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I did not come out of the cupboard under the stairs for this.
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ContraPoints 3 månader sedan
First they came for the celebrities
Brennan McDonnell
Brennan McDonnell 4 dagar sedan
id love to hear your thoughts on abigail shrier's book! love your content natalie!
Mare 23 dagar sedan
Natalie, would you do a video on the CULT OF YOUTH, AGEISM, and its relation with sexist ideas about how a woman's biggest accomplishments are connected to their youth and beauty? I'm in my twenties feeling like my worth is withering away with each day, and I've spoken to other people my age about this and they feel the same. Also, how you expect these ideas to evolve in the future? (I'm sorry for any mistakes, english isn't my first language)
GIDE328 28 dagar sedan
Then they came for Nostalgia Chick Are you guys prepping your appreciation posts at the Cheesecake Factory?? loooooooool
Elnjolras 29 dagar sedan
If anything real sex is a PSEUDOSCIENCE!
Matjaž Verčič
Matjaž Verčič Månad sedan
Loved the video and laughed out loud at the Arrested Development reference.
Danielle None-Ya
Danielle None-Ya 14 minuter sedan
Men can't be women. Women can't be men
Angel Hare
Angel Hare 11 minuter sedan
Sure they can
Danielle None-Ya
Danielle None-Ya 19 minuter sedan
You enjoying 2021 yet? Bahaha
Angel Hare
Angel Hare 8 minuter sedan
Yes Republicans are in full panic mode And now they are having to choose between a trans woman they hate or a democratic victory Republicans may win in 22 or 24 but they are revealing their hand that they have no respect for democracy They are causing many to hate them
Dark Side’s Shadow
Dark Side’s Shadow 27 minuter sedan
Muh my free speech superseded by muh private platform...
Koi Girl
Koi Girl 45 minuter sedan
Ha ha ha, you calling for censorship and then you got censored “and then they came for.....”
B Patt B
B Patt B 51 minut sedan
I support your right to free speech even if it is hypocritical
fightingblind 54 minuter sedan
Here after Tim Pool shouted you out. Will always support people who are getting censored by the youtube overlords, whether I agree with you or not...
Eric Kim
Eric Kim Timme sedan
What do you call a philosopher without truth or self awareness? --------------ContraPoints WELCOME TO THE PARTY, PAL
Ian Michael
Ian Michael Timme sedan
Lol hope SEpost censors more
David Moseley
David Moseley Timme sedan
I am a right leaning conservative libertarian. I know what you believe and i support your right to say what you believe
David Moseley
David Moseley Timme sedan
I support you
hochhaul Timme sedan
So a couple weeks ago you complained that SEpost age-restricted your video and voiced concerns over censorship... welcome to the party. In 2017 you mocked others complaining about the "leftist war on free speech". Your were okay with censorship when it was only targeting those with ideologies that you disliked. Looking at your Twitter account, you cheered on this attack on free speech for years. Four years later, big tech censorship is coming for you and only now do you voice concern. It was the left that happily set the right of free speech on fire in order to silence opposing ideological views. It's why people like me feel the left has abandoned them. The left has become so illiberal that they're censoring their own. There is no free and open exchange of ideas. Natalie, your only choice is to unite the left with the right in order to fight to restore freedom of speech on social media platforms. Making free speech a "leftist issue" is not going to work. The left have already accepted that censorship and moderation via arbitrary "community guidelines" is a justified limit on free speech. They are not going to support a neutral stance on freedom of speech. sepost.info/dev/video/r3TbxrKmpYDVqcs.html
Matt Parker
Matt Parker Timme sedan
SEpost age restricted a video of yours 😂😂 guess the circle comes full round doesnt it ? Hahahaha .
steve beard
steve beard Timme sedan
What happened Buttercup, are you enjoying your cancel culture, have a nice day.
CCD13 Timme sedan
This video didn’t age well. How’s that SEpost appeal going?
Reformed Garbage
Reformed Garbage 2 timmar sedan
"Conservatives should not be allowed to speak on the internet" -Natalie "WAHHHHH!!! Why am I being censored?!?!" - also Natalie
Angel Hare
Angel Hare 2 minuter sedan
She never said that
Jornavyr 2 timmar sedan
Hahahaha enjoy your censorship. You ask for it, and you get it.
Nath Henn
Nath Henn 2 timmar sedan
Get censored comrade
donotlike 4 anonymus
donotlike 4 anonymus 2 timmar sedan
Hhhhhhhh oh man.. As much as it don't like censorship it's so satisfying when people like u get what you deserve get suppressed and censored hhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oh man feels so good... Hhhh
Matt Scully
Matt Scully 2 timmar sedan
Heard you got a little taste of your own medicine on censorship, how'd that feel eh? 🤣🤣🤣. Keep up your dumb ideology though.
Matthew Frazer
Matthew Frazer 2 timmar sedan
you disgrace Bach.
NPC #1138 - Honorary Rooftop Korean
NPC #1138 - Honorary Rooftop Korean 2 timmar sedan
"The Little Red Hen", perhaps you should read it. Have fun standing in the bread line and not getting any!
Bodhi Pepe
Bodhi Pepe 2 timmar sedan
An interesting relaxant topic is the che guevara was a unique marxist in that he was changing the Cuban economy (or trying to ) to be free market to further industry . Personal I believe this led to Castro ratting him out to the bolivian government when che ignored him and went to Bolivia to later be caught by Bolivian rangers and sold to the cia to train new assets
Samurai 2 timmar sedan
You get what you deserve from youtube you hypocrite you don't like it when they do it to you do you?
Dassem 2 timmar sedan
Absolute Joker.
Victor Aguilar
Victor Aguilar 2 timmar sedan
Censorship ain’t so nice when it happens to you huh Pussi
The Grapist
The Grapist 2 timmar sedan
Just came for the schadenfreude, lol
Bob Dole
Bob Dole 2 timmar sedan
Are you ready to fight for EVERYONES right to speak? Or you still believe cancellation is a good thing?
DonT-ToucH-Me PG13
DonT-ToucH-Me PG13 3 timmar sedan
Lmao so u made fun of the right for being straight up censored and cut from youtube and now u just get a company saying they wont advertise u and ur screaming for free speach. Why dont you ppl on the left elbe like the right and stand for something and not when it affects u. You LITERALLY talked shit on ppl for being BANNED!
DonT-ToucH-Me PG13
DonT-ToucH-Me PG13 3 timmar sedan
Lmao so u made fun of the right for being straight up censored and cut from youtube and now u just get a company saying they wont advertise u and ur screaming for free speach. Why dont you ppl on the left elbe like the right and stand for something and not when it affects u. You LITERALLY talked shit on ppl for being BANNED!
Sean Winters
Sean Winters 3 timmar sedan
Lol congrats on being cancelled, welcome to the world of conservatives. Will you keep mocking us?
The Grapist
The Grapist 2 timmar sedan
Of course she will (not that it matters), but she'll justify in her mind that "iT's DiFFeReNt!"
DonT-ToucH-Me PG13
DonT-ToucH-Me PG13 3 timmar sedan
Lmao so u made fun of the right for being straight up censored and cut from youtube and now u just get a company saying they wont advertise u and ur screaming for free speach. Why dont you ppl on the left elbe like the right and stand for something and not when it affects u. You LITERALLY talked shit on ppl for being BANNED!
zip1233 3 timmar sedan
Didn't watch the video, but I think it's absolutely FUCKIN HILARIOUS that you were all about canceling people who you didn't agree with, but once that hammer comes down on you, you cry and bitch about it. Live by the sword die by the sword.
EDyrby 3 timmar sedan
Questions Is sex and gender a social construct? Or is it only gender?
Hikage Sidcow
Hikage Sidcow 3 timmar sedan
This channel is literal cancer. Enjoy being censored by those you act like never did it until it was done to you. lawl.
Da Sausyman
Da Sausyman 3 timmar sedan
Gonna say I disagree with your opinions on things. I appreciate the depth and layers you provide a larger dialog and I will stand by your right to live and speak and share your depth and perspective. YT trying to silence you is wrong. we don't have to agree and yes you can call me names based on my perspective. that's cool. its stereotyping and labeling the other, but you do you boo. You may advocate for censorship of views you don't agree with, not cool, but oh well.... To me You are a self-actualizing human being and your voice matters too. I hope YT gets there head out of their butts soon, not just for you but for all those people they silence, even the ones you advocated for being silenced, shamed, and shunned. be well.
npcfree since 83
npcfree since 83 3 timmar sedan
Ahhh, did you get your "free speech" restricted? Now you're whining about it after years of lying and attacking pro-free speech advocates? You reap what you sow.
Ryan Jobb
Ryan Jobb 3 timmar sedan
Are you gonna support Caitlin Jenner?
This comment not sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends
This comment not sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends 3 timmar sedan
ORXTRONIC 3 timmar sedan
Your content is so informative and I need more of your videosssss 😭 Can't wait to see what your next video will be about ♡♡♡
John Docherty
John Docherty 3 timmar sedan
you advocated for censorship did some class traitor stuff by endorsing biden all the smears of nazi alt right and you loved it so i say so sad too bad this is the bed you made for yourself and i have 0 sympathy you where tool of war machine just like the trump side called everyone a commie enjoy the power you handed the machine coming back to you
Steven Tunis
Steven Tunis 3 timmar sedan
Isn't it ironic that the right always says censoring is bad, even when it's someone on the left being censored, but the left loves censoring the right and is then SHOCKED when they get censored too? At what point do we not care about their whining about their own standards being placed on them? To be fair, I don't think your video should be age restricted, but then again, I didn't cheer when ANYONE was censored.
Turkey Man
Turkey Man 3 timmar sedan
Awww are you getting censored? Not so good when it happens to you. Hate you hypocrite types.
Casey Colomb
Casey Colomb 3 timmar sedan
goodhumourman 3 timmar sedan
Hi so I’m halfway through watching and I always appreciate your videos but the proximity of your phone to the water is just driving me up the freaking wall
BigPoppa Plump
BigPoppa Plump 3 timmar sedan
It’s about time your support of censorship came back to bite you in the rear end. The left eats itself consistently.
crackcrock 4 timmar sedan
realize how much you've been a useful idiot to the system yet?
William 3 timmar sedan
Its almost like people wiser and with far greater experience in radical leftism wrote whole books trying to educate future generstion not to repeat history. Yet here we are.
Beau Stoker
Beau Stoker 3 timmar sedan
And we warned them for years.
Brandon Cukrow
Brandon Cukrow 5 timmar sedan
Destroying TERFs is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine that has to be satisfied by the watching of such a wonderful video from none other than Contrapoints
Sophie Franks
Sophie Franks 6 timmar sedan
Not Natalie quoting Red Letter Media!!!! 🥰 Yes I'm back re-watching this... Dont judge
Rachel Spartacus
Rachel Spartacus 13 timmar sedan
I'm looking down the barrel of several months without baths; apparently one is supposed to avoid them after having a certain surgery. God help me. That will be the hardest part of it I think.
Daphne Wood
Daphne Wood 13 timmar sedan
omfg Natalie we get it you can play pianoooo stfuuuuu
Derek Maker
Derek Maker 18 timmar sedan
completely relate to understanding bigots (the problem) to understand the solution but having it upset people that don't see its value. I really loved this breakdown because it's one topic I really couldn't research enough on my own. thanks!
Enrique Rivera
Enrique Rivera 19 timmar sedan
I’m stealing that point you made about facts on their own cannot be bigoted but the story you’re telling with reference to said fact that gets polarized sociopolitically into supportive or bigoted. That was brilliant.
Huntour 23 timmar sedan
omg magdalen berns died...
Carousel of Agony
Carousel of Agony Dag sedan
I've been doing some deep dives into hate groups. Cancel culture as a tool for holding otherwise invulnerable people to account is great. It also makes hunting so much harder. Not impossible, just more work needs to be put in to avoid misdirection. This channel has been indispensable to my search. I would have missed leads because of how ignorant I was prior to watching these videos
Kokujin Black
Kokujin Black Dag sedan
Parts of JK's thoughts and criticisms on trans people we're very similar to mine (before I really understood gender and sex). I want to believe that JK was just indoctorinated and can't look past her taught bigotry.
Martin Lervik
Martin Lervik Dag sedan
When I do finish my degree, and I get a full time job, I'll support you. I'm sorry, and I love you!
Raven Echo
Raven Echo Dag sedan
contra where are you 🥺🥺🥺🥺
This comment not sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends
This comment not sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends 3 timmar sedan
getting censored 😂🤡🤡🤡
AI fan
AI fan Dag sedan
Hey CP (that does sounds rather like 'hey TC', as in 'The most effectual Top Cat!' :D) You talked about bigotry being a reaction to something that people perceive as a threat whether rightly or wrongly but did this with quite a narrow context I think e.g. the empowerment and emancipation of women being a threat to men with less modern ideas. If you read/listen to historians/anthropologists/political scientists they tell us that in fact there are more fundamental forces at work, at least in the exacerbation of bigotry, and I would argue therefore that they may tell us sometthing about the roots of bigotry also. What I am talking about are the socio-economic conditions that enabled the Nazis and the Fascists of the 20th century and the resurgence of Nazi and Fascist sympathies and sentiment across the world today. The Nazis emerged and rose to power out of a technologically advanced and wealthy liberal democratic society, that had effectively eaten itself from the inside out much like as is happening today in the developed world with neo-liberal economic ideology. Ordinary people are feeling more and more disenfranchised, under valued and ignored while they see a wealthy elite becoming ever richer at their expense that is simultaneously berrating them for petty language infractions, lack of personal responsibility and so on. This obviously increases discontent and distrust in a society that is failing them. That kind of situation has always been easy to exploit by bad actors, through demagoguery that seeks scapegoats and easy targets rather than addressing the real issues. That demagoguery doesnt merely stand up and take over in otherwise 'harmonious' and enlightenned circumstances but within the context of social stresses and tensions. In my view, a lengthy critique of bigotted attitudes without examining the much larger and more consequential societal contexts is rather like blowing on your burning fingers to cool them down without bothering to notice that you have your hand in the fire. That was meant to more of a useful metaphor than a scathing criticism of your video here. I just wonder whther it is worth you perhaps addressing this in a future video.
corn Dag sedan
the fact that this video felt like it could have comfortably concluded at 30mins but there was a whole hour left really speaks miles about the quality of content here
Roxy White
Roxy White Dag sedan
my god... is that phone even waterproof?
NonEuclideanDreams Dag sedan
I have to watch this video every couple of weeks to remind me of what "purity in the eyes of the lord" is.
CheesecakeLasagna Dag sedan
Hol up-you're Canadian?
CheesecakeLasagna 13 timmar sedan
@Huntour I thought I heard some Canadian accent.
Huntour Dag sedan
no shes from DC lmao
Barthedanz Dag sedan
In Silence of the Lamb the attendant Barney isn't a pig. Working the shitty dangerous probably low paying job. You know the guy who leaves Clarice a chair for her interview.
C Dag sedan
Mellow Nello
Mellow Nello Dag sedan
Miss u
Lucky Striker
Lucky Striker 2 dagar sedan
So, it's also important to consider that there is a cultural difference between American and British feminism on the subject of trans people. In the USA, the rise of the Religious Right meant that feminists allied with LGBT groups and anti-racist activists during the 1980's; the term "intersectionality" was coined by American feminist Kimberle Crenshaw in 1989 to describe the experience of Black women. In the UK during the 1980's, the feminist movement allied with the anti-nuclear movement; without a strong Religious Right to oppose both feminism and transgender rights, the intersectional alliances that make TERFs a fringe movement in the United States did not form. While Janice Raymond is American, her fellow radical feminists Andrea Dworkin and Valerie Solanas were far more accepting of trans-activism than her, making her an exception rather than a rule. TERFism is the face of mainstream feminism in the United Kingdom, which explains why J.K. Rowling was awarded the Russell Prize by the BBC for "TERF Wars". It's why an anti-Trans screed can be published in _The Guardian_ with little to no problems. It's what causes Posie Parker and Julia Long to travel across the Atlantic in order to harass a trans woman in Washington D.C. Quite frankly, it's not surprising that Rowling subscribes to TERFism.
Reed Dior
Reed Dior 2 dagar sedan
I love when she says “that must be super fucking hard for you 😢”
Niall Munnelly
Niall Munnelly 2 dagar sedan
So many highlights here, but three seconds for a throwaway “Shire Theme” gag. Humbling.
John Kardier
John Kardier 2 dagar sedan
Fuck you money is cool.
Antonia Stoyanova
Antonia Stoyanova 2 dagar sedan
sorry to be making this about me but i watched this after i got dumped and now i got dumped again. heal me, mommy
Franco Girón Franco
Franco Girón Franco 2 dagar sedan
I think I just received a good reminder for a quiz show JOANNE. TE AMO LOCA
Michael Haddon
Michael Haddon 2 dagar sedan
After listening to Ezra Klein's podcast, I thought this might be worth my time. Nice production, but it's just one, not quite true assertion for by a straw man, on repeat. Disappointing. Should non-adults have life changing surgery, either chemically or using a scalpel? Should someone with male muscles and male genes be able to complete with girls in high school or college in sports? Excellent questions, not addressed here, apparently.
Jane The Creator
Jane The Creator 23 timmar sedan
Wtf. The video is about J.K. Rowlings ditch into TERFism, not about gender reassignment surgery. Dude, get your shit toghter. Its possible to talk about one topic from different angles.
Jackie R.
Jackie R. 2 dagar sedan
natalie i am trying very hard to pay attention but i cannot focus while you keep almost dipping your phone in milk and rose oil
octav1a 2 dagar sedan
Omg! You really got me with all of the MLP voices in those twitter clips. xP Also all of your Bach playing, esp Var 1, is fabulous. Keep on! :3
Potatosti 3 dagar sedan
21:18 best part
Joshua 3 dagar sedan
Holy crap, as someone who doesn't watch a lot of movies this caught me off guard. When I heard "cross-dressing serial killers are a common anti-trans trope" I thought, "really? I've never heard of that". Turns out it's only the plot of the two most famous murder movies of the last century. TIL.
Octomar 3 dagar sedan
It's Levi O~sa, not Transphobi-Ah!
Evie N
Evie N 3 dagar sedan
Does anyone know what show/film is at 57:23
W XO 3 dagar sedan
Амир Биесов
Амир Биесов 3 dagar sedan
Это прекрасно. From Russia with love
Anto Wibowo
Anto Wibowo 3 dagar sedan
it's as if people who actively says how good they are loudly to the world by the hour, is not that good
les bean
les bean 3 dagar sedan
Natalie: "this is the new Salem!" Me, who lives in Salem: "girl, I wish it was"
shethewriter 3 dagar sedan
Your description of Silence of the Lambs is so hilarious
Hatfullacrazy 3 dagar sedan
Can I elect you for something?? Please?
Hatfullacrazy 3 dagar sedan
Russell 3 dagar sedan
As long as your beliefs don’t infringe on my or others rights, you do you. However sports and the bathroom issues both do. So when you can figure those things out there’s no more issue.
Blob Monster
Blob Monster 3 timmar sedan
@Heads Full Of Eyeballs You don't understand why it is unfair for trans men to compete with biological females, even considering they've had a life time of developing males muscles and bones? So why should women even compete if they know they will lose? And as for your other assertion: yes! we have historically barred people by their body types. By male and female, by weight, and by age. We have combinations of those because all of that matters.
Heads Full Of Eyeballs
Heads Full Of Eyeballs 2 dagar sedan
I'm not sure what right cis women have that is infringed upon by trans women competing against them in sports, to be honest. Even if we assume that trans women all have 100% Man Strength or whatever, and that there would be enough transgender athletes to make a significant difference in the rankings -- so what, frankly? We don't normally bar people from professional sports competition on the basis that their body type gives them an advantage and their relative ease in winning would discourage others. I'll never be successful as a strongman or basketball player because other people are intrinsically, biologically better suited to those sports than I am and they dominate the competitions. Are they oppressing me by denying me my right to make a living and get famous playing basketball? Isn't the whole point of leagues that people get sorted based on their performance and therefore end up competing against people of similar ability? And all this is granting that the "problem" of trans women systematically out-competing cis women actually exists to begin with.
Raquel Boss
Raquel Boss 3 dagar sedan
how does a trans woman going into the women's bathroom to piss and then leaving infringing anyone's rights
Russell 3 dagar sedan
The twatter mob deserves our understanding? No, no they don’t. And let’s be real, they’re not also “hurting”. They are trying to get traction and a reaction, as evidenced by whenever one of these troll’s tweets get traction, they all say the same shit...”Wow! Never thought this would get so much attention, while your here go check out my Instagram and patreon where I’ll be releasing my new line of shirts with this slogan printed on the front.”
Solomon Parker
Solomon Parker 3 dagar sedan
Personally, I don't see the objective purpose in having separate bathrooms. Have a room with urinals maybe, fine, have closeable doors on the stalls, if somebody is dropping a deuce next to you, does it matter what their genitals are? We all shit. Put cameras in the front part with the sinks. But especially if it's a single use bathroom, single room single door, there's no reason for gendered bathrooms. Except maybe that men will have to be less nasty and actually care where their urine lands and actually flush the toilet and not make a sty of the place. Oh, that's it, isn't it?
Solomon Parker
Solomon Parker 3 dagar sedan
I don't approve of baths with clothes on. But it's SEpost, I get it. Better a bath than no bath, I guess. Maybe I should do a video in the bath.
Solomon Parker
Solomon Parker 3 dagar sedan
For a minute, I was one of those people who was (let's be clear, honestly) asking "well what is a man then?" I asked a trans friend. He said, and I will never forget "a man calls himself a man." That did it for me. It decentered my concerns about what I am and gave me the humility to just be.
Solomon Parker
Solomon Parker 3 dagar sedan
I seek to understand points of view and people's experiences. I've been halfheartedly looking for a while for a good explanation of the problem that Joann has created for herself by what she has tweeted. I heard you on Ezra Klein and I thought I'd look this video up and see what you had to say. I think I get it now. Thanks.
stxries unfold
stxries unfold 4 dagar sedan
This is first of Natalie's videos i watched and DAMN, in about 2 weeks I've watched all of her public videos. She's so hilarious and smart. 🖤🖤🖤
Horse Radish
Horse Radish 4 dagar sedan
damn... this guy owns a lot of candles
Ali 4 dagar sedan
Do we need an Intersex' ContraPoints?
Ricky Bennett
Ricky Bennett 4 dagar sedan
"How do I know I am a woman? I mean, look at me *flaps fan*". Yup. She's right.
Paula Sharratt
Paula Sharratt 4 dagar sedan
JK Rowling is a middle class person who refuses to admit that oppression is everywhere and the stories that need to be told can't be told through the individualistic frame and she doesn't know as much about society and people as she thinks? The individualistic frame encourages no resolution: stories need to be about ways multiple realities bring us all closer to understanding ourselves and others? The social is just the social, we've made it and we can make it work better for more people, more of the time, it should be allowed to grow. News as art, investigation as a rule....
MJ Dawson-Marsh
MJ Dawson-Marsh 4 dagar sedan
1) Thanks for a thoughtful, funny, provocative essay. Loved it. 2) What the fuck, the framing of your shots is high art! Blah blah production values, blah. Usually I only listen to video essays in a minimised window but I can't look away from yours. There's so much to look at and it's just so pleasingly arranged. Thanks!
Jessie Muncie
Jessie Muncie 4 dagar sedan
Bro how do u have money for all these sets
stuff123 4 dagar sedan
patreon I guess
Sample Script
Sample Script 4 dagar sedan
I think i stepped in some shit, nvm i just didn't saw jk rowling was in the floor sniffing my chromosomes to confirm i'm not a spy or something
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