Inside The Twisted World of Zoe Laverne | TikTok's Biggest Predator

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j aubrey

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Join me as we take a look into the devastating fall of Zoe Laverne, the star predator of TikTok.
TRACKS USED (in order):
intro - 0:00
who is zoe laverne? - 3:58
charli d'amelio and other controversies - 8:43
cody orlove - 11:42
the first breakup - 17:46
the second breakup - 22:35
predator allegations - 29:53
damage control - 33:10
conclusion - 43:07

j aubrey
j aubrey 2 månader sedan
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Mr Unreliable
Mr Unreliable 9 dagar sedan
Can we start a petition or something, do you realize how many problems could be solved if these copyright people make the burden of proof on the striker not the channel...👌
[ S o l i t a ]
[ S o l i t a ] 11 dagar sedan
He would claim it... 🤡 🗑 🔥
cass12234 11 dagar sedan
@Bill Gates the description shows you that he did claim it...honestly can't tell if you are being sarcastic
Brittany Garza
Brittany Garza 13 dagar sedan
Brittany Garza
Brittany Garza 13 dagar sedan
Emily Raley
Emily Raley 22 timmar sedan
someone you might know
someone you might know Dag sedan
I love how we all saw the few kid stars of the 90s and 2000s going crazy and wishing they didn't live under the spotlight as kids and now it's just a common thing some very normal people go through with even less control and protection from adults Edit: bruh they're messed up
someone you might know
someone you might know Dag sedan
Talk for yourself, I don't know how people got hooked by tiktok :')
Michelle obrien
Michelle obrien Dag sedan
Michelle obrien
Michelle obrien Dag sedan
Nirvana , early intervjews warned us ,, . Were onto were we were headed,,
Aaron P
Aaron P Dag sedan
It was all a mistake. Cell phones, social media, the internet... Burn it all down KILL IT WITH FIRE! But in all honesty. I hope when that kid gets older he understands that none of this was his fault.
LivePKM Dag sedan
Bro imagine this shit was backworlds like holy shit that guy would lose everything but when a girl does it she’s given so many fucking chances alright man
LivePKM Dag sedan
You want to know the most fucked up part is that if a guy did all this shit even with his high social status would instantly get sent to jail
Gaël Hervé hiking&birding
Gaël Hervé hiking&birding Dag sedan
I discover more everyday about the world of gen Z , or gen whatever letter it is, and I'm honestly lost. I'm an old guy.
MollieVerra 2 dagar sedan
I'm not saying that Cody is a complete angel, But damn, Zoe is the worst the person i have ever heard about.
Emo Vegan
Emo Vegan 2 dagar sedan
Where are the parents, Where are his parents and WHERE THE HELL IS HER PSYCHIATRIST????
Emo Vegan
Emo Vegan 2 dagar sedan
Something is obviously wrong... i can’t joke about this one. So many red flags 🚩
breanna kay
breanna kay 2 dagar sedan
oml shes a mess
ryublueblanka 2 dagar sedan
It's not only the world that is becoming more artificial but human beings themselves... unreal. So glad this isn't something I knew about before watching this video
ryublueblanka 2 dagar sedan
kyung Soon
kyung Soon 2 dagar sedan
The way she talks about about she didn't wanted to kiss the guy and says it was disgusting, it was so rushed it was obviously her lying, that girl is so gross I don't get why she has a following, but I guess lovely peaches still has a following so this world is on fire I guess
Maestro Mike
Maestro Mike 2 dagar sedan
Oh No! I’m not number One on Tix Tock! Anymore!
OneThousandOwls 3 dagar sedan
“The star of TikTok” you mean the girl who cried bc Charli got more popular than her just by doing weird dances?
Goon Cookie
Goon Cookie 3 dagar sedan
Wow, people really care at all about these goofy looking kids? Man, I'm old.
No Dice
No Dice 3 dagar sedan
I don't have a tiktok. I've never heard of any of these people. I don't even know why I'm watching this lmao
Sarunosa 3 dagar sedan
Someone said that she is “so unproblematic” at 42:58
Izzy G
Izzy G 3 dagar sedan
Have you recovered from making this video yet?
Anthony Harris
Anthony Harris 3 dagar sedan
19:19 that hair flick tho
Work in Progress
Work in Progress 3 dagar sedan
My friend has a fan account for Zoe and I didn't know what to believe because my friend said she's not a groomer but other people did. Now I can certainly say she is a groomer and a disgusting person. Thanks for the video :)
AB 3 dagar sedan
Tic tok is disgusting.
Degen Learns
Degen Learns 4 dagar sedan
kimberly ruper
kimberly ruper 4 dagar sedan
And these jackass KIDS get paid to air such asinine content. They need to be held accountable for abusing each other. These is our future mothers, father, teachers, law etc.... We do have a chance. I listen to Zoe speak and I think maybe she should concentrate on educating herself. She said she's a target? Then get off social media!!!!!!!
NoName 4 dagar sedan
00:50 no and I am thankful for that
Taylor Dunaway
Taylor Dunaway 4 dagar sedan
Y’know what I’m glad these disgusting people have platforms because at least it’s documented and discussed. Imagine if these people existed away from the public eye and were able to get away a little too easily because they didn’t have the attention of people online
Anna Hill
Anna Hill 4 dagar sedan
20:19 J aubrey, no, you're wrong. That's not "harassment" that's assault. Sexual assault. If the genders were switched we'd say it a lot more confidently. Yes, men do stereotypically have more power in a heterosexual intimate encounter, but sexual assault is assault. Her advances were assault.
Emily Johanssen
Emily Johanssen 5 dagar sedan
omgg wait zoe probably got the whole 'star of tiktok' thing from her mom- of course it wa the trumpie lol
Lucas Cash
Lucas Cash 5 dagar sedan
we the same age and i could tell
Jack Straw
Jack Straw 5 dagar sedan
Good for you bro, I can't believe this has way over a million views. Serious Question tho, if someone just clicks on your video by accident but gets right off, does that count as a view? If anyone can help me out Id certainly appreciate it...😁✌
Nick iCharge
Nick iCharge 5 dagar sedan
She's a Narcissist Broooo!!! Full of Demons NO Joke watch Narcology unscripted SEpost channel.
Bfg Kenneth
Bfg Kenneth 6 dagar sedan
My man cody aint want to head wtf trippin😂
Privacy Lover
Privacy Lover 6 dagar sedan
Did her mother really say that her 19-year-old daughter is "best friends" with a middle schooler and then try to use that as justification for Zoe's behavior? It's possible for a 13-year-old and a 19-year-old to have a friendship without it being inappropriate or exploitative/abusive (the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program is built on that idea) but to spend significant amounts of time together and have the type of close special relationship that teenagers refer to as "best friends" does not make sense and is not okay. It's insane that her mother validated it instead of discouraging it. Zoe proved exactly why it's a bad idea.
Paul Ayanbowale
Paul Ayanbowale 6 dagar sedan
sorry is his name Paul?
Madison Jones
Madison Jones 6 dagar sedan
Lol I don't see yalls issue I'm 29 and my bf 12
rjtheripper931 6 dagar sedan
This was painful to watch
Oscar S
Oscar S 6 dagar sedan
Ngl a solid 30% of 13 y/os nowadays would be up in her guts with no second thoughts
Ttvdwade_the_boss 6 dagar sedan
I hate Tik tok.
Ashes 6 dagar sedan
God their song is garbage..
Ashes 6 dagar sedan
I just wanna say, she's not as attractive as she thinks she is, nor as talented... SAD that the internet gives talentless twits Fame for doing stupid stuff.
Ashes 6 dagar sedan
These are my opinions.
Me Rose
Me Rose 6 dagar sedan
Ticktock is bizarre. It’s like what you did in the mirror.. then the dance moves? Can you even call them that?
Wavy Kay
Wavy Kay 6 dagar sedan
I don’t know any of these people
Stephanie Peck
Stephanie Peck 7 dagar sedan
Can you please do one on Maddie and Elijah?
Shelter Two
Shelter Two 7 dagar sedan
We gotta stop letting kids get famous. Shit is so sad to watch.
Eileen Maldonado
Eileen Maldonado 7 dagar sedan
Whats the song in the conclusion ?
Evander Gonzalez
Evander Gonzalez 7 dagar sedan
what a wuss
BezBog 7 dagar sedan
All of that that TikTok stuff is rather sad TBH - young folk just neck deep in social media addiction...
Adam Gaffney
Adam Gaffney 7 dagar sedan
I made a few mistakes when I was her age. I maybe wasn't as good a friend as I could be, I forgot to turn up to some classes. I didn't GROOM A CHILD. That's not a mistake, you cannot accidentally have a relationship with a child. Christ I'm 25 now and see 21 year olds as pretty young, how can you be 19, looking at a 13 year old and be like "hmm, makes sense".
Sonia Rodriguez
Sonia Rodriguez 7 dagar sedan
I didn't understand the first 4 minutes of this.
m i s s y
m i s s y 7 dagar sedan
Your cheting
abby grace
abby grace 8 dagar sedan
ur editing is amazing i cant deal
Skyla St Fleur
Skyla St Fleur 8 dagar sedan
Mar 8 dagar sedan
so…… she IS pregnant.
1 hour loops by pwincessgigi
1 hour loops by pwincessgigi 8 dagar sedan
I understand and believe that she didn't mean to cause the little boy harm, but she did. As someone who was also 13 when an 18 year old dated me, to this day I still blame myself because I know that person didn't mean to do me harm. I blame myself as if I should've known better, even though not even that older and more mature person seemed to know better. But at the end of the day, they did harm anyway, and that's on them. So, she needs to work on that through therapy and so does the boy. There's a lot of learning and growing to do.
Man 8 dagar sedan
i hate tik tok. i have spent enough time on the political side of that app to know that its a bunch of kids with superiority complex's and the algorithm unknowingly creates factions of people making multiple eco chambers of twisted ideologys. whether its a bunch of racist male 13yo who are fresh off the 'ben shapiro owns annoying feminazi' videos or the young teens who got reeled in by a e boy and got brutally heartbroken, there are many types of people you will come across on that app.
Kalyb gaming Summers
Kalyb gaming Summers 4 dagar sedan
@Man oh sorry-
Man 7 dagar sedan
@Kalyb gaming Summers i was referring to females when i said “people who just had a break up” both sides of the spectrum are just as bad as each other.
Kalyb gaming Summers
Kalyb gaming Summers 7 dagar sedan
why just males that are bad aye? look at zoe herself mate
Jozie Quervo Yo
Jozie Quervo Yo 8 dagar sedan
She'll be fine. Her looks will allow her to get away with much more than Hannah, Kayla, or Shanae. The viewers, supporters, and platforms play a hand in this bs too.
Jozie Quervo Yo
Jozie Quervo Yo 8 dagar sedan
If this was a 19/20 yr old man... She deserves the same punishment in my eyes. This type of abuse will screw a kid up now and later.
Jessica Thomas
Jessica Thomas 8 dagar sedan
Narcissist's always screw themselves over...eventually...
Sparkleboots The Gamer
Sparkleboots The Gamer 8 dagar sedan
It's so sad that a 19 year old can get themselves into this much drama and do this type of *shit* to someone
Rosalyn Leva
Rosalyn Leva 8 dagar sedan
i remember places
Ashlee Harvey
Ashlee Harvey 8 dagar sedan
Dear Jesus. Please come.
Kitan Kate
Kitan Kate 9 dagar sedan
i think she doesn't realise that the age of consent is 18 in the USA, so if he "consents" its not consent, he doesn't have a right to consent because he is a child.
treya Miller
treya Miller 9 dagar sedan
my goodness where are their parents? why didnt their parents forbid them from social media lol
Landen Hamel
Landen Hamel 9 dagar sedan
in 2018 i grew a decent following on tiktok for looking like a anime character. i was 14 at the time, and i agree it warped my view on the world. but in my case for the better, because of those 3.6k ppl i am more confident in myself, started dating, and not being afraid to say yes, i am disabled, yes, that means i have a limp but i still deserve happiness and to have my voice heard
Gamimi12 9 dagar sedan
8:33 I thank myself that I am the complete opposite of these tiktokers when it comes to self-worth. Theirs is inflated, mine is non-existent. 😙💀
Brendan Geraghty
Brendan Geraghty 9 dagar sedan
Who cares? Everyone in this video, including the narrator are the most annoying people imaginable. Turn off your computers. Turn off your phones. You'll be a better person for it.
Eskey 4 dagar sedan
You do know what Zoe did don’t you ?
Rike W
Rike W 9 dagar sedan
AHHH I love me a good generation of narcissists
Ashlee Harvey
Ashlee Harvey 8 dagar sedan
All of gen z. It’s all the vaccines, junk food, technology, radiation. The age of I will do anything you tell me and I will believe everything you tell me. Take a experimental vax? Sure!
Tessie Pinkman
Tessie Pinkman 9 dagar sedan
She needs therapy, ina facility without any internet or phone use. She needs to detox from Social Media.
Shamor Williams
Shamor Williams 9 dagar sedan
So their parents are where?
kai 10 dagar sedan
its so weird to watch a teen who makes content for fun be corrupted by followers and “power” its happened so much
Nicky White
Nicky White 10 dagar sedan
People archive this video, just in case she gets it taken down. She won’t silence the masses. Great video as usual.
Boomer Topia
Boomer Topia 9 dagar sedan
Yes, Exactly as many of us as possible need to save it just in case she gets it taken down.
May 10 dagar sedan
the fact she’s making money from making those lives of her trying to justifying her being a child predator is disgusting.
Smelly Wallpaper49
Smelly Wallpaper49 10 dagar sedan
There is one thing I can say is a lie here.. I have never downloaded Tik Tok as a joke and never will. It is stupid...
Zoe Harmon
Zoe Harmon 10 dagar sedan
as a Zoe myself i do not claim
MBTG TV 10 dagar sedan
They give you all the tools to destroy yourself
Whitney McParland
Whitney McParland 10 dagar sedan
Why am I watching this...
Taryn Fivaz
Taryn Fivaz 10 dagar sedan
100% Narcissist or is it Sociopath? Either way dodgy as hell and why did some legal entity not prosecute her, or can only the parents lay charges?
e 10 dagar sedan
all of the dislikes are from the zonuts
e 9 dagar sedan
@Boomer Topia yeah really it’s just Disgusting
Boomer Topia
Boomer Topia 9 dagar sedan
@e Thought so loll, But yeah her fans are extremely toxic tbh. They're mostly little kids, And for little kids to be watching and looking up to a literal CHILD GROOMER is disgusting and scary on so many levels.
e 9 dagar sedan
@Boomer Topia yeah i meant that
Boomer Topia
Boomer Topia 9 dagar sedan
You mean the groomnuts lmao
neoletta markzen
neoletta markzen 10 dagar sedan
she reminds me of my "friend" from middle school. she gaslighted me for four years
Gabi Anderson
Gabi Anderson 10 dagar sedan
this channel is art.
Z T 10 dagar sedan
That would actually be sexual harassment right ?
georgenotfound stan
georgenotfound stan 10 dagar sedan
2nd biggest predator now i guess
Laura Benthall
Laura Benthall 10 dagar sedan
She is right when she said if it was somebody else it'd be a different story. Cause they'd go to fuckin jail where she SHOULD BE
Bonzoo Pippenpadlopsicopolis The Third
Bonzoo Pippenpadlopsicopolis The Third 10 dagar sedan
Wow, she reminds me of my younger adopted sister.
YouTubeUser 11 dagar sedan
a 13 year old saying "finally happy for once" kinda just summed up the problem with children using social media in one go
PrinceOfMixes 11 dagar sedan
Most boring video ever made. go do something else with you''re life instead of bothering 13 and 19 year olds >,> We are all good at judging arent we? Go help people zzz
Eskey 4 dagar sedan
Yea, How dare she expose a pedophile and really go do something with your life you said that to someone online maybe you need to reevaluate your life if you say that
PrinceOfMixes 10 dagar sedan
@Sleeping Usagi yeah no ''exposing'' someone on the internet is just as evil. not saying what she did was okay. but shes a teenager. and that ex boyfriend of her is just as bad. Drama youtube reality show. ive seen way worse things. What is more shocking to me that people make money out of exploiding stories. Like this one , cruel world isnt it.
Sleeping Usagi
Sleeping Usagi 10 dagar sedan
Exposing a 19 y/o of grooming isnt bothering buddy
Sounder 11 dagar sedan
Some of the first text discovered said 'These youth's are going to be the end of Civilization'. I think were nearly there now.
Jennifer Lafler
Jennifer Lafler 11 dagar sedan
I see zoe is taking notes from republicans
Eskey 4 dagar sedan
Don’t forget about the leftists
Maggie Red
Maggie Red 11 dagar sedan
I just lost some brain cells watching this
Jese's Aquarium
Jese's Aquarium 11 dagar sedan
29:06 "I'm going insane" ROFL
Africa Murphy
Africa Murphy 11 dagar sedan
"the star of tiktok" girl I don't even know who this is 💀💀
Erin Loach
Erin Loach 11 dagar sedan
Legit!! Only know about her because of her scandals
Lucifer Widow
Lucifer Widow 11 dagar sedan
It’s always funny to me when others judge people’s content but then their content is 99.9% talking about others hahahahah not a fan of these stupid tiktok freaks but it’s funny how people who hide behind edits and drama judge others content looool can’t relate ❤️
Eskey 4 dagar sedan
Why do you care so much ?
Z Chiles
Z Chiles 11 dagar sedan
Why are any of these idiots popular?
N1 1k
N1 1k 11 dagar sedan
She looks like 14
Andrea 11 dagar sedan
I love how I didn’t know who she was.
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