I Spent $150,000 On This Pokémon Card

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Logan Paul

Logan Paul

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That was intense... love you Gary thank you!!
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

Maryann Ramage
Maryann Ramage 19 minuter sedan
xutionest 20 minuter sedan
watch jim browning Protect people
YT_ Guestoftheday
YT_ Guestoftheday 33 minuter sedan
its been 2 years since he's gone offline like this but when we needed him the most he doesn't post
MikesML Timme sedan
8:16 until the kid realize
MikesML Timme sedan
Imagine his son seeing Lana there😂😂
Nerd Lifted
Nerd Lifted Timme sedan
Hey, Logan wanna play hangman?
Alexander Morelos
Alexander Morelos Timme sedan
He's a f****** liar he says he's not going to spend money and stuff he doesn't need
Highoctanej Timme sedan
Bruh rly? This dude probably made more then double what he spent off this video and you bring that up?
Alexander Morelos
Alexander Morelos Timme sedan
Do you can you do you quit SEpost why there's no videos
Van Dinh
Van Dinh Timme sedan
Man that’s crazy
TwinFans 2 timmar sedan
Logan is still funny ngl
Vanessa Schmoker
Vanessa Schmoker 2 timmar sedan
Hi Logan it is me your fan. This is not about you. It is about your brother. Jake is an awful person and he really need to calm down please talk to him
Holden Morrison
Holden Morrison 2 timmar sedan
Lmao he’s a con artist
Mason Wall
Mason Wall 2 timmar sedan
Were is Logan
Yeika Lopez
Yeika Lopez 3 timmar sedan
Why aren’t you making videos
Ræper _X
Ræper _X 3 timmar sedan
these videos are way better than Jake paul
Dylan B
Dylan B 3 timmar sedan
no uploads after pump n dump scam lol
Adi Sofian
Adi Sofian 4 timmar sedan
Burn it for content
Just Jamie
Just Jamie 4 timmar sedan
Be Yourself
Be Yourself 4 timmar sedan
Logan u look like a damn lumberjack
PinkVoid 4 timmar sedan
Logan I just want u to know I support alm witch stands for all life’s matter pls support alm
Muhamad Umair
Muhamad Umair 5 timmar sedan
Hello Logan paul I need your help jd
The puppet show
The puppet show 5 timmar sedan
Bring back sir
Brody Jack
Brody Jack 5 timmar sedan
My mom is the owner of a business and one of her workers met up with Logan his name is Luke and Logan bought a pack from Luke and got a holographic charzarid for $40,000
Andrew Cruz
Andrew Cruz 5 timmar sedan
I wish he would upload to his channel now
MasterOML 5 timmar sedan
i think logan got scammed
cuevas adam
cuevas adam 6 timmar sedan
I miss the pre maverick club logan
cuevas adam
cuevas adam 6 timmar sedan
I miss the old logan
Nicolay 6 timmar sedan
Logan did you forget where you built your fan base? Where it all started? Miss your youtube videos, get back on it.
Ganesh Guttedar
Ganesh Guttedar 6 timmar sedan
LOGAN PAUL had breakup Again that's why He is not UPLOADING.
Liburnツ 6 timmar sedan
You have not aploud for like a month come on man im waiting
Meet Soni
Meet Soni 6 timmar sedan
Fcking disappointed in u logan thought u would vlog everyday u were a hard working vloger but now ksi is much better
ashanti girl
ashanti girl 6 timmar sedan
hi logan
Toms Vlogs
Toms Vlogs 7 timmar sedan
Hey Logan I don’t no what your doing right now but tell me how easy it hard is it taking care of maverick 3 years ago because I’m actually thinking of wanting a conure for Christmas 🎄
Cb Powell
Cb Powell 7 timmar sedan
Subscribe to my SEpost channel it would be appreciated
Poke God
Poke God 7 timmar sedan
Ur bad kid
Poke God
Poke God 7 timmar sedan
Get good
Lemon Soda
Lemon Soda 7 timmar sedan
Start posting piece of shit
abhyudai 7 timmar sedan
Logan copying David Dobrik now...
Inman Gammon
Inman Gammon 7 timmar sedan
Where is josie
kyle bettencourt
kyle bettencourt 7 timmar sedan
Yo @loganpaul when you gonna make more videos
Diana Olivarez
Diana Olivarez 7 timmar sedan
Why did Logan Paul stop making videos
Tsg Shorts
Tsg Shorts 7 timmar sedan
It feels like he hasn’t uploaded in a year😔
Clairynn Romans
Clairynn Romans 8 timmar sedan
wish this king posted more i’ve watched almost all ur vids 3 times each 💀
Isla Lion
Isla Lion 8 timmar sedan
Fuck you
Brutal Gàming
Brutal Gàming 9 timmar sedan
U have to upload the new freaken video
Alexander Schnait
Alexander Schnait 9 timmar sedan
احمد ا عوض علي
احمد ا عوض علي 9 timmar sedan
مافهمت اي شي
Dradekon 9 timmar sedan
Im happy that you make better content than jake
Arda Olus
Arda Olus 9 timmar sedan
Yeesy 10 timmar sedan
he attac he protecc but most importantly he never coming back
Sarah Hernandez
Sarah Hernandez 10 timmar sedan
Post a new damn video
Kathleen Ramos-Duarte
Kathleen Ramos-Duarte 10 timmar sedan
Hey Logan I have a Lotta Pokémon cards and they are rare if you want to you can buy them off me
Pokémon Reviews
Pokémon Reviews 10 timmar sedan
then all you know its fake
Osvaldo Tube
Osvaldo Tube 10 timmar sedan
If your reading this go to my SEpost channel I have a video of sixnine getting shot in ny
Kadie Odle
Kadie Odle 10 timmar sedan
Can you please more videos
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 11 timmar sedan
Make more Videos
Zach-Axel Ponce
Zach-Axel Ponce 11 timmar sedan
When is he back.
J OD 11 timmar sedan
If only Jake was this wholesome...
Penguin Guy
Penguin Guy 12 timmar sedan
Pokèmon Gotta Catch Em All
Anubhav Baruah
Anubhav Baruah 12 timmar sedan
I came here just to remind everyone KSI defeated Logan
Chocha Jando
Chocha Jando 13 timmar sedan
Saludos desde México
Livia 13 timmar sedan
I hope Logan’s okay :(
VeeVex 13 timmar sedan
I Really Miss 'What's going Logang, what's Poppin!'
The Eggcellent
The Eggcellent 14 timmar sedan
Why is he not uploading videos Is he became homeless 🤣🤣
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 14 timmar sedan
Logan: Much more mature, respectable content. Jake: *i have autism*
SuspectTub 14 timmar sedan
Damn, people are weird..
Nisha Nakrani
Nisha Nakrani 15 timmar sedan
Why is he not posting any vlog???
xd MiX
xd MiX 16 timmar sedan
Well I bought one without spending any million dollars Just 15 dollars on a evolutions pack and I pulled a reverse holo charizard ...... and the I broke it
Cerlhead _
Cerlhead _ 14 timmar sedan
the evolution char is not even near the price as the one in the vid
chad Ousley
chad Ousley 16 timmar sedan
My dream is to be like you and follow in your energy
SVØXメRhynox 17 timmar sedan
🥲🥲 🥲 🥲 🥲 🥲 🥲 🥲 🥲 🥲 🥲 🥲 🥲 🥲 🥲 🥲 🥲 🥲 🥲 🥲
NathanB Butler
NathanB Butler 18 timmar sedan
Logan when you doing music again.
FabianVanSteph 18 timmar sedan
Over a Month no Video , wtf is wrong dude ? Are you have too much money ore what ?
Garry Benedict
Garry Benedict 11 timmar sedan
roblox çeken cocuh
roblox çeken cocuh 18 timmar sedan
Türküm qvq
Burak Çağatay Yiğit
Burak Çağatay Yiğit 19 timmar sedan
Caitlin Rust
Caitlin Rust 19 timmar sedan
Why are his videos so short now?
Caitlin Rust
Caitlin Rust 18 timmar sedan
@FabianVanSteph ok?
FabianVanSteph 18 timmar sedan
Because he have enough Money , and dk anymore !!
DOLFİN BRO 19 timmar sedan
UNKNOWN_ Lynks 19 timmar sedan
Logan Paul left the chat
L73N1X 20 timmar sedan
Your a grown ass man posting shit toddlers watch but damn though that is a awesome card
thekingof thejungle
thekingof thejungle 20 timmar sedan
I want the smoke whores
lanee 20 timmar sedan
Dats Yon
Dats Yon 21 timme sedan
Drop a fuckin video
Brendon Apps
Brendon Apps 21 timme sedan
we miss 2017 Logan Paul
XERI 22 timmar sedan
Logan kind of looking like a deer hunter with my beard,
Liam Sullivan
Liam Sullivan 22 timmar sedan
Hello Logan Paul I just wanna say fuck you and your stupid ass brother😄
Nippy Tyner
Nippy Tyner 22 timmar sedan
Go to jail again
Jayce Murphy
Jayce Murphy 22 timmar sedan
You should make more vids
Overlord Fire
Overlord Fire 23 timmar sedan
Bro watch like 3 gangs pull up cause it an old man with thousands of dollars sitting there and 6 of the most rarest pokémon cards in the world
Kaveon Tyler
Kaveon Tyler 23 timmar sedan
Go back to vlogin pls
divyansh sharma
divyansh sharma 23 timmar sedan
Lana in the back like " hurry it up bitch"
TyPod 23 timmar sedan
Where’s Logan?
King Mutaz
King Mutaz 23 timmar sedan
Philippe Arroyo
Philippe Arroyo 23 timmar sedan
“I’m never ever selling that card.” “I need to invest in things that can make me money.”
Lawliet L
Lawliet L 11 timmar sedan
It's Logan Paul we're talking about after all
Caitlin Rust
Caitlin Rust 18 timmar sedan
Tina Kong
Tina Kong Dag sedan
lol play barbies, love that
Large Potato
Large Potato Dag sedan
I hope no big superstars start doing this more often and start asking him for bigger offers and he seems nice I don’t want this to happen to him.
Jose Rubio
Jose Rubio Dag sedan
I don’t know if you’ll see this but to be honest I’m starting not to like Logan Paul just because of how he is now not posting and how he’s just developing without the people who made him and I’m starting to like KSI even though I hated him before but it’s hard to like Logan right now.
Juan Carlos Soto
Juan Carlos Soto Dag sedan
Who spends $150,000 for a stupid card! Just a waste of money
Z Z thüńdęr fûń
Z Z thüńdęr fûń 19 timmar sedan
because it is rare got dammit there only 100 in the whole world i bet you don't even know anything about pokemon card
Gavin Patterson
Gavin Patterson Dag sedan
Why has Logan Paul not recorded in one month
MITCH_ISOK Dag sedan
Come back to vlogging
sovanny te
sovanny te Dag sedan
Holy shit
pinkqu Dag sedan
Glad to see he matured now! I can't believe that JJ punch really changed people. Keep making great content man!
UntoldRelapse 2 timmar sedan
changed Joe too
i dont like logan paul
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