Kids Videos on YouTube are DISGUSTING!

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Eddy Burback

3 år sedan

Leave a comment and a like or you're going to get Cosby'd so hard!
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Alex Bleh
Alex Bleh Timme sedan
The Cosby stuff didn’t really age well
Davis Carmack
Davis Carmack 12 dagar sedan
I bet that when someone gets on the news for stabbing their mom or sister to see if they had candy in them, SEpost will just wiggle their finger at the people who made these videos and say that they should stop, and then completely turn their back on them pretending not to see what is happening.
Ash Hipkins
Ash Hipkins 13 dagar sedan
God cosby hasn't aged well, especially after I went through my grandparents vinyl records
justbucket 13 dagar sedan
justbucket 13 dagar sedan
A pp
justbucket 13 dagar sedan
justbucket 13 dagar sedan
Brother Molotov
Brother Molotov 13 dagar sedan
Jesus what the hell would you show this to kids . kids to day will never know the MGM tom and Jerry
Lena -
Lena - 14 dagar sedan
...i am so glad my little siblings don't have access to youtube. *so. glad.*
Chef Boyardee
Chef Boyardee 17 dagar sedan
*Elsa Hole*
DacobDacob 18 dagar sedan
honestly don't even think young kids should be watching youtube i need they need to come to age and realise some morals before watching anything on the site also buddy you need to stop with these jokes i swear ur gonna get sued lmao
Iagan Foss
Iagan Foss 24 dagar sedan
Kid: I want to play Spider-Man with my brother mommy! Mom: you don’t have a brother Timmy Kid: yes I do! I’ll go get him! (Stabs pregnant mom in the utuerus)
Ryyi23 25 dagar sedan
I guess I know what a c-section looks like now.
Ikram Rizky
Ikram Rizky 25 dagar sedan
Can you delete all your videos
Solaris_7u 26 dagar sedan
What the fuck is that first video title... Jesus i had a stroke reading that
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown 27 dagar sedan
You see if these videos were just called "random cursed shit" nobody would give a fuck...
Bosshunter 5
Bosshunter 5 26 dagar sedan
Because that wouldn’t be directed towards children
Sloppy Phart
Sloppy Phart 28 dagar sedan
This is actually terrifying. It's like they're trying to be creepy.
Ander "The Man" G-funk
Ander "The Man" G-funk Månad sedan
Where is my Elsa hole? When does it grow in :'(
Mason Nash
Mason Nash Månad sedan
This sort of video would pop up for my 4 year old brother. Those videos are wrong and disturbing.
R.M. legofan 501
R.M. legofan 501 Månad sedan
I used to watch dctc
Julian Mac
Julian Mac Månad sedan
I love "you just got Cosby'd."
Marlee Suarez
Marlee Suarez Månad sedan
im pretty sure these are made by a prior child predator who knew how to animate
Alex Faudel
Alex Faudel Månad sedan
These are some of the most disturbing things I've ever seen and that's saying a lot since I've watched the entirety of the movie "Bad Milo"
saint boogaloo the patient
saint boogaloo the patient Månad sedan
Yeah, not very copesetic with me either. Keep the kids off SEpost folks the algorithm wants them watching men's makeup videos and fetish porn for kids
Justin Grover
Justin Grover Månad sedan
"SEpost kids: childhood trauma streamed right to you"
TheBloodyBarron z man
TheBloodyBarron z man Månad sedan
Was this before the sex offense put on bill Cosby oh and spoiler 2020 sucks
Finn Garcia
Finn Garcia Månad sedan
Is anyone gonna talk about how the cow is male since it has horns???
Thomas Cross
Thomas Cross 2 månader sedan
the only good aspect of COPPA is that it helps kill off these videos
idjdf jhejdj
idjdf jhejdj 2 månader sedan
is this before bill cosbys sexual assualt charges
Kaleb Hinds
Kaleb Hinds 2 månader sedan
anybody else periodically go back and rewatch all the old Gus, Eddy, Drew Gooden, and H3 vids?
dlev 2 månader sedan
This shit is real. SEpost needs to let you block channels, there are many shitty/creepy ones. You currently CANNOT.
Mason Loup
Mason Loup 2 månader sedan
Eddy bareback
EisforEntropy 2 månader sedan
I was eating apple sauce.... the fuck...
Ralph Sigoura
Ralph Sigoura 2 månader sedan
My mom actually used to make me watch this stuff over regular SEpost because it was “more appropriate” I don’t blame her and the quality of videos is so crappy like if you searched up Pokémon game play it would give you pokemon theme song or Pokémon playdoh or this crap was recommended
charles bénard
charles bénard 2 månader sedan
Damm those Cosby jokes are cringe... The guy raped women... 10/10 cringiness
JASON DEAN SLURPEE 2 månader sedan
Yes it is cringe but at least he pointed out how Bill Cosby is a horrible person
Zach Matthews
Zach Matthews 2 månader sedan
"You got Cosby'd." Is something that you don't want.
Anna Marie Holland
Anna Marie Holland 2 månader sedan
i just found this video and my sister gave birth to her first child THIS MORNING.. boy, i am w i l d l y uncomfortable ;_; edit: she's a healthy 7.2 pounds, and did not come from the elsa hole :]
Jimmy 2 månader sedan
i think the mnms are more disturbing than the baby. because of the implications. when he put his fingers in them (the mnms) and started moving them around i couldnt help but be reminded of that rock and morty scene that's an ad for lucky charms or some shit and the kids cut open the leprichaun and eat it's entrails while it's screaming
Jimmy 2 månader sedan
i wonder what effect shit like this is gonna have on the current kids when they get older. like is 10 to 20 years from now every kid gonna be super fucked up? and if they are i'm sure society will say oh no we have to accept them its all normal etc like they do now with some of the retards walking around now
Captain Oblivious
Captain Oblivious 2 månader sedan
The titles are like amazon product titles
Matthew Rease
Matthew Rease 2 månader sedan
Shotgun anus
Mason Lee
Mason Lee 2 månader sedan
I love horror movies but negl I was about ready to tap out when they put the knife on her stomach and this is a fricking kid's video lol
I, The Only One
I, The Only One 2 månader sedan
9:23 my names ryder and this makes me sad to look at.
RhodosGuard 2 månader sedan
I prefer Caddicarus' opinion on this over any other. If parents can't be fucked to actually look after what their kids are watching and then continue to be upset that they saw something terrible on the internet, they are shit at parenting.
Kyle Sargent
Kyle Sargent 2 månader sedan
These are fetish videos. I'll say it. That's what that is. A fetish, right? Cause, that makes sense. Its a thing someone needs by no fault of their own. If its not then, what is this?! WHAT IS THIS?!
Emmit Cannady
Emmit Cannady 2 månader sedan
Damn remember how fresh eddy’s cut used to be
Cobra 1commander
Cobra 1commander 3 månader sedan
Reminds of a mod about desk
Lauren Harrison
Lauren Harrison 3 månader sedan
Bill Cosby has done nothing wrong....
Aliana Gudding
Aliana Gudding 3 månader sedan
SEpost should passive aggressively take all of these ‘videos for kids’ down for copyright
Aliana Gudding
Aliana Gudding 3 månader sedan
Dude that jelly baby one isn’t even Elsa it’s Anna
Maui Randall
Maui Randall 3 månader sedan
This is the most disturbing thing I've seen today, and I just watched a documentary on World War II
aHa 3 månader sedan
Children are gonna stab themselves cuz they’ll think they’re M+M’s in them-
PZ tv
PZ tv 3 månader sedan
my little sister watched these kinda videos and she would show it to me and i was horrified
Aidan Tovar
Aidan Tovar 3 månader sedan
This is my favourite video of yours man, so funny
Josip Broz Tito
Josip Broz Tito 3 månader sedan
So guys I'm bad I used to watch King of the Hill and George Lopez for 5 minutes after Cartoon Network ended for the day
Alejandro Saucedo
Alejandro Saucedo 3 månader sedan
6:05 You got cosvid...
vegis chips
vegis chips 3 månader sedan
He should have hoodies that say you got cosby'd
Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi Fujiwara 3 månader sedan
I think these titles are just trying to milk youtubes recommendation algorithm. Look at the number of words and how much sence they make.
Dexter Mason
Dexter Mason 3 månader sedan
Grant1122 3 månader sedan
4:50 ummm, actually, that’s ANNA. Get your facts straight
The Tusky Man
The Tusky Man 3 månader sedan
Wait is bil cosby holding sleeping pills?
Grayson 330
Grayson 330 3 månader sedan
Wow Eddie how dare you make fun of this I mean come on! PEOPLE DO THIS FOR A LIVING😞
Micky Bubble
Micky Bubble 3 månader sedan
Kill me peas and I'll shank you
Monica 3 månader sedan
I hope that these channels got taken down. I dont want to look it up because i dont want it popping up on my recommended vids
Death On Wheels
Death On Wheels 3 månader sedan
That Bill Cosby bit didn't age well
Prozy Studios
Prozy Studios 3 månader sedan
when do you think the bill cosby scandal happened
Annoying Kid
Annoying Kid 3 månader sedan
2:31 Godzilla had a stroke and died trying to read this
Billy Craola
Billy Craola 3 månader sedan
Eddy: "I have not covered what h3h3 covered" H3H3: does a video about this stuff
Orange Turtle Studios
Orange Turtle Studios 3 månader sedan
my cousins watch this crap and it hurts me
Agate head
Agate head 3 månader sedan
The dislikes are from the stop-motion animators at mighty toys.
Samuel Shook
Samuel Shook 4 månader sedan
O-O what the actual fuck
Dexrex 4 månader sedan
The cow shitting blood absolutely sent me fucking insane I have not stopped laughing for a whole 3 minutes Like literally lol rn
Vincent Hernandez
Vincent Hernandez 4 månader sedan
that weird elsa cow animation even had ****** sounds
Negative Nancy
Negative Nancy 4 månader sedan
Pregnancy porn for people with diaper fetishes
Still Thinking
Still Thinking 4 månader sedan
In addition to everything blatantly wrong, it just makes me sad to see characters I watched in cartoons used to make something so vile for kids in the next generation
Zach Fetters.
Zach Fetters. 4 månader sedan
The Cosby intro didn't age well, or has it really been that long
Krillmayn 2 månader sedan
Is this a joke or did you miss the joke
W.EthanYT 4 månader sedan
That one ted talk really needed a remaster.
Drewskisback 4 månader sedan
Breaking news cow murders a girl by taking a massive sh*t on her and finally kills her with a finishing blow Here is a camera footage of the murder 8:55
DaOverLad 111
DaOverLad 111 4 månader sedan
I’ve learned in my 13 almost 14 years of life that if you put anything in front of a child to watch they will watch it
Don Random
Don Random 4 månader sedan
I am deeply concerned with what will become of this future generation.
Doberman 64
Doberman 64 4 månader sedan
Ryder misunderstood Elsa reminded me about my dream were Ryder was star fox
Marcin Koszelowski
Marcin Koszelowski 4 månader sedan
Elsa sh#t videos XD
SCP FOUNDATION 4 månader sedan
6:45's clip disturbed me because of the animation in there O_O
vegis chips
vegis chips 4 månader sedan
Kid: watches video Pregnant mom: cooking food Kid: stabs baby waiting for M&M's to fall put
quicksliver 7
quicksliver 7 4 månader sedan
One word and one word only...conspiracy. Oh and...India. They see a trending movie and just shitpost with that character for 5 year olds 24/7.
0Hugh0 0Jass0
0Hugh0 0Jass0 4 månader sedan
Bro spongebob was legit entertainment!
Boogie 4 månader sedan
no thanks eddie I don't think I want to be Cosby'd
Scarlet Scott
Scarlet Scott 4 månader sedan
Is it just me but these titles sound like Wish Names or Descriptions
Elzi 4 månader sedan
i legitimately think that when youtube kids started, all the weird underbelly videos like what's showcased here got labeled as 'kids' because of their names when in fact they are fetish videos because good lord they make me feel the same kind of gross that i feel when i have to sit and listen to people's weird kink stories. like you do you but ffs IN PRIVATE.
Ryan Shapero
Ryan Shapero 4 månader sedan
Hi eddie
Stripes and jay
Stripes and jay 4 månader sedan
I’m 12 I’m soo glad I grew up with normal cartoons and morals that actually made me with a personalities to have friends
William Waffle
William Waffle 4 månader sedan
I dunno gus johnson I kinda liked the play doh one
Skelly Boi
Skelly Boi 4 månader sedan
If you see this whatever you do DONT LIKE
Yellow Car
Yellow Car 4 månader sedan
I would prefer my child to watch your channel then these kid shows
Corsair Carl
Corsair Carl 4 månader sedan
What I don't get is Why? kids think this way? What do the creators get out of it? I mean yeah money but...the content is weird...I still don't get it.
Shovel Man14
Shovel Man14 4 månader sedan
That’s a female cow sooooo
Ryan Reed
Ryan Reed 4 månader sedan
I feel like these are wried fetish videos
cool guy
cool guy 4 månader sedan
I was 5 when I watched happy tree friends.
Derpus The Dino
Derpus The Dino 4 månader sedan
5:40 bill Cosby “this is gross even for me”
Dr. sideways
Dr. sideways 4 månader sedan
Scottplays_goodgames 99
Scottplays_goodgames 99 4 månader sedan
Baby’s first C-section
Sam Casdorph
Sam Casdorph 4 månader sedan
That cow is like, wtf is wrong with you?
Jonah Kerkhove
Jonah Kerkhove 4 månader sedan
If you raise your kids on SEpost and not shows like Sesame Street or sponge bob... Here’s the door 🚪
Zupercool 4 månader sedan
Haha I get it. It’s cause bill cosby isn’t actually good and he’s pretending haha now I get it thanks eddy
El Dorado
El Dorado 4 månader sedan
I watched these for a bit because I liked the way the stop-motion animations looked. To me, the storyline was always clear and it wasn't disturbing. Now I'm wondering what I was thinking lmao
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