I Paid for a Women's Kissing Class (Review)

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Eddy Burback

År sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback År sedan
hey guys i didn't die! for more of me not dying, follow me on twitter and instagram @eddyburback
funky35791 Månad sedan
This hits different now
Møństâr 4 månader sedan
get a discord
Jonah Jonah
Jonah Jonah 4 månader sedan
You Jk
RA Diabolikal
RA Diabolikal 5 månader sedan
but eddy, can't you see that Michael obviously knows what he's doing, he's obviously elbow deep in that poon. he has all those poon hairs up until his elbows.
Gabriel Thornton
Gabriel Thornton 5 månader sedan
about... 1 year too soon man...
maudina palmer
maudina palmer 2 dagar sedan
He looks like if jean ralphio shaved his head and started a scam just to kiss women.
sans 3 dagar sedan
I have finished throwing up
Erin Estes
Erin Estes 4 dagar sedan
"How to never talk to your boyfriend but still have sex with him because communication is for pussies"
A NON Y MOUSE 4 dagar sedan
Jaxon Hirsh
Jaxon Hirsh 4 dagar sedan
Lettuce For life
Lettuce For life 5 dagar sedan
Ugh but Michael I’m a lesbian, do these tips work for me?
Piskelo10 5 dagar sedan
Google thinks my mom is a antivax lesbian because i was a month overdue for a shot once. Not sure why it thinks she is a lesbian but ok 🤷🏼‍♂️
erykah 6 dagar sedan
watching eddy praise online courses in our year of 2020 is fucked up
Jungsushi 6 dagar sedan
He looks like a Walmart version of SethEverman
Conks Realm
Conks Realm 6 dagar sedan
i watched sky high today right before watching this video
Tara Raw
Tara Raw 6 dagar sedan
I wanna melt like the guy from Sky High 😂😂😂 And also yeah that movie still slaps
Madi 6 dagar sedan
5:43 the screen says cassidy but she just said cassy
Wiki-Noose 7 dagar sedan
How to kiss a man so just the thought of a woman breaks every bone in his body and his brain melt through his eyes.
Koalagirl09 8 dagar sedan
when a drop of water hits your phone at 5:47 and you are on a hip flexor syndrome ad suddenly
Stuff I Made
Stuff I Made 8 dagar sedan
I used to see these ads all the time. It's the saddest shit. They're like "Hey! Watch this quick 10 minute FREE video to learn this simple trick to make any man/woman to obsess over you." And of course the video is just ten minutes of bullshitting ending with an ad for some ten week intensive "dating class".
Stardoo Galaxie
Stardoo Galaxie 9 dagar sedan
Surprisingly enough, Noel Miller gives really good relationship advice. It's to give sloppy toppy lmao.
Ultimate Clown
Ultimate Clown 9 dagar sedan
No idea if anyone has said this yet, but he sounds like YandereDev
Wolfskull 9 dagar sedan
Chick used Primal Passion Kiss. It was very effective. Dude used Smash. Chick fainted.
Alexia Peterson
Alexia Peterson 10 dagar sedan
I was really sad when you mentioned Sky High because it wont be on Disney+ until next year
Joaquin ‘
Joaquin ‘ 11 dagar sedan
damn eddy really be talking about online school smh
Ary Esponda
Ary Esponda 11 dagar sedan
I literally just got the ad for the first time last night and i got so confused when it appeared because I'm from Mexico and I don't usually get ads in English when I'm watching videos???? like what did I do to get the ad lmaooo is Michael fiore stalking eddy's fans now?? I immediately came here to re-watch this video to make fun of him a little (or to listen to eddy make fun of him lol) anyways this didn't make any sense whatsoever. Love you eddy. Boys support boys. Okay, bye.
Unwanted Outlaw
Unwanted Outlaw 11 dagar sedan
Wow is there a gay version I want to know how to kiss kiss fall in love.
M E 12 dagar sedan
This is so creepy and weird lol
M E 12 dagar sedan
2:36 sounds like rape lol
Sophia Nuanez
Sophia Nuanez 12 dagar sedan
so hilarious omg
Alexis T.
Alexis T. 13 dagar sedan
This is my first time find one of your videos and AHH I LOVE
SurrealKeenan 13 dagar sedan
FUCK! You're supposed to use your MOUTH? I knew I was doing something wrong!
jesus of suburbia
jesus of suburbia 14 dagar sedan
but the fact that it came up with a bunch of kids videos shows how fucked the algorithm is
STCamera 14 dagar sedan
crying eddy
Defunct Lizard
Defunct Lizard 15 dagar sedan
lips actually do have more nerves than most of the body. Same with fingers and the inside of the mouth.
zane 15 dagar sedan
hi i'm a guy, can i learn how to kiss a guy?
Lauren Davis
Lauren Davis 16 dagar sedan
Micheal was surely a fanfiction writer five years ago.
Melissa Lonla
Melissa Lonla 17 dagar sedan
14:19 why does the phrasing make it sound like she used that method to kiss her friend
Melissa Lonla
Melissa Lonla 17 dagar sedan
1:36 don't you just hate it when the hair on your head migrates to your arm
Melissa Lonla
Melissa Lonla 17 dagar sedan
1:36 don't you just hate it when the hair on your head migrates to your arm
Diss Aster
Diss Aster 18 dagar sedan
Guy kinda looks like if Neil Patrick Harris was a straight guy who sells used cars and tried to be the rock.
Jared Grant
Jared Grant 18 dagar sedan
Works great and I’m a dog
Amazing Joe36
Amazing Joe36 18 dagar sedan
10:13 I like that u are asking to follow your twitter at the bottom
Siren Harrell
Siren Harrell 18 dagar sedan
Imagine if he took all the effort from faking have an understanding of psychology and put it towards something important
Cat 18 dagar sedan
The woman in the weird audio clip where she’s losing her husband because she cant kiss anymore has a very similar name to me and it makes me uncomfortable
Ahmed Sowdani
Ahmed Sowdani 20 dagar sedan
I watched this with my partner and this has genuinely ruined any time we kiss - it ends in laughter followed by cringe from the memory of this video. Thanks Eddy.
SlippinnDippin 21 dag sedan
"...like he was kissing his grandma..." Y'all kiss your grandma on the lips?
Nick Westbrook
Nick Westbrook 22 dagar sedan
6:18 bruh... Are you single? Cuz that was cute af
M Naveh
M Naveh 23 dagar sedan
I wanna deck this guy
Fart Smucker
Fart Smucker 24 dagar sedan
Mike's face is more than punchable.
Kyle Walt
Kyle Walt 24 dagar sedan
"honey i need to go on a business trip" "WHY DONT YOU KISS ME ANYMORE"
Austin Flint
Austin Flint 25 dagar sedan
7:48 these daytime tv shows all try to teach you how to keep a mans interest but these 3 or 4 seconds are literally all you need to know xD
pippin226 27 dagar sedan
I watched Sky High like 20 times when someone left it in the dvd player in the house my parents rented in Florida for our family vacation. It was awesome.
SPARR0W 27 dagar sedan
this kinda shit is why i'm asexual lmAO all the descriptions of kissing made me gag
Ruth Staley
Ruth Staley 28 dagar sedan
As an asexual, I find everything about this perplexing and hilarious.
The strange Chihuahua
The strange Chihuahua 29 dagar sedan
i like fire truck and moster truck
The strange Chihuahua
The strange Chihuahua 29 dagar sedan
Nonya B
Nonya B 29 dagar sedan
He should just write women’s smut books. He’s all talk. Very good at dragging it out and imagination. Not great at giving any new information.
Michael Lear
Michael Lear 29 dagar sedan
At the end of the day, the advert worked.
Zippy Månad sedan
"Relationship Expert"
Jenelle Plesz
Jenelle Plesz Månad sedan
I hate when people speak for their whole gender. Like "this is what men want" or "this is what women want". Everybody is their own individual with unique preferences. If you wanna know what someone wants in a relationship or with anything really... ASK THEM. It's not that difficult. Don't go to some random person on the internet who for some reason thinks they have the right to speak for half the population of the planet. okay bye lol
sariah c
sariah c 28 dagar sedan
Alayna Månad sedan
20:58 there’s literally rough, rugged patches on my lips from me gnawing on them constantly. i can tear a hole in my bottom lip and not feel anything... is this man human?
Stephen8vaTr Månad sedan
“The mirror universe kiss”
Lil’ Olive Boy
Lil’ Olive Boy Månad sedan
Here before Eddies coming out video💅✨😌🤪🧚‍♂️🙏🥳
Heather Pony
Heather Pony Månad sedan
Sometimes with my partner I will lick their ear and then lightly blow on it.. Other times we'll go in for an open mouth kiss and instead I'll scream into their mouth.
Huh, me and my ex did something similar. We'd go in for some tongue on tongue action, but we'd cut our tongues beforehand so that way we could make a blood pact. I found out that magic didnt work once our relationship ended. Now it's just me and my newly found AIDs. On some real shit though, I'd freak her out by keeping my eyes wide open when kissing her. It became a joke, but I initially didn't know I was supposed to close my eyes, cause it was my first time kissing somebody
Asha'man Sedai
Asha'man Sedai Månad sedan
The eyelid kiss is literally just something he say in a play in college and now he just sells it for £42 with other kisses that tbh I think he just describes from movies
RA Diabolikal
RA Diabolikal Månad sedan
I believe he's an expert. I bet he gets a lot of "kissing action" in his tinted windows van.
Brownsfan612//Lugia Månad sedan
12:26 What is that music? I feel like it’s a Kevin Macleod song, but I can’t put my finger on it...
Brownsfan612//Lugia Månad sedan
Bea Thanks! Appreciate it!
Bea Månad sedan
It's "My Happy Song" by Nicholas W. Lott sepost.info/dev/video/x4qux85_dmay2s8.html
kiko S
kiko S Månad sedan
Please post more, you’re my favorite I miss you!
Eddie Jonson
Eddie Jonson Månad sedan
2:09 ngl as a guy I wish I knew that too
Xzerkces Månad sedan
When you started demonstrating the blow me kiss, you started channeling David Koechner for a second and I lost it.
doge boi
doge boi Månad sedan
14:11 How would you rate your pain.
ekigo k
ekigo k Månad sedan
The disrespect to grandma is what got me
Reyna McMullen
Reyna McMullen Månad sedan
Michael's cold evil stare makes me unbelievable uncomfortable
ToBy#1 Månad sedan
I got this add a year ago I was very uncomfortable Nice vid btw
zakesters Månad sedan
"Cassidy...baby...I'm sorry, but I have to go." (´。_。`) (´。_。`) (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ͟ | ͟ | |͟ |͟ |͟ |͟
HRishwaki :P
HRishwaki :P Månad sedan
this is why i like ✨women✨
Rafael Warburg
Rafael Warburg Månad sedan
21:48 I can see eddy is an amateur all the other kisses were mental, now this is the real deal, obviously all the other kisses were just training, duh.
Arnav Kumar
Arnav Kumar Månad sedan
he's like, *agressively* bald
Evelyn Okay
Evelyn Okay Månad sedan
I'll save you $100. Men don't want you to kiss their face. They want you to kiss their d*ck. You can watch Jenna Marbles' Text Message Decoder video for further examples.
Oli Månad sedan
targeted ads are weird. i keep on getting an ad for sugar moms and i dont know why. i am a straight female too.
Damn, can you send me those? Tryna make dat guap while servicing da WAP, YA DIGGG?!?!
Jazzi The Dragon
Jazzi The Dragon Månad sedan
The love expert sounds like Mordecai from fuckin regular show 😂😂
PapaJellyBelly Gaming
PapaJellyBelly Gaming Månad sedan
Did eddy just tear up?
Nathan Wyatt
Nathan Wyatt Månad sedan
The picture he put in the ad I thought was added by Eddie but I guess it wasn’t lol
foreversocal Månad sedan
Ah, the sweet, sweet blow of a recorder is much too rare a sound these days. The notes played by the elementary school musician are notes not easily forgotten, i thank you for the reminder. 12:30ish
Alexis D
Alexis D Månad sedan
Honestly the reading of that story with the girl trying to get her partner to be more intimate or whatever, it sounds like the guy was sick and tired of her being needy AF. He also said: I love you but I'm gonna miss my flight Then he kissed her and left and she compared it to a grandma kiss? Idk like....it sounds like she has low self esteem. Like every other girl who buys this crap. Either they're too needy and emotionally fractured and need more than a partner can offer, or they have such low self esteem that they pick someone who isn't right for them out of desperation and doesn't know why they don't treat them right and end up blaming themself. Either way, DON'T BUY THIS CRAP
Alexis D
Alexis D Månad sedan
Any girl who buys this crap has low self esteem. And people who have low self esteem usually date people who aren't good for them. That's the issue. Not because you don't kiss them well enough.
Pensive Scarlet
Pensive Scarlet Månad sedan
The photo that guy used in that ad was of the same caliber as your cardboard film poster parodies. That caliber, in words: "This is an obvious joke. This has been specifically designed to immediately identify itself as a joke. Your dog looks at this and suddenly makes a bark that sounds like the way you laugh because this automatically registers as a joke when perceived by any active brain."
Brian McGhee
Brian McGhee 2 månader sedan
Cassidy, we broke up because you were toxic. Not cause of a kiss. You also got scammed by a bald dude who charged you $500 for an hour of his time. I’m with Jessica now. We have a kid. Please stop calling me.
Brian McGhee
Brian McGhee 2 månader sedan
Also, fuck Maggie. She was always so judgmental, and she would never take off her GODDAMN SHOES IN MY MOTHER FUCKIN HOUSE.
Cole Trojan
Cole Trojan 2 månader sedan
Okay sir I'm part of the eyes open kissing guys club. Don't judge me. Plz
Rachel Levenstein
Rachel Levenstein 2 månader sedan
No talk, just boom-boom
Gabriel Martins
Gabriel Martins 2 månader sedan
ok so there is a thing when commentators touch in such a cringe subject that i can’t watch it
Roman Raynes
Roman Raynes 2 månader sedan
Lol now everyone’s doing online classes
Luke Lanides
Luke Lanides 2 månader sedan
I got an ad under this for how to save your marriage!
Gasper Kregar
Gasper Kregar 2 månader sedan
The steven universe kiss- You become connie, deny his marriage proposal, kiss him and he turns into a giant pink dragon
Nathan Butler
Nathan Butler 2 månader sedan
Ok, i found eddy this month and just now watching this video, but who is Sarah? Cassidy is telling the story, Maggie is tge friend, Brad is Maggies husband, Brian is Cassidys husband, and Michael is the one making this story up, but it says Sarah was never good at keeping secrets and i need to know who Sarah is, and why Michael cant think of another male name that doesn't start with br
Tyler Brewer
Tyler Brewer 2 månader sedan
fan theory: "Eddy bought this video instantly. He knew immediately that one of two things would happen. He would either learn the secret to FORCING Gus to love him back, or he would have one dope ass video." Sorry you didn't get the guy, Eddy.. but the video is great!
Lizzie -
Lizzie - 2 dagar sedan
Lmao poor eddy, the primal passion kiss didnt work :/
Kaaarm 2 månader sedan
Yo imagine all the fucking ads women get that men never even see
Ascentar 2 månader sedan
The “primal passion kiss” sounds like a Skyrim magika spell
okeydokeyemily 2 månader sedan
Dont worry Eddy, there's a 60 day money back guarantee
Yury G. Malyshev
Yury G. Malyshev 2 månader sedan
Damn, I thought silly GTA V websites were just jokes. Apparently not...
Dimitra P.
Dimitra P. 2 månader sedan
Sky High is a legendary movie
Bigboyzoom1 2 månader sedan
Now I want a katana
Kunisake 2 månader sedan
Why does the price end in 97?! THAT'S AN ODD NUMBER!!
paizleypeep 2 månader sedan
Hey Gus, Eddy said you'd get me a free katana. Is that offer still valid? I need to win back my man and I just burned my last $500 on a pointless kissing class.
TicklishCrown 2 månader sedan
That ASMR section at the end had me sweating, Eddy’s kiss was too sexy for youtube
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