Wow Yo Hablo Español No entiendo Casi Nada Pero Estoy practicando Ya se las Abcdario Los números y Colores Bella Stormi🥰😍😍Tiernnaa!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🥰😘😘😍😘😍😘😍😘🥰☺️😍😘😍☺️🥰
Lucy Scarborough
Lucy Scarborough 2 timmar sedan
They have the sweetest and cutest mother daughter relationship ever❤️❤️❤️❤️
Luciano VÁSQUEZ VARGAS 2 timmar sedan
El agua0 está muy lida
Robbie McGrane
Robbie McGrane 3 timmar sedan
When I hear Kylie Jenner, I don't think of much good but watching this video makes me realise she's an amazing mother and a really good baker
Anyi Torres
Anyi Torres 3 timmar sedan
Layru Ridgell
Layru Ridgell 3 timmar sedan
Stormi was gonna day hiii youtube after Kylie
Abigail Stickney
Abigail Stickney 3 timmar sedan
omg stormi is so cute!
Rithika Nisaraj
Rithika Nisaraj 4 timmar sedan
Stormi: I love you Kylie: I love you more Me: *and I lovE yOu MoSt* Only tangled fans will understand
Kamal Firass
Kamal Firass 4 timmar sedan
أنا اريدك ان تساعديني
Tanya H
Tanya H 4 timmar sedan
Omgosh little Stomi
qoobol hai
qoobol hai 5 timmar sedan
Скоро ее канал превратиться детский канал
janelllyyyy 5 timmar sedan
Stormi and Kylie’s relationship is the cutest
Senori Ball
Senori Ball 6 timmar sedan
Stormi is sooooooo cute
Natalia Nunez
Natalia Nunez 6 timmar sedan
This channel is her REAL channel because only Kylie can launch a grinch collection
hqney 6 timmar sedan
I wish i could have Mother like she has
Aalaae Benhamadi
Aalaae Benhamadi 6 timmar sedan
When stormi said Your so beautiful OMGGGGGG ✨🥺❤️
Erdi 6 timmar sedan
I recommend a great bag and dryer, bought it for my girlfriend, she loved it very much.
saltywalt x
saltywalt x 6 timmar sedan
Stormi is such a polite kid 🥺 Kylie is raising her good!
Bence King
Bence King 7 timmar sedan
Where is the Vanilla Pour? This is a tradition! 😍🥰❤️
Ameen Patel
Ameen Patel 7 timmar sedan
Stormi so cool
Scarlett Harmer
Scarlett Harmer 7 timmar sedan
Kylie I got your lip gloss ❤️
Dan V
Dan V 7 timmar sedan
Awwww so cute ")
xVeast༄ 7 timmar sedan
this child is probably the sweetest child i've ever seen
CAKES & ART 8 timmar sedan
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Anjum Shah
Anjum Shah 8 timmar sedan
I love her voice 😍
okayjinu 8 timmar sedan
So sweet.Kylie gets hate for no reason.
Mercan Gültekin
Mercan Gültekin 8 timmar sedan
Why always cupcake? You're so cute.
Jendry Valentina Valenzuela
Jendry Valentina Valenzuela 8 timmar sedan
soy la unica a la q no le salen cuantas personas les gusto?
Centropyge Ferrugata
Centropyge Ferrugata 8 timmar sedan
I love you Stormi! You’re so smart 😍
Michaela P
Michaela P 8 timmar sedan
Sole Murillo
Sole Murillo 8 timmar sedan
Comentario en español que buscabas 😂😎😊
İncinur Ünal
İncinur Ünal 8 timmar sedan
Ben neden aradığım türk yorumunu bulamıyorum aw
brenda Alcântara silva
brenda Alcântara silva 9 timmar sedan
Stormi you so cute
Ela Ünlü
Ela Ünlü 9 timmar sedan
Stormi is so Cute
Nursena Sütcü
Nursena Sütcü 9 timmar sedan
Beydayi buldum hkdhakshaishajaga
NFS 9 timmar sedan
please show love to our small yt channel! we'd really appreciate it
Lorelei Ruetz
Lorelei Ruetz 9 timmar sedan
You're so good with kids omg
TwilightLover 9 timmar sedan
Out of all of her sisters, she is the best mom. She actually does things with her kid and is happy about it.
SELMAN KORGAN 9 timmar sedan
I like this channel so much value !!! THANKS A LOT ... I also try to create content just like this, please check out and support me :) show some love for beginners :D (SELMAN KORGAN)
Eylül Yılmaz
Eylül Yılmaz 10 timmar sedan
Taklitçi kezban
Julia Gavell
Julia Gavell 10 timmar sedan
She is so cute🥰🤩So good cupcakes to!
Gran mamá 👏👏👏❤
Petra Balla
Petra Balla 10 timmar sedan
Cute Stormi😍
rejoice fred
rejoice fred 10 timmar sedan
Like literally your kid is the cutest and you're very beautiful woman
Tami T
Tami T 10 timmar sedan
“You got this mommy!” while she’s munching on the sprinkles and so full of manners and love for her mommy. So adorable 💕💕
Mirko Svidovsky Kramer
Mirko Svidovsky Kramer 11 timmar sedan
ok but if im not having a child like stormi and the relationship she has with her mom, then I DON'T WANT NO KIDS
Suragan Crazy
Suragan Crazy 11 timmar sedan
Stormi is the cutest🤭
Esther Bibare
Esther Bibare 11 timmar sedan
I love you kylie plus I love stormi too sorry if your baby's name was spelled wrong
Chiara Chinè
Chiara Chinè 12 timmar sedan
Stormi will be an icon in her future life. She is so adorable and sweet! Every time she compliments on Kyle my heart melts so much
Jesús Martínez
Jesús Martínez 12 timmar sedan
Ve los videos de THE MAIN FAMILY, Adriel quiere conocerte
Chairina Anwar
Chairina Anwar 12 timmar sedan
love u stormi ^^
Gaming Squad
Gaming Squad 12 timmar sedan
Kylie is such a good mom and I love stormi Kylie is you are reading this comment please tell stormi I love her and I love u too kylie
wolf crave
wolf crave 12 timmar sedan
you two look very so cute ❤❤
Tuğba Sıla Çobanoğlu
Tuğba Sıla Çobanoğlu 13 timmar sedan
Stormi is so cuteeeeeeee . İ like that.
anhthulord 13 timmar sedan
You’re such the best mommy ever. Stormi shows us
Oriana castellano
Oriana castellano 13 timmar sedan
NoodlesForLife Karpierz
NoodlesForLife Karpierz 13 timmar sedan
I swear to God Stormi is the cutest baby/toddler!
Nusaiba's Edits
Nusaiba's Edits 14 timmar sedan
Guys if you are a Kylie Stan can you please check out my edit of her?😭💕
S H 14 timmar sedan
How does she do anything with those claws on her fingers!
Kylie Cosmetics Fan
Kylie Cosmetics Fan 14 timmar sedan
I love you cosmetics
Rakeya Ahmed
Rakeya Ahmed 15 timmar sedan
idgaf! I love stormi yo
Anya Kemp
Anya Kemp 15 timmar sedan
i love how although stormi has bags worth thousands of dollars she still gets exited by little things
AxstheticHxzel 15 timmar sedan
We didn't have issues with the vanilla extract falling this time since we used a bowl!
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 14 timmar sedan
eats cupcake with a fork
abhay moyal
abhay moyal 15 timmar sedan
how the fuck did she have that long nails
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 14 timmar sedan
Tan linda la stormi;)
Kaye Penafiel
Kaye Penafiel 15 timmar sedan
how polite
Emilia 1705
Emilia 1705 15 timmar sedan
This is so cute omfg
Ayat Chafaqui
Ayat Chafaqui 16 timmar sedan
The compliments from stormi 🤣❤️
Ayat Chafaqui
Ayat Chafaqui 16 timmar sedan
She is such a beautiful little well mannered girl , great jobs kylie she’s so sweet ❤️
Genna Falvo
Genna Falvo 16 timmar sedan
The way she says mommy is so cuuutteee🥺💛💛 props to Kylie she raises Stormi so greattt!👏 Stormi is also so respectful and sweet🥺
hatsune buttfart
hatsune buttfart 16 timmar sedan
*eats cupcake with fork*
laura maltez
laura maltez 18 timmar sedan
Awwww she's cute
Elia Lewis
Elia Lewis 18 timmar sedan
Awww so cute
Kayson Selfish
Kayson Selfish 18 timmar sedan
k͞y͞l͞i͞e͞ s͞u͞c͞h͞ a͞ g͞o͞o͞d͞ m͞o͞m͞
Isabela Almeida
Isabela Almeida 18 timmar sedan
comentei fodaaw
Isabela Almeida
Isabela Almeida 18 timmar sedan
ela é tão fofinha aaaaaaaaaaaaaa AAAAADADFSGDBBDFJYYJJTMFMF Q FOFA
venugopal kg
venugopal kg 18 timmar sedan
Media Now
Media Now 19 timmar sedan
Stormi so cute.... Check link
Suvagnika Mitra
Suvagnika Mitra 19 timmar sedan
Looking cute
Morena Alvarado
Morena Alvarado 19 timmar sedan
Tan linda la stormi;)
tylie riddy
tylie riddy 19 timmar sedan
*eats cupcake with a fork*
MC Makeup
MC Makeup 20 timmar sedan
Such a cute video !
julia jun jun
julia jun jun 21 timme sedan
Jun'eun'- 👍👍👍💜💜💜💜
Febby Padrisah
Febby Padrisah 21 timme sedan
Bayangkan bahwa dirimu adalah stormi gengs🔥
Quai Nelson
Quai Nelson 21 timme sedan
Can you make a party I love the dance with me and I love you have a sister Stormy is so cute can I get a cool I love you I’m your biggest biggest fan I just got done with writing your family need to but no I am inclined to go to San Luis BBQ bless the ditch👌☺️⚡️🌈
Janiyia 21 timme sedan
kylie i love you now & always and your baby girl is so precious to me
clynzkii 21 timme sedan
Sorry but my eyes is tricking me, the cupcakes looks like 💩 to me... 🤭✌🏻
Vyolette Pierce
Vyolette Pierce 21 timme sedan
Parenting done right 🥺 their relationship looks so healthy goddamn
Fatma Samy
Fatma Samy 21 timme sedan
Stormi is the cutest kid in the world ❤️❤️
rogelio preciado
rogelio preciado 22 timmar sedan
Rocio Valdivia
Rocio Valdivia 22 timmar sedan
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