If I Cheese a Level, The Video Maybe Ends (big meta)

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This guy tweeted his Super World at me and said BETCHA CAN'T CHEESE ANY OF IT. Being the mouse that I am, I HAD to investigate the situation...
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#SMM2 #SuperMarioMaker2 #RyuSMM

Appolyon 22 timmar sedan
The second level might be cheeseable. If you get all red coins but still take the long route, you could skip the boss fight, don't you?
Patrick Wester
Patrick Wester Dag sedan
33:33 link ¡v 💔💚🤎💞🟫🔊🟡🟡
Víctor González
Víctor González 3 dagar sedan
that's not cheese, it's just a save
skimmyStyle 6 dagar sedan
i just want to throw this out there. you are my favorite of the 4 mario game playing people i watch ok youtube. love the personality in your videos. just so you know your compatition its you, dgr, grand poo bear, and mitch flower power.
Crown The Light
Crown The Light 12 dagar sedan
Thanks Ryu, all my ads are about cheese now 🤣
Devante Harris
Devante Harris 15 dagar sedan
I have a fever, and the only prescription.... is more cheese
Crow Migration
Crow Migration 16 dagar sedan
That's a huge oversight. Top right pipe was just to distract people from the actual solution, I do that too.
Stephanie Jean
Stephanie Jean 20 dagar sedan
In a "LOZ" dungeon themed level I think its better described as "alternate paths" rather than cheese. So sorry Ryu but you didn't cheese it. 😐☺lol
edrick2250 22 dagar sedan
I was waiting for him to say "It's not easy being cheesy."
1st Class Gamer
1st Class Gamer 24 dagar sedan
Link level was epic
Terren Musselwhite
Terren Musselwhite 26 dagar sedan
We'll call it a cheese curd
theonlymegumegu 26 dagar sedan
Ryu found the cheese-ception! XD
Benjamin Wagner
Benjamin Wagner 28 dagar sedan
my son made these levels, he had such a big smile on his face watching this video. Thank you, very cool ryukaher
Morten Bakke
Morten Bakke 29 dagar sedan
You should play some of my maps. Almost everyone have one intentional cheese posibility in it. It's not a bug, it's a feature, but you have to be creative to find them.
Can4sian 29 dagar sedan
Dark souls 3?
بشير جابر
بشير جابر Månad sedan
good job👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
TheUncleBo Månad sedan
should i keep resending my level or...
Cibion Månad sedan
Ryu found that much cheese in the last level it caused confusion lol
Eli Norris
Eli Norris Månad sedan
damn Redfalcon is a trendy kid according to Ryu
Samuel Cho
Samuel Cho Månad sedan
Ryukahr invents the meta of clickbaiting "if X happens the video ends" into even bigger suspension, maybe
Twig - E
Twig - E Månad sedan
The Cheese is real in this one! Wisconsin salutes you, my man!
some guy
some guy Månad sedan
10:20 you can just damage boost through with out hitting the switch. Cheese
Pro-11 - Brawl Stars
Pro-11 - Brawl Stars 26 dagar sedan
some guy moms spagetti
Adam Brown
Adam Brown Månad sedan
21:17 Boomboom photobomb
KingofEase Månad sedan
You can actually hit blocks from the side as many times as you need to without damaging the car by turning around at the last moment and sort of "tail whipping" them with the car's rear end. You can even do it while jumping to hit blocks higher up. I figured this out on a level that only gives you a single car and forced you to get through a bricked up tunnel to reach the flagpole.
Jolfer 13
Jolfer 13 Månad sedan
Ryu do u ever slappa da bass?
XPGaming Månad sedan
Local man spends 40 minutes not eating for SEpost views, 2021, colorized
OmasArschHaarRasierer Månad sedan
when the cheese is harder than the intended way...thats called cheddar
Alex stewie
Alex stewie Månad sedan
nayraa 68
nayraa 68 Månad sedan
“This could be a trendy ‘if something happens the video ends’ video” Ok so now we need a competition between you and RedFalcon- you have the same condition and whoever gets it first loses.
felony211662 Månad sedan
It is so strange how we evolve through the course of our lives, hurtling through the universe on a rock while all of this is happening.
ObscurityIsBest Månad sedan
I always enjoy your videos, but I really enjoyed this one! Those were some awesome level designs!
Nucleuiiz QTEX
Nucleuiiz QTEX Månad sedan
it should be a endless run, whenever u cheese the level, it end's, and it continue untill the next cheese, or run out of lifes
thaggartxsoo Månad sedan
The Meme Lord Bobbeh
The Meme Lord Bobbeh Månad sedan
32:00 switchuation
Vic Vega
Vic Vega Månad sedan
Hey, dummy -- if it's harder to accomplish than the regular way with no discernably bigger reward for doing so, IT'S NOT CHEESE.
RockDee Månad sedan
But...didnt it say in his super world...? 🤔
Noir Renard
Noir Renard Månad sedan
I think the last level has alternative paths?
Kongaslam Månad sedan
It ain’t easy being cheesy.
DJ Panda 4960
DJ Panda 4960 Månad sedan
If there is cheese in a level...Ryu will find it
Kakarot Månad sedan
My man, in a world full of bad news and stressful politics your content is an amazing distraction. Keep it up. Also, Bloodborne ლ (ಠ_ಠ ლ)
Al Bundy
Al Bundy Månad sedan
Wow great set of levels!
Mustafa Gamer
Mustafa Gamer Månad sedan
15:24 another chese If u hit one p-switch u can take the other one and u don't want quickly hitt the bully bully
[Dark Energy]
[Dark Energy] Månad sedan
José Ignacio Ros
José Ignacio Ros Månad sedan
@Parashockx would be so happy to see some of his videos got mentioned
Elias Ioannou
Elias Ioannou Månad sedan
In the second level i think there is a little more cheese. If you get all the red coins and do not use them in that key door at the checkpoint u can skip the boss battle. Correct me if im wrong.
Vic Vega
Vic Vega Månad sedan
You're wrong.
Vulkandrache Månad sedan
That 4 second edit for the maximum viewing experience.
Sandor Dugalin
Sandor Dugalin Månad sedan
38:14 Hey bro, we heard you like cheese...
Rocky2418 Månad sedan
25:00 - There was an easier way to get in the dry bones shell, but you need to know a little quirk regarding items that start on tracks: When such an item falls off of tracks, it won't interact with anything, including ground - hence why it passed right through the ground the first time and rejoined the track below. However, as soon as the *player* interacts with it, it loses that whole "on a track, so it passes through objects" property. So once you grabbed the shell, you could've simply dropped the dry bones shell onto the ground of spikes and then jumped in - it would no longer pass through the floor after being grabbed by you. FWIW. I work with note blocks on tracks frequently in my music levels, so they're one thing I'm fairly familiar with. Style points for the way you did it, though - that was pretty sweet.
NWFROST Månad sedan
Commenting on random videos (Comment Number 49)
cadence navigator
cadence navigator Månad sedan
I'm pretty sure with the first level you could keep the cannon box right before the first checkpoint, which if you can keep it makes the car unnecessary. With the second level, I'm suspicious about the on/off switches.
netweed09 Månad sedan
Takes me back to the very original SMW. The 2nd level where you get the Cape. Amazing how if you kept goofing around flying, on one portion of space in the level you would eventually hit some clouds. Then it all began; the lift off from those, to me 1st learning how to 'fly' - and just becoming a part-time speedrunner and just flying to the goal. I think the famous Star level, Outrageous had some erm, Outrageous cheese in it too, snuck in there. This sort of 'scope' to many levels was what actually cemented me as a Nintendo fan =)
Chiju Månad sedan
I'm waiting for G-Fuel to release a cheese-flavored Ryukahr-themed variety.
Three Fishies
Three Fishies Månad sedan
Props to the creator for re-uploading "Cold Goat Pass" to remove softlocks. At 10:18, the yellow spike block in the P-switch pit is new (kaizo blocks trap you there), and at 14:29, it was possible to get stuck on top of the semisolids while picking up the last red coin. Great level, though. Too bad the re-upload erased my clear.
HighStimulation Månad sedan
around 1 50 when you keep speaking with pauses it's like your singing, william shatner-style
Roman J Heggin
Roman J Heggin Månad sedan
I left my work thanks to this look online this *g r e a t e a s y p a y*
Dahnger Månad sedan
I'm making a quesadilla with all of that CHEESE
0MindSwept0 Månad sedan
6:01 all the trendy kids? There's only one RedFalcon I know that doing that, at least with this game :p 9:38 speak of the devil ;p 15:11 you didn't kill anyone, just pushed'im: definitely a fan of that mechanic though, I wish more levels would do it like that.. I actually subscribed many years ago... Although I guess I could try subscribing again and see what happens Keepo
TheAileZX2 Månad sedan
You don't have to hold down in the cat suit.
Nobody: Mario having an epileptic attack/seizure: 15:00
Conjon Silver
Conjon Silver Månad sedan
You don't have to crouch walk as cat mario, as he is only one block tall while running.
Figaro Månad sedan
13:09 Come on, can I say one nice thing, without regretting it? 😂
T Gramz
T Gramz Månad sedan
Literally every time Ryu said I could use a checkpoint there was literally a checkpoint right after 😱
John Ktejik
John Ktejik Månad sedan
30:55. Clear path upward bypassing the switch. “Oh no the switch is all jacked up!”
John Ktejik
John Ktejik Månad sedan
17:40 he cheesed it!!
hobbyist Månad sedan
If you'd gotten all the red coins in that second level, you could have cheesed the final "boss". Just skip him, since you already have a key.
TheJadeFist Månad sedan
I don't think that Link level shortcut counts as cheese as it looks developer intended.
Popesmear Månad sedan
nice hair cut jimmy neutron
The Ultimate Potate
The Ultimate Potate Månad sedan
Cat Mario runs at 1 block high, you don't need to crouch under spikes
Scott Hoover
Scott Hoover Månad sedan
When you realize it was actually level creator who cheesed Ryu's submission system into getting Ryu to play a bunch of his levels.
MrDan2454 Månad sedan
agreed, but keep in mind if the levels were trash he could choose not to upload it and give the level creator no visibility
shagnastyfo20 Månad sedan
Swith situation=switchuation
Shrewzee920 Månad sedan
Certainly satisfaction going from a cube of cheese in those little packages to the big ol' round, red rubber-wrapped gargantuan wheel-o-cheese!
lapidations Månad sedan
Is it cheese if it's harder than the intended strat?
Vic Vega
Vic Vega Månad sedan
Cínthia Månad sedan
"why did he put a destructable block right there thats so suspect" t-there's a bomb right there that is part of the puzzle....
Information Not Available
Information Not Available 8 dagar sedan
38:45 he does recognize the existence of the bomb later.
ramensamosa Månad sedan
I think he was talking more about why it's right next to the start of the level, since the link powerup already comes with bombs and you could just bypass that entirely like he did
Leon S. Kennedy
Leon S. Kennedy Månad sedan
Yeah I like how he was running underneath the bomb-omb that obviously lead back to the key door while he said that and still didn’t get it hahaha.
Phosphorus4 Månad sedan
Clicked like in the first two seconds (after the intro)
Nart Månad sedan
Also Save Princess Peach!!! Was a science experiment to see how many more plays it would get than the levels I actually put effort into
Nart Månad sedan
@Tasos Vozikas thank u!
Tasos Vozikas
Tasos Vozikas Månad sedan
Your levels are phenomenal man. They feel like an actual RPG level. Keep it up!
Nart Månad sedan
What a tragedy on that link level damn I got played so hard. Thanks for playing ryu this totally made my day
tech6hutch 6 dagar sedan
Cool level! Pretty confusing tho imo, I couldn’t figure out the beginning puzzles either.
Waffles Månad sedan
Théo de Wespin
Théo de Wespin Månad sedan
35:47 Zendaya be like
Jay Krath
Jay Krath Månad sedan
You can break the blocks with the car and not hurt the car. Just turn around right before you hit the block
Timmy Korb
Timmy Korb Månad sedan
Can't wait for the next episode of Ecco the Dolphin lmao
Drew Silao
Drew Silao Månad sedan
The cheese master
Nart Månad sedan
DuckDude 22
DuckDude 22 27 dagar sedan
He should've pinned this
ID code in SUPERMARIOMAKER2 BM2-42C-4KF 29 dagar sedan
Hayley Taylor
Hayley Taylor Månad sedan
woah imagine running into you here. s'up loser ;)
Nart Månad sedan
@Leon S. Kennedy I love it lmao I wanted to see if he could actually find any. Didn't know u could move link bombs underwater. Gives me ideas 🤔🤔
xx MyNameIsL xx
xx MyNameIsL xx Månad sedan
Adventure Man
Adventure Man Månad sedan
Ryu, is a glutton! So much cheese
Magos X
Magos X Månad sedan
I've never seen an upside-down clowncart... until today
Donny Bentley
Donny Bentley Månad sedan
Null Månad sedan
It's funny how mario players get confused by a level with multiple paths
tech6hutch 6 dagar sedan
That Link level is legit confusing tho
Antonio mii
Antonio mii 28 dagar sedan
This made me laugh it’s annoyingly true 🤣
Cameron Moore
Cameron Moore Månad sedan
11:24 CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JGX86 Månad sedan
When he picked the last Link level you can see the played but uncleared flag on the level info screen. He checked the level before what we saw yet he acted like it was his first time.
BlackNBlue Månad sedan
Could've clicked accidentally on play before introducing to the level and just quitted the level
Leon S. Kennedy
Leon S. Kennedy Månad sedan
I don’t think I would’ve noticed that if you didn’t point it out. Interesting... Maybe he got it in an endless run a long time ago and doesn’t remember it? Very possible with how many different levels Ryu plays and the fact that it was uploaded almost a year ago.
Daniel Månad sedan
Cant count as cheese, you get a check point and power right after
Vic Vega
Vic Vega Månad sedan
@Daniel Naaaah.
Daniel Månad sedan
Last level counts as cheese
Scott Rollins ,jr
Scott Rollins ,jr Månad sedan
He Gave you a cat suit 'on screen' ___are you REALLY saying YOU cheesed it? . . . Bc it seems like he just gave a mouse a cat
Magnivore519 Månad sedan
15:57 bedroom Ryu coming out there.
Scott Werner
Scott Werner Månad sedan
Pause buffering = semi-cheese? Hmmm...
trav v
trav v Månad sedan
It would be funny if the video was 1 minute long
happyclash Månad sedan
The worst thing with if something happens the video ends videos is trying to not see how long it is to not get spoiled Edit: Usually I'm awkwardly trying to hide the timeline with my hand
Mcrty Månad sedan
Whoopty Ryu likes his blue cheese 🧀
Noah Christensen
Noah Christensen Månad sedan
I got an ad for cheez-its during this video.
Adnan Yusuf
Adnan Yusuf Månad sedan
Well you’re a nerd
Adam Prenger
Adam Prenger Månad sedan
Ryu had already played the last level but acted like he had no idea what the beginning of the level was like.
Gunnar Tollkühn
Gunnar Tollkühn Månad sedan
There is actually a little cheese in the first level: when you hit blocks with the rear of the car it will break the block, but not your car.
netweed09 Månad sedan
@Derfy Ah yes sry =)
Derfy Månad sedan
@netweed09 you mean third one?
netweed09 Månad sedan
The 2nd level (just to note) was just a test run he stuck up there, someone should just kindly inform Ryu
Erik Merckx
Erik Merckx Månad sedan
I'm not even sure that was cheese in the last level. It seems like he knew you could do these things and set up meaningless sections for those attempting to cheese.
Nart Månad sedan
Nah he just absolutely broke my level
annihilator247x Månad sedan
And this, my friends, is why you don't allow infinite powerups via cannons or pipes (aside from maybe a boss fight). You must also anticipate that players will put on shelmets if given the chance to reset the room and make sure the level requires that you do so.
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