I Think This Dude Wants to Kill Me

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Eddy Burback

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Michael Buchanan
Michael Buchanan 6 timmar sedan
Eddy did you plan for your shirt to look like toothpaste
Dan Markling
Dan Markling 10 timmar sedan
The YIKES had me dead
All by my shelf
All by my shelf Dag sedan
This was such a good informative and funny video, you earned yourself a new sub😊
TheRealDjRedFox Dag sedan
I confused eddy burback and Ricky berway soooo oops big oops
Yee Haw
Yee Haw 2 dagar sedan
Chats With The Boys
Chats With The Boys 2 dagar sedan
When he got up I thought that he was gonna buy a gun or somthin lol
ManInTheMoon 3 dagar sedan
I like your Christmas tree
Exon GHC
Exon GHC 3 dagar sedan
Guy: films himself harassing people in public Eddie: ur roasts are trash bro
lane cress
lane cress 3 dagar sedan
I know that this is a year old, but dear jesus, what is with people now a days using depression as an excuse to be a bad person. Like, I understand, depression is confusing, and there are so many ways that depression can be shown, but having depression is not an excuse for being a bad person, you are just a bad person with depression.
SEÑOR-_-DONKEY 4 dagar sedan
Libtard Snowflake
Vince Valdez
Vince Valdez 4 dagar sedan
Imagine this dude trying this shit in the middle of this pandemic? Bro would get killed
Some One
Some One 4 dagar sedan
Idk if he was as embarrassed at that video as you think lol. Seems pretty shameless and proud of himself to me.
Cloudscape 1
Cloudscape 1 4 dagar sedan
This dudes "roasts" are as original as a fortnight dance
Platinum_! BLADE
Platinum_! BLADE 3 dagar sedan
yeah and this roast is better then all of them combined god damn
Connor Bridgers
Connor Bridgers 5 dagar sedan
plainpotatos is fuckin amazing lol
rangerthegamer 5 dagar sedan
As of October 2020. His Instagram account is active and is still doing this, however this might be a fan account since they're two accounts.
Lesbianage 6 dagar sedan
Im depressed but I would never put that shit on anyone else
BöbertTheFrøg 5 dagar sedan
Same, I have depression and have for while but would NEVER do something as awful or stoop as low as this guy. Me being an empath might have something to do with it but I feel like it's just common to not harass people
Graeme French
Graeme French 6 dagar sedan
Stop being a bitch eddy u fucking simp this is fucking hilarious
Michael Buchanan
Michael Buchanan 5 dagar sedan
@Rimlix holy shit dude you fucking killed him
Rimlix 5 dagar sedan
Screenshot this comment, set a reminder for two years from today to look at this picture, grow up, and I guarantee you that you will be appreciative of the emotional growth you’ve had as you approach double digits.
Will MakeContentOneDay
Will MakeContentOneDay 6 dagar sedan
If this mans was in the actual hood he would’ve gotten the actual shit beat out of him
Pufferfish2206 7 dagar sedan
what if potatoes said something to some one whom was just at the dentist give a like if you think it would be funny
Shannon Gentz
Shannon Gentz 7 dagar sedan
Alyn Sterner
Alyn Sterner 7 dagar sedan
I'm ashamed that I chuckled, it's shitty and I hate it
BöbertTheFrøg 5 dagar sedan
Felt that, not with this but I have at a similar video and hated myself the rest of the day
Just another guy on the internet
Just another guy on the internet 6 dagar sedan
You monster
puppet master
puppet master 7 dagar sedan
I want a full video of eddy singing mama mia
Savannah Whalen
Savannah Whalen 8 dagar sedan
This dude is the class clown nobody thought was funny and made everyone cringe.
BöbertTheFrøg 5 dagar sedan
Like the kid in the front who tries way too hard and you just laugh out of pity
azmi 9 dagar sedan
wait this was the origin of yikes GASP
azmi 9 dagar sedan
hey eddy we have the same shirt so we are best friends now nice see you tomorrow dont forget your mask we are going to wendys by the way
internetbaby 9 dagar sedan
Where did you get that shirt
BöbertTheFrøg 5 dagar sedan
Link in the description, definitely not payed lol
#LETSARGUE 10 dagar sedan
U took it too far wow
Allison Fields
Allison Fields 10 dagar sedan
I regularly come back to watch this video and can I just say the woman who said, "ask me something, teach me something" is a bad ass
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert 10 dagar sedan
I deal with depression and psychotic episodes. At my most agressive self I still don't mess with people like that. Get help, take that shit seriously and don't use a mental illness as a crutch or excuse. Certain things are hard to change, but that is some bullshit. Not to mention you risk harmiing otrhers inadvertantly by posting them wih shit like that.
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert 10 dagar sedan
How has someone not fucked him up?
Christopher Salas
Christopher Salas 10 dagar sedan
He changed now, he does videos of him playing the piano and he actually became friends with some of the people he made fun of
A Pinhead
A Pinhead 10 dagar sedan
Kyla VanOstrand
Kyla VanOstrand 11 dagar sedan
comedy: moving the camera really fast and having it right in someones face.
Jitters Longpaw
Jitters Longpaw 11 dagar sedan
ewwww fuck plane potatos
Mr Man
Mr Man 11 dagar sedan
Fuck that dude am I right now to obsess about him and point out what he does for the next 3 days
Enigmystical 11 dagar sedan
0:25 My favorite song!!!!!! Startled me when I heard it, in a good way tho
RacoonofCancun 11 dagar sedan
What does this guy do in quarantine? Harass people over Zoom?
Christopher Salas
Christopher Salas 10 dagar sedan
He doesn’t do that stuff anymore, he changed and now he does different videos
Countdrakeula 11 dagar sedan
That guy looks like Leslie odem Jr (I hope I spelt his name right) if he wasn't ok
Sykik 11 dagar sedan
Eric Lynn
Eric Lynn 12 dagar sedan
damn that yikes joke cost him $14.61
Dylan Doyle
Dylan Doyle 12 dagar sedan
His fans obviously like his content and if he made videos where he want on places like r/roastme he could stop harming people as much and his fans could still like it
Rowan Barker
Rowan Barker 12 dagar sedan
I wouldve decked that bitch
Wolfstrike 12 dagar sedan
The most sensire video I’ve ever seen
Rimlix 5 dagar sedan
Makedah Judah
Makedah Judah 13 dagar sedan
we're are the videos when he becomes friends with some of the people.
BöbertTheFrøg 5 dagar sedan
*Where I'm sorry it was bugging me
Christopher Salas
Christopher Salas 10 dagar sedan
He doesn’t do this anymore tho and he usually does TikToks and plays the piano
Christopher Salas
Christopher Salas 10 dagar sedan
Yea, some people think he was funny when he did this, and he just talked with them
Sinus infection
Sinus infection 12 dagar sedan
Eoin Schell
Eoin Schell 13 dagar sedan
There's a kid from my school who radiates the same fuckface energy as this guy. He really deserves a swift punch to the gut
Dox 14 dagar sedan
16:33 I thought he was gonna go to a gun store and say "One gun please"
Kevinb1821 15 dagar sedan
Guy could of gotten bigger and avoided trouble if he just switched to scripted videos like Joey Salads did. Just slip someone 100 dollars to play along. This guy definitely needed mental help. Hope he got some.
Christopher Salas
Christopher Salas 10 dagar sedan
He does TikToks now and he plays the piano
Super Wind
Super Wind 15 dagar sedan
The saga
Fern and Bacon
Fern and Bacon 16 dagar sedan
Honestly he's lucky nobody hit him
Sean Kuhn
Sean Kuhn 18 dagar sedan
If I ever come across this guy imma smack the shit outa him, pick up his phone and record him crying like a bitch.
Tuff Jiggly
Tuff Jiggly 5 dagar sedan
He just does music now. He's on tiktok I think
Sean Kuhn
Sean Kuhn 18 dagar sedan
If I were the dude that got kissed I'd probably due him for assault
Sean Kuhn
Sean Kuhn 14 dagar sedan
@ggs 27 oh word
ggs 27
ggs 27 14 dagar sedan
He kind of did. Many people have filled warrants against him, and he's moved away and doesn't bother people anymore
Jessika Austin
Jessika Austin 18 dagar sedan
You look like Jenna Marble's husband
Zonal Pastime
Zonal Pastime 19 dagar sedan
he wasted 54 seconds
Fainting Willy
Fainting Willy 19 dagar sedan
I hope this guy gets jumped
Misses Lovergirl
Misses Lovergirl 19 dagar sedan
I feel like this guy could have been successful with these bits (including random people,) but he just went on too long in a single bit and target, and he did them too often. He is extremely witty, so he could have made a plan to "harass" a victim for up to maybe 20 seconds and then move on, handshake the person hand them a few dollars.
Ryyi23 19 dagar sedan
Crowely 20 dagar sedan
Have you noticed this guy only Harassed people who don't look to strong he knows he would get his ass beat if he dident.
Taylor 20 dagar sedan
simp 10:54
no 14 dagar sedan
YetetYT 20 dagar sedan
He got taken down!
Pure Beans
Pure Beans 20 dagar sedan
it actually looks fake cause of how potatoes flicking his camera, so I can understand why people would defend him
Just Me
Just Me 21 dag sedan
Ben Shafer
Ben Shafer 22 dagar sedan
Fuck this guy dude
Gaurish 23 dagar sedan
I wonder how'd he react to being called a ni-
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water 18 dagar sedan
Nice Man?
Ian 21 dag sedan
A Nintendo?
Smiley Man
Smiley Man 23 dagar sedan
This is the only reason I need to have to be ashamed of living in Baltimore
Big Hoodie
Big Hoodie 23 dagar sedan
I meet him I'm going straight for the phone and breaking it. Then I'm not saying ANYTHING. I already know my breath is bad cause I got that depression and don't brush my teeth a lot and got that acid reflux. I know I'm fat, it's a medically proven fact and it's not even an insult. My eyebrows look like obese caterpillars. Greasy hair. Saggy tits. Asymmetrical face. Tourettes. Sir your insults are weak as shit. My esteem issues are better at insulting me than this man ever could. I wouldn't fire back cause I'd say 3 words and he'd just lie down and die. Give up and stay home.
BöbertTheFrøg 5 dagar sedan
@Christopher Salas he still needs mental help, he enjoys other peoples' pain and needs to work that out, don't let him off that easy
Christopher Salas
Christopher Salas 10 dagar sedan
He plays the piano now and he doesn’t do this anymore, and he actually became friends with some of the people he mad fun of
Austin Flint
Austin Flint 25 dagar sedan
Bruh this is why you carry mace- nonlethal and not very dangerous. Dirt cheap at like 15 bucks a canister. Just "dude if you dont back up you'll be sprayed" works on bears. Dont see why it wouldnt work on guys like that.
The Swiss Guy
The Swiss Guy 25 dagar sedan
That dude's just disgustang!
Water 27 dagar sedan
Ight for the ppl saying 'some people aren't PUSSIES and they think potato is funny', ok but if the ppl hes talking to don't think it's funny and he goes in with that racist shit too thats harassment. Its also way less funny when the other person aint into it. Bruh yall just like makin people mad and u expect ppl to accept that? If everyone accepted that u wouldnt even have anyone to make mad, its fr a paradox. Also, u dont want ppl to not take ur shit? what, do u wanna just get the shit kicked outta u instead? Cause that's how it'd be if these folks weren't 'pussies' and didnt try to just talk it through. And tf is with this 'nobody asked' bullshit? Nobody asked cus they aint stupid and know ppl dont need permission to comment shit that others actually agree with too. And nobody asked for ur shit opinion anyway. Course i fuckin care u dipshit, I aint tryin to deal with shitheads like u and I wanna say smthn. If you dont care, why u still in the damn replies months later u fuckin moron.
Ranorky YT
Ranorky YT 26 dagar sedan
Water what
MadelineZ_ArtZ !
MadelineZ_ArtZ ! 27 dagar sedan
Is this the birth of yikes? Welp... Yikes.
Dhenu 27 dagar sedan
protect eddy
Corbin Kmecheck
Corbin Kmecheck 27 dagar sedan
The dude is a piece of shit
OneBaldRhino 27 dagar sedan
He looks like the autistic version of the default from fortnite (that game sucks btw)
Caden C
Caden C 29 dagar sedan
Nice Christmas tree
xaarz 29 dagar sedan
It’s a sexual thing
BöbertTheFrøg 5 dagar sedan
Lmao 100% There's a social media dedicated to fart fetishes there's something for everyone
xaarz 20 dagar sedan
mmmm breath
Ranorky YT
Ranorky YT 20 dagar sedan
Ranorky YT
Ranorky YT 20 dagar sedan
xaarz no
Bad Gaming
Bad Gaming 20 dagar sedan
The choking stuff must be sexual
turt Månad sedan
Its like the sleepaway camp movie where the one guy just says your ass stinks after every single situation
CW0_ Månad sedan
I had a dream Eddy choked *_me_* and I smiled the whole time. ;)
Ranorky YT
Ranorky YT 26 dagar sedan
CW0_ e
Zippy Månad sedan
I can't imagine what this dude was like in school. Must've _sucked_ sitting near him.
BöbertTheFrøg 5 dagar sedan
He was the kid who moaned spontaneously on the middle of class and tried way to hard to be funny
rabbit king
rabbit king Månad sedan
fuck this guy. he should've never been famous. people that have content revolving around bothering strangers on public and getting mad when they react make me so pissed. it doesn't matter if it's on youtube or TV, that shit sucks.
Danny Loftus
Danny Loftus Månad sedan
17:13. eh. you'll get used to it. but definitely be weary of their uncles. fucker put me in a frenzy for a whole summer when I was 11
Slurpy Månad sedan
Dude sounds like a fuckin 2nd grader with those “roasts”
BöbertTheFrøg 5 dagar sedan
My sister's in second grade and I can tell you for a fact that she insults better than that
Nikoniko Knees
Nikoniko Knees Månad sedan
I agree with only one thing the potato guy said, you do in fact have a lovely beard kind sir.
Bass Bistrian
Bass Bistrian Månad sedan
I feel like that when he got owned and realized everyone hated him, he wanted to be the victim
Jackson Cummins
Jackson Cummins Månad sedan
I believe he’s just trying to get punched on purpose so he can frame people
BöbertTheFrøg 5 dagar sedan
Or maybe he's just into that like the breath thing
Karma Is Cringe
Karma Is Cringe Månad sedan
song in transition?
Gary Sims
Gary Sims Månad sedan
Azairé ἄθεος Albertine
Azairé ἄθεος Albertine Månad sedan
You're a good egg Eddy.
rabbit king
rabbit king Månad sedan
eggy, haha.
9 Månad sedan
My friend showed me the vid of him kissing that dude, saying it was hilarious. We are not friends anymore.
Jake C
Jake C Månad sedan
Why do I get lowkey content cop vibes from this
Planet Games1978
Planet Games1978 Månad sedan
I’m just waiting for him to fuk with the wrong guy and then get the shit beatin out of him
M Corp
M Corp Månad sedan
oǝpı̣ʌ pooƃ
PeriodicTable of Films
PeriodicTable of Films Månad sedan
I thought he was going to the police to report a death threat
Evan Bialo
Evan Bialo Månad sedan
When you trust SEpost so little you make your thumbnail a captcha...
Masi Månad sedan
He has a seriously punchable face.
Turtle Zilla
Turtle Zilla Månad sedan
A message from the wise
Coolnes overlord
Coolnes overlord Månad sedan
I hate this guy's camera skills
Mathias Thomasen
Mathias Thomasen Månad sedan
he should
Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher Månad sedan
What he does best is being an a$$hat but he'll meet someone to knock his teeth out for him just because he insults them,and i think it might be me😈😈👍
KaiNooks Månad sedan
K his karma is basically his youtube name abbreviated equals to pp
bingo123 Månad sedan
I’m getting middle school vibes from this guy
Kirsten Månad sedan
Forget calling the cops, if this guy talked to me like that I would kick him in the nuts so hard he’d have to visit a dentist to get them extracted from his throat.
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