Into The Omegaverse: How a Fanfic Trope Landed in Federal Court

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Lindsay Ellis

8 månader sedan

The romance novel nightmare that didn’t exactly rock the courts but was a hot mess regardless.
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Jenny Nicholson
Jenny Nicholson 8 månader sedan
It just sucks that all this drama ruined my favorite Bane fic for me
caris murphy
caris murphy 13 dagar sedan
@c video is
benjamin powell
benjamin powell 17 dagar sedan
speaking of fanfics........ i love your youtube content and would love some more bad fanfic reads. so do i have to go to your patreon or just start my own series of bad fanfics.
CoffeePoints 18 dagar sedan
Jenny you were fantastic at voicing Addison Cain!!
Book Book
Book Book Månad sedan
And now it’s time to feed the algorithm
Brin L
Brin L 2 månader sedan
Noooooooo lol
Teodora Ristić
Teodora Ristić Timme sedan
The concept of het omegaverse is so inherently off...its just misogyny 2
TheseMusics 4 timmar sedan
Love these knot gags 🤙
James Kidd
James Kidd 8 timmar sedan
There is something so hilarious about making Kaveh read the Shepherd part....
mochipengin 20 timmar sedan
oh dat shirt doe 🔥
ᴍʀ-ʜᴏʟʟᴀɴᴅ Dag sedan
So is this where the terms "alpha male" and "beta male" come from, "alphas" being nowadays "Chads" and "betas" being submissive "cucks" come from?
Inkshooter Dag sedan
There are only four good werewolf movies.
Nisha Dag sedan
Having hboom and others read this stuff makes me cringe soooo hard
ash hash
ash hash Dag sedan
to the beginning reading; “thanks, I hate it 💕”
Stephen LeBlanc
Stephen LeBlanc Dag sedan
Jenny's voice over work here is genius. I completely missed it.
James Lockey
James Lockey 2 dagar sedan
"Who do you belong to!?" has the exact same energy as "Why did you say that name!?" Omegaverse is secretly about Batman v Superman, change my mind.
Soaribb 2 dagar sedan
The Karen of queer erotica, Addi So Vain I bet she thinks this book is an infrigment.
Gabriella Bensur
Gabriella Bensur 2 dagar sedan
as a lawyer and an avid fan fic reader who steered clear of ABO for a long time this video was both truly entertaining and validating
Tera Nelson
Tera Nelson 2 dagar sedan
Great video
The Fuccboiassassin
The Fuccboiassassin 3 dagar sedan
This is art, god tier
natkatmac 3 dagar sedan
Me watching the first 3 minutes: thanks I hate it
Lynette Morales-Davis
Lynette Morales-Davis 3 dagar sedan
Cain sounds like a b*****
Nick Poenisch
Nick Poenisch 4 dagar sedan
So when this first came up, I was in class listening to all my classmates gush about Tiger King and all the vicarious joy of watching something so fucked up unfold, and I was low-key judging them, like "how can you get excited by this trash drama that has nothing to do with you?" and then I log in to youtube and see "Omegaverse Lawsuit", and go "FUCK YES, I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS, BUT I MUST KNOW EVERY DETAIL!" aaaand that's when I realized that these kinds of videos (like this, and Maggie Mae's Jacklyn Hill video, and Big Joe'ls existential drama videos, and most of Sarah Z's channel) are MY Tiger King. But as always, I dig your content, and have probably listened to every video essay like four times (I like having video essays on while I eat or do chores)
Loseless 4 dagar sedan
I feel bad for the lawyer pointing a blatant contradiction that could dismiss the entire case only to have the person making the claim agreeing to this. I cannot help but to think he must have looked at the judge intending on asking "wtf? Can we throw this, already?" Talk about low IQ writers...
SkippityDodah 4 dagar sedan
I love Patricia Briggs. Please continue.
MimiFox 5 dagar sedan
This is just a woman trying to monopolize a genre to keep any money made in that genre in her own pocket.
The Pixal Wizard
The Pixal Wizard 6 dagar sedan
The beginning of this video was a ride I wasnt prepared for
Francesca Bertoglio Padilla
Francesca Bertoglio Padilla 6 dagar sedan
I finally watched arrested development and the times that you played parts of it during this video and the follow up just give me life. They are way funnier now. Thank you always my queen bee
Jewell Lynn
Jewell Lynn 6 dagar sedan
Legal Eagle was the cameo I never expected but SO happy to have it happen!!!!
bellboy 6 dagar sedan
Well thanks, I guess I can't go to Knott's anymore
Cait Coolio
Cait Coolio 7 dagar sedan
Jenny has me rolling
Steph 8 dagar sedan
He totally knows everything about wolf pornography
Richard Marín
Richard Marín 8 dagar sedan
... Were those Dan Olson and Harris Bomberguy being wholly uncut chads? Can't help but stan.
Nix Nightbird
Nix Nightbird 8 dagar sedan
So my question: How is it that Warner Bros. is NOT suing Addison Cain and Blushing Books for what is obviously a VERY thinly veiled rip-off of one of their movies, but with added erotic elements? I mean, it's not even hard to see. It's OBVIOUSLY just The Dark Knight Rises with fucking. Also: This sort of thing makes me kind of glad my book never got noticed.
Matt Reid
Matt Reid 8 dagar sedan
Better times on the Ellis channel
Lisepooh 8 dagar sedan
I’m on a journey of finding out Internet/fandom info like Msscribe and now this. Bless the people for making these video essays.
Lisepooh 8 dagar sedan
I’m twenty minutes in and I’m DYING 💀💀 the editing is 10/10.
Basic Info
Basic Info 8 dagar sedan
WOW. I'd be curious to know when she wrote her fanfiction in 2012. Because I just did a quick search and I can find hetero omegaverse fanfiction dating from february 27th, 2012... And, as of the moment I write this comment, we are april 27th, 2021. Just sayin'. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Bunny S3NPAI
Bunny S3NPAI 9 dagar sedan
Who else is here after the tik tok video?
IncoherentMoron 9 dagar sedan
i know it's a great song, but the use of the Heroic Polonaise in the beginning just means that throughout the first part of the video, my brain just screams "OLIVER CROMWELL LORD PROTECTOR OF ENGLAND" at me every so often
A Seagull
A Seagull 9 dagar sedan
Still here to engage!
Aarushi Tiwari
Aarushi Tiwari 10 dagar sedan
I've written guns n' roses fanfic that was similar
lishuss 10 dagar sedan
Oh. My. God! I was wondering how in the name of all hell "How Can We Be Lovers" got stuck in my head a few months ago and has been coming back every couple weeks and I realized bow, after watching this video again, that this is what did ut. The one-off gag of a cellphone ring tone. How dare you XD
Brett Symons
Brett Symons 10 dagar sedan
The USA would be a lot better place if there were a special group of police (as in not connected to the normal ones) who monitored the courts for perjury and prosecuted it. Even if it was relatively simple stuff that was purely self contained in each cases court documents (as opposed to them having to fact check outside the courts).
TechieAuto 10 dagar sedan
I regret trying to eat while watching this.
Javiera Reinoso
Javiera Reinoso 10 dagar sedan
Kat Blaque's "with the stuff" is so funny to me
Color Me Grumpy
Color Me Grumpy 10 dagar sedan
I've watched this 3 times. Funnier every time.
Gp-15 /4
Gp-15 /4 11 dagar sedan
i feel so bad for the lawyers
Brianna Bell
Brianna Bell 11 dagar sedan
“she’s super mad at NYT, and they were way nicer to her than I was” sometimes life has foreshadowing and i think that’s neat
Kata Fidos
Kata Fidos 11 dagar sedan
this was very cringey for obvious reasons and also absolutely brilliant and i wish i had people to send this to
S A 11 dagar sedan
Pro - The best SEpostrs Voltron-ing together for an awesome video Con - tHE heTS aRE at IT AgAIN and extensive descriptions of wolf-adjacent sex Also, Starscream looks scared and confused
lyric 11 dagar sedan
>clicks on video >”huh, the omegaverse. i’ve heard of that but i’ve no idea what it is.” >watches video >takes 50 psychic damage >closes youtube >”neat”
currantbun2166 11 dagar sedan
Khajiit has werewolf pornographies, if you have coin.
Pink Cupcake
Pink Cupcake 12 dagar sedan
You know, all of Addison's posts have her already painting herself as the victim of a mob. She makes her statements with the predication of "everyone won't believe me and the angry mobs will come for me for even saying this", stuff like that. She paints herself the victim as her opening move, and it's extremely cowardly.
Ivy H
Ivy H 12 dagar sedan
I’m embarrassed to use the internet
Nikko Patten
Nikko Patten 12 dagar sedan
Found your channel via your brilliant video on Robin Williams and Disney. Really appreciate the way you laid out the massive issues with the current DMCA paradigm and your humor with the... niche genre where this particular example manifested. I feel more like Abe Simpson every day...
Nikko Patten
Nikko Patten 12 dagar sedan
Also, hell yes EFF!
Shaul 12 dagar sedan
Fucking love legal eagle, I can’t believe you two Collaborated
Oliver 12 dagar sedan
Never. Leave. Electronically. Traceable. Evidence. That. Cab. Be. Traced. To. Your. Accounts. You. Simpleton. Or NLETETCBTTYAYS for short.
Rebecca Cartwright
Rebecca Cartwright 12 dagar sedan
in some ways police brutality and omegaverse are connected... because someone wrote a police brutality omegaverse fanfic
Gp-15 /4
Gp-15 /4 13 dagar sedan
jbvader721 12 dagar sedan
@Gp-15 /4 Me too. Me too.
Gp-15 /4
Gp-15 /4 12 dagar sedan
@jbvader721 I am forever scared The memory is buried in my mind To hunt me to my grave
jbvader721 12 dagar sedan
Something you wish you can unhear but know deep down you can't.
Lauren Elizabeth
Lauren Elizabeth 13 dagar sedan
I’m in the wrong profession, I should’ve went to law school to make bank on this bullshit
バンジョベンジ 13 dagar sedan
Internet Historian has primed me to listen for Chills and Sseth in every dramatic reading of shitty fanfiction.
DAsrada 13 dagar sedan
Ligma Nuts
Ligma Nuts 12 dagar sedan
And by "people having wolf penises" you mean werewolves or anthropomorphic wolves?
Pablo Howard Cello
Pablo Howard Cello 13 dagar sedan
Wait, so are they wolves or people
Pablo Howard Cello
Pablo Howard Cello 12 dagar sedan
@Ligma Nuts got it! I meant no offense by the question, must have missed that part.
Ligma Nuts
Ligma Nuts 12 dagar sedan
Werewolves and anthropomorphic wolves. She literally explained it at the beginning.
John DoDo Doe
John DoDo Doe 13 dagar sedan
ZE's publisher going bankrupt/dissolved is the usual effect of the DMCA claimer (Cain) winning.
John DoDo Doe
John DoDo Doe 13 dagar sedan
Writing in the DCE Universe is not fan fiction if the writer works for Detective Comics, like Stan Lee used to do.
KellyDemonoid 13 dagar sedan
Hi I'm back here again bc I listen to youtube in my headphones while I'm working. Listening to a spirited performance of wolfporn while walking around a Lowe's is a new experience. Thanks, Lindsay!
Peter Gonzales
Peter Gonzales 13 dagar sedan
Loved this video until you roasted Taylor Swift. 😔
Kneel Before Zod!!
Kneel Before Zod!! 13 dagar sedan
I haven't laughed so hard since I saw the Dramatic Reading of an actual break up letter from an actual person on YTMND!
Excollector99 14 dagar sedan
Just imagine the lawyers and legal assistants having to read all this and defend it to their family and friends, "No, I swear I'm reading it for work. It's part of a case. Really."
Amanda Krueger
Amanda Krueger 14 dagar sedan
The teary-eyed/cry voice narration is what really sells this.
Mr. Buns
Mr. Buns 14 dagar sedan
Dafuq was that intro?
dosito86 14 dagar sedan
16:56 cures my depression
Cal Sheridan
Cal Sheridan 14 dagar sedan
"Tiger King of Wolf Porn"?! I think John Cena has an orgasm every time that phrase is played.
#jaee 15 dagar sedan
the censoring in the beginning 😭
Alias Fakename
Alias Fakename 15 dagar sedan
Commenting to boost this video! I adore you Lindsay :)
John Pope
John Pope 15 dagar sedan
I feel like people are not acknowledging how ‘Throwing Away My Shot Into George Washington’s Ass’ is maybe the greatest fanfic title that has ever been...
Christopher Lewis
Christopher Lewis 15 dagar sedan
Is it wrong to feel that these people all deserve to be bullied?
sscoutistaken 15 dagar sedan
Plot Twist: They're both the same woman and she sued herself for the lulz.
Viridian Fox
Viridian Fox 15 dagar sedan
One, that poor, poor Sonic balloon. Two, this took years off my life, and I only experienced this second-hand through you.
MrAwesomeTrex 15 dagar sedan
What really gets me about this whole... fandom, subgenre, theme... whatever, is that despite all this fascination and sexualization of wolf behaviour and anatomy, this doesn't seem to have ANYTHING to do with furries at all. Somehow that makes it even more bizarre that they aren't furry or werewolves, they're just... humans... with wolf bits and act under a bad understanding of wolf hierarchy.
SirMercutiotheCat 15 dagar sedan
Paka Pietrzykowska
Paka Pietrzykowska 16 dagar sedan
I flipped this is the last place where i expected to hear Chopin
cosmic moon girl
cosmic moon girl 16 dagar sedan
I feel so bad for all the people who had to learn about omegaverse against their will.
MrAwesomeTrex 16 dagar sedan
How the hell does a video about wolf-sex themed porn fanfics get Hbomberguy, Contrapoints, LegalEagle and so many others together in a mega collab?
Leanna 16 dagar sedan
Honestly, I wanna know what the original author of that one supernatural fic that ended up inspiring the entire genre thinks about this whole thing. Like, not only did they inspire hundreds of thousands to millions of works, there are legal battles going on about who owns the tropes of the genre they inspired and they (presumedly) have gotten $0 and minimal credit from the whole thing
KnoXX Vicious
KnoXX Vicious 16 dagar sedan
I watch this to make myself laugh, I cannot imagine this wolf sex
Nicholas James
Nicholas James 16 dagar sedan
So... the silly string on the monitor in the background. It looks....
Micari Zhou
Micari Zhou 17 dagar sedan
I usually read japanese fanfic. I'm surprised how different these tropes can be in different places(the opening nearly give me a heart attack lol). ABO is more like soulmates AU in Japanese fanfic. Stuff like heat and Mpreg exist but most of the time they are there to show how strong the characters care for each other
Skye Paxton
Skye Paxton 17 dagar sedan
What I wanna know is who helped for all the dramatic reading.
Diskus 17 dagar sedan
Whatever you do, don’t go to 52:37. Worst Mistake of my life.
Dan Green
Dan Green 17 dagar sedan
"there's no women in a/b/o" no one tell her about lesbian omegaverse
Duck King
Duck King 17 dagar sedan
Don't kinkshame also wtf
Ligma Nuts
Ligma Nuts 12 dagar sedan
Some kinks deserve shaming, like pedophilia and necrophilia.
Sai Suzuki
Sai Suzuki 17 dagar sedan
I only have e few boys-love-mangas with this theme and then I read about the anatomy/biology because the manga just said "if I pull out now I will rip out your a**hole" and I was like "why?" and then I googled ... OH BOY
benjamin powell
benjamin powell 17 dagar sedan
how did she get jenny nicholson and contra to do voiceovers? also that LAWYER just did a manta and patrick meme.
JBHUTT09 17 dagar sedan
~@35:30 Can you imagine how few anime/manga there would be if someone copyrighted the trope of a "mysterious transfer student"?
Deacon Cole
Deacon Cole 17 dagar sedan
I still can't bring myself to google knotting. That's a good thing, right?
Ligma Nuts
Ligma Nuts 12 dagar sedan
I'll spare you the effort. A certain part of male canine anatomy swells up like a knot of wood after, uh, completion. Thus the name. This locks the wolves together for a bit, and evolved that way to help ensure the females can't get knocked up by another wolf/dog/whatever.
E. Gordbort
E. Gordbort 17 dagar sedan
That intro came in hard and fast and without warning and I feel supremely uncomfortable now
Tye Files
Tye Files 17 dagar sedan
27:42 so I'm listening with stereohead phones and this part has really weird mixing, it like cuts between mono and stereo a few times in a few seconds
Kendall L. Buchanan
Kendall L. Buchanan 18 dagar sedan
The end credits omg..
morph628 18 dagar sedan
Fandango? Hobo camp...? Hobo camp!
morph628 18 dagar sedan
The melodramatic voiceovers are lit.
Christopher Jimenez
Christopher Jimenez 18 dagar sedan
Holy fuck why?!?!
David Chung
David Chung 18 dagar sedan
holy crap i haven't learned this much about law since my cousin vinny
RaptorRed Delta
RaptorRed Delta 18 dagar sedan
Lol literally a Carthago delenda est ref
Obnoxiously Charming
Obnoxiously Charming 18 dagar sedan
Straight black dude coming through. About to fuck my youtube recommendations up. Already seen a video on "the last brony con" I'm about to watch 🤣🤣
The Last Bronycon: a fandom autopsy
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