I Spent 100 Days in a Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft... Here's What Happened

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I Spent 100 Days in a Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft. Sponsored by Dragon City!
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Modpack Used:
Fast Zombies:
Slow Zombies:
Inspired By Luke TheNotable:
Edited by Wisefish:
Covert, Kittyrules, PapiCats, Shinigami, Torp & Canniestbarrel for help with the map!
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#Minecraft #HardcoreMinecraft #100Days
I TRIED to Survive VR Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened
Video Includes:
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days Gameplay
Hardcore Minecraft VR Episode 1
Hardcore Minecraft VR Lets Play
Hardcore Minecraft VR
Hardcore Minecraft VR 100 Days
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#Sponsored by Dragon City! Download f or FREE Today: dragoncity.onelink.me/DDHl/ForgeLab
Belinda Capol
Belinda Capol 4 dagar sedan
Aubrey Reifenrath
Aubrey Reifenrath Månad sedan
ninja nocode
ninja nocode Månad sedan
oooh look at this guy go
Andrew Blonski
Andrew Blonski Månad sedan
Laughs in floating dirt hut and bucket of water
Dog Water videos
Dog Water videos Månad sedan
I didn’t get it 😭
Frogman 333
Frogman 333 8 sekunder sedan
I love zombie hole 3.0
Caleb Reza (Student)
Caleb Reza (Student) Minut sedan
I got jumped scared when you got tagged
Sunita Verma
Sunita Verma Minut sedan
I love zombie hole 2.0
Bob Not sus
Bob Not sus 2 minuter sedan
This was an interesting video to watch
ItsAzo 3 minuter sedan
54:00 here's a tip: *just place a lever*
Zerablade 4 minuter sedan
Ooh, look at this guy go!
meme LADY
meme LADY 4 minuter sedan
ok ik its a amazing idea but do " i spent 100 days in titan mincraft" so titans like attack on titans and im sure other people would love the idea
Dalton Noyes
Dalton Noyes 5 minuter sedan
Good video
Ben Nighten
Ben Nighten 6 minuter sedan
uh, look at this guy go
Stratix 7 minuter sedan
6:30 man got encircled by the the germans
Frogman 333
Frogman 333 8 minuter sedan
I love zombie hole 2.0
Jon FNAF 10 minuter sedan
The fast and slow zombie packs, do I get both for the experience that we see on screen? (Every 10 days they get stronger)
azazeal 11 minuter sedan
you should do this mode but go to the nether or do like a 100 days and the nether but every day you leave the portal it wont count
stephanie strunk
stephanie strunk 11 minuter sedan
The_Tropical_Pineapple 03
The_Tropical_Pineapple 03 11 minuter sedan
A quicksand more would help you
Jhiovani Angel
Jhiovani Angel 13 minuter sedan
I love zombie hole 3.0
Abnormal Pisces
Abnormal Pisces 14 minuter sedan
can we get a "man like me" compilation from him
Ciany Boi
Ciany Boi 14 minuter sedan
Am I the only one that thinks that the zombie hole is probably a pro strat when trying to survive a horde?
{Z-K} 16 minuter sedan
when he went in his house and saw the zombie i dropped my plate down X_X i got jumpscared
xeourus 17 minuter sedan
Credit to the men who recorded the walking dead. It must have been a pain.
Fortnite Deoliveira
Fortnite Deoliveira 17 minuter sedan
zombie hole 3.0 i love it
Jhiovani Angel
Jhiovani Angel 18 minuter sedan
I love zombie hole 2.0
Virtu41 GH057
Virtu41 GH057 19 minuter sedan
At a certain point he should have made a clock to make sure he was home before night hit especially when he is in a cave
John Faustin
John Faustin 20 minuter sedan
Best zombie movie I've ever seen
potato m8
potato m8 21 minut sedan
yo anyone know the name of the music used at 1:34:42? if anyone can leave a reply with the name of it that would be appreciated.
c e
c e 21 minut sedan
Ooh look at this guy go
Hold up Bruh
Hold up Bruh 22 minuter sedan
oh look at this guy go
vitória liboni
vitória liboni 26 minuter sedan
i ❤️ zombie hole 2.0
Mario0335 26 minuter sedan
Imagine there was something in that middle grave from the beginning. He never opened it.
TheKillerOfSanity 28 minuter sedan
Mr. Trash
Mr. Trash 29 minuter sedan
I 5683 zombie whole 3.0.
hristina mecanova
hristina mecanova 29 minuter sedan
2378 zombies kild
sander bank
sander bank 29 minuter sedan
9:53 pretty sure its called a squid my man😂
Therin Littlechief
Therin Littlechief 31 minut sedan
I love zombie hole 3.0
SkippyCat 41
SkippyCat 41 34 minuter sedan
This is actually pretty cool. I really like this, instead of regular Minecraft, you have zombies! I also love how you voice over the vid, it's very clever👏👍
RankedKyuubilol 35 minuter sedan
Is it possible to play this with friends
Dane Widmore
Dane Widmore 36 minuter sedan
i love zombiehole
The Plague Doctor
The Plague Doctor 39 minuter sedan
When you made the zombie hole 3.0 I tought of making is really deep, so that zombies would die from fall damage and cause less lag/fps drop. But hey, lava pit is also good.
Lynx G
Lynx G 40 minuter sedan
THIS IS SOOO GOOD!! i had a heart attack on day 99 when i heard the zombie noises
Elvis Merizalde
Elvis Merizalde 41 minut sedan
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 42 minuter sedan
200 days please
Felix Love
Felix Love 45 minuter sedan
I love how he called the squid an octopus ヾ(≧▽≦*)o
Pr0t0typ3 45 minuter sedan
Please remember I can only count on-screen kills Zombie kills: 2 with a wooden sword 1 with a tree 3 with a stone sword 4 with a stone saber 1 with an iron axe 118 with an iron saber 2 with an iron hammer 1 with some quicksand 12 with a steel rapier 104 with lava (zombie hole 3.0) 1 with iron golems 35 with lava 21 with a bow 7 with lava (Noteblock trap) 1 with TNT (suicide) Total zombie deaths: 311 Special deaths: Grandma kelly The entire forgelabs family (9 members) 4 Hanging Men Matatutu First manz to enter the compound Egor 1 & Egor 2 Miss Snail Angry bunker chicken Total deaths: 331
*Niki and Lolbit*
*Niki and Lolbit* 18 minuter sedan
damn how long took that o-o
brooke paige
brooke paige 47 minuter sedan
wooo look at this guy go
sinister333 47 minuter sedan
he killed 7634.
sherk 53 minuter sedan
Tip: if you put a trapdoor and open it mobs fall in it because they think it is a block
Sunita Verma
Sunita Verma 53 minuter sedan
Man I love your videos
Peace 57 minuter sedan
Imagine playing this with the homies like 9 of the bois on a Friday night all the way to Sunday night and it’s day 100 and everyone gears up for the final fight bro shit would be fire
mercedes lauv
mercedes lauv 59 minuter sedan
omyjonhgod Omy
omyjonhgod Omy 59 minuter sedan
I love zombie hole 2.0
Zak Sathyamoorthy
Zak Sathyamoorthy Timme sedan
First 5 seconds does not age well
John Paul Thomas
John Paul Thomas Timme sedan
i love zombie 2.0
John Paul Thomas
John Paul Thomas 56 minuter sedan
Fun boys
Fun boys Timme sedan
I just now realised that on this video only he has already 23+ mln views. Congratulations my friend
Cameron Jordan
Cameron Jordan Timme sedan
day 80 be like WWZ
Ryan Chilton
Ryan Chilton Timme sedan
Weres my man dead meat
Linzima Girl
Linzima Girl Timme sedan
In this situation : Ya build a damn surviving camp and explored the world gearing up. ...I would just cry hundred block under the surface with my chicken and wheat farm for 100 days
Kralj Igor
Kralj Igor Timme sedan
Dude, fuck you hahahha, i watched some yesterday and paused to go to bed, today after work i made myself some food, sat down and pressed play, and at the same time you name a golem Igor, my name is Igor.
Channing Scott
Channing Scott Timme sedan
Day 99 Zombies: "We are coming stepbro!"
jensen westwood
jensen westwood Timme sedan
I love zombie hole 3/0
Red Soldier
Red Soldier Timme sedan
I love ham hole
cute potato
cute potato Timme sedan
how can i play this?
LBPAV8 Timme sedan
I love z hole 2.0 and 3.0
Diamond King
Diamond King Timme sedan
I love zombie holes! Tbh I actually do love them
Franklin Cawthon
Franklin Cawthon Timme sedan
cool kid 21
cool kid 21 Timme sedan
Zombie hole 2.0
the_red_flags official
the_red_flags official Timme sedan
I shit.
Jeff Timme sedan
I love zombie hole 5000.0
Ex FeaR
Ex FeaR Timme sedan
Shipmate | Revengefull Trout
Shipmate | Revengefull Trout Timme sedan
The zombie hole is overated.
Axelle Devos
Axelle Devos Timme sedan
I love zombihol 3.o
ValKiller15 Timme sedan
can I have the map please
Djrgame Timme sedan
My minecraft brain is cringing at the fact that he use modded book shelfs for the enchanteing Table
WereWolfSword Timme sedan
A house on tall stilts might have been a better strategy. The Zombies would break the block and they would have a hard time building up to you. As long as you had a farm up there, you would have been set, my guy.
Nevena Miteva
Nevena Miteva Timme sedan
Bruh bro when you did those walls on Day 90 you know when the VIRUS mutated it said they can see you thought blocks
_CitrusGames_ Timme sedan
I love the touch of country music at the beginning lol.
Nxllie Timme sedan
Him:I'm the last person alive Me be like:Logic is brutal How the heck the the virus spread if there no ppl ;-;
Joseph Higgins
Joseph Higgins Timme sedan
look at this guy go
MemphisMcBoxer Timme sedan
He should make 200 days in zombie apocalypse
sabiantama.s Timme sedan
BRO you make my day im gonna sub u now
Qt Yxso
Qt Yxso Timme sedan
Can we please get the map I neeed it
Ambar Flame
Ambar Flame Timme sedan
Whos in the comments looking for the number of zombies he killed
Ashtin Spearing
Ashtin Spearing Timme sedan
I am a big fand and can you and your friends do a sped run please 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🙂
EpicGamer .27
EpicGamer .27 Timme sedan
Next you should do a Minecraft drought less animals and water and trees and stuff but more mobs
TheRealBrian Timme sedan
This is like 7 days to die, but minecraft
JustNathan Timme sedan
This man's minecraft hardcore 100 day videos feel like a movie and I literally still watch the whole video and still like it. Anyone relate?
WildWolf256 Gaming
WildWolf256 Gaming Timme sedan
How does entity cramming not work on these guys?
Evgamer85 Timme sedan
I love zombie hole 3.0
SuperAcidYoshiNinja #Yoshi
SuperAcidYoshiNinja #Yoshi Timme sedan
What's the name of the music at 1:35:05?
yaluckygamingBOI! Timme sedan
Wool look at this guy go!
Xue Hua Piao Piao Bei Feng Xiao Xiao
Xue Hua Piao Piao Bei Feng Xiao Xiao Timme sedan
Alexis 34 lol
Alexis 34 lol Timme sedan
I love zombie home 2.0 Edit: 3.0
asddsa asddsa
asddsa asddsa 2 timmar sedan
zoombie grrrrrrrrrr hahaha zombie apocalypse in minecraft good
Bakugo 2 timmar sedan
"i love zombie hole"sounds to sus
cyrus mumper
cyrus mumper 2 timmar sedan
when i get called to do somthing in school everyone else: 6:12
Gaztale Sans
Gaztale Sans 2 timmar sedan
SunsetWolf _Playz
SunsetWolf _Playz 2 timmar sedan
You got this
samEIS storie
samEIS storie 2 timmar sedan
what extra mods do you use?
max potatoe
max potatoe 2 timmar sedan
hmm did you forget about obsidion?????????
Mista _Mask
Mista _Mask 2 timmar sedan
These are the type of 1-2 hour videos that I run into every time I wake up at 4 am not being able to sleep. I enjoy encountering these types of videos. Its such a fun experience.
Brandon Anderson
Brandon Anderson 2 timmar sedan
Mans house is so underrated. His creativity is on point
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