Knees: The American Dream

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Eddy Burback

3 år sedan

Please comment and compliment my knees.
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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 3 år sedan
1 Like = 1 Knees
The Mythical Mr.Kraken
The Mythical Mr.Kraken 5 månader sedan
1.5 t h o u s a n d k n e e s
The Wednesday Show With Mac
The Wednesday Show With Mac 5 månader sedan
Eddy can I shave my knees
McFarland Geoffroy
McFarland Geoffroy 5 månader sedan
15 hundred knees
ACDGamer 7
ACDGamer 7 5 månader sedan
Good sketch, good knees.
Elise Sarli-Freeman
Elise Sarli-Freeman År sedan
Peter Heiskell
Peter Heiskell 15 dagar sedan
Eddy B’s Knees
moopshcelroy 28 dagar sedan
I normally don’t really like ‘em, but.. wow.. those are actually some really nice knees!
my cat stephanie
my cat stephanie Månad sedan
3:05 he should’ve said « I don’t know what else knees to be said » haha knees instead of needs
Lendan West
Lendan West Månad sedan
"there are butts on his computer when he is cutting the pants at the beginning." 0:05
Abby Burijon
Abby Burijon 2 månader sedan
wat evens a knee
Danielle H
Danielle H 2 månader sedan
Did he misspell his own name intentionally?
Jackson Conger
Jackson Conger 2 månader sedan
What a truly underrated video. This deserves way more attention.
Joel Mardling
Joel Mardling 2 månader sedan
Nice knees
Erik Hasecoster
Erik Hasecoster 4 månader sedan
Why would he need to keep his knees dry? Wouldn`t wet, glistening knees look better?
Ben Couvillon
Ben Couvillon 4 månader sedan
ArcticWolfTamer 5 månader sedan
ok but he does have good knees
traffic 5 månader sedan
Better be keeping up with those knees in quarantine Edster
bob schlagel
bob schlagel 5 månader sedan
This video is kneedlessly underrated.
marizakos21 5 månader sedan
How can this only have 70k views? Eddy's most underrated video by far. I cried man
Nevuela 5 månader sedan
Reminds me of Brak's knee song XD
Kuru Krysiak
Kuru Krysiak 6 månader sedan
Eddy, your license plate.
Azurite Primrose
Azurite Primrose 6 månader sedan
Holy shit dude nice knees
isaiah navarro
isaiah navarro 7 månader sedan
I need to see how ur hair on your knees grew back😂😂😂 damn bro
Dirty_Fitz 7 månader sedan
"Gotta, keep the knees dry." "Why?" "Why? Duh, mm, fuck"
Daija Vu
Daija Vu 8 månader sedan
Why didn’t this get more attention
Jazmine Lakey
Jazmine Lakey 8 månader sedan
I like when you shaved them unequally
S.C. Jones
S.C. Jones 9 månader sedan
Am I the only one who comes back to this one video all the time?
Molly Fairbanks
Molly Fairbanks 9 månader sedan
“eddy buback”
Lurigh Ashandarei
Lurigh Ashandarei 9 månader sedan
is this just softcore porn for a specific kink? i only leg fetish is a thing but like..
Raynard Chang
Raynard Chang 9 månader sedan
When people ask me why i like eddy burback, i show them this video
Chlorinexd 10 månader sedan
His name was spelled wrong in the intro. Eddy Buback
Drewe Salahor
Drewe Salahor 10 månader sedan
Take care of those knees bb, you would never want to be kneecapitated
The Stig
The Stig 10 månader sedan
*Knees* *fetish*
Courtney Christine
Courtney Christine 10 månader sedan
I have Genuphobia (mostly toward myself) and this actually made me nauseous
haniff daud
haniff daud 10 månader sedan
The legend of the knees!
Phil Johnston
Phil Johnston 11 månader sedan
Only recently discovered your channel man. Been binge watching your content and I fucking love the bad movie reviews and commentary videos but these short films/sketches are fucking brilliant 😂 this and the “eddy hero” video have me in tears of laughter. Please do more of this type of content man 😎😂😂
Derek Fletcher
Derek Fletcher 11 månader sedan
dude this is one of the best memes of the decade. Just great stuff!
kapitanOsveta 11 månader sedan
I can't believe I haven't seen this until today. Stay fresh kneeboi
AcklesGotHisSnackles År sedan
Jeff goldblum is the bees knees
Danny Danny
Danny Danny År sedan
He Actually Shaved them!
Pickley Vinegar
Pickley Vinegar År sedan
Let me slap around those god-tier knees
Reck År sedan
Such a strange but original idea for a video . Wish I had this creativity
Krof År sedan
Eddy is painfully underrated
Sadie Roberts
Sadie Roberts År sedan
ya know, my junior year of high school I had to do an English project commenting on the american dream. I wish this existed then
Pfitz År sedan
Ironically my knees are by far the thing I'm most self conscious about. I got fucked up knock knees. Can't wear skinny jeans.
Connie Curtis
Connie Curtis År sedan
Please make a sequel to this... Ears
Taylor Doherty
Taylor Doherty År sedan
I have very bad knees ugly with knee surgery scars and dislocation bruises just very bad but Eddy you have very nice knees all of the time
Sarah Feng
Sarah Feng År sedan
all jokes aside, he really does have nice knees
TAXI JACK År sedan
this is truly inspirational "caps" off to you bud
Aerroxx The King
Aerroxx The King År sedan
Why is this video so good? Why do more people not know about Eddy’s knees?
Elise Sarli-Freeman
Elise Sarli-Freeman År sedan
N o n e x i s t e n t
N o n e x i s t e n t År sedan
Those award winning knees tho
Darron Malone
Darron Malone År sedan
Knees are our gods
Grubby Fruit
Grubby Fruit År sedan
All jokes aside......he does actually have nice knees sooo...
BuffaloThat År sedan
You do have the best knees. I would like to photograph those knees. I am a knee enthusiast myself!
adriana ;3
adriana ;3 År sedan
this video is the bees knees
Love Bug
Love Bug År sedan
Finally!!! I’ve found the source of the inside joke!!!
Spooka Boo
Spooka Boo År sedan
I wanna say hi to Eddy’s knees hineys
simon År sedan
now i’m sad that i will never have as good knees as Eddy
PB J År sedan
Eddy Buback
TheCynicalDouche År sedan
NEVER skip knee day.
Brooke Logan
Brooke Logan År sedan
God damn them KNEES
hey buddy
hey buddy År sedan
11 dislikes are people without knees
Rachel År sedan
lol. he does actually have pretty nice knees as far as knees go.
Aresh Aresh
Aresh Aresh År sedan
Ah yes, my favorite joint of the middle leg.
Kelli Sees
Kelli Sees År sedan
This is the most prolific meme on this channel yet this video is so under-appreciated
Sleepyone444 Yes
Sleepyone444 Yes År sedan
“And they said, you’re famous. We want to make a documentary about you.”... “ and I said I have expected this time for a long time,” Honestly, same.
Sleepyone444 Yes
Sleepyone444 Yes År sedan
This is one of the best videos on I can’t wait for you to be on Ellen.
andyradical År sedan
2:01 *Gus:* how much did he pay you? *Gus’s teeth:* yikes
Saramust die
Saramust die År sedan
Mhh mhh mhh look at those fine knees
a zarras
a zarras År sedan
why is this the video that convinced me to give you money ?
Von År sedan
Best knees in the game baby
Jasmine - Ruff-Puff
Jasmine - Ruff-Puff År sedan
This makes me want to shave my knees. Also only, at most, 1/4 of your subs have seen this video. The HECK?
Elizabeth DesRuisseau
Elizabeth DesRuisseau År sedan
Jasmine - Ruff-Puff ikr???? This is like eddys most iconic video and people always reference it but it has so little views smh
Sailor Sabol
Sailor Sabol År sedan
Why did I watch a five minute video about knees??!?
Alexis Morell-Carrington-Colby-Dexter-Rowan
Alexis Morell-Carrington-Colby-Dexter-Rowan År sedan
Checking back hoping he insured his knees
tori nelson
tori nelson År sedan
I checked the view count expecting to see at least 100,000 as that’s how many times I’ve watched it. Clearly SEpost is broken. Your knees broke SEpost, eddy
Jo År sedan
I used to think the knee was the ugliest body part. Eddy, man, you changed my whole outlook on life
Crystal Pepsi
Crystal Pepsi År sedan
you ever just knees
quan År sedan
Holly Bennett
Holly Bennett År sedan
I can't stop laughing at "wish me knees!" 😂😂😂
Alice Hermione Annabeth
Alice Hermione Annabeth År sedan
Have you noticed the eddy BUBACK ?
Grandoté Biggs
Grandoté Biggs År sedan
Yo, Dawg your knees are weak a.f. Bees look at them sh!ts an laugh. Step- up that knee game, yo. Love the vids. Hate the knees. Just sayin'.
Murdoch År sedan too medicated right now and im just 1:54 in. Haha
Brgr. Meister
Brgr. Meister År sedan
Your knees get me rock hard and this video is underrated.
ok boomer
ok boomer År sedan
Anyone ever tell you your last name kinda looks like bareback?
Andrea Cane
Andrea Cane År sedan
Them knees are immaculate, boi
Melon Wizard
Melon Wizard År sedan
i wish i had knees
PrettyPeachyParis År sedan
You have nice legs, what the fuck
Baby Purple Bat
Baby Purple Bat År sedan
Ok but how are his legs so much better looking than mine
jj marn
jj marn År sedan
He does have nice legs. I know that’s not the question but the answer is DAMN
o k a y -
o k a y - År sedan
I never knew how much I kneeded this
Kayleigh Franco
Kayleigh Franco År sedan
he rlly does have good knees tho
Anjail Bakeer
Anjail Bakeer År sedan
Marissa -
Marissa - 2 år sedan
Gus lookin like a young Ron Swanson
Angella Knight
Angella Knight 2 år sedan
my best friend passed away a couple days ago and you and guses videos have been helping me laugh through this hard time and I honestly just wanna thank you guys
Angella Knight
Angella Knight 2 år sedan
I love you so much holy shit
deformedlovetangerine 2 år sedan
reminds me of that crazy hand model from that one h3 video
Jake Fried
Jake Fried 2 år sedan
Those are some pretty nice knees tho
Sabrina Nicole
Sabrina Nicole 2 år sedan
Things I love: Eddy Burback Things I don't love: 3:00 minute commercials before a video. You're lucky I love you
Ric Ferr
Ric Ferr 2 år sedan
I feel strangely melancholic watching this video film. Your knees are hairy, both. I need some Man from Atlantis cartoons. I will watch now.. I ... Life is beautiful but sometimes so sad. Like an Apple iPhone documentary. Will immigrate to China and become an skateboard electrician. Yes me. Thank you and I am sorry.
Ibrahim Alhozami
Ibrahim Alhozami 2 år sedan
Youre channel is underrated youtube should be fixed
Alex Silverstein
Alex Silverstein 2 år sedan
How did this not make it onto TLC?
rachel i
rachel i 2 år sedan
those are some thicc knees boy. damn boy.
Luna Hernández
Luna Hernández 2 år sedan
hillary arlene
hillary arlene 2 år sedan
As someone who just subscribed to your channel, I was so thrown off by the knees comments, until now. I think I’m in love with you.
Spyro Luver09
Spyro Luver09 2 år sedan
Omg your knees ❤️❤️😍😍🔥 I want to see your knees for daaayz
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