I Paid for an Online Dating Scam

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Eddy Burback

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback År sedan
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Misbah Lemon
Misbah Lemon 7 dagar sedan
9:17 *you’re
Arnatri Bandopadhyay
Arnatri Bandopadhyay 17 dagar sedan
What if someone wants to worship you like a king?
Danni Uwu
Danni Uwu Månad sedan
@Joe Holley ylipluighix I
Rahma Eyad
Rahma Eyad 6 månader sedan
4:51 btw Eddy, you are internationally known . I'm watching from Qatar. 😃
Callum Lambkin
Callum Lambkin 9 månader sedan
Can you make my cheeks ache Edward?
Elsie 20 timmar sedan
This guy sounds like a hypnotist, ngl. [waving a pocket watch in front of your face] "You feel excitement, warmth, and joy spreading through your whole body... you will soon begin to feel a wide, unconscious smile that makes your cheeks ache spread across your face... You will wake up like a giddy schoolgirl and go check your dms in the morning..."
Elsie 20 timmar sedan
"Remember, ladies, if men keep flaking on you, cheating on you, or using you for sex without wanting to commit to a relationship, that's not just because those particular men are inconsiderate assholes. It's entirely YOUR fault for not saying the right words that will magically make him instantly devoted to you."
Fiona Bourne
Fiona Bourne Dag sedan
I got one of this guy's adds on this video smh
Earth 14 Rocco
Earth 14 Rocco Dag sedan
I feel like he wants me to decode uh secret message with the red wrds... like the riddler 🤔... is this dude The Riddler
datboiyouknow Dag sedan
Hehehehehehehehehehehe 69
Satan 2 dagar sedan
You're my hero Eddy!!! 🛡⚔
Saxinful 3 dagar sedan
Not to be a bully, but the way this guy rolls his Ls rubs me the wrong way
Dexter Waltz
Dexter Waltz 4 dagar sedan
Lol I got an add for his service on your video
Олеся Korablina
Олеся Korablina 4 dagar sedan
Shit, I got the add for one of his courses right in the middle of that video😂
Reagan Rambles
Reagan Rambles 5 dagar sedan
Why did SEpost give me a 30 minute ad before this video about teaching men how to make women want to sleep with them using mind control? Wtf
This is She
This is She 5 dagar sedan
Watching this after meeting my awesome boyfriend online and I can tell you... nothing will ever prepare or help you find someone. I got more attention online than I expected and most of the guys were nice but I wasn’t compatible with any of them. Sure you can attract nice men, but it’s temporary and meaningless until you find someone who’s ideals align with your own.
רוני שביט ריביר
רוני שביט ריביר 5 dagar sedan
Literally got a dating scam add before this video
Kobold Enthusiast
Kobold Enthusiast 6 dagar sedan
I got an ad for this guy, after getting here on a link to this video, on a reddit post calling the ad cringey
Suranjana Chatterjee
Suranjana Chatterjee 6 dagar sedan
Yes Ed you are an internationally known SEpostr. Lots of love from India ❤️
c h
c h 6 dagar sedan
no way i got an ad just in the middle of this video😭😭
Clayton Garry
Clayton Garry 7 dagar sedan
Jesus...while watching this video, an ad came up about a new female mind control technique. It's controversial and You can use it to get "bangin hot women to chase you". Apparently it takes control over their "animal brain". WHAT IS HAPPENING!¿!
Niklas Schortmann
Niklas Schortmann 8 dagar sedan
Yes he is international greetings from he healthy BRD
Karla Barisic
Karla Barisic 8 dagar sedan
god he sounds like yan dev
RMTM 8 dagar sedan
I got an online dating scam as an ad before watching this video
Harrison Jones
Harrison Jones 9 dagar sedan
got an ad for a "female mind control technique" on this vid. do I need to say anything else?
A NON Y MOUSE 11 dagar sedan
Michael: Men wanna get stabbed in the hands with broken glass after crawling through it to have dinner with you. Kiss em on the eyeballs, men love it. Lady: ok but I'm a lesbian
Claire K
Claire K 12 dagar sedan
I once had a full conversation with a guy on Hinge about how the word "Hinge" sounds like it should be a friendship app for dads looking to meet other dads who want to do dad stuff together. It was bomb. But yeah, these tips are great 🙄
Mo's World
Mo's World 12 dagar sedan
But when does he get to the tips though???
Dawn Love Wilson
Dawn Love Wilson 12 dagar sedan
They way he describes things I’m just like , what in wattpad is this?? 😣
isaiah holkham
isaiah holkham 13 dagar sedan
love thst the ad for this video is a "mind control technique for women"
your pal Ty
your pal Ty 14 dagar sedan
Ok so when I watched this, the first add i got was from desire system and 35 minutes about how to mind control women. I am fucking baffled. Edit: the guy narrating this said "beta male unironiclly, and talking about a woman's "animal brain". I'm to document my findings in this comment chain.
your pal Ty
your pal Ty 14 dagar sedan
And don't worry, I didn't buy anything. I'm a poor high school student. You think I can afford that off the bat?
your pal Ty
your pal Ty 14 dagar sedan
Why did I watch that? That did nothing
your pal Ty
your pal Ty 14 dagar sedan
And it's not even going to be shown in this video. You gotta pay $67
your pal Ty
your pal Ty 14 dagar sedan
This is the most manipulative thing ever, my god
your pal Ty
your pal Ty 14 dagar sedan
He's talking about how things will instantly be made up with your ex if you do this trick, 15 minutes in, and he has only said that's it's 3 sentences and it works
THEFIRESTARTER73 14 dagar sedan
Everytime he said "the one" I kept thinking if that Jet Li movie so now these tips are tips to attract Jet Li which is infinitly more useful.
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert 16 dagar sedan
All that other fluff is lame platitudes. Care about yourself so you can care about others! -See?
Sophie Thirsk
Sophie Thirsk 16 dagar sedan
I stumble on this when I was 17. Even though it was obviously too good to be true, I was always curious about what it said. Thanks for sating my curiosity
makuta0CZ 16 dagar sedan
he looks like one of the crawlers in the descend...
Sarah Crabill
Sarah Crabill 16 dagar sedan
Hmmm...weekly uploads huh Eddy?
R3dakt3d 16 dagar sedan
I think eddy is lonely guys, huddle boys we need to find him a woman so he doesn't end up 40 and unmarried
headsgrowback 16 dagar sedan
I'm an internationally known youtuber. About 10 of my 41 subs are from India.
NotAVeryGoodNickname 17 dagar sedan
Finally, I found the video on how to match with Eddy on tinder. Of course I'm a straight guy from a different country, but that's not the point.
Arnatri Bandopadhyay
Arnatri Bandopadhyay 17 dagar sedan
Most people like him are comfortable to objectify a women, this dude has managed to objectify every living human being on this planet!
Mario and Luigi 82
Mario and Luigi 82 17 dagar sedan
Well this guy sorta looks like johnny sins so ill trust him
Matt Joling
Matt Joling 17 dagar sedan
The whole "no matter how old you are" and "no matter what your body looks like" is both offensive to older women but it's a very pedophiliac comment. When I was younger I heard "age is just a number" more than I'd like to admit. And that's what this feels like. Now I have 2 daughters and if anyone ever said that to them, I would want to murder them.
Nathanael Lucero
Nathanael Lucero 18 dagar sedan
I’m just waiting for Michael’s next appearance in My 600-lb Life alongside Orlin Home, Nikocado Avocado featuring Jasper from the Noodle King channel
Will Schoenlein
Will Schoenlein 18 dagar sedan
Who else got a dating scam ad on this video?
El Grumpo Taffo
El Grumpo Taffo 19 dagar sedan
UGh, guys like these should be illegal
Blair the cat
Blair the cat 19 dagar sedan
This man is only chips and salsa, and no burrito.
Revathi Nair
Revathi Nair 19 dagar sedan
I... have never had peanut butter.
Gillian Halkola
Gillian Halkola 20 dagar sedan
hey michael is a fucking SIMP
Kevin Carroll
Kevin Carroll 20 dagar sedan
this OAF is gonna improve your dating profile
SurrealKeenan 21 dag sedan
Dude, maybe you wouldn't get these ads all the time if you just stopped googling "how to kiss dudes"
CinnamonPyroll 21 dag sedan
Michael Fiore's ads somehow have the same vibe as "If you or a loved one has been affected by mesothelioma..."
Tanja TV
Tanja TV 21 dag sedan
Why do you look like Julien Solomita? Good video btw, I was waiting till someone debunked that asshole.
Kamui 2004
Kamui 2004 22 dagar sedan
Look, This program kinda sucks but his voice is super soothing and I love it
Greg Baloney
Greg Baloney 22 dagar sedan
hey eddy, what kind of laptop do you have or are using in this video it looks nice.
JOLI DESIR 22 dagar sedan
My future kids in 2050: how did you and dad stay together so long Me: I kiss your dad’s eyelids every night ☺️
Dr. Shivago
Dr. Shivago 23 dagar sedan
I got an ad for one of these right before playing this vid
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water 25 dagar sedan
I got an ad for thus shit
ZeroEleven 26 dagar sedan
Jesus Christ, Michael's forearms are so fucking hairy...
Siren Harrell
Siren Harrell 26 dagar sedan
Me, a nonbinary lesbian: Ah yes, important info
Youtuber 6969
Youtuber 6969 26 dagar sedan
Faith W
Faith W 26 dagar sedan
thanks for the tips, 100% ready to use these moves on you eddy
Sliph //
Sliph // 26 dagar sedan
Lowkey would want to see a video where these 'techniques' are actually being used in a dating profile and see the responses lol
Diamond Car07
Diamond Car07 27 dagar sedan
Eddy, can I stop watching this video I seen a picture of the bar rescue host and I want to watch that show now.
Reeve 27 dagar sedan
Michael writes like he’s a bad Wattpad fanfic author. Like, he’s just a little *too* descriptive with everything
snaily etta
snaily etta 28 dagar sedan
Michael is a simp dont worship women give them love and attention and space when they need it :)
Barnabasr snags
Barnabasr snags 28 dagar sedan
You are in fact internationally known
Spumoni Palo
Spumoni Palo 29 dagar sedan
while watching this video i got an add from the website: "makegirlschaseyou.com". Eddie, you know what to do.
Grant Upton
Grant Upton Månad sedan
Remember when eddy posted videos
help, let me go
help, let me go Månad sedan
hey guys i can do an eerily accurate impression of the well-dressed bird are you surprised? or dare i say it you find me irresistable?
Sarah Ford
Sarah Ford Månad sedan
“You’re not 22 anymore (when meeting guys was so easy)” Me, a 22 year old, alone in bed, eating precut pineapple out of a paper bowl at 4:47 am: So relatable
alvin junier
alvin junier Månad sedan
yes you are an international SEpostr I am from Turkey
Flamboyant Warlock
Flamboyant Warlock Månad sedan
Don't run away from it Eddy. It's ok to love your boys. We love you, too.
CW0_ Månad sedan
This """relationship expert""" has the rapiest face I've ever seen.
Yamika Gandhi
Yamika Gandhi Månad sedan
I made the mistake of subscribing to Michael. I received this mail today from him: There are 3 seemingly harmless questions that will change EVERYTHING and awaken his overwhelming feelings of love and devotion for you. (basically, he talked about 3 questions that we can ask men if they are pulling away from us in the relationship) Here's the reply I sent after 30 minutes. And I've experienced this stuff before as well with him: You people are scammers. I wasted my time watching this stupid 30 minute video, in which I didn't even have the option to pause or skip ahead to something. 30 MINUTES just to hear a story about how good these 'harmless questions' are, and then at the end you tell me that it's a paid course? Why did I have to watch the whole video for that? Do you guys get paid for the watch-time you generate? Every mail that I receive from you people is useless. You're only in this business to prey on people's insecurities and make them feel like they need to spend money to have someone to love them. You don't care about helping people at all. I can bet that whatever you have got to share is perfectly ordinary and not worth the price. You just hype up your programs for no reason, writing 1000 word essays on how good your programs really are. And honestly, I'm done with him. I just came to youtube to see if he really is a scammer, and what people think about him. I've got my answer. The thing is, he sends these emails personally so I can't even see reviews or comments by other people. So all those who think he's a scammer can't really get together against him. All the 'good' that I've ever heard about him has been from his OWN mails, of course. I haven't heard anyone else say that he's great. He's someone who definitely has knowledge of psychology but is just using it to manipulate people.
James Parker
James Parker Månad sedan
I got an pre-roll ad on this video for some shit called "neverleftonreqd.com". That's astonishing
Totally_Not_Skyler Månad sedan
"your not 22 anymore!" Ha jokes on you I'm only 18 so... Yeah!
Ella M
Ella M Månad sedan
so I got an ad for the desire system before watching this.....👀 perhaps Eddy will check it out?
Jordan Beagle
Jordan Beagle Månad sedan
Not surprise this guy is so full of shit, sad that people fall for it presumably
carlos Månad sedan
bruh Micheal died
Nathan Mayo
Nathan Mayo Månad sedan
I know how to make a man crawl over glass for you and call you their queen. Just become an e-girl
Charred Husk
Charred Husk Månad sedan
I just want to say that I have seen a lot of guys that act he exact same as this, and one of them was my boss at one point, for whom I was his personal assistant. I saw him talk to women like this a lot. And saw how he actually felt about them when they weren’t around. They are egotistic, misogynistic assholes. I am a guy, yes. I also understand that these people are building the entire system in order to make women feel like they are innately inferior, and need his help in order to be able to succeed. The initial offer is made to play on internal insecurities, and the uncertainty that they feel about having failed in online dating before, and then he claims to be the only possible way for the woman to succeed. This stuff makes me sick honestly. And for reference, any man that openly claims to “care deeply about women” in those exact words, is saying that “women are inferior to me”. Fun fact
Grey Best
Grey Best Månad sedan
0:14 eddy.....I’m new to he channel man, give me some time homie
Yt Eclips
Yt Eclips Månad sedan
As a woman, that bald fuck makes me sickkkkkkkk
Sol T
Sol T Månad sedan
Ironically, the as I got at the start was for a dating advice scam site. It was portrayed like a SEpost video, as if you were meant to care about the person in it. The video is 48 minutes long.
Paper Boat
Paper Boat Månad sedan
You are internationally known!!!!! Greetings from Florida :)
Slone Kyle
Slone Kyle Månad sedan
Eggy you lie! You KIND OF crawled over broken glass for a girl. But instead you got hit with fluorescent lightbulbs. 💪
Marek Cikhart
Marek Cikhart Månad sedan
Ummm my life changed forever when i saw his chair i always thought that he sits on the red sofa
som3_guy_ Månad sedan
Michael Fiore looks like when you'd buy Seth Everman of wish
Jacob Bailey
Jacob Bailey Månad sedan
Jean Ralphio?
Rafael Warburg
Rafael Warburg Månad sedan
DEATHSTROKE621 Månad sedan
All the dislikes are queens being worshipped
Overlord Ortiz
Overlord Ortiz Månad sedan
I got a dating add on this video
Nitesh Chand
Nitesh Chand Månad sedan
I'm from india and you my friend , are now internationally know..😂
Rhinophew Månad sedan
All of the ads are just saying “You are lonely BUT if you listen to me, I’ll fix it” over and over and over again
Eve Major
Eve Major Månad sedan
I dont understand the purpose of these classes. when youre a woman, you can basically get any guy you want lol It should be the opposite: How to stop guys from harrassing you every day
bill guy the science nye
bill guy the science nye Månad sedan
Lol I got a “breakingthegirlcode” ad. Basically the reverse of this.
ladedalisa Månad sedan
My favorite thing is how he chooses to emphasize words with caps, colors, quotations marks bold face, and/or all of the above.
Charspade17 2 månader sedan
I'm a guy who keeps getting strung along without even trying, I'm just trying to be nice and make friends and i get ignored.
Sin the Dinner
Sin the Dinner 2 månader sedan
When you get angry about never having peanut butter i always feel a spiritual connection with you. I’m gonna chase that feeling.
Jillian Guerra
Jillian Guerra 2 månader sedan
All his head hair moved to his arms. There’s no other explanation.
Peter McPherson
Peter McPherson 2 månader sedan
Thanks, Eddy. Now I’m getting a bunch of dating ads. Thinking I’m a single lonely girl who needs dating advice.
Alex_W1308 2 månader sedan
Screw you mike! Men aren’t just *things* you can magnetically attract! And stop exploiting people’s insecurities to earn money! It’s shitty
Alex_W1308 2 månader sedan
This feels dehumanising...
kionosan 2 månader sedan
This is so funny to me because as soon as the video ended I got a dating scam ad but for men XD
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