"If That's Beef, Then I Was Born In Bangladesh" | Kitchen Nightmares

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Kitchen Nightmares

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Gordon visits Dillions, where he has his skills tested to the absolute max.
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ALL THINGS TO ALL MEN 17 minuter sedan
Gordon making grown ass men his b*tches...lmao mans is ruthless!
꧁Sam - James Roland Villorejo꧂
꧁Sam - James Roland Villorejo꧂ Timme sedan
~The audacity~
19-Shoronjeet Banerjee
19-Shoronjeet Banerjee 2 timmar sedan
23:43 That's Vikas khanna, consultant chef then. Now an Indian culinary legend. His restaurant was awarded the Michelin star for 6 consecutive years....
Sudipta Ghosh
Sudipta Ghosh 3 timmar sedan
when Bangladeshi's run Indian restaurant :))
Nij R
Nij R 4 timmar sedan
Gordons such a legend when I saw Vikas in the Kitchen on day of launch and Gordon said he would be watching Martin I knew Gordon knows he was taking Mo for a ride and was THE one to look after the entire place for Mo and did absolutely nothing the place was putrid before Gordon arrived and someone like that needs to go. Mo called in Gordon and wants to right wrongs. Op mamager clearly trying hard, even cooking. No need for Martin. Complete waste of money.
Fratz 5 timmar sedan
Gordon just casually catches a fly.
conflagrationTuesday 6 timmar sedan
That twat Martin deserved everything he got and more. What an ineffectual piece of work he was.
Abhishek ml
Abhishek ml 6 timmar sedan
Every Kitchen Nightmares episode.... Before Ramsay comes : No customers When Ramsay is there : Restaurant's f**king full....
md. Ashraful Arefin
md. Ashraful Arefin 6 timmar sedan
i am living in bangladesh
PAULY PINEAPPLE 7 timmar sedan
someones shagging the waitress lol
Whoa dont zucc me dude
Whoa dont zucc me dude 7 timmar sedan
anyone from bangladesh?
Shanerey Lamboloto
Shanerey Lamboloto 7 timmar sedan
I think the common denominator here of all restaurants featured is that there is that one staff or manager who actually cares but due to culture of "stay out of my business" those who care cannot step up, even if the one who is supposed to hold all the shit together is not taking responsibility.
Roblo' Gamin!
Roblo' Gamin! 7 timmar sedan
everybody's gangsta until gordon asks to eat your own food
Lzy Soul
Lzy Soul 11 timmar sedan
26:25 that girl simping
Alexander Budianto
Alexander Budianto 12 timmar sedan
Andrew: I make sure that there's toilet paper to wipe your butt with. We need Andrew RIGHT NOW!!!
Samir Shukla
Samir Shukla 12 timmar sedan
[ yoonieyoonie ]
[ yoonieyoonie ] 15 timmar sedan
Gggggggggggggordon Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrramsay
Borsa Yayin
Borsa Yayin 16 timmar sedan
How the health inspectors gives these kind of restraunts works
Rick Y
Rick Y 18 timmar sedan
She isn't wrong @00:51. It's a wave.
Rena's Kitchen
Rena's Kitchen 20 timmar sedan
Olaniawo Ifeloluwa
Olaniawo Ifeloluwa 20 timmar sedan
Thought Ramsey was a piece of shit..but dayyum I love him.... Martin is obviously a piece of shit
Shuvajit Mukherjee
Shuvajit Mukherjee 23 timmar sedan
This is a Bangladeshi restaurant...they shouldn't advertise Indian food if they can't keep up with the standards
Shuvajit Mukherjee
Shuvajit Mukherjee 23 timmar sedan
Just to make it crystal clear......biriyani is made with long grained rice, not short grained ones. Short grained rice is used for regular dinner not biriyani
Kiara Solis
Kiara Solis Dag sedan
how does that chef not know where he’s living lmao
eman X
eman X Dag sedan
Martin piss me off. He is a liability to the restaurant. I'm glad he quit.
O H Dag sedan
"3 fucking managers and they're all shit" 🤣 "General manager? General tosspot" 🤣
Ted Cleveland
Ted Cleveland Dag sedan
tbh its not just this place you will sees lot of fly..pretty much every indian retaurants ..i wondering why
Paras Gates
Paras Gates Dag sedan
*It's Bangladesh kitchen not Indian by adding Indian menu servicing shit to customers is actually misusing the name and fame of India*
Rose M
Rose M Dag sedan
16:22 get Gordon on I’m a celebrity get me out of here 28:41 Look for a new job - zooms to Martin
Rose Lyrics
Rose Lyrics Dag sedan
Gordon's total focus on Martin 😁😁
arghya kamal saha
arghya kamal saha Dag sedan
Anyone watching from India or Bangladesh😂? Mark your presence they were actually speaking Bengali Language 😅
Lol-Mashroom Gacha-Lol
Lol-Mashroom Gacha-Lol Dag sedan
Ew bugs
Lou Dag sedan
Fardin Riasad Khan Taisir
Fardin Riasad Khan Taisir Dag sedan
Its kinda horrible that they are assuming Indian to those Bangladeshi peoples, after even hearing Bengali from them.
Sam Nigam
Sam Nigam Dag sedan
Purnima was a good resturant but got closed down in NYC. But the reality is this Restaurant was once a horror show thanks to that shitty incompetent manager Martin but the other manager Khan saved the day. Kitchen was filthy rotten n bullshit Restaurant got closed down even after Gordon Helped them made it best. Best Western n Indian restaurants are in Washington California Texas n Florida.
3rd Rate
3rd Rate Dag sedan
The subway on the opposite side of the street got some good sponsor
tejas shetty
tejas shetty Dag sedan
This restaurant would make a great sitcom
Shafiullah Akila
Shafiullah Akila Dag sedan
Why the fuck would you say this about a country??
Shanto Roy
Shanto Roy Dag sedan
Just because u know how to turn some spoons u can say anything haaaa 😠😠
Jiwon Dag sedan
I love how quiet Gordon gets when someone is yelling at him. Made Martin look even more stupid loool
Honey singh
Honey singh Dag sedan
How the hell this owner was running this place? All those people working for him just robbing him of money and enjoying
Nasra abdirahim
Nasra abdirahim Dag sedan
"its fuckin rotten you fuckin idiot, its roteeeeeeeeen" lol i died
Tudor Opris
Tudor Opris Dag sedan
Dudees...min 18 to 19+ the owner is smiling...wtf scripted much?
jose valgorio
jose valgorio Dag sedan
Martin is just a fckin manager in the whole new york.. I think he must apply at playboy and he might succeed😊
Bendrix Mc
Bendrix Mc Dag sedan
That fridge of cockroaches
Murshiduzzaman Khan
Murshiduzzaman Khan Dag sedan
Time 1:10 said some bengali word
k. k.
k. k. Dag sedan
Fuck me... I was eating during the basement scene...
Lakhan Gajjelli
Lakhan Gajjelli Dag sedan
Vikas is best indian chef all the best
alex šindelář
alex šindelář Dag sedan
Martin's a dickhead
PapaNoahh Dag sedan
Gordon: "this food could kill peple" Camera team: *proceeds to film people eating the food*
Mali Santosh
Mali Santosh 2 dagar sedan
These people are from Bangladesh and just using India's name to attract customers and also spoiling our image in the world.Majority of our neighbouring countries like pakistan, Sri Lanka etc do's the same because they know by using their countries name nobody will come in their restaurant.
ShadowBlox 2 dagar sedan
(If That's Beef, Then I Was Born In Bangladesh) lol
Comrade Wolfe
Comrade Wolfe 2 dagar sedan
2:03 Okay Super Hans, I believe you. Edit: He sounds like him too. Edit 2: I mean, at least Super Hans had an excuse for why he was the way he was. He was on drugs. Martin?
Punto Damar
Punto Damar 2 dagar sedan
Everyone looks completely clueless. And what's with that cloth decor ???
San Korako
San Korako 2 dagar sedan
This restaurant closed
Invincible Titan
Invincible Titan 2 dagar sedan
This place is closed now!
Jordon Ainscow
Jordon Ainscow 2 dagar sedan
General tosspot!!!!!!! Lmaooo
Arieonac 2 dagar sedan
The chef was Bengali like me .
Aiesyah Syahirah
Aiesyah Syahirah 2 dagar sedan
What happen to this shop after all the changes?is the restaurant improve?
Jude 2 dagar sedan
Nah Martin is a narcissist straight up and down
BlackBird Sax
BlackBird Sax 2 dagar sedan
I fell bad for the operations manager. He wasn't assigned as a chef and yet he's forced into making it. He's pretty much a regular guy you can't expect him to cook good food with no experience in cooking. The other managers were just lazy and ignorant to the problems.
jayjay Jay
jayjay Jay 4 timmar sedan
i feel bad for everyone that stepped foot into there
Jude 2 dagar sedan
General tosspot 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Schnapsbrenner 2 dagar sedan
So the janitor is expediting, cooking, delegating but as it looks not cleaning the place xD
Lu Cypher
Lu Cypher 2 dagar sedan
lamenamethefirst 2 dagar sedan
The cockroaches in the fridge door nearly made me throw up.
Jitendra K
Jitendra K 2 dagar sedan
Stop calling Bangladeshi restaurants Indian. Frozen food is not Indian.
It’s Me
It’s Me 2 dagar sedan
6:22 Was it an insult to Bangladesh or something else?
Kaushik Pati
Kaushik Pati 2 dagar sedan
Kinda felt bad for the bangladeshi chef. Man probably got a lottery green card and doesn't even know the language properly, just trying to make his ends meet.
conflagrationTuesday 6 timmar sedan
Yeah, but you don't need to cook on the floor to keep your job..
Keith Halliday
Keith Halliday 2 dagar sedan
Martin : Gordon : I’m about to end this mans whole career
DoomZ_ 2 dagar sedan
Icl Jenna looks leng
Subaj Tuladhar
Subaj Tuladhar 2 dagar sedan
Dehydrated Turd. 🤣🤣🤣
TRUE FACE OF MO 2 dagar sedan
Haha Gordon just said pork and the MUSLIM guys were really checking if it was pork... Hahaha
TRUE FACE OF MO 2 dagar sedan
Aaaavrything is because of the Bangladeshi floor manager
john Carlo
john Carlo 2 dagar sedan
Please Chef raf dont give chance the fck demanding peopl you use you for fck like that people
john Carlo
john Carlo 2 dagar sedan
Restaurant to be demanding woo
Jessie Chan
Jessie Chan 2 dagar sedan
*I like how it played the ghost busters theme xD*
Jessie Chan
Jessie Chan 2 dagar sedan
*What I'm mindboggled about is how Tf Gordon hasn't died yet?!*
Adrian Cotirta
Adrian Cotirta 2 dagar sedan
From beef , to pork, to lamb or perhaps who knows.. :D
Melgija Felix
Melgija Felix 3 dagar sedan
How on earth can he touch that disgusting stuff yesterday I saw a cockroach in my room while online classes and I am like I AM GONNA DIE
Syeikh Annuwar
Syeikh Annuwar 3 dagar sedan
Too many managers for a medium size restaurant. There is no reason to have a General Manager. Restaurant Manager will do. Martin don’t belongs to Food and Beverage or Hospitality Industries.
Boobalopbop 3 dagar sedan
I feel bad for them the re-opening night. I've been a waitress. If you're not used to handling that many customers, if you don't have a manager guiding things, it can easily get out of control. And waitresses always get the blame.
Boobalopbop 3 dagar sedan
I learned the hard way why it's important to kill any fly you see in your house and make sure all discarded meats are trashed and taken out immediately. Maggots. You don't want maggots.
Boobalopbop 3 dagar sedan
An American, Irish restaurant... With an Indian-ness. What in the F?
shomona ahmed
shomona ahmed 3 dagar sedan
7:46 the guys are speaking bengali . Uhhh .
wolf girl
wolf girl 2 dagar sedan
Minecraft Pros
Minecraft Pros 3 dagar sedan
Gordon: Im being serious now Editor: Ghost busters play when he is going to exterminate bugs.
Logeenth: Live!
Logeenth: Live! Dag sedan
Martin: "StAr WaRs oR sOmEtHiNg"
Rohan Durey
Rohan Durey 3 dagar sedan
"Dehydrated Turd" savage!!!!!!
S S 3 dagar sedan
what a racist caption!
Mr M.K
Mr M.K 3 dagar sedan
FIRE that creepy manager and that GF
Zen Kagumi
Zen Kagumi 3 dagar sedan
People really don't understand how tv shows work lmao yes it is someway scripted but not everything you've seen here is fake. You can simply search the restaurants and it will pop out, but of them are closed why? It's simply because they couldn't keep up the standards the ramsay put.
xD. w3nKz
xD. w3nKz 3 dagar sedan
This how you prank vegetarian people 5:30
Deeksha Gaur
Deeksha Gaur 3 dagar sedan
Set the whole place on fire... That kitchen was a breeding ground for insects and fungus..I literally shuddered looking at it 🤢🤮
Jonah Brake
Jonah Brake 3 dagar sedan
Idk why gordan doesn’t check the kitchen and storage before eating the food cause that is gross 🤢
Rexter Dancalan
Rexter Dancalan 23 timmar sedan
To make the shows interesting
Patricia d'Assier
Patricia d'Assier 3 dagar sedan
Gordon is amazing and does a great job. But why oh why does he ALWAYS need to stick in a shot of his bare chest!? We know you take pride in staying fit, but no need to stick it on our eyeballs.
Kabir Munshi
Kabir Munshi 3 dagar sedan
Banglasdesh isn't inside India.Bangladesh is another country outside India...!!
FreddyThePig 3 dagar sedan
Ads every 5 fucking minutes
venom gaming
venom gaming 3 dagar sedan
In India who don’t knows chef vikash
Imran nawaz
Imran nawaz 3 dagar sedan
Oh my 🤦‍♂️. They’re eating puri with a fork and knife😂
Natasha Nordin
Natasha Nordin 3 dagar sedan
If you see the staffs,manager or the chef go out to the customers while their hands on the waist that means something is wrong with them. lol
Arif Cheauseng
Arif Cheauseng Dag sedan
akhi ferdushi
akhi ferdushi 3 dagar sedan
" *i make sure you have toilet paper to wipe your butt with* "
Tai Chi
Tai Chi 3 dagar sedan
The Star here is Martin. Make the Show interesting.
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