Joel Schumacher's Phantom of the Opera: A Video Essay

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Lindsay Ellis

5 år sedan

you asked for it...

Mordirit Dag sedan
God damn you Ellies, it was quite harsh for me to come to terms with the mediocrity of Moulin Rouge in college given it was one of my favorite movies as a child, you will not make me think of it as a masterpiece, you will not! But damn it after all you said all I could keep thinking was "wow Moulin Rouge did a really good job"
Lilabot 656
Lilabot 656 Dag sedan
Okay and I do have to say it does bother me, how Christine, goes from no makeup to full smokey eye in music of the night.
fexbio 5 dagar sedan
First time I ever heard a song from Hello Dolly was in WALL-E. And I discovered what it was in this video.
TheHelenaPotter 7 dagar sedan
IncoherentMoron 8 dagar sedan
i'll be honest, calling Joel Schumacher "deeply untalented" and calling Phantom "his most competent film" is shocking considering he's the man who directed Falling Down, St. Elmo's Fire, and The Lost Boys
Yuri Silva
Yuri Silva 11 dagar sedan
watching this just reaffirm to me that cabaret is the best musical adaptation of all time
ADC20032996 12 dagar sedan
Loved Les Mis. Nope. Don't care. Loved it.
Uncool Aaron
Uncool Aaron 13 dagar sedan
It’s neat to see Christine pull the color off the phantoms hair along with his mask
Václav Fejt
Václav Fejt 14 dagar sedan
When I was watching Phantom, I could only think of one thing: Did Schumacher take a piss out of Lloyd-Webber by making it a low-key Terry Pratchett's Masquerade adaptation? I mean, it works *great* as a parody!
metalavenger23 14 dagar sedan
You’ve been ,”tied up in more compromising positions”, interesting... very interesting....
LaV C 14 dagar sedan
im obsessed with you lol
Fox Steel
Fox Steel 15 dagar sedan
I hate that I absolutely adore this movie and watch it through fogged glasses 😅😅😅
Jaclyn Fairhead
Jaclyn Fairhead 16 dagar sedan
This is still a banger, hold your head high queen. 👑
Mr. J
Mr. J 20 dagar sedan
Hi lindsey could you cover Dark City?
Ghost 20 dagar sedan
oh god. Also, the lighting is so bad I thought that this was filmed in the late 80s
Ghost 20 dagar sedan
tbh, I've never minded speaking bits of dialogue. I never notice in adaptations where I'm familiar because its usually the worse/boring songs. That said- les mis was a crime. But! I frequently see this as a harsh criticism of movie adaptations. I think it makes it more digestible for people who are new to musicals and not ready for sung-through and looking for something closer to disney pacing. An occassional song they could probably ignore > hey thats not bad.
Kirstie Campbell
Kirstie Campbell 21 dag sedan
Educational. Thank you.
Lily Trasler
Lily Trasler 23 dagar sedan
Phantom: "Welcome to my house of mirrors Raul!"
Dreday Allday Everyday
Dreday Allday Everyday 28 dagar sedan
I'm rewatching this while cleaning my house and just found out that Schumacher passed away in 2020 from cancer. I looked a few of his movies, RIP.
Auguste_RS 29 dagar sedan
I love this movie and I think both Gerard Butler and Patrick Wilson did a great job.
Cortez Slade
Cortez Slade 29 dagar sedan
The magical limit implicitly bang because road hisologically drop before a glamorous nancy. lyrical, frequent lumber
A B Månad sedan
A B Månad sedan
A B Månad sedan
A B Månad sedan
Palmer Eldritch777
Palmer Eldritch777 Månad sedan about doing Dancer in the Dark....???
Nicholas Tosoni
Nicholas Tosoni Månad sedan
I finally realized why _Phantom 2004_ doesn't work. The entire premise of the musical is that the Phantom is in the story of the show *and in the very theater where you are presently sitting.* Admittedly, it only works because of the speaker in Box 5 and then the chandelier, but the fact remains the same--you, the audience, are part of the spectacle, and it 1) communicates his stranglehold on everyone and everything., and 2) stops him from being a pitiable figure. (He's still sympathetic for other reasons, but you _still really_ don't want Christine to end up with him.
iconicfishy Månad sedan
what baffles me is the lack of the phantom having a house. in the novel it was like,, BIG FANCY HOUSE, no doors, no windows cuz,, basement,, but at least it was a HOUSE!!! torture chamber and all. so what happened to that in the movie???
Mel H
Mel H Månad sedan
5:54 when I tell you I screamed- I just love your editing
Cryx TheAce
Cryx TheAce Månad sedan
"Mmm tastes like tonal dissonance..." XD
Amara Woolery
Amara Woolery Månad sedan
The way the wine bottles kept multiplying killed me
Mallory Newcomb
Mallory Newcomb Månad sedan
Imagine if this movie really lived up to the hype. There was such a hype for me as a little girl in early 2000’s... I was too young to appreciate it but I was inexplicably drawn to that romantic, sensual image on the DVD cover. I waited until I was 18 to finally watch it (also had some hype from being told over the years that I bear some resemblance to Emmy Rossum). I just didn’t like it after the “war on you both” plot and watching Christine slowly unravel. Took the fun out of what I thought would be a fantastic romantic musical drama
Jack Coleman
Jack Coleman Månad sedan
It's a captive bolt pistol not an airgun. It's used to slaughter cattle. I guess you could argue it's an airgun being that his version seems to use compressed air but a lethal weapon isn't typically what you think of with the term airgun.
Inky the Trash
Inky the Trash Månad sedan
Man, I feel like the odd man out here who actually likes the film. The film was my introduction to Phantom so I guess I'm biased but like... it kinda hurts to see it get ripped to shreds yknow? No hate to Lindsay, just. Ow. Didn't realize I was this much in the minority on this movie.
Wilhelm Hedin
Wilhelm Hedin Månad sedan Nightwish and Tarja's "Phantom of the Opera"
TheWyrdSmythe Månad sedan
Erudite, in depth, and very very funny. Such a great combination. I do love these essays! I’ve noticed that, with adaptations, among (1) stuff taken out, (2) stuff altered, and (3) stuff added, it’s usually the last that fails most. I adore Minnie Driver! Does it maybe explain anything that Schumacher looks kinda like Jerry Van Dyke?
Robert Plattner
Robert Plattner Månad sedan
Is it only me who thinks that one of the managers looks like Mel Brooks?
Lene _m.r
Lene _m.r Månad sedan
These spoken lines in Masquerade are so awkward. You could just speak them like a normal person would, but the actors seem soooo aware that these lines are normally sung and they seem to almost want to sing them but Schumacher was like 'Nope'. So we get this super awkward and cringy delivery. Aaaahh!!
Flutterwhat Månad sedan
I watch this every year
Albeit_Jordan Månad sedan
Alice Angel Beauty
Alice Angel Beauty Månad sedan
With the scar for the film, in the 17th century it could have been any form of minor scar that would basically disown him from the world. Remember then it was hyper religious and superstitious. If that scar never went away the mother would probably sell her child away to remove the stigma from her already probably having had a baby out of wedlock. So more stigma. Otherwise now to 21st century standards it's not at all that bad. Like boy you got a rocking bod and a hot ass singing voice YASSS daddy lol 🤣
Emma Louise Sørensen
Emma Louise Sørensen Månad sedan
this just reminded me how much I love moulin rouge
Delique Scence
Delique Scence Månad sedan
Why do I feel the need to drink when I watch this?
Morten Aanstad
Morten Aanstad Månad sedan
I'm asking the same thing
Sophia Stargazer
Sophia Stargazer Månad sedan
The wine bottles placed directly onto the keys of a piano in the background make me widely uncomfortable. Why? What has that poor piano doe to you to deserve such cruel treatment?
Hello_China 2 månader sedan
Generally I agree with you...but you can't tell me that The Lost Boys wasn't a competent movie! It really goes for it and works and it is directed by Joel Schumacher!
Alex Pearl
Alex Pearl 2 månader sedan
Have you heard the Cherry Bombs podcast on Auntie Joel? If not, give it a listen. I'm a big fan of yours, and I love your videos, but saying that he probably shouldn't have been a director seemed like an overextended attack. Phantom was bad, but not all of his work was.
AwkwardTonberry 2 månader sedan
4:19 Mademoiselle, that is an unforgivable sin!
carly rios
carly rios 2 månader sedan
I personally hated moulin rouge, and adore phantom. not saying the movie didn't have flaws. I loved that it wasn't overly saturated with color and wasn't so 'in your face' cgi crap that completely rips me out of a story and is visually annoying to me.
sky r
sky r 2 månader sedan
"The stage musical has a pretty perfect ending." *Love Never Dies has entered the chat*
PapillonBleuNoir 2 månader sedan
You're so stupidly talented and intelligent it's stupid. I love you.
Yoatzin Peñaflor
Yoatzin Peñaflor 2 månader sedan
I really thought for a second that the guy at 33:35 was John Mulaney.
Riste .R
Riste .R 2 månader sedan
I appreciate well put together opinion of others but I still like the move. For me it is good visual and aesthetic porn and to my untrained and tasteless ears score is amazing. 😊
CrazyDragy 2 månader sedan
What's with the rampant alcohol consumption in these? Xd what context/lore am I missing out on here?
Viola Nilsson
Viola Nilsson 2 månader sedan
Minnie Driver is a delight in this movie and that is basically where things I like about this movie ends. This video made me laugh so hard, which THANK YOU in this haven't seen people for a year time.
olivia collins
olivia collins 2 månader sedan
I absolutely love this version of the Phantom of the Opera and I'm so ready to watch it be eviscerated lmfao Edit: at 22:35... do I have bad taste? I do, don't I?
Riley !
Riley ! 2 månader sedan
Loved this video and also really loved your makeup
Athena Jaxon
Athena Jaxon 2 månader sedan
The fact that I was supposed to think Gerald Butler was ugly was absurd he was literally the hottest one there including when his mask is taken off not that Patrick Wilson isn't an absolute DILF
Swollen Thooth
Swollen Thooth 2 månader sedan
Unironically this was more useful to my understanding of film than the two semesters I spent as a film major Edit: it was pretty fun ngl but mama depression said no more school for you sir, and despite my protests uhh, turns out, no more school for me
Swollen Thooth
Swollen Thooth 2 månader sedan
I do kinda posit that if you wanna teach yourself to be a filmmaker, you can do it mostly online and/or via doing the actual shit, especially with stuff like domestika, skillshare, MasterClass... and without all the TVR majors saying just glaringly nasty economic Hollywood shit all the time, while u try to be like “hey, special guest, can I speak to you about your beautiful writing and cinematography and ur use of film language that some of my classmates are going into the business of preventing and making less noticeable and profitable”
Amy Park
Amy Park 2 månader sedan
When did this video turn almost 5 years old
Silvia Mayo
Silvia Mayo 2 månader sedan
5:15-5:28 TGWDLM, anyone?
Maplepainttube 2 månader sedan
"Really this musical needed to be ripped violently out of Andrew Lloyd Webber's hands and shoved to a studio with a bug budget who would actually change some stuff and make the awards baity movie that they wanted instead of a no-man's land of a movie they got." ... I sometimes wonder if Lindsay regretted this quote around late 2019
hector roberto contreras miranda
hector roberto contreras miranda 2 månader sedan
the restorative powers that this video has...
Gravity Twins
Gravity Twins 2 månader sedan
Can you do a video about phantom of the paradise
Mallory Newcomb
Mallory Newcomb 2 månader sedan
For over twenty minutes I was sitting there like “will you please talk about the shot where they reveal The Phantom as Red Death” because I’ve always thought that was an amazing shot & that always kind of stayed with me.
hj 2 månader sedan
Not me ignoring all these uncomfortably valid criticisms and loving this musical anyways 🤭
AirekahKitten 2 månader sedan
I’ve seen 5 movie-adaptations of the many stage musicals I’ve seen, Phantom is great. Gerard was a good singer in my opinion, could be that I like deep vocals. Still amongst my favorites though. It has many flaws, I accept that. Still love the movie anyway.
AnnerMarie 2 månader sedan
I went and saw this in a theater today (me and my mom were the only people there) and it was just so ridiculous and so so fucking LOUD that it kind of hurt to watch... and then I had the added knowledge of emmy rossum being like super young when they made this which added some cringe factor and damn it... i used to like this movie when I was younger. it was one of the first movie musicals i remember liking and ive never gotten to see it on stage which sucks (though I did see LND and boy was that something haha) basically im sad about phantom today... i wish it was better
drmsd14 2 månader sedan
I just watched it on SEpost and found myself "listening" to it while in another window. I wasn't feeling the Phantom's antics and the comments mentioning that Rossum was 16-17 during filming with these two grown ass men took me right out of it. The fact that Butler was the same age during filming as Rossum is today was too much, especially when we get to the flooded basement scene towards the end where Christine has to make her decision. Ugh!
Lillian Ward
Lillian Ward 2 månader sedan
My biggest pet peeve about this movie is in Masquerade. WHY IS EVERYONE WEARING THE SAME BLACK AND WHITE?! Do they not hear the words they’re singing???
AnActualAngel 2 månader sedan
I loved Phantom of the Opera tbh. I think ya'll are just pretentious and boring. Like movies are fun, stop over analysing everything in life and chill out. Millennials are cringe af
AnActualAngel 2 månader sedan
@Hellothere682 yeah that's fair enough
Hellothere682 2 månader sedan
The stage version is still so much better though in literally every way
Josh Kaid
Josh Kaid 2 månader sedan
It's still bizarre to me that Gerard Butler played the Phantom. Like... How did that happen?
KIDOO#0704 2 månader sedan
not even five seconds in and this video is already a hard mood. this is gonna be good.
Mason Miller
Mason Miller 2 månader sedan
13:01 So go how
Matthew Killjoy
Matthew Killjoy 2 månader sedan
Ok quick question about the film at 3:24 in this video we see the rooftop scene where the phantom does his spooky ‘lil “chriiiisteiiine” bit what I want to know is if that scene is supposed to be outdoors WHAT THE FUCK IS HIS VOICE ECHOING OFF OF? thank you for your time
Totally Looney
Totally Looney 2 månader sedan
Re: the long take - aren't a certain subset of cishet white guys super into a certain famous long take? Just saying, maybe Joel is a big fan of Goodfellas... (_That_ was a well-used long take.)
Helena Bekele
Helena Bekele 2 månader sedan
God I used to watch this video about once a month a few years ago, but I haven't seen it in a while, and I swear I'm getting so many flashbacks
Helena Bekele
Helena Bekele 2 månader sedan
I remembered some sections word for word, and I'm not sure if I should be proud of that
jbvader721 2 månader sedan
Came back from CinemaSins' video to regenerate some brain cells that were lost.
A C 2 månader sedan
Is the Phantom movie bad? Yes. But I sure do love me some hot garbage.
Elnjolras 2 månader sedan
Diageses is Jesus Christ with low calories.
Harry Jude
Harry Jude 2 månader sedan
... ... ... -PATION!
Cheshire4 2 månader sedan
I've never seen the movie because I try to avoid pain when possible, but I'm just realizing that LND is kinda set up a little better with it and I kinda wonder if they had more plans with that cause they expected the movie and LND to be better received.
Ellen Schamel
Ellen Schamel 2 månader sedan
phantom of the opera in 15 minutes is still my favorite adaptation of anything ever
Joshua Moore
Joshua Moore 3 månader sedan
I just have to say, every time Lindsay says "diagesis," I hear "Diet Jesus." Like Jesus, but with no calories!
god ,
god , 3 månader sedan
I feel like the Notes long take could work hypothetically, like in a symbolic cinematography way. Maybe if they were walking just a bit faster because gODDAMMIT THIS SONG IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE A SENSE OF CLUTTERED URGENCY, WHY ARE YOU MOVING SO FUCKING SLOW???
Bruce Snow
Bruce Snow 3 månader sedan
Come on, Schumacher also made Falling Down, Tigerland, Phone Booth, Lost Boys, etc.
akplmn 3 månader sedan
Me, upon first watching this video: God, Andrew Lloyd Webber should have just let a studio produce this movie. Me, after watching the horror show that was Cats: God, Andrew Lloyd Webber should have just produced this movie himself.
Carissa99Xo 3 månader sedan
Why is everyone so shocked by the ending of Love Never Dies... they tell right away in the beginning of Phantom that CHRISTINE IS DEAD!
DiggPen 3 månader sedan
36:42 Does phantom kill Bill Baily in this movie?
peppa pinaj
peppa pinaj 3 månader sedan
the only musical i’ve ever seen is hamilton so i feel kinda out of place
Elnjolras 3 månader sedan
Director: So, Gerard, we want you to be are Deformed ugly phantom character. Gerard Butler: Well, that’s going to be allot of makeup. Director: Oh... okay...
icedragonair 3 månader sedan
Is it horrible that I still adore this movie, despite it being a mess?
ClaryFlynn98 3 månader sedan
I’m from the future: Cats became an HORROR film
kelly mcphaul
kelly mcphaul 3 månader sedan
Buuuut let’s talk about Oklahoma.
kelly mcphaul
kelly mcphaul 3 månader sedan
Dude Antonio would have ruled. At least better than Gerard.
Adam Schoales
Adam Schoales 3 månader sedan
Also, a quick thing about the "suspense" point: everything that Schumacher got wrong is what the 25th Anniversary touring production, *NOT* directed by the genius that was Hal Prince, got wrong. They kept showing the Phantom (I guess to emphasize he's human therefor has humanity therefore we should feel bad for him?) which kills the suspense in so many of the scenes, in particular Buquet. You see him sneak up and kill the guy rather than have a body drop from the sky out of no where. What is with these directors completely missing the point of a scene!?
Adam Schoales
Adam Schoales 3 månader sedan
So your discussion of editing got me thinking "oh edited this thing"? AND HOLY SHIT! TERRY "Alien"/"GoldenEye" RAWLINGS CUT THIS ABYSMAL SHIT SHOW. Why oh why? Also, now I want a Ridley Scott Phantom. Anyway, great essay Lindsay.
CZ Period
CZ Period 3 månader sedan
It's incredibly annoying you have to shrink the scenes with backgrounds moving around to avoid SEpost's complete "stupidity" around fair use and critique. Ah well....
NafNav32 3 månader sedan
The only part of the movie that I liked was the first 10 minutes, with the chandelier rising and time turning back. It all went downhill from there. Except for Carlotta's poodles, I enjoyed them.
arista90 3 månader sedan
Do you know why this is the worse adaptation in Spain?? They decided to translate the songs and sing them on top of the actors in Spanish. A total disaster!!! Here usually the songs in a musical are not voice covered, are just subtitle leaving the original song and voice of the actor, but with this infamous movie they decided to voice cover and put the fu*ck song in Spanish which makes the movie even worse than before!!!!
Mica Pereyra
Mica Pereyra 3 månader sedan
awesome vid, but those dancers in the phantom's play are not dancing tango xD i have no idea what that is tbh, but its definitely not tango
JuanMunzerAsakura 3 månader sedan
Jesus, the way she just bites the cork off that wine bottle, spits it out and starts pouring the wine is intimidating. so much chaotic energy.
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