Jake Paul Manipulates Kids for Money

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Eddy Burback

3 år sedan

Jake Paul is a savage guys please don't diss him.
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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 3 år sedan
Hey there Eddy Burbackers! If you want to follow me on twitter @eddyburback that would be cool. Also I didn't want to make another video on Jake, but he just keeps doing more bad shit.
Henry Works
Henry Works Månad sedan
Um, children of Burbank thank you very much.
durr realist
durr realist 3 månader sedan
We are the children of burback 🔥
Syrus Riggs
Syrus Riggs 2 år sedan
Eddy Burback iuiikkikkh:go. N
A Muffler
A Muffler 2 år sedan
Yo Mr. leader of the cult, it’s so good to be a part of such a good cult. What a good cult leader!
Nadie ҉
Nadie ҉ 2 år sedan
I don’t want to be an Eddy Burbacker
Silver aus dem Kühlschrank
Silver aus dem Kühlschrank 4 dagar sedan
Bless you (you sneezed)
Lost Hell
Lost Hell 10 dagar sedan
Lol as soon as he said he says this An add came up and it was a horror movie end
Arman 17 dagar sedan
I’m not falling for this video your an old vine star
We Want Fun
We Want Fun 21 dag sedan
4:08 cold dead eyes
ToBy#1 24 dagar sedan
“And when he starts the video he plays this:” “At aspen dental-“
Nintendude 25 dagar sedan
I legit got an ad for starting a SEpost channel when eddy said “this is how the video starts
talentless cult member
talentless cult member 26 dagar sedan
1:45 "And when you start the video, he plays this" **ad immediately starts playing**
Stephen8vaTr 29 dagar sedan
"He plays... this:" *ad plays*
Vito Scaletta
Vito Scaletta 29 dagar sedan
1:45 And when you start the video, he plays this: Ad
Vito Scaletta
Vito Scaletta 29 dagar sedan
1:45 and when you play the video it starts like this Ad
TomatoBoy20 29 dagar sedan
My sister got turned down by maroon 5 as a 14 year old from make a wish 😐
Hugo Billiau
Hugo Billiau Månad sedan
"Ugh why do you guys hate me for showing a dead body? DO YOU KNOW WHAT I'VE DONE? I'VE... uh... I MADE DINNER ONCE!"
5_ qm
5_ qm Månad sedan
Ngl I like the beat but lyrics are shit. Like have nakeyjakey do something with that, could be good
High Ping Gamer
High Ping Gamer Månad sedan
This song is too fucking bad. He sounds like a robot having a stroke.
Macaroni and Bees
Macaroni and Bees Månad sedan
5:45 I think the real reason my man in the back sighed so defeated is because Jake really just called a usb a “hard drive”
Chris G
Chris G Månad sedan
who is he?
Johan Liebert
Johan Liebert Månad sedan
Is jake paul really complaining about not getting no one praised him, when he was doing what hes supposed to do...
Nate Månad sedan
Brandon Oakley
Brandon Oakley Månad sedan
Eddy: "When you start the video he plays this" Quibi ad plays Me: "Jake you bastard how could you!"
Wombattler 23 dagar sedan
I HATE Quibi ads
Bulbaseth3 Månad sedan
I got a draft king's ad lol
ArcadeCarpet Månad sedan
He called a flash drive a hard drive Im done
BlueHatter Gaming
BlueHatter Gaming Månad sedan
His fuckin music I garbage 🗑🤮I rather shit in my hand and clap my hands
Nugget Bomber
Nugget Bomber Månad sedan
1:46 he said when you start the video, he plays this. It immediately cut to an ad
Nate Månad sedan
Bless you btw
Justin Grover
Justin Grover Månad sedan
**not clickbait** automatically is now clickbait
Justin Grover
Justin Grover Månad sedan
I dont know if it timed up this way for anyone else but the second he said "Jake started the video by saying this" an ad played and it was amazing timing
Musthegreat 94
Musthegreat 94 Månad sedan
Eddy Burback manipulates Jake Paul videos for views
SoLongSidekick Månad sedan
I don't think you know what "manipulate" means.
Big Yoshi
Big Yoshi Månad sedan
7:13 Eddie has arms coming out of his neck
H14nry Månad sedan
Can you imagine, me, jake Paul, having to sit and talk to a make a wish kid. EWWWW DUDE, imagine how hard that was for me
Steve Bennett
Steve Bennett 2 månader sedan
Being an asshole for 20 years( Jake Paul probably sucked as an infant, let's b honest), then doing a few good deeds does not take away asshole status.
I am definitely a human And don't question that
I am definitely a human And don't question that 2 månader sedan
And when you click on it it plays this: 5G is...
Caseydilla57 2 månader sedan
It’s a “watch every eddy burback video” kinda nighy
Jameson Weyhrich
Jameson Weyhrich 2 månader sedan
Couldn’t let Eddy have the devil’s number of comments on one of his videos so I’m the 667th comment, I look out for my boys. Great content tho.
Tyler Alan
Tyler Alan 2 månader sedan
“I’m gonna unretweet all the retweets I tweeted from your retweets” is the funniest threat I’ve ever heard
Ack! Hans! Run!
Ack! Hans! Run! 2 månader sedan
I really hope the ad before Eddy showed the opening for the song was intentional
Dirk Hugo
Dirk Hugo 2 månader sedan
Is anyone else searching in the comments for some angry little fetus who is willing to defend Jake Paul?
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 2 månader sedan
Ye cant find one tho
Luke T
Luke T 2 månader sedan
doing charity because your publicist tells you too isnt actually doing good things
dylan holum
dylan holum 2 månader sedan
cant believe i watched this when i was younger
Elliot Thomas
Elliot Thomas 2 månader sedan
At 1:47 there was a Spotify ad instead of the song
Planty Gang
Planty Gang 2 månader sedan
Lmao when he said “when you start the video, he plays this” i hot an ad for trump 2020
meeshkin gaming
meeshkin gaming 2 månader sedan
Even past the lyrics and manipulation, the song still is pretty bad, not the worst, but far from best.
Micah Garrison
Micah Garrison 2 månader sedan
He is like every dude I have dated in the past. Straight up piece of shit!
vanillaa_ 2 månader sedan
“So when you start the video you get this” Ad: gEt ThE aLl NeW eMt 340-
Pp Pp
Pp Pp 2 månader sedan
As soon as he said he plays this I got an ad for trump
Alexis D
Alexis D 2 månader sedan
Handing out backpacks and t-shirts is like the least charitable thing you can do btw. It's some of the least needed items and the least amount of effort you can do to be charitable. Don't get me wrong, its a good thing to do, but come on.
RaXnn 2 månader sedan
fucking love ya eddy
Hudson Stephens
Hudson Stephens 2 månader sedan
Eddy: I want to join team 10 Also Eddy:He is a bad person
Kelsey Drummond
Kelsey Drummond 3 månader sedan
How has Chance not been punched out? Gross.
Flyingdog 218
Flyingdog 218 3 månader sedan
Your just mad you can’t manipulate kids and lie like Jake.
bean cake
bean cake 3 månader sedan
Nobody: Absolutely no one: Captions: dick Paul
bean cake
bean cake 3 månader sedan
"tryna stop people from killin themselves" man, that did not age well... I know that it wasn't Jake Paul that made a joke about it, but still.
M e m e c h i l d
M e m e c h i l d 3 månader sedan
Jake Paul looks and acts like the dude version of Jojo Siwa
goth clown
goth clown 3 månader sedan
why was he treating it like he was going to reveal who really assassinated jfk in that third verse lmao
Gabgalabgal 85
Gabgalabgal 85 3 månader sedan
Imagine you have a night mare and you see team 10 in a circle with torches in the middle of the forest playing with a dead animal
El Dorado
El Dorado 4 månader sedan
Eddie: *I’m a savage* Me: _CLASSY, BOUGIE, RATCHET_
Red Hed Nightmare
Red Hed Nightmare 4 månader sedan
People like this actually exist...
DemonVxxy06 4 månader sedan
i had auto-generated subtitles on and at 8:24 it said "dick paul" instead of jake paul accurate
kitty ruler
kitty ruler 4 månader sedan
Bless you
Ronan McDonald
Ronan McDonald 4 månader sedan
" Milking his teets" ... OH! that makes SO much more sense than milking his teeth. Also, STOP WITH THE SUICIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
katie kopacz
katie kopacz 4 månader sedan
When you brag about doing charitable acts it discredits you being a good person. Like in that episode of friends when Joey said that all charitable acts are selfish and phoebe tried to prove him wrong. People do charitable acts just to make themselves feel better sometimes like “I did this I’m a good person” but they only did that to try to prove a point. You don’t need to tell people you did a good deed. Be kind and generous and help when you can and shut up about it.
Jun’s Forehead
Jun’s Forehead 4 månader sedan
this is a classic example of “as soon as you think you’re humble you aren’t”
First name Mr. Last name Last
First name Mr. Last name Last 4 månader sedan
Wow this holds up.
Firefly RX
Firefly RX 4 månader sedan
He was in the news for raiding in a riot
Carter Brown
Carter Brown 4 månader sedan
Do many merch plugs in one video
Manasha 4 månader sedan
bless you.
Jesse Groomes
Jesse Groomes 4 månader sedan
Laura Higson
Laura Higson 4 månader sedan
Fun fact: I have that same flashdrive! Also good job on the video :)
Oliver Brooker
Oliver Brooker 4 månader sedan
But Eddy, where are the jump cuts, bro?
NexterDay 5 månader sedan
why tf is jake paul in a car??
Jason Tiemann
Jason Tiemann 5 månader sedan
Is it just me, or is Jake Paul just a millennial Trump?
Partick Bruce
Partick Bruce 5 månader sedan
Aren't you a cult leader though?
MelancholyTea89 Månad sedan
bigboy men
bigboy men 5 månader sedan
the third deserved verse which a blow dart at blue exploder heads heads from as much autism is a path in that tiny tiny vers
bigboy men
bigboy men 5 månader sedan
oh, yeah, I guess I you talking about you
bigboy men
bigboy men 5 månader sedan
I was actually doing something girl, my life that just mumbling in a freaking microphone, your life we all know you barely doing it at stuff
Helvetica Standard
Helvetica Standard 3 månader sedan
radical_gryff 5 månader sedan
Today I learned that Logan Paul and Jake Paul are two different people....
Charlotte Horton
Charlotte Horton 5 månader sedan
this made me cringe like Oof its ear rape omg
Kari Greyd
Kari Greyd 5 månader sedan
That is one odd Hard Drive lmfao😂😂😂
Hi There
Hi There 5 månader sedan
So hypocritical, coming from the mouth of the cult leader of the Children Of Burback
Socially Acceptable Pi
Socially Acceptable Pi 5 månader sedan
Using charity donations/charitable actions as a way to brag makes your motivation corrupt and makes you look like the worst person on earth. Pls return to daddy jake and not daddy 'went to the shop to get some milk and never came back' Jake
Matthew Alexander
Matthew Alexander 6 månader sedan
I love the bromance going on between you and Gus
Marcus Mysteriously
Marcus Mysteriously 6 månader sedan
"How are you that dumb, but still do this manipulation shit?" He's a narcissistic sociopath.
Marcus Mysteriously
Marcus Mysteriously 6 månader sedan
"Wait until the end of the video" is ALWAYS an attempt to game SEpost's monetization algorithm, which is based on *watch time.* So, using tricks to keep viewers watching to the end of the video is pretty scummy. Especially since most viewers aren't that sophisticated and aren't going to notice.
Avery Bondeson
Avery Bondeson 6 månader sedan
As a former kid, Jake isn't savage
Justin Cruz
Justin Cruz 6 månader sedan
Imagine you make the third verse to a diss track that you say you’re going to release in an hour, teasing your fans by making them wait an entire day instead of releasing it, hold them hostage during a whole vlog before you show it, plug your merch, chicken out of showing the full verse by bragging about how savage it allegedly is, and only show them a fraction of the verse. This was definitely worth their time. I don’t like Jake Paul, but I really feel bad for his fans.
elijahlupe 6 månader sedan
I'm consistently amazed at how much you look like Trevor from CowChop when you take your glasses off.
Matt Stebbins
Matt Stebbins 6 månader sedan
That's my problem with the vlog format, you can only title one event in the video, and because all of the vloggers are shitty they put the title event at the end.
111 111
111 111 6 månader sedan
The only reason he puts the clickbait at the end of his vlogs is because he knows that that's the only thing his fans want to see. He knows that his vlogs are boring as fuck and, instead of making them better, avoids it by forcing his fans with the attention span of a mosquito to watch it.
Kevin S
Kevin S 6 månader sedan
I really appreciate how much the power fluctuates in Eddy & Gus's friendship
John K
John K 7 månader sedan
Love GUS! EDIT: Heh...saw the end, I love you :(
Sally L
Sally L 7 månader sedan
Okay you said something about how jake was cult leader like. We looooooove a good foreshadowing to your own life
Internet Degenerate
Internet Degenerate 7 månader sedan
They ain’t dooin gods work they are god
Lauren Anderson
Lauren Anderson 7 månader sedan
Do not brag about doing good things! You should do good things because you are a good person, not to take advantage of people or seem like an okay person.
SilvarusLupus 7 månader sedan
I know I'm late but this man(?) cannot sing
cyan10101 7 månader sedan
I am so glad I missed all the Jake and Logan Paul stuff. He was on the news I think and I heard his name there back when this was happening. Eddy biting the bullet to view that side of SEpost.
Big Mike
Big Mike 7 månader sedan
Jake's lip syncing is awful, and it doesn't sound like it's even him singing
Emo teen no.2958
Emo teen no.2958 7 månader sedan
It's pitched talking
smellysocks 8 månader sedan
i love gus
Sparta Rage Kick
Sparta Rage Kick 8 månader sedan
that Guss dude is such an asshole to u....y u put up w/his bs....jeez...no respect 4 u....soooo i have no respect for him....
deleted 8 månader sedan
Jake 8 ball
Daniel Stencel
Daniel Stencel 8 månader sedan
2:47 Bless you
Polk - E - Dot
Polk - E - Dot 8 månader sedan
*makes so many clickbaity videos about his "third verse" that he has to reassure his fans that it actually exist*
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