Inside the U.S. Capitol at the height of the siege | Visual Forensics

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At 2:12 p.m. on Jan. 6, supporters of President Trump began climbing through a window they had smashed on the northwest side of the U.S. Capitol. “Go! Go! Go!” someone shouted as the rioters, some in military gear, streamed in. It was the start of the most serious attack on the Capitol since the War of 1812. The mob coursed through the building, enraged that Congress was preparing to make Trump’s electoral defeat official. “Drag them out! … Hang them out!” rioters yelled at one point, as they gathered near the House chamber.
Officials in the House and Senate secured the doors of their respective chambers, but lawmakers were soon forced to retreat to undisclosed locations. Five people died on the grounds that day, including a Capitol police officer. In all, more than 50 officers were injured.
To reconstruct the pandemonium inside the Capitol, The Washington Post examined text messages, photos and hundreds of videos, some of which were exclusively obtained. By synchronizing the footage and locating some of the camera angles within a digital 3-D model of the building, The Post was able to map the rioters’ movements and assess how close they came to lawmakers - in some cases feet apart or separated only by a handful of vastly outnumbered police officers. Subscribe to The Washington Post on SEpost:
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Steve Sosebee
Steve Sosebee 4 timmar sedan
What a bunch of idiots, storm the Capitol, go to jail !!!
Michael Pollock
Michael Pollock 4 timmar sedan
I would have had a hard time not pulling my gun out on these idiots. Of course, this isn't the war of 1812, only people with money with nothing better to do following their god
Ken Park
Ken Park 15 timmar sedan
how many of the rioters had explosives?
Ken Park
Ken Park 16 timmar sedan
how many of the rioters had guns?
Let's Doodle Something HOME
Let's Doodle Something HOME 18 timmar sedan
And still, Trump supporters still comparing this riot to freaking BLM protests........
Let's Doodle Something HOME
Let's Doodle Something HOME 18 timmar sedan
When lockdown has made Americans fight itself....
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 18 timmar sedan
It’s simple let trump be in the White House and this won’t happen
fil19653253 18 timmar sedan
ja ja ja solo una pregunta porque los policias del capitolio no dispararon contra los alborotadores ? las policias en estados unidos estan acostumbradas a disparar ,los videos que aqui pasaron muestran lo que parece una policia europea,de alemania o belgica que no disparan ni en defensa propia,pero en cualquier otro incidente con policias estadounidenses ,surge de inmediato el procedimiento de primero disparar y luego investigar,esto fue un vil montaje , Bienvenidos a el tercer manadato de Barack Obama
Tony Tafoya
Tony Tafoya 21 timme sedan
... But in the end, Nothing really matters. Like ashes off the end of my cigarette ... So are the days of our stupid lives.
Rocko Rautahi
Rocko Rautahi 22 timmar sedan
Most disgusting bunch of criminals in the history of USA. Legal public executions for the insurrectionists would stop any more attacks. 100%
Keystone Shepard
Keystone Shepard 23 timmar sedan
Trump lost my vote when he wasn’t leading this charge and when he tried to deflect blame. All he had to say was ya I exited this mob there’s more forming try and arrest me the election was stolen we are going to war draw your lines pick your side god will sort us out.
Margaret Riley
Margaret Riley Dag sedan
Terrible terrible
Ur Sus
Ur Sus Dag sedan
BLM DoEs thIs To
John R.
John R. Dag sedan
hello people in 50 years when this is in history class
bea71mc channel
bea71mc channel Dag sedan
-Virgo Super cluster-
-Virgo Super cluster- Dag sedan
So let a child correct a bunch of adults. The ant ifa were there. :/
The Great CooLite
The Great CooLite Dag sedan
No antifa was not there, at all. Antifa stands for "anti-fascist". Why would they march side by side with fascists (which were confirmed to be there)?
Dabunny Rabbit
Dabunny Rabbit Dag sedan
I could listen to you talk about grass growing.
Fake News Sucks
Fake News Sucks Dag sedan
Very predictable how they edited President Trumps speech to leave out where he says “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard”
Fake News Sucks
Fake News Sucks Dag sedan
Carl Rodgers giving up is for quitters if you never give up then it is inevitable that one can never lose and will win at some stage it is just a matter of time
Carl Rodgers
Carl Rodgers Dag sedan
Wow just give up
somosgenel Dag sedan
And DONALD J "SMELLY" DUMP TRUMP WAS FOUND "INNOCENT" OF INSTIGATING THIS.....I hope NY decares him GUILTY OF THE CRIMINAL OFFENSE OF FRAUD, thus rendering his FATA55 ineligible for the upcoming elections.... " I used to complain of GEORGE DUHHHHBAYA BUSH DUM B A55, UNTIL PUTIN GAVE US DONALD DUMP" (Trademark JA )
theldun1 Dag sedan
Any of these terrorist that are active or inactive military should be court marshaled!!! Retired military can be recalled and charged !!!!
Jose Ayala
Jose Ayala Dag sedan
Jacob Clement
Jacob Clement Dag sedan
Idk who to believe anymore
Eternal Light
Eternal Light Dag sedan
All the Rioters that were injured and some that died deserved it, just wish many more of them would've been killed in this madness.
Taylor Jones
Taylor Jones 2 dagar sedan
and the blm protest are considerd terriost. Us looting is being terriost, But the rioters were putting a death threat , and was trying to assinatie.
phong nguyễn
phong nguyễn 2 dagar sedan
The United States of kenya bama..biden ..kamala.. Rip
santos murillo
santos murillo 2 dagar sedan
Further proof that there was coordination with the organizers of the demonstration. How did they know that Trump was going to turn the crowd around to march and when to begin their assault?
Ron Kerber
Ron Kerber 2 dagar sedan
Within days of this event, the National Guard from all 50 States arrived in D.C.. Why? Only Trump could have called them, did he meet with the commanders of the Guard Units? We are still in a State of War remember, for as long as it takes to fight terrorism. USS Lindsey Graham on his youtube page has a 32 or so min. clip of him questioning Nominee Kavanaugh. Start at about 24 mins in where Sen. asks about the Law of Armed Conflicts. It ends when the Senator says about traitors "You know we executed them" . The DOD Law of War is available on line it makes interesting reading.
Ur Sus
Ur Sus 2 dagar sedan
Blm protest worst then this just saying
Asad Ali
Asad Ali 2 dagar sedan
Ending of usa coming soon
Red Buffalo
Red Buffalo 2 dagar sedan
God bless all the American soldiers of Liberty in this war against Communist tyranny of the fraud Biden and the Satanic Communist party.
Carl Rodgers
Carl Rodgers Dag sedan
jason huynh
jason huynh 2 dagar sedan
they cut out all the peaceful speach that the president said!! these media and the Democrat are so corrupted they should be in jail!! Never ever vote for another Democrats very disgrace to the country and the world
Peace Maker
Peace Maker 2 dagar sedan
So only one officer feared for his life. Another lie exposed.
Angus Macdonald
Angus Macdonald 2 dagar sedan
6:57 you gotta respect those guys
Angus Macdonald
Angus Macdonald 2 dagar sedan
America; a third world country.
Mampoetsi Nkosi
Mampoetsi Nkosi Dag sedan
Said from a worse country
Wesley Heckendorn
Wesley Heckendorn 2 dagar sedan
Between pro-Trumpers, BLM, and Antifia, riots might as well be considered a new pass on this day and age. I guess golf and baseball became too boring.
earl Olson
earl Olson 2 dagar sedan
We need a supermax prison in the middle of Alaska and once these worthless terrorist pigs are tried lock them up forever, cowards, looters, thieves murderers, no mercy.
Matt 2 dagar sedan
Hi future kids
Sachira Bhanu
Sachira Bhanu 3 dagar sedan
Wow this is going to be a movie. :)
Sachira Bhanu
Sachira Bhanu 3 dagar sedan
Historical day in America. Future generation has to study hard to understand Trump. Also psychological students have a chance to summarize these things to get better idea about mental conditions of these people and Trump. :)
Toriel Dremurr
Toriel Dremurr 3 dagar sedan
I present to you our newest sh*tshow: *The Trump supporters*
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 3 dagar sedan
9:43 Weird looking white supremacist in the bottom right there
631Footy TV
631Footy TV 3 dagar sedan
left out the peacefully and patriotically part in trumps speech but hey gotta get those emotions of these small brained lefties flowing so they come back for more eh?
DOGS LIVES MATTER Daniel Stancil 3 dagar sedan
Shot killed and unarmed woman
Hard Carry
Hard Carry 3 dagar sedan
Babbit really thought *This man has a gun? I should maybe climb through.*
Hard Carry
Hard Carry 3 dagar sedan
This couldve been a bloodbath if a soldier just gave up being passive and just opened fire
Albert hoang
Albert hoang 3 dagar sedan
And they said the peaceful BLM protests were violent
Kathy Garrett
Kathy Garrett 3 dagar sedan
dougr944 4 dagar sedan
A siege is where you surround a target and cut off essential supplies forcing people to surrender. WAPO aboard the fail-train.
Dan Sotelo
Dan Sotelo 4 dagar sedan
It was sheer luck many from both sides did not die, because if capital police shot many trump terrorist they would call them selves victims of the idiotic and so called revolution. I knew some thing like this was going happen 1\2 way thru trump's presidency some thing like this was going to happen.
Grànde Armee
Grànde Armee 4 dagar sedan
I have seen so many trump supporters by looking at the comments.
Mad man
Mad man 4 dagar sedan
The Historic Capital storming of 2021 it shall be called
DarthRevan 4 dagar sedan
Watching this is hard for me. Soo damm depressing.
kathi 4 dagar sedan
Republican congress men and women were cowards and voted to have DT absolved of any and all damage and terror he reigned on our country with his goons and domestic terrorists. BAAAD republicans!!!
I'm Your mom
I'm Your mom 4 dagar sedan
Yes Destruction!
cheese 4 dagar sedan
now this is just funny that no one could stop them. Period
冬桜こたつ 4 dagar sedan
“Democracy Dies in Darkness”
Fishy 4 dagar sedan
I thought this guy supported the police
Dj Phantom
Dj Phantom 4 dagar sedan
Thanks for posting this insight to the events of that day, here in the United Kingdom we only got to see the sanitised version, but this is so incite-full that it’s clear that this mob of morons only wanted to cause fear and destroy whatever they could. 😡😢😞👍🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 How the police officers etc didn’t use more deadly force on this mob is not only unbelievable but also highly commendable, one death is tragic and five is truly saddening, but it could have been a bloodbath, when someone shouted repeatedly “he’s got a gun” it was as though they were surprised, how I don’t know, all law enforcement officers carry guns, so they couldn’t have been surprised, doesn’t make sense.
dls951 4 dagar sedan
Mostly peaceful protesters.
Skipboso4 4 dagar sedan
I liked this video bc of the quality that it was put together and shows just how heavy and extreme these ppls actions are. I dislike that it happened and all the fear the capitol workers had this day. RIP the cops and defenses that lost their lives fighting for what is right. 🪦
Skipboso4 4 dagar sedan
This feels like a terrorist attack... might as well be considered one...
Soldier TF2
Soldier TF2 5 dagar sedan
Cubeyu 5 dagar sedan
To the people coming to this in a few years, I saw it live
Josh Pace
Josh Pace 5 dagar sedan
Domestic terrorism.
ProfRogers 5 dagar sedan
This is what happens when you cheat the will of the people.
Cton88 5 dagar sedan
7:30. The same lady that condoned the "protests" back in May. Come on
Don Dondon
Don Dondon 5 dagar sedan
However, their has always been voter fraud and BS in congress, but rioting over Donald Trump. Seriously .
rooster thetrue
rooster thetrue 5 dagar sedan
Omg 😱 this is the us
Annette Cawley
Annette Cawley 5 dagar sedan
Deep Zepp
Deep Zepp 5 dagar sedan
As if this was something the establishment didn’t want to happen. How do you lot buy into this trash?
Rampancy Project
Rampancy Project 5 dagar sedan
Republicans: “Everyone else is a snowflake!” Also Republicans:
AWlpsSHOW36 3 dagar sedan
@Avenge Fear True! But these people storing the Capital are likely the same that would say "Hehe! Snowflakes!"
Avenge Fear
Avenge Fear 4 dagar sedan
Not every republican wanted to storm the capital
AWlpsSHOW36 5 dagar sedan
M O 5 dagar sedan
Someone give Officer Goodman a raise and a vacation
Je suis 87%
Je suis 87% 5 dagar sedan
I am not a big supporter of the Democrats. But WTF goes wrong with those republican voters these days? There is no rational explaination forcing the decision to give his/hers cross to them. And this I am asking myself not just since Trump was candidating. These people have big mental problems. Greetings from Germany!
Keep Pushin
Keep Pushin 5 dagar sedan
I have now watched this three times, and still I am in shock that this is how emboldened these homegrown terrorists have become. This needs to be squashed now. Yes please put a 911 commission on them. I believe these people are the largest threat our country will ever see. Get them under control before something really terrible happens.
Jibs Tale
Jibs Tale 6 dagar sedan
This is ridiculous, they should all be in prison. Trump should be in prison.
ryan mejia
ryan mejia 6 dagar sedan
dang its already been a month!
stephen7072 6 dagar sedan
They should prosecut the BLM movement and Portland rioters
Mason James
Mason James 6 dagar sedan
So much worse the the mass rioting and carnage that wrecked cities
maracuja 6 dagar sedan
america used to be cool
David Smith
David Smith 6 dagar sedan
I'd like to see all those arrested and convicted of a crime for their activities on 1/ 6/2021, including the planners behind the scenes, sentenced to a long time in a dormitory prison cell with several hundred men who haven't had intimate relations with a woman for many years. Video and audio recordings should be made and the results preserved for posterity and stored at the Library of Congress. After that, on each anniversary of the Trump Republican assault on the Capitol and members of Congress, (as well as their own Vice President) the tapes should be played on television for all to see, just as when the 911 videos were played for several years after that despicable occasion. We should never forget what happened on Jan. 6th, and then dumb bastards who were responsible for it.
MagenHildreth MagenHildreth
MagenHildreth MagenHildreth 6 dagar sedan
The staking heron minimally print because skate retrospectively mark against a nosy cemetery. unequal, overt kilogram
White Weaker
White Weaker 6 dagar sedan
D Trump and all his family screwed his supporting rioters (and the ones that died) at the capitol hill raid by denying he incited anything to them, yet it was clear they where acting under his words. -- Once his reputation is in danger, he will drop you so quick, you wont see it coming -- -- Trump supporters are IDIOTS who dont do enough research about him, he's just another Walter mitty --
Dylan williams
Dylan williams 6 dagar sedan
If there is a civil war i wont be suprised
Jeffrey Paasch
Jeffrey Paasch 6 dagar sedan
I thought it was hilarious!
Edwin Dzulkarnain
Edwin Dzulkarnain 6 dagar sedan
In Indonesia, we call it kadrun
Lily Myrick
Lily Myrick 6 dagar sedan
i watched every minute of this live on tv because i was waiting to see if ossoff would win
B H 6 dagar sedan
Boy that was the most civilized riot I've ever seen in my life. Have you seen antifa burning down mom and pop stores now that's a riot.
Edwin Aviles
Edwin Aviles 5 dagar sedan
You're stupid if you actually believe that load of bollocks lol
Victor Mauricio
Victor Mauricio 6 dagar sedan
12:37 the secret service shot that traitor off the trump train, permanently ! Ask your self, do you think Trump care ? Tomorrow trump will be playing golf at Mar-o-lago not giving 2 💩’s about her. This I can tell you.
Victor Mauricio
Victor Mauricio 6 dagar sedan
Requirements for being a republicans = cheat, lie and still
Edwin Aviles
Edwin Aviles 5 dagar sedan
Victor Mauricio
Victor Mauricio 6 dagar sedan
These TRAITORS went to the capital thinking they were patriot .
R Young
R Young 6 dagar sedan
Very slanted and left wing point of view
TNTbomb1oo 6 dagar sedan
The video where the trump supporters were being interviewed was nothing like this. They said it was a "peaceful protest" and they were "polite" they said they had tear gass thrown at them for no reason. The evidence doesn't show that.
TigerVelocityPlays 6 dagar sedan
What about all this BLM crap they rioted
Mr. Nikolaev
Mr. Nikolaev 5 dagar sedan
Don't blame them for this.
TigerVelocityPlays 6 dagar sedan
Trump 2024
TigerVelocityPlays 6 dagar sedan
Trump! Trump2020
Mimi Biondo
Mimi Biondo 6 dagar sedan
hey history students who will be watching this in 5 years :)
Strange Armour
Strange Armour 6 dagar sedan
If this were for real, a whole bunch of people would have turned up armed. No way could "rioters" get anywhere near the place unless IT WAS ALLOWED TO HAPPEN !!!
Adrean Tejeda
Adrean Tejeda 6 dagar sedan
The open invoice mostly flash because pharmacist climatologically blush lest a cheap rain. pumped, fixed bomb
Joe Clark
Joe Clark 6 dagar sedan
6:59 I know this is terrible and all but I laughed right here
Apollo 4 dagar sedan
John Vercellone
John Vercellone 6 dagar sedan
Horse manure
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